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Incompositus, a, um, pt. of siderately, unadvisedly, crowned

(poreal in-compono, discomposed, rashly

[vertency Incorporālis, e. adj. incor. disordered, confused, dis- Inconsideratio, onis.f.inad. Incorporalitas, ātis. f. 3. orderly, immethodical, Inconsiderātus, a, um, adj. having no body, immuunbecoming inconsiderate, rash

teriality Incomprehensibilis, e. adj. Inconsitus, a, um. adj. un. Incorporatyo, õnis. f. 3. ha. incomprehensible

(consolable bit of body Incomprehensus, a, um. pt. Inconsolabilis, ē. adj. in. Incorporeus, 4. um. adj. 11idem

Inconspicuus, a, um. adj. corpureal (corporate Incomptus, a, um. pt. of not conspicuous

Incorporo, åre. act. 1.10 in. in-como, uncombed, un- Inconstans, tis. adj. incon. Incorrectus, a, um, adj. untrimmed, rough, unpolish. siunt, wavering, giddy

corrected ed

Inconstanter, adv. issimè, Incorrupte, adv. incorruptInconcēssus, a, um, pt. of sup. inconstantly, irre ly, purely (corruptible in-concédo, unallowed, solutely, lightly

Incorruptibilis, e. adj. in. not permitied, unlawful Inconstantya, æ. f. 1. in. Incorruptio, onis, f. 3. in. Inconcillo, are. a. 1. to set constancy, uncertainty, corruption at discord, disturb, pro changeableness

Incorruptus, a, um. adj. un. voke, deceive

Inconsuētus, a, um. pt. of corrupted, untainted, unInconcinne, adv. unhind


unaccus bribed, disinterested, in. somely (handsomeness tomed

corrupt, pure, sincere, Inconcinnitas, atis. f. un. Inconsulte, adv, unadrised. whole, sound Inconcinnyter,


ly, rushly, inconsiderate. Incoxo, are. n. to sit crosshandsomely ly, foolishly

legged Inconcinnus, a, um. adj. Inconsulto, adv. unwarily Incrässo, äre, a. 1. to make unhandsome Inconsultus, a, um, adj. not thick, or fat

created Inconcitus, a, um. pt. of in consulted, not advised, Increātus, a, um, adj. un.

concieo, unmoved, slow unadvised, rash, foolish, Increbrēsco, cěre, brui vel Inconcūssus, a, um. pt. of indiscreet, not able tu ad bui. inc. 3. to increase, in-concutio, unshaken vise

[out advice grow, grow frequent, or Incoudyte, adv. disorderly, Inconsultu, abl. m. 4. with. Cominon, prevail, be confusedly

Inconsuminātus, a, um, adj. noised, or spread abrond Inconditus, a, um. pt. of unfinished

Incrēbro, are. act. 1. to have in-condo, disorderly, con- Incunsümptus, a, um, adj. often

[ble fused, undigested, un. unconsumed, unwasted, Incredibylis, e. adj. incredi. polished; unripe ; unco endless, everlasting Incredibilitas, ātis. f. 3. in. vered, unburied Incontaminátus, a, um. adj. credibility

[bly Incoufectus, a, um, adj. un. undefiled

(delay IncredibiNter, adv. incredi digested (confessed Incontānter, adv. without Incredulitas, ātis. f. 3. in. Inconfessus, a, um. adj. not Incontēntus, a, um, adj. not credulity Inconfusus, a, um, adj. not screwed up

Incredulus, a, um. adj. in. confounded

Incontigüus, a, um. adj. credulous, diffident, not Incongelabilis, e. adj. not not touching

to be believed to be frozen

Incontinens, tis. adj. in. Incrementum, i. n. 2. ine Incongrüe, adv. incongru continent, unchaste, loose, crease, addition, improve. ously

unable to govern

ment, advancement, pro. Incongruens, tis. adj. un. Incontinenter, adv. incon. inotion, preferment, liber. Incongruenter, adv. incon tinently

ality, an offspring, a de. gruously

Incontinentia, æ. f. 1. in. scendant (chiding Incongruentya, k. f. l. in continence, looseness, an Increpatio, onis. t. 3. å congruity [congruity inability to hold

Increpito, åre. freq. 1. to Incongruitas, ātis. f. 3. in- Incontrovērsus, a, um. pt. chide rate,rebuke, blame, Incongruus, a, um, adj, in af in-controverto,

check congruous

controverted, indispula-Inerëpo, äre, pui $ pāvi, Inconuivens, tis. adj. not ble, certain

pytum. act. 1. tn ranile, rinking at, or conniving Inconvenyens, tis. adj. in. make a noise, chide, rate, at

(conscious convenient, unfit, unsuit. rebuke, blame, Inconscius, a, um, adj. not able, unlike

check, reprimand, beat, Inconsequentia, æ, f. 1. in- Inconvolātus, a, um. pt. of publish consequence

in-convolvo, unfolded Incrēsco, cĕre, crēvi, cre. Inconsiderans, tis pt. not Incoquo, quěre, oxi, octum. tum. n. 3. to grow upon,

considering inconsider. act. 3. to boil, seethe to grow in stature, grow, in ate, careless gether, to tin

crease, thrive Inconsiderantya, æ. f. 1. in. Incordyo, are. act. to put Incrēto (in, creta), are." discretion

into the heart, persuade 1. to whiten with Inconsiderate, adv. incon. 'Incoronatus, a, um, adj. not to chalk over





Incrētus, a, um. pt. of in cured, unhealed

gent searcher cerno

Incurya, æ. f. 1. negli. Iudagatrix, icis. f. she that Incruentātus, a, um. adj. gence, neglect

searchetk not stained with bloca, Tucuriose, adv, negligently, Indāgo (in, ago), åre. act. not defiled carelessly

1. to seek, or search, Incruentus, a, um. adj. Incuriosus, a, um. adj. trace out, seek, or search nut bloody negligent, careless

diligently, find out, erIncrustatyo, onis. f. 3. a Incurfus, adv. more neg. plore, investigate, pargeting ligently

amine Incrūsto, åre. act. 1. to Incurro, rère, ri, rsum. n. Indago, Inis. f. 3. a diligent parget, plaster, rough. 3. to run in, upon, or

search, or inquiry, invescast, cover over, incrust against, maké an incur. tigation Incubatio, onis. f. 3. in. sion, rush on, assail, or Iudě, adv. from thenee, cubation attack, seize on, fall,

froin that place, from Incubātus, m. 4. 2 meet

[quickly that person, froir that brooding; a lying, or Incūrsam, adv. speedily, time, next after, therce. leaning upon

Incursyo, önis. f. 3. an in forth, afterwards, on that Incubyto, āre. n. 1. to lie cursion, inroad, justling, occasion, for that cause upon, to couch

shock, or charge

Indebyte, adv, unduly Incubitus, us. m. 4. a Incursito, āre. n. 1. to run, Indebitus, a, um, adj. not bruoding or stumble often

due, not owing, unjust Incubo, åre, bui, bitum. Incūrso, āre, n. 1. to run Inděcens, tis. adj. indecent,

act. f neut. 1. to lie, or agarst, or upon, run, \useemly sit upon, brood, hover attack, invade

Indecēnter, adv. issione, over, cover, or shadow, Incūrsor, āri. dep. 1. iden sup. indecently, unseedwell, or in, have in Incūrsus, us. m. 4. an in ly, un becomingly one's eye, watch, or lie in road, attack, charge, Indecentra, . l. 1. inde. wait, engross forcé, vehemence


[inis becaure Incŭbo, onis. m. 3. id. quod Incurvatyo, Ūnis.

f. a Indeceo, ēre. neut. 2. to Iocubus, i. m. 2. the night bending

Indeclinabilis, e. adj. that (inculcaring Incurvēsco, cère. inc. 3. cannot be avoided, in. InculcatYo, onis. f. 3. an to bow down

variable, constant, firm, Incūlco (in, calco), āre. Incūrvo, āre. act. 1. to bow, undeclined

act. 1. to inculcate, drive, or bend, nove, prevail Indeclinātus, a, um, adj. or besit in, force down, or with

firm, steadfast, constant upon, repeat often Incūrvus, a, um. adj. crouk. Inděcor, oris. vel Idecoris, Inculpabilis, e. adj. blame ed, stooping, bowed, or e. adj. unseemly, unbe less

beut down

(vil coming, disgraceful Inculpāte, adv. unblame- Incus, ūdis. f. 3. an an. Indecore, adv. unhand. Inculpātus, a, um. adj. un. Incusatio, onis, f. 3. a somely, unseemingly blamed, blameless, irre blaming

(accuser Indecorus, a, um, adj. unprovable

Incusător, oris. m. 3. an becoming [defatigable Inculte, adv. rudely, care Incūso (in, causor), äre. Indefatigabilis, e. adj. in. lessly

act. 1. to accuse, condemn, Indefensus, a, um. pt. of Incultus, a, um. adj. un complain of, find fault indefendo, adefended cultivated, untilled, un with, blame

Indefesse, $ Indefőssum, dressed, unmanured, neg. Incussío, onis. f. 3. a dash. adv. unweariedly, inces. lected,

uninhabited, ing together [cutio santly desert, rude, uncomely, Incassus, a, am. pt. of in- Indefēssus, a, um. pt. of rough

Incūssus, us. m. dashing, in-defetiscor, unwearied Incultus, us. m, want of


Indefinite, adv. indefinitely dress, rudeness

Incustoditus, a, um. adj. ludefinitus, a, um. pt. of Incūmbo, běre, cubui, uby. not duly guarded, or in-definio, indefinite, une tum. n. 3. to lie, sit, rest, kept unguarded

determined dean, depend, or fali Incūsus, a, um. pt. pecked Indeflētus, a, um, adj. un. upon, tie down, hatch, Incutyo'lin, quatio), těre, lamented (beni, stiff ply, apply, incline, or ussi, ussum. act. 3. to Indefexus, a, um, adj. un. tend, keep safely

strike, smite, or dash up. Indejēctus, a, um, adj. not Incanabúla, orum. pl. n. 2. on, knuck, or beat, cast cast down [ ut u wearied a cradle, cradle clothes, into, excite, raise, occa

Indelasyātus, a, um, adj. earliest years, infancy, sion

Jndelebilis, é. adj. indelible a nativity, a birthplace, Indagabylis, e. adj. that Iudelectātus, a, um. adj. the beginning, or first may be traced out

undelighted principles

[delay Indagatyo, önis. f. 3. a Indelibātus, a, um, adj. un. Incunctanter, adv. without

seurching out

touched, undurinished, enrātus, a, am. adj. un. Indagātor, cris, m. a dili, undefiled, pure

lodēmnis, e. adj. unhurt, dico

same place ble, dreadful harmless [demnity Indydem, adv. from the Indígus, a, um, adj. stand. Indemnitas, ātis. f. 3. in. Indies, adv. daily, every day ing in need, waniing, ne. I denunciatus, a, um, adj. Indifferens, tis. adj. indij. cessitous not denounced, or declared ferent, not nice

Ind Ngens, tis. adj. negli. before (bewailed Indifferentcr, adv. indif. gent, careless Indeplorātus, a, um, adj. un. ferently (ference Indiligenter, adv. iùs, comp. Indepravatus, a, um, adj. Indifferentia, æ. f. 1. indif negligently, carelessly

noi depruved, or cor ludigěna, æ.c.g. 1.2 native Indiligentia, æ, f. 1. curerupted

Indigenitālis, c. adj. na lessness Indeprehensibilis, e. adj. tural, pertinent

Indimēnsus, a, um, adj. un. that cannot be found out Indygens, tis. pt. & adj. measurable Indeprehensus, & inde pren wanting, jackingi inai. Indipiscor (in, apiscor), ci, sus, a, um, adj. un!uken,

deptus. d. 3. to obtain, unfound

Indigentia, e. f. 1. indi. gel, or attain, to over. ludēptus, a, um. pt. of in gence, poverty

take, comprehend, begin dipiscor, having gutien Indigěo (iu, egeo), ere, gui. Indirēctus, a, um. adj. inIndescriptus, a, um. pt. of neut. 2. to wunt, stund in


(pillaged indescribo, undescribed need

Indirēptus, a, um. adj. unIndesertus, a, um. pt. of in- Indiges, ētis. c. g. a god iudiscrētus, a, um. adj. not desero, unforsi: ken

made of a man, nutive separated,indistinct, alike Iudēses, Ydis. adj. active, god, cronized suint Indiscriminātus, a, um, adj. quick

(ally Ingigéste, adv, undigested indiscriminate, undistin. Indesinenter, adv. continu. ly, without order

guished Iudespēctus, a, um. pt. of Indigestio, Ūuis. f. 3. indi- Indisērte, adv. without elo. in-despació, undespised gestion

quence {eluquent Indestrictus, a, um. pt. of Indigestus, a, um. pt of in- Indisērtus, a, um. adj. un.

in-destringo, unhuri digero, undigesied, con. Indispensātus, a, um, adj. Indeterminate, adv. indeter. fused

unbounded minately

ladigětes dii,, gods whose Indisposite, adv. confusedIudetonsus, a, um. pt. of origin was human, gods ly, disorderly

in-detondeo, unshaven made of men, or topical Indispositus, a, um. adj. Iudex, Tcis. c. g. 3. a dis gods, whose power was

disordered coverer, informer, prog. confined to a certain dis. Indissimulabilis, e. adj. not nostic, or symptom, inark, trict

to be dissembled, or cortor token, titie, or tablé Indigyto (in, digitus), are. cealed of a book, touchstone, act. 1. to signify, point Indissimulātus, a, um, adj. the forefinger

at, or out, name, call by not dissembled, not conIndicatio, ouis. f. 3. an in.


(soluble dication, the setting a Indignabūndus, a, um. adj. Indissolubilis, e. adj. indisprice upon wares

enraged, angry, wrathful Indissolūtus, a, um, adj. not ludicativus, a, um, adj. in. Indigans, tis. pt. $ adj. loosed dicative

disdaining, enraged, Iudistincte, adv. confusedly Indicatūra, æ. f. 1. a setting with indignation, unworludistinctus, a, um, adj. il price thy, unbecoming

undistinguished, confus. Tuvícens, tis. adj. not tell. Indignānter, adv. in disdain ed, indistinct 118, not showing

Indignatio, onis. f. 3. in- Indistrictus, a, um. pt. of Indicium,.i.n.2.a disconery, dignution, anger

in-distriugo, unhurt information, communica. Indignatiuscüla, æ. f. 1. a Juditus, a, um. pt. of indo tion, sig", hint, token, chagrin

Individuus, a, um. adj. inmark, proof, symptom, Indigne, adv. unworthily, dividual, that cannot be guide, assistance

undeservedly, basely, divided, inseparable ludico, are. act. I. to dis grievously, heinously Indivisibilis, e. adj. indi

cover, shew, muke known, Indignitas, ātis. f. 3. indig. visible disclose, relate, tell, rell, nity, unworthiness, mean Indivisus, a, um, adj. undi. or set ihe price, accuse, ness, heinousness


(separated promise

Indīgnor, āri, atus sum. d. ludivülsus, a, um. adj. un. Inuico, cěre, ixi, ictum. a. 1. 10 disdain, scurn, be en- Indo, děre, dydi, dYtum. act.

to denounce, proclaim, raged, or angry, not to 3. to put, or set in, or into, declare, publish, appoint, endure, take ill, fret, put, or lay upon, put, imenjoin, set, or lay upon, grieve, refuse, reject print, give

brspeak, or provide Indignus, a, um. adj. un. Indor, di. pass, to be put, Indictyo, onis, f. 3. an in. worthy, undeserving, un. or given

diction, the space of fif becoming, infil, unmeet, Indocilis, e. adj. nenmanage

teen years, an impost unhandsuine, sud, shame. able, untractibie, 2411 Iudictas, a, um. pt. of in ful, base, heinous, horri. taught, nurc!



Indocte, adv. ius, comp. mildness, grace, favour, ed, or expressed unlearnedly

a pardon, a dispersation Ineffabiliter, adv. ines. Indoctus, a, um. adj. un. Indulgěo, ēre, isi, itum. pressibly (tual, vain

taughi, unlearned, igno. act. 2. to indulge, be in. Ineffycax, acis. adj. ineffec. tant, unskilful

dulgent, make much of, Ineffigiātus, a, um. adj. 41Indolentia, æ. f. 1. the feel. give one's self up to, con forined ing no pain

cede, grunt, dispense Inelaboratus, a, um, adj. Indolo, ere, lui, litum. n. with

[indulgeo unlaboured 2. to grieve, to feel pain Indaltus, a, um. pt. of Inelēgads, tis. adj. inele. Indolēsco, cére. n. 3. idem Indultus, us, m. 4. indui. gant

elegance Indoles, is, f. 3. a growth, genee

Inelegānter, adv. without or increase,

natural Indūmen, Ynis. 3. id. quod ineluctabilis, e. adj. inetowardliness, or disposi. Indumentum, i. n. 2. a gar. vitable tion, vein, race, breed, ment, dress, attire, ap- Inemendabylis, e. adj. not strain (tameable parel, clothes

to be amended Indomabylis, a, um, adj. un. Indňo, uěre, ui, ūtum, a. 3. Inemoryor, i. dep. 3. to Indomitus, a, um. adj. un. to put into, on, or upon,

die in tamed, ungovernable, in. cover, or clothe, cover, Inēmptus, a, um, pt. of vincible, raging

besmear, or doub over, in-emo, unbought Indormio, ire, ivi, Itum. take upon, or assume, en. Inenarrabilis, e. adj. inerneut. 4. to sleep upon, be tangle

pressible (pressibly sluggish, or slór

Induratio, onis. f. 3. a Inenarrabiliter, adv. iner. Indabitabilis, e, adj. indu. hardening

Iucnodabilis, é, adj. intri. bitable

[doubt | Induratus, a, um, pt. & adj. cate Indubitanter, adv, without hardened, made hard Iněo, ire, ivi, Ytum. act. 4. ludubitāte, adv. certainly Indurèo, ere. neut. 2. & In to go, or enter into, era Iudubitatus, a, um, adj. un durēsco, cěre, incep. 3. 10

upon, coininence, donbted

grow hard

(make hard undertake, lie, or couple Indubito, äre, neut. 1. to Indūro, äre, act, to harden, with, form, or make, pass doubt much

(tain Indusiarlus, a, um. adj. Inēpte, adv. foolishly Indubius, a, um, adj. cer. that maketh under-gut. Inepta, æ. f. 1. JoclishInducēndus, a, um, adj. to ments

ness, folly, absurdity; a be induced

Indusiātus, a, um. adj. worn story, tale, jest Induciæ, árum. pl. f. a underneath

Ineptio, ire. n. to trifle, to truce, respite

IndusYum, i. n. 2. a shirt, talk foolishly Induco, căre, uxi, uctum. shift, petticoat, or other Inēptus, a, um, adj. unfit, a. 3. to induce, persuade, under-garment

improper, simple prevail upon, draw over, Industria, æ. f. 1. industry, Inequitabilis, e. adj. not to or in, cujole, lead, or diligence, activity, la be rid over bring in, introduce, cover bour, cure, carefulness, Inequito, āre. act. 1. to over, put, or draw on, thought

ride in, or upon, to ride maké void, or abolish, Industrie, adv. iùs, comp. about, to insult cancel, or erase, produce, industriously, curefully Inērmis, e. adj. unarmed,

or bring forth, give Industriose, adv. industri. defenceless, weak, feeInductio, onis, f. 3. an in. ously

ble, rude, unlearned duction, bringing into, or Industriõsus, a, um. adj. Iuērno, āré. act. 1. to dis. along, bringing in, in industrious

(armed troduction, persunisiun, Industryus, a, um. adj. jor, Inērmus, a, um. adj. un. plastering, laying comp. industrious, active, Inērro, áre. n. 1. to ran. over, blot brisk, sharp

det, straggle; to spread Inductus, a, um. pt. of in- Indütus, a, of induo through duco

(snasion Indūtus, us. m. 4. clothing, Iners, tis. adj. inactive, Inductus, us. m. 4. a per


(clothes heavy, dull, sluggish, Inducăla, æ. f. l. a woman's Induytæ, árum. pl. f. l. luzy, slothful, slow, mno

under-gurment, a wuist. Induvium, i. n. 2. 'the bark tionless, arties, unskil. coat (sweet of a tree

ful, stupid, faint, feeble, Indalco, äre.nct. 1. to make Inebrintyo, onis. f. 3. a tenk, helpless Judulgens, tis. pt. $ adj. making drunk

Inertia, æ. f. l. inactivity, induiging, indulgent, Inebryo, äre. act. 1. to heaviness, idleness, lari. gracious, kind, inake drunk

ness, indolence, sloth, Inedia, æ, f. 1. want of

softness Indulgênter, adv.iùs, comp. food, fasting

Iuerticüla, æ, f. 1. a heavy issimè, sup. indulgently, Ineditus, a, um. adj. not wine

(unfirly kindly


Inerudite,adv.unlearnedly. imigenta, re. f. 1. Indul. Ineffabilis, e. adj. ineffa- Ineruditus, a, um, adj, use

en fondness, lenity, ble, thai cunnot be uiter. learned, unskilled






Ivēsco (in, esca), äre. act. Inextinguibilis, e. adj. in. Infecto, onis, . 3. an in1. to lay a bait, wheedle, extinguishable

fectiuni allure, catch, entrap, tre- Inextirpabilis, e. adj. not to Infectivus, a, um, adj. beprin

be rooted out tricable longing to dyeing, con hievitabYlis, e. adj. inevita- Inextricabilis, e. adj. inex'. louring, or painting Inevolūtus, a, um, adj. an. Inexsuperabilis, e. adj. in. Infector, oris. m. 3. a dyer; rolled, unfolded, unread superable, invincible, un. whnt dies

(bició Inexcitabilis, e. adj. that passable

Infēctus, a, um. pt. of incannot be awaked

Inexsuperatus, a, um, adj. Infectus, a, um. adj. unInexcītus, a, um, adj. not inconquered (rudely done, not inade, unraised

Infabre, adv. bunglingly, wrought, unfinished, unInexcogitatus, a, um. adj. Iofahricātus, a, um, adj. un performed unthought of (adorned wrought

Infectus, us. m. 4. a dyeing Inexcultus, a, um. adj. un. Infacēte, Inficēte, adv. Infelicitas, ātis, f. 3. infe Inexcusabilis, e, adj. inex unpleasantly, unwitting licity, unhappiness, ad. cusable ly, not merrily

versity Inexercitātus, a, um. adj. Infacetræ, vel Inficetræ, Infeliciter, adv. unhappily nnerercised

árum. pl. f. 1. poor jests, Infelicito, äre, a. 1. to make Inexercitus, a, um. adj. little pins, quirks

unhappy undisciplined

Infacētus, $ Inficētus, a, lufelix, icis. adj. unhappy, Inexcūssus, a, um, adj. un. um. adj. unplensant, not miserable, unfortunate,

shaken (exhausted witty, rude, unpolished, usuccessful, useless, bar Inexbåustus, a, um, adj. un clownish

ren, unfruitful, cursed mexorabilis, e. adj. iner. Infacundia, & æ. f. 1.a want Infēnse, adv. iùs, comp. urable, cruel of eloquence

hostilely, spitefully, eitInexpectātus, a, um, adj. Infacũndus, a, um, adj. ior, gerly

(to spoil unexpreted (prepared comp. uneloquent, rude Infēnso, āre, a. 1. to harass, Inexpeditus, a, um, adj. un.

in speech

faming Infēnsus, a, um, adj. enInexperrectus, a, um. adj. Infamatyo, onis. f. 3. a de Taged, furious, hostile, not awaked

Infamya, æ. f. 1. infamy, bad Inexpērtus, a, um. adj. un. disgrace, dishonour, as Infercio, see Infarcio tried, unutiempted, unes. persion, obloquy

Inféri, orum. pl. m. 2. the perienced

Infamis, e. adj. infamous, gods, or shades below, Inexpiabylis, e. adj. inexpia. vile, disgraceful, disho.

inanes, hell ble, irreconcileuble, ob. nourable, filthy, foul, Inferiæ, árum. pl. f. 1. 81. stinate, bitter dismal, unlucky

crifices to the infernal Inexplanabilis, e. adj. in- Infāmo (in, fema), āre. a. gods for the dead

explicable (stammering 1. to defume, disgrace, Interyor, oris. adj. inferior, Inexplanātus, a, um, adj. disptage, decry, confute, lorer Inexplebilis, e, adj. insatia. spread abroad, accuse, Interyus, a, um. adj. be. waste, destroy

longing to funerals Inexplētus, a, um. adj. not Infandum, adv. O abornina. Infernālis, e. adj. infernal

completed, not finished, Infandus, a, um, adj. wicked, lofērnas, ätis. adj. gruwing insatiable

abominable, heinous, belnia luexplicabilis, e. adj. ines. cruel, raging, bitter, Infērne, adv.below, beneath plicable, inextricable great

Infēruus, a, um, adj. infer. Inexplicatus, pro

Infans, tis. adj. young, lit nal, of hell, hellish, lying luexplicitus, a, um, adj. not tle, small, tender, unable below, lower

explained, dark, obscure, to speak, uneloquent Iulēro, fērre, intůli, illaintricate

Infans, tis. c. g. 3. an in. tum. act. 3. to infer, or Inexplorate, & Inexplorato, fant, babe, young child, conclude, bring in, into,

adv. without search, pre. the young of any crea. upon, or up, bring, or cipitately


(childhood carry, lay to, apply, make, luexplorātus, a, um, adj. Infantra, æ. f. 1. infancy,

unsearched, untried, 24 Infantīlis, e. adj. belonging Infertilis, e. adj. unfruitful discovered

to infancy (infant Iufervefacio, cěre. act. 3. to Inexpuguabilis, e. adj. im- Infantúlus, i. m. 2. a mere make hot, to seethe pregnable

lufarcio, ire. act. stuff, Infervefio (in, ferveo, fio), loexpugnatus, a, um. adj. to crain

[fatigable fiéri, factus, neut. 3. to be not overcome

Infatigabilis, e. adj. inde. mnade hot, be heated, be Inexputabilis, e, adj. innu. Infatìo (in, fatuus), áre. made to boil

merable (satiable act. 1. io infatnate, make Infervěo, ēre. $ Infervesco, Inexsaturabilis, e. adj. in a fool of, besut

cere, bai, ncut. to be hoi, Inextinctus, a, um, adj. in. Infaūstus, a, um. adj. un. be boiling hot

extinguishable, insatia prosperous, unlucky, in. Infērus, a, um, adj. iorble, inmortal, auspicious

comp. infimus, sup, lo




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