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dried up

Exscêndo [ex, scandol, en, stupefy, spoil, mar, Exterior, ius. adj. comp. děre. act. 3. to go out, Injure

more outward, or foreign, disembark, land

Exta, örum. pl. n. 2. er in a lower degree ExscensYo, onis. f. 3. a de. trails, bowels

Exterminatio, duis. f. 3. scent

Extabēsco, cěre, bui. neut. an expulsion Exscensus, us. m. a land. 3. to pine, or waste awny, Exterminātor, oris, m. 3. ing, a descent

con sume, grow obsolete destroyer (nishment Exscidio, onis. f. the razing Extans, tis. adj. standing Exterminyum, i. n. 2. a baof a town

out, arising, overtopping Extermyno, äre. act. 1. to Exscindo, čre. act. 3. to Extantya, æ. f. 1. an ap exterminate, TOO out, cut off, or down pearing above

abolish, ruin, or destroy, Exscreatyo, onis. f. 3. Estāris, e. adj. belonging drive, or cast out, banish, hawking up to the entrails

send away, cute Exscreo, are. act. 1. to Extăsis, is. f. 3. an ecstasy, Externo, sex, sternol, are. hawk up, spit up, cough a trance

act. 1. to astonish, scare, Exscribo, ère, psi, ptum. Extēmplo, adv, immediate. frighten, alarm act. 3. to write out, tran. ly, furthwith

Extērnus, a, um. adj. exter. scribe, copy, resemble Extemporālis, e. adj. done, nal, outward, strange, foExscriptum, i, n. un extract or spoken extempore, im. reign, alien, of another, Exscriptus, a, um. pt. of mediate, ready

or different country exscribo

Extemporalitas, ātis. f. 3 Extěro, rěre, trivi, tritum. Exsculpo, ère, psi. act. 3. promptness

act. 3. to wear, scrub, rub, to engrane, erase

Estemporaněus, a, um, adj. rase, tread, or beat out, Exsecrabilis,e.adj.execrable id. qudd extemporalis thrash, rub hard, whet, or Exsertim, adv. by thrusting Extempore, adv. immedi grind, digest out

ately, out of hand, with. Exterraneus, a, um, adj. Exsiccēsco, ere. n. 3. to out study

foreign grow dry, or hard

Extēndo, děre, di, nsum & Exterišo, ēre, rui, rytum. Exsiccus, a, um, adj. dry, ntum, act. 3. to extend, act. 2. to put in fear,

stretch oui, lengthen, en. frighten, scare Exsīyno, are. act. 1. to seal, large, continue, ruise, Exterritus, n. um. pt. of

to mark, to shew by signs hold up, or out, exert, or Extersyo, önis. f. 3. a wipExsomnis, e, adj. sleepless, employ, defer, put off ing out waking

Extensyo, onis, f.extension, Extērsus, a, um, pt. of exExsono, äre, ui, itum. n. 1.

the crainp

tergeo to resound

Extensivus, &, um. adj. Extěrus, a, um, adj. ior, Exsorběo, ēre, bui, rptum. Extēnsus, a. um. pt. of ex comp. strange, fureign, act. 2. to sup, or drink tendo

of another country, out. up, swallow, shed plenti. Extênto, äre, a. 1. to stretch ward, on the right hand fully, sustain, overcome out, to try

Extệx0, xere, xui, xtu. Exsordēsco, ére, ui. D. to Extentus, a, um, adj. ex act. 3. to unravel, turn become filthy

tended, stretched out, one from his purpose Exsors, tis. adj.without share continued, of great ex Extillo, [ex, stillo), are. A. Exspērsus, a um. pt. dis. tent, long, remote, luud, 1. to drop out, tun, or persed shrill, high

trickle dowon, distil Exspes, èi. adj. hopeless, Extenuatio, onis. f. 3. an Extiměo, ēre, mui. n. 2. to without hope

extenuation, a diminish. drend Exspisso,are. act thick. ing, or lessening

Extimēsco, cere, mui, inen, to curdle

Extenuator, oris, m. 3. 2 cep. 3. to be sore, or Exspolyo, are, a. 1. to rob, diminisher

derly greatly afraid, to drend or plunder, strip, deprive Extenuissime, adv.reryslen. Extymo, antiq. pro Existimo Exspuitio, onis. f. 3. a spit. Extendo, áre. act. 1. to ex. Extimulatio, ónis. f. 3. a ting out

{to froth tenuate, diminish, or les. pricking Exspūmo, äre. n. 1. to foain, sen, debase, or underva- Estymus, a, um. adj. superl. Exstimulātor, oris. m. un lue, make small, make the utter most, outmost, encourager

or set thin, grind, chew last Exstimŭlo, are. act. to spur Exter, era, erum, adj. fo. Extinctio, onis. f. 3. an eron, excite, incite, encoureign

tinction, putting

out, tage, provoke

Exterebrātus, a, um. pt. abolishing Exsúccus, a, um, adj. juice bored through

Extinctor, Oris. m. 3. 4 less, dry, barren

Extěrebro, are. act. 1. to quencher, suppressor, de. Exsurcŭlo,āre, a. 1. to prune bore out, or through, stroyer tinguisher trees

(ened pierce, screw out, extori, Extinctoryum, i. n. 2. an eri Exsurdātus, a, denf. force from

Extinctus, a, um. pt. of Exsurdo, [ex, surdus), are. Extergěo, are, rsi, rsum. extinguo, & adj. eftir

act. 1. to make deaf, deaf act. 2. to wipe clean, or of guished, put out, quench,

ed, destroyed, killed, put Extračo, ire. n. 4. to go out build, furnish an end to, abolished, ex- Extră ho, hěre, āzi, actum. Extuberatio, onis. f. 3. a

tinct, gone, dead, lost act. 3. to extract, draw swelling Extinctus, us. m. 4. a put. out, root out, extricate, Extuběro, áre. Deut. 1. to ting out

disengage, withdraw, ex swell much, or out; act. Extinguo, guěre, nxi, nc tort, induce, or persuade, to in ke to sell

tum. a. 3. to extinguish, prolong, continue, or de- Extuměə, ēre, ui, n. 2. 19 put out, quench, destroy, fer

swell, to rise kill, cut, or wipe off put Extraněus, a, um, adj. fo- Extamésco, ère. n. 3. to be. an end to, abclish, o'p Teign, strange, outward, gin to swell pense, distinguish


Extumidus, a, um, adj. that Extirpatio, onis. f. 3. a root. Extraordinaryus, a, um. adj. ewelleth ing out

extraordinary, not com- Extunc, adv. from that time Extirpator, Oris. m. 3. he mon, great

Extündo, děre, trdi, tūsum. that plucketh up by the Extrãquam, adv. ercept that act. 3. to beat, knock, or Toots, a destroyer

Extrartus, a, um, adj. out hammer ont, invent, exExtirpo, are, act. 1. to ex. ward, strange, of unother tort, drive away, crush tirpate, root up, or ort,


Extūrbo, äre. act. l. to eradicate, grub up, de Extremysco, cěre. inc, 3. to thrust, drive, or turn out, stroy tremble, to shuke

discharge, banish, trouExtispex, icis. c. g. 3. 2 Extremitas, ātis. f. 3. an ble, discompose, or consoothsiyer, a diviner, uho extremity, end,


found furetelleth things from the brink, or brim, border, Extussío, ire, ivi, itum. a. entrails of beasts frontier, boundary

4. to congh up, or out, to Extispicyum, i. n. 2. sooth. Extrēmo, adv. lastly, in the void with coughing snying, the looking into end

Exuberantia, æ. f. 1. an the entrails of beasts sa Extrēmum, adv. idem

abundance crificed, and thence fore. Extrēmum, i, n. 2. the ex. Exuberatio, onis. f. 3. an telling things

treme, lasi, or remotes! abundince, overflow, re. Ex'o, or Exsto, āre, titi, ty part, the beginning, or dundance

tum & tàtum. neut. 1. to end, a hem, a hazard, Exuběro, are. neut. 1. to stand out, stand, or stick danger, death

abound, make io abound, up, appear, be, remain, Extrêmus, a, um, adj. sup. overflow or be left, spring, out, a. the extreme, outermost, Exuctus, a, exago rise, exceed, excel

or utiøst, the Inst, the Exūdo sex, sudo], āre. 8. Extollo, lère, tăi, elātam. lowest, the most affected, f n. 1. to sweat out, to

act. 3. to excel, praise, the basest, or worst, te. sweat take, lift, raise, hold up, mote, tar of

Exvēllo, lère. act. 3. to exalt, eiate, bring up, Extricabilis, e. adj. that pluck out (sweep out put off, or defer

inay be got off, or disen- Exvērro, rěre. act. 3. to Extorquěo, ére, rsi, rsum &

Exūgo, or Exsügo, ĕre, xi, rtum. act. 2. to extori, Extrico (ex, tricæ), äre. ctum, a. 3. to suck out, take, or get by force, act, 1. to extricate, disen. drink out, drain force, compel,

wrest, tangle,disengage,deliver, Exul, or Exsul, ülis. c. g. 3: wrench, twist, dislocate get rid of, get an account a banished man, or woExtorrefacio, ère. to of, or understand, get,

man, an exile broil, or parch

obtain, procure, cleanse Exulatio, ūnis. f. 3. banishExtorršo, ere. a. to roast, to Extrinsecus, a, um, adj. ex ment burn up (up trinsic

Exalceratyo, onis.f.3. a sore. Extorridus, a, um. adj.burnt Extrinsecus, adv. extrinsi.

11088, making of a bolch, Extõrris, is.c.g. 3. an esile, cally, outwardly, from aggravation

a banished man, or woman without, besides (tero Exulceratorius, a, um, adj. Extortor, oris. m. 3. an ea. Extritus, a, um, pt, of ex. that causeth blisters to

tortioner (torqueo Extrorsum, adv. towards the rise, apt to fret Extörtus, a, um. pt. of ex outside

[ing up Exulceratrix, icis. adj. blisExtra, præp. without, out ExtructYo, onis, f. 3. a build.

tering uf, not in, not concerned Extructor, oris. m. 3. a Exulcero, äre. act. 1. to ex. in, beyond, except,saving, builder

(truo ulcerate, make sore, gall, besides, over and above Extrūctus, , um. pt. of ex fret, or eat the skin, vex, Extra, adv, withont, on the Extrūdo, děre, usi, ūsum. provoke outside


act. 3. to thrust, or drive Exŭlo, āre, neut. 1. to be actio, onis. f. 3. an er. out, hasten, or send away banished, live in exile Extractoryus, a, um. adj. with speed, utter, or seli Exultabundus, a, um. adj.

that drawethout, drawing Extrůo, or Exstruo, uěre, like one rejoicing Extractus, a, um. pt. of ex. Ūxi, uetum.

act. 3. to Exultantia, æ. f. 1. an es. ho

erect, set, or pile up, ulting, leaping fur joy,


beating, or thrubbing Exūtus, a, um. pt. of exuo cnrpenters' work Exultantius, ady, comp. Exuviæ, árum. pl. f. 1. Fabrilyter, adv. workmanly more jocosely

spoils taken from an ene. Fabůla, æ. f. l. a fable, Exultatio, onis. f. 3. exul. iny in war, booty, pillage, tale, story, idle story, tation, rejoicing, leaping


feigned device, fib, lie, for joy, boasting, viunt. left off the skin, felt, or Ham, whion, argument of ing

hide of a beast, a leather & play, or coinedy, actor Exūltim, adv. with leaps whip, or thong, the cast in a play, town-talk Exūlto, or Exsulto, [ex, skin of snake, a slough Fabula, æ. f. 1. dim. a little

salto), åre. n. 1. 1o exult, Exuvium, i, n. 2. idem. Salv. berin rejoice, leap about,

Fabulāris, e. adj. fabulous bounce, bubble, boil,

Fabulātor, oris. m. 3. a m. swell, boast, brag, in

F sull, domineer

ker, or teller of Jubles,

or tales, a mythologist Exululatyo, onis. f. 3. a cry.

Fabūlis, é. adj. belonging ing out

to beans Exulálo, are. n. 1. to hurl, FABA, æ, f. 1. a bean

Fabacěus, ,

um. adj. Fabulo, Ūnis. m. 3 v. Fabucry out

of a bean


lator Exundatio, onis. f. 3. an Fabacea, æ, f. 1. a bean-Fabălo, äre. neut. 1. id. qu. ourrfluering

Fabayynus, a, um. adj. of Fabălor, äri, ätus. dep. 1. Exundo, are. neut. 1. to


to make, or tell stories, overflur, break out, rage, Fabāgo, Inis.f.3.bean-chof talk, converse boil, spread far, diffuse, Fabāle, is. n. 3. a bean Fabulose, adv. iùs, comp. or extend itself straw, or stalk

issimè, sup. fabulously, Exūngo, ēre, xi, ctum. a. Fabālis, e. adj. of a bean falsely, idly 3. to anoint

Fabarius, a, um. adj. Jull of Fabulosýtas, atis. f. 3. ly. Exảo, uěre, ui, ätum. act.


ing, Jalsehood 3. to put, take, or shake Fabēlla, æ. f. . a short, or Fabulosus, a, um, adj. ior, off, strip, divest, deprive, little fuble, or hury, an comp. issimus, sup. fabu. free epilogue

lous, romantic, full of ExuperabYlis, e. adj. that Fabellator, Oris. m. 3. a stories much talked of

may be surprssed, that nuker, or teller of stories Fabulum, i. n. 2. bean-choff, mly be got over

Faber, bra, brum.adj. rymus, hrnbane (tle bean Exuperantia, æ. f. 1. excel

sup. workmanlike, inge. Fabůlus, i, m. 2. dim. a lit. lence (eacelling rious, artificial

Facessītus, a, um. pt. of Exuperatyo, Onis. f. an Făber, fabri, m. 2. a work. Facēsso, sěre, si sivi, Exupéro, or Exsupero, are.

main, smith, furger, kim sum f situm. a. 3. to du, act. 1. to exceed, surp 238, inerer, maker, a fish, c execute, accomplish,couse, overcome, Ret tver, or trout

create, send away, desbeyond, be predominant, Fabētum, i. n.2 a bean-field patch; neut. to get away,

or get the belter, prevail Fabrè, adv. errimè, sup. go away, or depart Exurgeo, äre, rsi, rsum. a. workmanly, cunningly, Facēte, adv. iùs, comp. squeese, or crush out artificially, skilfully issimè, sup. Juceriously, Exūrgo, or Exsurgo, gěre, Fabrefacto, cere, fēci, fac. jucosely, wittily

rrexi, rrectum. lleut, 3. tum. act. 3. to work, or Facetya, æ. f. 1. sed sæpius to rise up, or out, come make artificially

Facētiæ, arum. pl. f. l. Fabryca, æ. f. l. a shop, or merry, or pretty conceits, Exūro, ère, ssi, stum. a. 3.

work house, the art of fra. witty, or pleasant snyo to burn out, or up, burn, ming, or making a fabric, ings, repartees, drollery, parch, consume

frame, make, fashion, or tuillery Exuscitatio, onis. f. 3. 2 design, a wile, deceit, or Facetosus, a, um. adj. jo. tousing, or stirring up, craj'y device

(framing cose, merry au ikening

Fabricatio, onis. f. 3. a Facētus, a, um, adj. ior, Exuscito, Exsuscito, Fabricātor, oris. m. 3. a comp. issimus, sup. fare

āre, a. 1. to awake, wa. framer, maker, forger, tiuus, jocose, humuurous, ken, rouse, atir up, raise, contriver, inventor, devi. merry, pleasant, wirty, encourage ser, causer

fine, choice, dainty, soft, Exustio, onis, f. 3. a set. Fabricatūra, æ. f. 1. a fram graceful ting on fire

[making Facies, ēi. f. 5. a face, Exūstor, oris. m. 3. he that Fabricatus, us. m. 4. a countenance, appearance,

burneth (sporching Fabrico, äre, act. f Fabry. show, make, orm, stuture, Exustalatio, onis. f. 3. a cor, atus. dep. 1. beauty Exustůlo, are. a. 1. to frame, build, invent Facile, adv. ius, comp. scorch, to burn

Fabricus, a. um. adj. $ illimè, sup. easily, readiEzüstus, a, um, pt. of ex. Fa rilis, e. adj. belonging ly, without much adu, uro

tu siiths', masons', or certainly

on, increuse


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Facilis, e, adj. ior, comp. il tron, deed, seat, transac scaffold, or tower to throne

darts from, or to see mili. genele, midlane.goud? Factürn, æ. f. 1. the making

tary exercises, a fallacy, natured, easy to be please of a thing (sire to do a trick, a cheat ed, courteous, kind, fe- Facturto, ire. neui. 4. to de-Falarıca, æ. f. 1. a fiery dart Ponrable

Factus, a, um. pt. of facio Falcarius, i, m. 2. a mower, Facilitas, ātis. f. 3. easiness, Factus, us. m. 4. n making, a maker of scythes, one good-nature

or building, a thing, &c. armed with a bill Faciliter, adv. easily.

made, a pressing

Falcãtor, oris. m. 3. a bill. Facinorose, adv, villanous. Facŭla, æ. f. 1. dim. a little ly, wickedly


Falcātus, a, um. pt. hooked, Facinorosus, a, um. adj. Facultas, ätis. f. 3. liberty, crooked, bowed, or bent ior, comp. issimus, sup. leuve, permission, oppor.

like a hook, armed with a villunons, wicked

tunity, convenience, ad hook, or scythe, lopped, Facynus, Oris. n. 3. in a good vantage, cause, occasion, pruned, cut

sense, a great action, ex easiness, quickness, readi. Falcicŭla, æ. f. 1. dim. a ploit, adventure; in a bad ness, art, science, efficacy, small sickle sense, a foul act, villa virtue. Facultates , plur. Falcifer, a, um. adj. that nous deed, crime estate, fortune, means,

beareíh a hook, or scythe Facto, cěre, fēci, fàctum. possessions

FalcYger, a, um. idem act. 3. to do, perform, ea- Facūnde, adv. issimè, sup. Falcilla, æ, f. 1. a little hook ecute, coinvit; to make, eluquently

Falcillus, i, m. 2. a prur. form, fashion, paint,limni, Facundia, æ. f. eloquence ing-knife or draw; to compose, cele Facundiosus, a, um. adj. full Falcito, áre. a. 1. to cut brate, introduce, or bring of eloquence, very elo. with a hook [a hawk in; to bring forth, pro


(quence Falco, onis. m. 3. a falcun, duce, cause, or occasion; Facundytas, atis. f. 3. elo- Falco, are. act. to prune, to follow, practise, or ea. Facũndo, āre. act. 1. to make cut, mor ercist, get, or acquire, eloquent

Falcor, äri. ätus. pass. to make good, give, or grant, Facundus, a, um, adj. ior, be pruned sacrifice, force, or compel, comp. issimus, sup. elo Falcůla, æ. f. 1. a little hinder, or prevent, for quent, well spoken

hook, or bill, crooked beur, value, or esteem, be Fæcaryus, a, um. adj. of knife, claw, talon suitable, ft, or proper, dregs

Falcunculus, i. in. 2. a little make up, constitute, stay, Fæcātus, a, um. adj. not falcon

[ pile continue, or spend, sup fined, unsettled

Falere, ib. n. 3. a buttress, a puse, or pretend

Fæcinius, & Fæcinus, a, Falērnum, sc. vinum, & FaFactyo, onis. f. 3. a faction, um. adj. dreggy, Joul, lērnus, se. liquor, muscaparty, side, or sect, band, turbid

(thick dine wine, a sort of an. company, consent, agree- Fæcosus, a, um. adj.dreggy, ber

(rack ment, or friendship, power Fæcŭla, æ. f. 1. lees, or Falisca, æ, f. 1. a crib, a of doing, or making, a grounds of wine, tartar, Fallscus, i, m. 2. a hag. deed, riches, credit, au. a sauce made of it

gess, a pudding in a pig's thority, ability, power Fæculente, adv, with dregs belly Factiose, adv. facriously, se- Fæculentia, a. f. 1. dreggi. Faliscus, a, um, adj. stuffed ditiously

like a pudding Factiosus, a, um, adj. ior, Fæculēntus, a, um. adj. Fallacia, a. f. a fallary, de.

comp. issYin us, sup. fac feculent, dreggy, foul, ceil, treachery [lacious tiuus, seditious, mutinous; belonging to lees

Fallaciosus, a, um. adj. fal. promising to do great Fædus, a, um. adj. filthy, Fallaciter, adv. issime, sup. things, boasting; noble, nasty

deceitfully, treacherously, wealthy

Fær, æcis, f. 3. dregs, or falsely Factitātus, a, um. pt. done lees of wine, dregs, sedi. Făllax, acis. adj. ior, comp. often, dune


ment, grounds, dross, the issimus, sup. deceitful, Factityus, a, um. adj. ariifia mob, the scum, or refuse false, treacherous, lying, Factyo, äre. freq. I. to do of the people, a sauce, a vain, uncertain, adulte often, practise, make, or colour

rate compose

Fayềus, a, um, adj. of beech Fällo, lere, fefelli, falsum, Facto, āre. act. 1. to make Faginčus, a, um. adj. of act. 3. 10 deceive, cheat, Făctor, Oris. m. 1. a factor, beech, becchen

disappoint, beguile,elude, agent, doer, or muker, Fagynus, a, um, adj. made ape, escape notice, aba multiplier, presser, ten of beech

(beech scond, conceal oneself, "is-player, criminal

Fāgus, i. f. 2. a beech-tree, a slip, or slide, break, connFactoryum, i. u. 2. a work. Fagutális, e, adj. belonging terfeit

iu beech

Falsaryus, i.m. 2. a falsifier, om, l. 2. 2. a fact, ac-i Fala, æ. f. 1. a gallery, a furger




(ing deceit

False, adv. falsely, without Familiāris, e. adj. ior, comp. Farcimēntum, i. 2. cause issimus, sup. of the sinne stuffing

farcy Falsidicus, a, um. adj. lying, family, or household, fu. Farcininum, i. n. 2. the fulse

(sifying miliar, usual, friendly Farcimosus, a, um, adj. full Falsificatio, onis. f. 3. a fal- Familiäris, is. m. 3. a set. of the furcy Falsificātor, oris. m. 3. a vant of the family, an Farcyo, ire, rsi, rtum & rcfalsifier

intimate, a friend

tum. a. 4. to stuti, cram, Falsifico

Ffalsus, facYo], Familiaritas, átis. f. 3. fami. to futten äre. act. I. to falsify, to liarity, intimacy, friend. Farcitūra, æ. f. l, a cranJorge ship, a friend

mning, a filling Falsificus, a, um. adj. work. Familiaryier, adv. iùs. comp. Farfugium, i. 2. the white Falsijurius, a, um. adj. is symè, sup. fumiliarly, poplur swearing falsely

intimately, homely, plain- Farina, æ. f. 1. meal, four, Falsiloquenda, æ. f. 1. false ly, privaiely, thoroughly, powder, dust

speaking (ing, Jalse tenderly, with great con- Farivaryus, a, um, adj. of Falsıloquus, a, um, adj. ly. cern

[miliæ meal

mun Falsimonyum, i. n. 2. false- FamilYas, ant. gen. pro Fa- Farinaryus, i, m. 2. a meal. hod, deceit

Famose, adv, infamously Farinulēntus, a, um, adj. Falsiparens, tis. c, g. own. Famosus, a, um. adj. issy mealy, like meal

ing a wrong, or illegiti. mus, sup, that hath an Faryo, onis. m. 3. a trout mate father

ill name, infamous, noto Färnus, i, m. 2. a kind of Falsitas, ātis. f. 1. falsehood rious, noted, renowned, oak Falso, adv. falsely, wrung much spoken of

Farracěus, a, um. adj.of curr fully

Famůla, æ. f. á maid, a Farrāgo, Ynis. f. 3. a hodgeFalsum, i, n. 2. a falsehood maid-servant [vant podge, a mixture Falsus, a. um. pt. of fallo, Famulāris, e. adj. of a ser. Farraryum, i.n.2. a granary

ndj. false, deceitful, Famulatio, önis. . 3. ser- FarrarYus, a, um. adj. beat. treacherous, lying, pre vice, attendance, 4 reti. ing corn (pudding tended, seigned, spurious nue of servants

Farrātum, i, n. 2. hasty Falx, cis. f. 3. a houk, bill, Famulātor, Oris. m. 3. an Farrātus, a, un, adj. done scythe, or sickle, u prun. attendunt

with corn ing hook, an engine of Famulātrix, īcis. f. 3. a fe. Farro, äre, act. 1. to join war crooked like a hook male wailer

in marriage with a cake Fāma, æ. f. l. fame, report, Famulātus, us. m, service, Farreum, i. n. 2. a wheat tumour, common talk, tid attendance

enke used in marriage, a ings, news, a tradition, Famulitum, i. n. 2. service, barn, a vessel for corn or hearsay,renown,praise, drudgery, attendance, a Farrèus, a, um, adj. of corn a good name, repute, in cumpany of servants Farsylis, e. adj. crammed, famy

Famålor, äri, ātus sum. dep. stuffed Famelce, adv.very hungrily 1. to serve, attend, or wait Fartista, ium. pl. n. 3. pele Famerous, a, um. adj. hun upon

lets to cran poultry gry, starved with hunger Famulosus, a, um. adj. fond Fartylis, e. adj. cramined Fămes, is. f. 3. hunger, of servants

Fartim, adv, by stuffing, or fasting, famine, dearth, Famulus, a, um, adj. of, or crimming a greedy desire, a desire

belonging to a servani, Hārtor, oris. m. 3. a stuffer, Famiger,ěra, ěrum. adj. attendant upon

feeder of fowls, poulterer, carrying tales

Famůlus, i, m. 2. a servant, sausage-inaker Famigerācio, onis. f.

a household servant, a Färtum, i. n. 2. a spreading of a report waiting-man

a sausage

(of fotols Famigerātus, a, um. pt. Fanatice, adv, madly, fran- Fartūra, æ. f. 1. a cramming famed (port, to blaze ticly

Fartus, $ Fărctus, a, um. Famigěro, åre. a. 1. 10 re- Fanaticus, a, um, adj. fa pt. of farcio Famiña, e. f. & as. f. 1. a natical, inspired, possess. Färtus, us. m. 4. a cramJamily, anciently and ed, frantic, mad

ming, a filling properly the servants, af: Fandi, gerund. of for, of Fas, n. indecl. right, justerwards the wife and speaking

tice, equity, 2 thing lowchildren likewise ; the Fando, gerund. of for, in ful, or possible. piety

branches descending from relating, by report Fascia, . f, l. a swath, -one common ancestor, a Fandus, a, um. pt. of for, band, or roller, banduge,

society, or fraternity of to be spoken, to be di. filler, ribbon, head-band, tren, of the same sect, or vulged; lawful, right wreath, diadem, scurt, profession, a man's estate, Fanum, i. n. 2. a teinple, a stomacher, bib, clout or iubstance, a dwelling. church

Fasciâtim. adv. in bundles house

Far, farris. n. all manner of Fascicularis, e, adj. belong Familiarycus, a, um, adj. of

corn, flour, meal

(sage ing to a bundle (far a Jumily

Farcimen, Yois. n. 3. a sau. Fascicularia,


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