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Excürsor, oris, m. 3. a cou. deteil, devote

burial, relics (funeral rier, straggler, skirmish- Exectro, önis. f. a cutting Exequiālis, e. adj. of a et, corsair

off, or out

Exěquor, or Exséquor, i, Excursus, a, um, pt. of ex Exēctus, a, um, pt. of execo cütus sum. dep. 3. to exe

Executió, ónis. 1. 3. an exe. cute, do, perform, effect, Excursus, us. m. 4. an er. cution, performance, accomplish, follow, pur. Fusion, stage, course be. government

sue, prosecute, go on, peryond due bounds, di- Executor, Oris. m. 3. an sist, imitate, punish, re. grrosion, sally, charge executor, punisher, aven nenge, recount, relate, Excusabilis, e. adj. ior, ger

(sequor wisk, desire greatly comp. creusable, thai Executus, a, um. pt. of ex. Exequütus, a, um. pt. of may be ercused

Exedentălus, a, um. adj. exequor Excusăte, adv. iùs, comp. toothless

Exerceo sex, arceo), cēre, with escuse, tolerably Exědu, ĕre, ēdi, ēsum. a. 3. cui, cytum, act. 2. to erExcusatyo, onis, f. an

to eat, eat up, or out, ercise, practise, esert, cust, or defence consume, destroy

use, make use of, employ, Excusātus, a, um, adj. er- Exedra, æ. f. 1. a by-place, find employment, work, cused, taken for an es. jutting, building with

get, earn, till, cultivate, cuse, forgiven

seats, parlout, drawing, train up, instruct, pass, Excuso (ex, causa], are. or dining-room

lend, vet, trouble act. 1. to 'excuse, allege Esegēsis, is. f. 3. an ex- Exercitatio, onis. f. 3. an for, or in excuse planation

exercise, use, custom, reExcūsor, oris, m. 3. a prin. Eiegeticus, a, um. adj. es. creation (exereiser ter, founder, coiner, planatory

Exercitator, oris. m. 3. an maker of pots, or images Exēmplar, äris. 1. & Exem. Exercitātrix, icis. f. 3. she Excūsse, adv. exactly, plāre, is. n. 3. a pattern, who exercises strictly

plan, model, copy, resem. Exercitio, onis. f. 3. eder. Excussorias, a, um. adj. blance, similitude

cise, a share

(practice that shakes out

Exēmplo, äre. act. 1. to ex-Exercitum, i. n. 2. use, Excussus, us. m. 4. a shnk.

emplily, copy, transcribe, Exercitius, adv. comp. mure (cutio imitate

busily Exrūssus, a, um. pt. of ex. Exēmplum, i. n. 2. an er- Exercito, äre. freq. 1. to Excusus, a, um. pt. of ex ample, instance, prece exercise often cudo

dent, сору, draught, Exercitor, oris, m. a tutor, Excutio (ex, quatio), ére, plan, model, sample, re. or master

ussi, ussum. act. 3. to semblance, likeness, way, Esercitoryus, a, um, adj. beshake of, or out, strike, dush, jetch out, make, Exemptylis, e. adj. easily Exercitus, a, um. pt. of ex

longing to exercise manner, warning drop,Jall, rise, brandish, taken abay

erceo thriu, Aing, discharg;, Exemptio, önis. f. 3. an Exercitus, us. m. 4. an ar. rouse, dislodge, binish, exemption

(taker away my, host, or band of armdrive, search, examine, Exēmpior, Oris. m. 3.0 ed soldiers, great fock, or canvas, pick, select, Exemptus, us. m. 4. a tak. shoal, trouble, grief, (*. pillage ing away

ercise Exdorso, are, see

Exēmptus, a, um. pt. of Exěro, or Exsēro, ère, rui, Exdorsúo (ex, dorsum), eximo (the bowels

rtum. a. 3. to exert, thrusi, āre. act. 1. to split out Exentěra, örum. pl. a. 2. drar out, put forth, or the ridge bone

Exenteratio, onis. f. 3. 4 out, bring forth, expose Exěco, or Exsěco, care, cui, gutting

to view, shew, discover, ectum. act. 1. to cut off Exentěro, äre. a. 1. to gut, display, raise, lift up, ad. or out, castrate, take off, paunch, draw, empty vance, lay bare or away, remove, destroy, Exčo, ire, svi, Ytum. n. 4. Exerratio, ouis. f. 3. a straygut, or plunder to go out, or away, set, ing

(decline Execrabilis,

e. adj. ior, get, or come out, set sail, Exērro, äre. n. 1. to devinte, comp. execrable, abomin. depart, retire, withdrar, Exerte, adv. plainly, openable, detestable, odious,

escape, avoid, be continue ly, nicely horrible, dreadful, cruel ed, or eatended, proceed, Exērto, áre. freq. 1. to hold, Execrabilkins, átis. f. 3. arise, sprout, spring put, or thrust out, to cuisrdness forih, grow up, be disco show

(ero Execrabiliter, adv. execra. vered, be spread abroad, Erērtus, a, um. pt. of ex. bly

or divulged, be put forth, Exēsor, oris. m. an eater Execratio, onis. f. 3. an ere. published, be past, van up, a waster

cration, cursing, curse, ish, end, conclude, fall, Exėsus, a, um. pt. of exedo hatred

or run, carceed

Exfolio, áre, a. 1. to take Execror, or Exsecror, ári. Exequæ, arum. pl. f. fune out leaves

d. 1. tu curse, uhhor, tai solemnities, or rites, ExgurgYto, see Egurgito


Eshæredatio, onis. 3. a dis quaf, empty

Exjocor, äri. dep. 1. to jest, inheriting

Exigo (ex, ago), gère, xê to joke
Exhærëdo (ex, hæres], āre. gi, xactum. act. 3. to ea. Exisien tya, æ. f. l. existence

act. 1. to disinherit, de. act, demand, insist upon, Existimatio, onis, f. 3. an
prive of fortune

require, drive out, or a. opinion, name, riputaExhæres, édis, c. g. 3. one toày, væpel, banish, dis tion, respect, esteem, credit disinherited

vorce, hiss oft, explode, Existimātor, oris. f. 3. une Exhalatyo, onis. f. 3. an ex take out, or away, re that gives his opinion, a halation [halation move, end, finish, ihrust,

guesser, a valuer Exhalātus, us. m. 4. an ex push, drive, roll along, Existymo ex, æstimo), āre. Exhālo, äre. a. 1. to exhale, spend, pass, try, prove, act. 1. to think, suppose, breathe out, send forth, weigh, examine, measure, imagine, judge, esteen, emit, steam

dispute, reason, divide consider
Exhauryo, ire, aūsi, austum, Exigüe, adv. very little, Existo (ex, sisto), těre, ex-

act. 4. to exhaust, empty, niggurdly, sparingly, titi, n, 3. to exist, be, be-
draw out, spend, consume, scarcely, hardly, slightly come, come, rise, spring,
waste, pillage, rob, dig Exiguitas, ātis. i. 3. little be seen, appear
up, dispatch, accomplish, ness, smallness, slender- Exitiabylis, e. adj. hurtful,
take away, detract, suf ness, scuntiness, shortness destructive, fatal, pesti-
fer, undergo

Exiguum, i. n. 2. a little lent, venomous, cruel Exhaūstam, i. n, the taking Exiguus, a, um. adj. little, Exitialis, e, adj. inischievous, of pains [haurio small, puny,

pitiful, destructive, pernicious, Exhaustus, a, of ex sneaking

mortul, fatal Exhædra, æ. f. 1. a parlour. Exilyo, or Exsilyo, līre, lui Exityo, onis. f. 3. a going See Exedra

& Ni, xultum. neut. 4. to forth, or out Exhedryum, i. n. 2. idem go out hastily, or quickly, Exitiosus, a, um, adj. ior, Exhērbo [ex, herba),

āre. leap, issue, gush out, comp. deadly, fatal, misact. 1. to clear of grass, start, fly up, leap, skip, chievous, dangerous or weeds, to weed spurhle forth

Exityum, i. n. 2. destruction, Exhiběo sex, habeo], ēre, Exilis, e. adj. ior, comp. ruin, death, mischief, dis

bui, bytum. act. 2. to ex slender, fine, thin, lean, temper, plagne, deparhibít, show, discover, mnke hungry, barren, trifling, turi, a destroyer appear, make good, pro small, little, lor, creep- ExYtus, us. m. 4. an outlet, dice, offer, present, or ing, shrill, treble, free end, issue, death, event, give, afford, represent, from, void of

result, effect, resource, resemble, canse ExilYtas, ātis. f. 3. slender.

success Exhibityo, önis, f. 3. an ex ness, smallness, barren- Exjüro, are. a. 1. to vou hibition, a producing for 1158, poorness

with an oath public view

Exilter, adv. faintly, poor. Exlecebra, æ, f. 1. a device, Exhilaratio, onis. f. 3. a ly, budly ishment or gin

(person comforting [enlivener Exillam, i. n. 2. exile, ban- Exlex, ēgis. c.g. 3. c lawless Exhilarātor, oris, m. 3. an Eximye, adv. choicely. ex. Exmověo, ēre, act. 2. to reExhilăro, are, act. 1. to ex cellently, sumptuously,

hilarate, inake merry, re particularly, dearly Exobsecro, are. act. 1. to joice, delight

Eximius, a, um, adj. choice, entrent earnestly Exhinc, adv, next

select, particular, unpa- Exocŭlo, āre. a. 1. to put Exhyo, äre, neut. 1. to gape

out the eyes wide

[to dread ExYmo (ex, emo], ére, ēmi, Exodiaryus, i, m. an intero Exhorto, ēre, rui. neut. 2. emptum. a. 3. to exempt, Inde, Thymer [farce Exhorresco, cěre, n. 3. to free, deliver, discharge, Exodum, i, n. 2. the end, tremble, shudder, dread, take out, dig, hew out, Exodus, i. f. 2. a departure be sure afraid of

waste, spend

Exolēsco, cére, lui f ēvi, Exhortatio, onis. f. 3. an Exin, adv. afterwards

ētum. n. 3. to grow stale, exhortation, persuasion, Exinanio, ire, ivi, itum. aet. or out of use, be out of encouragement

4. to evacuate, discharge, mind, be forgotten Exhortativas, a, um, adj. empty, make empty, un- Exolētus, a, um. pt. of exoerhortative lade, waste away, melt,

[libertine Exhortor, äri, ātus sum. strip, plunder

Exolētus, i, m. 2. an old dep. 1. to exhort, encou- Exinapiiro, onis. f. 3. an Exõlvo, or Exsõlvo, věre, Tage, or cherish; pass. to emptying

vi, lūtum. act. 3. to unbe exhorted, be desired Exiude, adv.from that time, bind, loose, free, deliver, Exibylo, or Exsibylo, āre. a. from a place, from a disentangle, disengage, 1. to hiss off, hiss off the thing, thereout

raise, pay, return, perstage, hiss

Exinsperāto, adv. unexpect. form, fuifii, suffer, melt Exicco, or Exsicco, āre.


Exolūtus, a, um,

pt. of ex act. 1. to dry up, dry, Exintegro, adv.afresh, anew



Exomis, Ydis. f. 3. a jacket ern, rising (prior Expectabilis, e. adj. to be Exonero, äre. act. 1. to un. Exortus, a, um, pt. of ex expected load, unburden, lighten, Exortus, us. m. 4. a rising, Expectatio, onis. f. 3. ease, free from, discharge, a source

(of bones

pectation, hoping, longempty, banish

Exos,ssis. adj.boneless,void ing, looking for, hope, Fxoptabýlis, e. adj. to be Exosculatio, onis. f. 3. a fear, attendance, attenwished, or desired kissing, billing

tion, dependence Exoptatyo, onis. 1 3. an ear. Exoscilor, ari, ātus sum. Expectatum, i. n. 2. id. mest wish [would wish

dep. l. to kiss, bill, kiss Expēcto, or Exspēcto, āre. Exoptāto, adv. even as one fondly

a. 1. to expect, hope, wish, Exõpto, are. act. 1. to wish, Exösor, Oris. m. 3. a hater or look for, stay, wait

or desire greatly, wish, or Exossalto, onis. f. 3. a tak. fur, fear, respect long for, wish

ing out the bones

Expēcto, tère. act. 3. to Ex rabílis, e. adj. ior, comp. Exosso [ex, os}, āre. act. 1. comb out erorable

to take out the bones, to Expector, äre. act. 1. to Exorabålum, i, n. 2. an ar. strengthen with bunes expectorate, banish

gument to persuade Exossus, a, um, adj. void of Expeculiātus, a, um, adj. Exorätor, oris. m. 3. he that bones

having lost, or stripped of prevaileth by entreaty Exosus,' a, um. pt. of odi,

his flock Exorběo, or exsorběo, ēre,

hating, hated

Expedyo, Tre, ivi, itum act. bui, rptum. act. 2. to sup, Exotericus, a, um. adj. ex & neut. 4. to frer, deliver, or drink up, swallow, shed oteric

(foreign extricate, disengage, ukplentifully, sustain Exoticus, a, um, adj. erotic, loose, undo, despatch, fin. Exõrbo, are. act. 1. to be. Expallèo, ère, lui. n. 2. 10 ish, bring to pass, get,

[orcism be, or turn pale, fear, procure, set out, hasten, Exorcismos, i, m. 2. an es. dread, shudder at

go, or send in haste, deExorrista, æ. m. 1. an ex. Expallēsco, cěre, lui, neut. clare, tell, utter, shew, orcist, a conjuror 3. id.

explain, be expedient Exorcizo, äre. act. 1. to ex- Expal Ydus, a, um, adj. very Expedite, adv. iùs, comp. orcise, raise, or lay spirits, pale

issimè, sup. speedily, adjute

order Espālpo, äre, n. 1. to grope, quickly, readily, easily Exordine, adv, orderly, in jeel, soothe, flutter Expeditio, onis. f. 3. an exExoidyor, iri, rsus sum. d. Expampino, are. a. 1. to pedition, voyage, quick 4. to begin, undertake, prune vines

despatch, speed ruse a preamble, lay the Expanditor, oris. m. 3. a Expeditionālis.e. adj. speedy

river that flows over its Expeditus, a, um. pt. f adj. Exordium, i. n. 2. a begin. banks

ior, comp. issimus, sur. ming, preface, preamble Expando, děre, di, passum disengaged, freed, rid of, Exorior, čris riris, iri, pansum. act. 3. to ex nimbly thrown, hurled,

ortus sum. dep. 4. to rise, piind, display, spread out, provided, prepared, equipspring up, grow, appear, open, expound

ed, prone, ready, nierbe born, proceed, be com- Expängo, ēre, xi, ctum. a. ble, light, speedy, uctive, forted, be made, become to marshal, set

easy, fueni Exornatío, onis. f. 3. a deck- Expansio, onis. f. 3. expan. Expēllo, lĕre, půli, pulsum. ing, garnishing, orna. sion

(mament act. 3. to expel, banish, ment, elegance

Expārsum, i. n. 2. the fir. drive, chase, thrust out, Exornátor, Oris. m. 3. a set Expansus, a, um. pt. of ex or away, emit, drive on ter off decketh pando

shore, reject Fxornắtris, icjs. f. she that Expapillātus, a, um, adj. Expēndo, děre, di, nsum. Exorno, are. act. 1. to adorn, made bare (pando act. 3. Co weigh, consider,

embellish, set off, or forth, Expassus, a, um. pt. of ex examine, rate, value,

deck, dress, honour Expatiātor, oris. m. 3. spend, lay, put out Exoro, are. a. 1. to entreat, gadder, a wanderer Expēosa, æ. i. 1. expense,

oeg earnestly, get, or ob- Expatyor, or Exspatior, ari. charge, cost tain by entreaty, force, dep. 1. to espatiate, en. Expēnso, are. n. 1. to lay cætori, invite

large, wander about, pass out, or forth, use, weigh, Exors, tis. adj. deprived, Expatricius, i. m. 2. a past recompense unuble, given by choice, senator

Expēnsum, i, n. 2. espense extraordinary

Expavefacio, cere. act. 3. to Expēnsus, , um, pt. of exExörsum, i. n. 2. a begin. terrify, frighten, make pendo wing, enterprise, story, afraid

Expergefacio (expergo, frlong preamble (dior Expavēsco, ère. påvi. inc. cio), cere, feci, factum. Exorsus, a, um. pt. of exor 3. to be greatly afraid, be

act. 3. in awaken, stir up, Exorsus, us. m. 4. a begin. frighted at, dread

rouse, alarm ning

Expavidus, um. adj. Expergefactus, a. um. pt. Exortivus, a, um, adj. cast. Stighted



Expergefio, (expergo, fiol, Expingo, ère, xi, ictum. Explicabylis, e. adj. that

iéri. n. p. 3. to be awaked, act. 3. to paint, to draw, may be explained

or roused (rousing to limn, to describe, to Explicate, adv. plainly, Expergifcus, a, um, adj, give a faithful picture of clearly Experkiscor, ci, rrectus. Expinso sère. act. 3. io Explicatyo, Onis. f. 3. an dep. 3. to awake, bestir grind out

unfolding, or un twisting, oneself, take heart

ExpYo, are. act. 1. to expi. erposition, explanation, Expergytus, a, um. pt. of dte, atone, purge by 81 determination Expērgo, or exspērgo, ere, crifice, cleanse, hallow, Explicator, Oris. m. 3. an rsi, rsum, a. 3. to sprin consecrate, punish

explainer, interpreter, kle all over Expiratio, onis. f. a breath.

cominentator Expērgo, ere, gi, gytun.

ing out

Explicātrix, icis. f. 3. she act. 3. to awaken

Expiro, [ex, spiro), áre. that explaineth Experieu ta, te. f. 1. crperi act. l. io expire, give up Explicatus, us. m. 4. an ex.

ence, practice, trial, skill, the ghost, die, breathe plication, exposition, une krorledge out, or forth, cast, or send folding

(clearly Experimēntum, i, n. 2. an out, exhale

Explicite, adv. plainly, experiment, proof, trial, Expiscor, ari, ätus sum. d. Explicitus, a, am. pt. of essay, practice

1. to fish, or get out, to Explico, care, qui fcāvi, Expertor, iri, ertus sum. search diligently

citum&catum.act. 1.conn. dep. 4. to experience, try, Expisso, see Exspisso fold, unfurl,open,expand,

essay, prore, find, attempt Explāco, áre. act. 1. to ap display,set in aniny,untaExperrēcrus, a, um. pt. of pease, or mitigate

vel, disengage, free, de. expergiscor, & adj. awa. Explanabilis, e. adj. that liver, rescue, explain, re. kened, wkened, risen, may be explained

late brisk, pert

Explanate, adv. iùs, comp. Explodo,sex, plaudo), dere, Expers, tis. adj. roid, desti

plainly, clearly, distinct. osi, Osum, act. 3. to cute, free, free from, that ly, intelligibly

plode, hiss, or clap uff, hath no experience, igno- Explanatio, onis. f. 3. an reject, dislike tant, absent from

exp!unation, exposition, Explorate, adv. iùs, comp. Expērsus, a, um. pt. of ex. declaration, utterance for a certainty, certain. pergo

Explanator, oris, m. 3. an ly, surely Expērtor, Oris. m. 3. a tri. explainer

Exploratyo, onis. f. 3. a er, a causer

Explāno, sex, planus), åre. searching ont Expērtus, a, um, pt. of ex act. 1. 10 explain, ex- Explorāto, abl. part. absol,

perior, & adj. issimus, pound, inake plain, deur positum ajter Search sup. experienced, tried,

was inude, Tac. proved, having tried, ex- Explantātor, Oris. m. 3. a Explorato, adv. assuredly pert, skilful

puller up (pull up Explorator, õris. m. 3. & Expetesso, ère. n. 3. great Explānto, are. act. 1. to searcher, scout, spy ly to desire

(ble Explaūdo, děre, ausi, act. Exploratorius, a, um. adj. Expetibilis, e. adj. desira 3 to clap off

pertaining to searching, Expe isso, ére, a. 3. great. Explebylis, e. adj. that may or spying ly to long for

be filled, that may be s2- Exploratrix, icis. f. she Expetitus, a, um. pt. of tisfied

that watcheth Expěto, tere, ivi, itum. Act. Explemēntum, i. n. 2: a Exploro, āre. act. 1. to ex.

3.1o desiré, covet, enden. filling, or satisfying plore, examine, search, vour to get, airn at, ask, Explendéo, or exsplenděo, or view diligently, grope, demand, pray; neut. to ère. n. 2. to shine furth, or feel, try, pruve, inhappen, lighi upon, last, or out

quite, sound, endeavour be remembered Explendēsco,or exsplendēs. to find out,

spy out, Expiabilis, e. adj. expiable co, cěre, splendui. neut. scout; to cry, lament Expiamentum, i, n. 2. an 3. to grow bright, shine, Explosio, onis. f. 3. a cast. atonement

glitter, be eminent, con ing off, or rejecting, are. Expiatyo, önis. f. 3. an a. spicuous


(plodo tonement

Expléo, ere, ēvi, ētam. act. Explosus, a, um. pt. of exExpictus, a, um, pt. of ex. 2. to fill up, fulfil, per- Expolyo, äre. vid.' exxpo No pingo

fect, finish, make up, fill, Expolio, ire, ivi, itum. a. Expilatio, onis. f. 3. pil. satiate, satisfy, comfort, 4. to polish, singoth, d. luge, extortion quench, close up,

dorn, set off, improve, fiExpilaior, oris. m. 3. a pil. plete

nish, compiete lager, plunderet, robber, Expletio, onis, f. 3. an ac Expolite, adv. very finely, extortioner

complishing (expletive or neatly (lishing Expilo, are. act. 1. fo plun. Expletivas, a, um, adj. Expolitio, onis. f. 3. a

der, pilluge, rob, spoil, Explētus, a, um. pt. of ex- Expolitor, oris. m.

polisher, trimmer

142, smooth

[ocr errors]

Expolītus, a, um. pt. of written ont, translated, Expūngo, gěre, oxi, nctum.

expolio, & adj. ior, comp. set forth, express, decided act. 3. to expunge, blur, issimus, sup. polished, Exprymo (ez, premo), ère, cross, or pull out, erase, made smooth, winnowed, pressi, pressum. act. 3. to efface, clear neat, trim, fine

erpress, squeeze, wring, Expůo, or Exspio, uěre, ni, Exponděro, are. act. 1. to

press, force, bent, or ûtum. act. 3. to spit out, weigh, consider, think strain out, extort, con pour out, cust out, drive deliberately

strain, represent, portray, out, banish Expono, něre, osui, osYtum. furin, inuke, describe, imi- Expurgatyo, önis. f. 3. a

a. 3. to expose, set forth, tate, draw, or copy out, purging, clearing, or. or ont, to view, set to sale, translate, pronounce, de justifying lay abroad, lay, leave, clare, make apparent Expurgător, oris, m. 3. he subject, land, or set on Exprobrabylis, e. adj. blam that purgeth shore, expound, teach, ex able

(reproach Expurgatoryus, a, um, adj. pluin, shew, declare, or Exprobratyo, onis. 1. 3. a Pæpurgatory, cleansing give an account of red Exprobrātor, oris. m; 3. an Expūrgo, are act. 1. to inte, write [ravaging upbraider (upbraider


cleanse, srour, Expopulatyo, Onis. f. 3. a Exprobratrix, Tcis.'t. e she clear, justify (ping Xxporrectus, a, um. pt. & Exprobro lex, probrum), Exputatio, Ūnis. f. 3. a lupa

adj. ior, comp. stretched āre. act. 1. to upbraid, re- Expůto, äre. act. 1. to lop, out, extended, smooth, proach, or cast in the or prune; to understand without wrinkles, brisk, teeth, charge with, te perfectly, imagine, guess, active prove

examine, or weigh Exporrigo, gere, rexi, rec. Expromissor, oris. m. 3. a Exputrēsco, ere, ui. 11. to tum. a. 3. to extend, surety

putrefy, tot stretch out, prolong Exprõmo, měre, mpsi, mp-Exquiro (ex, quæro), rere, Exportatlo, önis. f. 3. an tum. act. 3. to draw, or sivi, situm. act. 3. to

exportation, conveying, bring out, produce, shew search ont, into, after, or or carrying out, banish forth, tell plainly, lay for, explore,

etamine, mnent (exporter out, spend, employ

seek, inquire, ask, pray Reportator, oris. m. 3. an Expromptus, a, um. pt. of for, implore Exporto, are. a. 1. to ex. expromo

Exquisite, ins, comp. issy. port, curry out

Expugnabilis, e, adj. that mè, sup. $ exquisitim, Exposco, cere, poposci. act. may be overcome, or taken adv. exquisitely, curious 3. to demand, ask, or te. by storin

ly, nicely, exactly, accaquire eurnestly

Expugnatyo, Onis. f. 3. a rately Exposite, adv, manifestly, conquering by force, the ExquisititYus, a, um. adj. plainly

storining of a town, &c. gotten, or acquired by Expositio, onis. f. 3. an ex- Expugnātor, oris. m 3. a art, not natural

position, or declaration, conqueror, a subduer, a Exquisītus, a, um. pt. of ex.. an exposing, a scheme ravisher

quiro, & adj. ior, comp. Expositityus, a, um. adj. er- Expūgnax, ācis. adj. ācior, issimus, sup. searched posed, left comp. powerful in sub

for, or into, exquisite, Expositor, oris. m. 3. an duing, strong

choice, curious, Tare, expositor [expono Expūgno, äre. act. 1. to dainty, nice, fine, accuExpositus, a, um. pt. of tuke by storm, or assault, rate, exact ( sacrifice Expostulatyo, onis. f. an ea sack, conquer, subdue, Exsacrifico, are. act. 1. to postulation

overcome, vanquish, Rain, Ezsævio, ire, itum. n. 10. Expostůlo, äre. act. to ex. or win over, break openi cease to page pustulate, argue, demand, by violence, destroy Exsänguis, e. adj. bloodless, require earnestly, require, Expülsim, adv. by driving lifeless


(ment | Exsanyo (ex, sanies), åre. Exprēsse, adv. sùs, comp. Expulsio, onis. f. 3. banish act. to squeeze ont cor

expressly, aptly, to the Expūlso, are. act. 1. to bang ruption purpose, to the life

about, to beat

Exsarcyo, ire, rsi, rtum, act. Expressio, onis. f. 3. an ex- Expulsor, oris. m. 3. an ex 4. tu patch up

pression, a straining ont, peller,' banisher, driver Exsatyo, āre. act. 1. to er. an extract in physic

out, remover (pello satiate, gorge, or glut Expressus, us. m. 4. a Expulsus, a, um. pt. of ex. Exsaturo, are. act. 1. to squeezing out

Expültrix, scis. f. an ex glut, gorge, fill, content, Exprēssus, a, um, pt. of ex peller

or satisfy rimo, & adj. ior, co

myco, are. act. 1. to Exscālpo, pěre, psi, ptum. expressed, forced, con polish, to smooth

act. io scratch out, erase, 8trained, wrested, ex. Expunctlo, onis. 1.3. a cross drill out, carve torted, made, formed, ing out med, done to ihe life, Expūnctus, a, um. pt. of

(expungo Exscālptus, a, um. pt. of


call for

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