Abbildungen der Seite


ly, speak, utter, declare,

take out spots

(to wet Emendātrix, icis. f. 3. she deliver, be at a word, say Emaděo, ēre. dai. act. 2. that corrects, or annends, at once

Emanatýo, onis.f.3. an ema. a female corrector Elötus, a, um, pt. of elavo


Emendatus, a, um. adj. le Eluceo, ēre, xi. n. 2. to Emancipatio, onis, f. 3. mended, made better, im.

shine out, or forth, be emancipation, setting at proved, corrected, reforma. bright, clear, or manifest, liberty, the alienation and ed, nide arends for appear, sher itself, surrender of an estate Emendicabilis, e. adj. to be frons

Emancipo, are.a. 1. to emun. gotten by begging Eluctabilis, e. adj. that inny cipate, set at liberty, 1. Emendico, are. act. 1. to be surmounted, or passed lienate, sell, or make uver,

beg, ask Egling enslave

Emēndo [è, menda), áre. Eluctatio, onis. f. 3. a strug. Emaněo, ēre, si, sum. n. to act. 1. to amend, correct, Elūctor, äri, ätus sum. dep. etceed the time allowed reform, make better, heal, 1. tu struggle, or strine to for absence

cure, take away, make get out, break through, Emālo, áre. neut. 1. to flow, amends for

(tior escape

or run out, to be spread Emēusus, a, um. pt. of emeElucubro, äre. act. 1. to abroad

Ementyor, iri,itus sum dep. write, or compose by can Emarcēsco, cere. inc. 3. 4. to lie downright, feign, dlelight fade away

counterfeil, forge, or preElucubror, äri, ätus sum. Emargựno (e, margo), áre. tend, belie (gedly dep. idem

act. 1. to clear the edge Ementite, adv. falsely, for. Elūdo, děre, si, sum. a. 3.

or side

Emērcor, ari, atus sum. to elude, escape, avoid, Ematurēsco, cére. inc. 3. to dep. 1. to buy shift off, or parry, ónfile, grow too ripe, be at the Emerču, ēre, rui, rytum, &. diszppoint, chouse, or highest, abate

2. to incrit, or deserve, do mike a fool of, beat, Emax, acis. adj. fond of hirm, coinnit ce 15e to play

buying, desirous of buy. Emerčor, ēri, rytus sum. Elugěo, ēre, uxi, ctum. n. 2. ing, ready to buy

dep. 2. to deserve, win, or to leave off mourning, to Embāmma, tis. n. 3. sauce get, be ended, serve one's mourn the full time Embåter, ēris, m. 3. the whole time Elūmbis, e. adj. having sight of a bow

Emērgo, ĕre, rsi, rsum. De weak loins

Emblēma, &tis. n. 3. an em. 3. to arise, rise, come out, Eldo, uěre, ui, utum, act. 3. blem, picture-work of rise up, appear, sher it

to rinse, in uke clean, wish toud, stone, or inetal self, be manifest, escape, out, or away, wipe off, finely inlaid in divers

recover, extricate, disena clear oneself of a thing, colours, small inages, tangle, come, arrive purge away

powers, or like ornaments Emeritum, i. n. 2. a pension Elūsus, a, uin. pl, of eludo Embolismus, i, m. 2. the deserved

(go Elutrio, áre. act. 1. to de. addition of an extra day Emērsus, a, of emercant, to draw off

in every leap year

Emērsus, us. m, & coming Elātus, a, um. pt., of eluo, E:nbo Yum, i. n. 2. an inter forth, or out, a rising up

& adj. wished, rinsed, wu lude, the argument of a Emetyor, iri, ensus sun. tered, watery, splashy play, a linchpin

dep. 4. to nensure out, Eluvies, ēi. f. 5. a bog, quag. Embólus, i. m. 2. a bar of a bestow, travel, 89, or pass

mire, common sewer, sink, door, a spoke, pin, wedge, over, finish, end filth, dirty thing, or per:


Einēto, těre, essui, ēssum. JON

[inundation Embryon, i, n. a child be &ct. 3. to mow down, to Eluvio, onis. f. a d-luge, or fore it hath its perfect

cut down, to reap Eluxuryor, äri, ätus sum. shape in its mother's womb Emico, áre, cui. n. 1. to

dep. 1. to grow rank, to Emeātus, us. m. the mouth shine, gush, issue forth, be too full of fruit aj a river

jump, leap, sally out, apo ElysYum, i. n. 2. paradise, a Emedūllo, åre. a. 1. to take pear, shew himself, excel,

place of rest and joy be. out the martuw, or pith, de eininent, rise, inount, vand the grave

rack, or take awty the grou, spring, assail ElysYus, a, um. adj. elysian strength, declare, or lay Emigratio, önis. f. 3. a deEinacēsco, ère, ui. n. 3. to open

[able parture be le-in, thin, or lank Emendabilis, e. adj. amend. Emigru, are. n. 1. to go Emacyo sé, macjes], áre. act. Emendate, adv. correctly. from one place to an.

1. to einaciate, make leun, purely, accurately, with. other, remove Driste

out fault

Eminatio, onis, f. 3.a threat Emacytas, ātis. f, a desire to Emendatio, onis, f. 3. an

ening be always buying


Eminens, tis. pt. & adj. ipEmacrēsco, ère n. to grow Emendātor, Oris. m. 3. a pearing aloft, rising up, lean

corrector, amendor, re standing out, eminent, Emaculo, áre. act. 1. to former

high, conspicuous,

, , . to


markable, proud

Emollēsco, cěre. n. 3. to purchaser, dealer, chap. Eminentia,æ. f.1.eminence, grow soft (soft, tender in in

excellency, protuberance, Emollidus, a, um. adj. Empturyo, ire, ivi, itam. standing out, relief in á Emollimentum, i. n. 2. a neut. 4. to long, desire, picture, or statue 80/tening

or intend to buy Eminěo, ére, nui. n. $ a. Emollio, ire, ivi, itum. act. Emptus, a, um. pt. of emo

2. to stand, or shew itself 4. to soften, loosen, effeni. Einpūsa, æ. f. 1. a hubgob. above others, be higher, nate, civilize (emollio iin, or pretended spirit appear above, appear, Emollitus, a, um, pt. of that hops upon one leg,

and takes many shapes nent, s amous, noturious, thoroughly, to spend, con. Empyreus, a, um, adj. the or rein arkable Snie


(mouldy Eunor, äri. dep. I. to Emolumentum, i. n. 2. pro- Einucidus, a, um, adj. very threaten openly

fii, benefit, advantage, Eugio, īre, ivi, itun. Emiudlus, a, um. adj. ris. interest

neut. 4. to bellow out, ing, or sticking out a lit-Emoněo, ére, nui, nitum. cry, speak aloud tle

act. 2. to warn, put in

Emulco, ere. act. 2. to Eminđo, uěre. a. 3. to di. mind of, charge

stroke gently (pail manish, to abate

Emoribūudus, a, um. adj. Emulctrale, is. n. 3. a milk. Emuus, adv. Jar off, at a about to die, ai the point Emulgěo, ēre, Isi, lxi, distance sening of death

Isum vel lctum. a. 2. to Eminatio, onis. f. 3. a les. Emorlor, i, rtăus, dep. 3. to milk out, tu struke Einirur, åri, atus sum.dep. dit, decay utierly

EiQlsus, a, um, pt. of 1. to marvel greatly at Emõrsus, us. m. 4. reinotse emulgeo Eniscěo, ēre, cui, istum. E.nortuus, a, um, pt. of Emuncito, ouis. f. a wiping act. 2. to pour out, fill out enorior

(emotion the nose EiLissuruin, i. n. i sluice, Emotro, onis. f. 3. an Emūnctor, oris, m, a snuf. a food-gute,awater-gate, Enotus, a,

pt. of
fer, a cheat

(fers a sink

Emověo, ēre, Olum. act. 2. Einunctorruin, i. n. 2. snufEmissaryus, a, um, adj. sent to remove, put out, drive Einunctūra, æ. f. the snuf Oui, put forth, put apart w1y, transplant

of a candle for breeding

Emphasis, is.' f. 3. an ein. Emūnctus, a, um. pt. of Emissaryus, i. m. 2. an ennis phasis, or accent in speak eiungo

(ly sary, missionary, informer, ing, enrnestness

Emnuudāte, adv. very clean. officer to procure bribes, Emphatice, adv. einphati. Einundatió, Onis. f. 3. a or to bring tales, setter culiy, forcibly

cleansing [cleanse, clean for thieves, procurer, Emphaticus, a, um. adj. Emūndo, are. act. 1. to pimp


Einango, gěre, nxi, nctum. Emissio, önis. f. 3. an emis- Empiryce, es. 1. skill in phy a. 3. to wipe the nose,

dion, discharge, sending sue gotten by mere prac. snuff 1 candle, to cheat, forth, shooting tice, quackery

chouse, Heece Emissitlus, a, um. adj. cast Empiricus, i, m. 2. an ein Emunimeutum, i. n. 2. a

[to piric, @ mountebank, furnification Enissas, a, um. pt.of emit. quick, physician from Emunyo, ire, itum. act. 4. Emissus, us. m. 4. a dis practice only

tu fortidy, Jence, inclose, charge

Emaplastratto, onis. f. 3. a secure Emitto, těre, isi, issum. act. grafting; or inoculating Emūsco (e, muscus], äre,

3. to send, send forth, Emplástro, äre, act. to in act. 1. 1o Tub m083, out, or awny, discharge, graft

ele ir frin moss let go, escape, drop, throw Emplastrum, i.

n. 2.

Emutyo, ire, ivi, itum, neut. away, hurl, Aing, utter, plaster, salve

4. to inutter, to mumble, publish,, empty, breed, Emporeticus, a, um. mere to huin lay, make free


Emūto, are. act. 1. to Emo, měre, ēmi, emptum. Emporium, i. n. 2. a mar. change for the better,

a. 3. to buy, purchase, ket-town, place for a improve take, get, ubtuin, bribe, man ket, mert

En, adv. lo! see! behold hire

Empiyo, únis. f. 3. a buying Eua lage, ës, f. 1. a change Einodălor, äri. dep. 1. 10 Euptionális, e. adj. using Eunrgia, te. f, 1. evidence,

sing, or warble, to sing in to buy proscribed goods, elearners iune


Enarrabilis, e. adj. that Emolyor, fri, itus som. dep. Emptitius, , um, adj. that may be declared, describ

4. to accomplish, effect, is, or may be bought, or ed, or sheurt stir, raise up, get up, cast

hired; for sale

Enarrāte, ius. adv. plainly out by force

Emptyto, are, act. 1. to use Euarratio, onis. f. 3. Emolītus, a, um. pt. of to buy, to buy

piain decluration, or in emolo

Emptor, öris, m. 3. a onyet, terpretation



Enarrator, oris. m. 3. an Enērvo [è, nervas), āre. | Ens, tis. n. 3. a being in interpreter, or describer act. 1. to enervate, en. eristence

[sund Epārro, āre. act. 1. to tell, feeble, weaken, effemi- Ensicŭlus, i. m. 1. a little

declare, relate, recite, re. nate, make tender, or Ensifer, ēra, ěrum. adj. that count nice

beareth a sword Enāscor, ci, nātus. d. 3. to Engonātus, a, am. adj. mult. Ensyger, id. be born of, grow, spring angular

(snake Ensipotens, tis. adj. powerout of, arise

Enhydris, Ydis. f.3. a water. ful with the sword Enăto, āre. n. 1. to swim Enigro, áre. act. 1. to make Ensis, is. m. 3. a sword, out, to iand, escape, dis black

tuck; office, command, entangle

Enim, conj. for, verily, in government Enātus, a, um. pt. of enas. deed, yea, Jorsouth, but, Enthéus, a, um. adj. sacred, cor therefore

inspired (thusiasın Enavygo, äre, n. 1. to sail Enimvero, conj. rerily, tru Enthusiāsmus, i. in. 2. en.

out, or through, escape, ly, indeed, really, on my Enthusiasta, æ. m. 1. an get out of, land

word, I warrant you, for enthusiast Enāvo, are. act. 1. to em sooth, immediately,

Enthusiasticus, a, um, adj. ploy, beston

the other part, or side enthusiastic Encænya, orum. pl. n. 2. Enisus, a,, of enitor Enthymēma, ātis. n. 3. an

anniversary feasts to com- Enitěo, ēre, tui. n. 2. to enthymeme, an argument meinorate ihe bnilding of shine, appear fair, bright, drawn from contraries, a cities, or the dedication of or charining,' be famous, syllogism wanting the temples or renowned

major, or minor proposi. Encarpa, orum. pl. n. 2. Enitēsco, cere. neut. 3. to

fruit-work (enameller shine, to become glorious Enūbo, běre, "upsi, uptum. Encaustes, æ. m. 1. ar Enitor, ti, isus, & ixus sum. neut. 3. to be inurried out Encaustice, ēs. f. 1. en dep. 3. to climb up with of one's degree amelling

pain, clamber, pull, en Enacleate, adv. clearly, Encausticus, a,

um. adj. deavour, strnin hard, tra plainly, exsictly, politely enamelled (varnish vail with child, to bring Enucleo [e, nucleus), are. Eucaūstum, i. n. 2. enamel, torth, farrow, yean, lay, act. 1. to take out the Encaustus, a, um. adj. en. &c.

kernel, to explain amelled

Enixe, adv. ius, comp. is. Enudāte, adv. very plainly EnchiridYum, i. n. 2. a man. sime,


earnestly, Eyüdo, áre. act. I. to make ual, pocket-book, dagger, tooth and nail

bare, to expound hindle

Enixus, a, um, pt. of enitor Enumerabilis, e. adj. that Encliticus, a, um, adj. en. Enixus, us. m. 4. a deliver. may be counted

clitic; thus, que, ne, ve, ing of young, foaling, Enumeratyo, onis. f. 3. an are called enclitics, i. e. yeaning, &c.

enumeration added unto a word Eno, āre, neut. 1. to swim Enumerator, oris. m. 3. 1 Encomiastes, æ. m. 1. an out, escape, get sufe, counter encomiast, a praiser pass through

Enumero, are. act. 1. to Encomiastycus, a, um. adj. Enodáte, adv. clearly, enumerate,count, or reckencomiastic (praise plainly, evidently

on up, recite, pay Encomyum,i.n.2.encoinium, EnodatYo, onis. f. 3. an ex. Enunciatio, ouis. f. 3. an Encycitus, i. m. 2. all lie plication, or explanation axion, or maxim, a proterature

Enödis, e. adj. void of knots, position Encyclopædia, æ. f. 1. smooth, plain, void of Enunciatīvus, a, um. adj. bearning that

coin pre-

espressive (declares hends all the liberal sci-| Enõdo, áre. act. 1. to un. Enunciatrix, icis. n. she that

ences (shag-mantle knot, cut away knots, Enunciatum, i. n. 2. « proEndromis, idis. f. a thick clear np, declare, explain, position

nouncing Enecatio, onis, f. 3. a slay eapound

Eiunciatūra, æ. l. 1. a pro. Enormis, e. adj. void of Enuncio,āre.act.1. to speak, Eněco, vel Euco, are. cui rule, enorinous, vast, uiter, erpress, tell, pro. $ cavi, ctum & cātum. huge, irregular

nounce, shew, discover, act. 1. to kill, or stay, Enormitas, ātis. f. enor publish, disclose, reveal, tease, plague, or trouble mity, hugeness

signify Enēctus, a, um. pt. of eneco Enormyter, adv. irregu. Enuptio, onis. f. a woman's Eněma, ātis. n. 3. a clyster

inairying out of, or be. Enervatyo. Onis. f. 3. a Enotēsco, cěre, tui, neut. low her tribe, quality, &c. weakening

3. to come to knowledge, Enutro, Tre, ivi, itum. act. Enērvis, e. adj. feeble, become known

nourish, feed, che weak, faint, vuid of sino Euðto, äre. act. to mark Tish, maintain, support, rus, lank, slim (nesy out, observe

bring up Enervitas, ätis. f. 3. weak. | Eus, tis. part. of sum. being 3), is, ire, čundi, ivi, Ytum.


n. 4. to go, to goon, walk, the sect of Epicurus, epi lord lieutenant, the clerk travel, march, pass, pro curean. voluptuous, given of a market ceed, advance, come, come to nothing but pleasure Epistates, æ. m. a steward, in, enter, sail, swim, now, Epicurus, i. m. 2. an epi. or builiff run down, or along, fall, cure, one that is devoted Epistola, æ. f. 1. an epistle, Ay, fly away, or along wholly to pleasure

a letter Eo, adv. thither, to that Epicus, a, um. adj. epic, Epistolaris, e.adj. epistolary place, to that, or such a heroic

Epistolicus, a, um. adj. epis4 pass, or condition, to Epicyclus,i.m.2. an epicycle tolary

(epistle that end, or intent, so far Epidemicus, a, um. adj. Epistolium, i. n. 2. alittie as, therefore, or thereupon epidemical

Epistomyam, i. 11. 2. a cock, Eõdem, adv. to the same Epidermis, Ydis. f. 3. the spout, tap, spigot, bung,

place, to the same pur outward thin skin of the stop in an organ pose, to the same state, or body [monstrative EpistylYum, i. n. 2. a chapiter condition

Epidiciycus, a, um. adj. de Epitaphium, i. n. 2. an epi. Eos, õis. f. 3. the morning Epidipnis, Ydis. f. a colla taph, a funeral song Fous, a, um, adj. enstern tivn, dessert

Epithalamium, i. 1. a song, Eoūsque, adv. so fur forth, Epidixis, is. f. 3. a demon in praise of a married so long, to that height stration [mizen-sail

pair Epăctæ, àrum. pl. f. 1. the Epidromus, i. m. 2. the Epitheca, æ. f.l. an addition epact

(kle Epigrāmma, štis. n. 3. an Epitheton, 1: 1.2. an epithet Epågon, ontis. m. 3. a truc. epigram, inscription upon EpitogYum, i, n. 2. a gar. Epaphærēsis, is, f. 3. a a statue, brand, fugitive's ment worn ouer a gown, Tuunding, or second clip. inark

a hood ping of the hair

Epigrammatista, æ. m. 1. Epitome, es. f. & Epitðina, Epāstus, a, of epas an epigrammatist

æ. f. i. an epitoine, un cor, enten

(lirer Epigraphe, es. f. l. an in. abridgment Epaticus, a, um, adj. of the scription

Epitonium, i, n. 2. a pin, or Ephebya, æ. f. the age of Epigrus, i, m. 2. a pin to peg

(salad striplings

fristen wood

Epityrum, i. u. 2. a kind of Ephebicus,a,um.adj. youth. Epilepsyn,æ, f. 1. the epilepsy Epiūrus, i. m. 2. a keeper, EphebTum, i, n. 2. a place Epileptycus, a, um. adj.epi. a peg where young men exer leptic

(clúde Epocha, æ. f. 1. a solemn cised themselves

Epilogo, are. act. 1. to con date of time {fish Ephēbus, i. m. 2. a strip. Epilogus, i, m. 2. an epi. Epodes, is. m. 3. a kind of

ling, a youth, a lad logue, the closing of a Epõdus, i, f. 2. an epode, a Epheměris, Ydis. f. 3. an speech

kind of verse ephemeris,day-book, jour- Epimenia, Orum. pl. n. 3. Epol, Pollux,an onth nal, memorandurn-bouk, small presents sent every Epos, n. indecl. epic, or he.

cash-book, almanac month from Africa ! roic poetry, u lofty strain Ephemērus, a, um. adj. daily Rome, a soldier's monthly Epoto, āre, avi, tatum, -poEphialtes, æ. m. 1. the pay

tum. a. 1. to drink up, nightmare Epinicyon, i. n. 2. a song of

suck in Ephippiarius, i, m. 2. a sad. triumph

Epātus, a, um. pt. of epoto dler

[dled Epiphonēma, ātis. n. a moral Epålæ, á f. banquets, Ephippiātus, a, um. adj. sad reflection

feasis, feasting,., good Ephippium, i. n. 2. a saddle, Epiphora, æ, f.l. a running cheer, victuals, dishes of a housing, or horsecloth, of the eyes, fall of water, meat, food for any creaharness

repetition [gon, a cari ture Ephorns, i, m. 2. a chief Epirhedyum, i. n. 2. a wag. Epuláris, e. adj. belonging magistrate anongst the Epirota, x. m. an inhabi to feasts, feasting Lacedemonians tant of Epirus

Epularyum, i. n. 2. a banEpibăta, vel Epibătes, a.m. Epiroticum malum, an apri. queting-house 1. a soldier serving on cot, Plin.

Epulatio, onis. f. 3. a feastshipboard, a marine Epirotycus, a, um, vel Epi. ing, or banqueting; & Epibathra, æ. f. l. a ladder reusis, e. adj. of, or be. banquet, or feast Epicedyum, i.n.2. a funeral longing to E pirus Epålo, onis. m. 3. a guest sons

Epirrhedyum, i. n. 2. a cart, Epůlor, äri, ātus sum. dep. Epichirēma, &tis. n. 3. a or waggon, the harness of transit. 1. to feast, or proof of a proposition by cart-horse

banquet, to eat argument

Epischidyon, i. n. 2 a wedge Epůlum, i. n. 2. a banquet, Epicenus, a, um, adj. epi. Episcopālis, e, adj. episcopal


entertainment, cene, common, of both Episcopo, äre. act. 1. to treut, ment Sexrs, or kinds

Equa, . f.l. a mare Epiceocus, a, um, adj. yellur Episcopus, i, m. 2. a bishop, Equarta, æ. 1. 1. a stud of

picureus, a, um, adj. of vveiseer, superintendent,





Equartus, l. m. 2. a horse. , Ercisco, cěre. neut. 3. ic. | Ericěus, $ Ericus, i. m. 2. breaker qudd

a hedge-hog, a chep-upEquarius medicus, a far- Erciscor, ci. dep. 3. to. di. de-frise rier, a leech

vide lands (of hell Erigeron, Ontis. 3. Eques, Ytis. c. g. 3. a horse- Erebēus, a, um. adj. hellish, groundsel

inan, a rider, warrior, Erēbus, i, m. 2. heil Erigidus, a, um. adj. very knight, or chevalier, á Erecte, adv. iùs, comp. up stiff horse, cavalry


Ergo [è, rego), gěre, rēsi, Equêster, vel Equestris, e. Erectio, onis. f. 3. an erec rectum. act. 3. to erect, adj. of, or belonging to a tion, a raising

make upright, build up, horse, or cavalry, Erēctus, a, um. pt. of erigo, raise, sel, lift, hold up, knightly, of, or belonging $ adj. ior, comp. made prick up, draw up, stir up,

to the order of knighthood erect, or uprighi, stand Touse, excite, advance, Equestria, ium. pl. n. 3. ing uprighi, raised high, promote, make famous,

fourteen seuts in the the. or up, ronsed, stirred up, succour, relicve, comfort atre for the gentry

encouraged, courageous, ErigoneYus, a, um, adj. of Equidem, conj. verily, in undaunted, intent, ear. the dog-star deed

nest, sublime, aspiring, Erinaceus, i. m. 2. a hedgeEquifērus, i, m. 2. & wild proud, haughty,


[fury horse

sprightly, very joyful, Erinnys, yos, f yis. f. 8.a Equile, is. n. 3. a stable for fixed

Eripro (è, rapió), père, pui, horses

Eregione, adv.over-against, rēptum. act. 3. to take Equimentum, i, n. 2. the directly

(over away by force, take away, hire of a stallion

EremYgo, are. act. 1. to sail pluck, pull, anatch out, Equinus, a, un. adj. be- Eremita, æ. m. 1. a hermit draw out, save, free, de longing to a horse

Eremitycus, a, um. adj. per liver, rescue Equyo, ire, ivi. A. 4. to desire taining to a hermit Erismas, atis. n. 3. a short the horse


i, f. 2. a wilderness, ladder Equirya, orum. pl. p. 2. a desert

Erisma, æ. f. 1. a prop, a horse-riding, or races, Erëpo, père, psi, ptum. n. 3. buttress tournaments, plays

to creep out, get out, pass Erithăcus, i, m. 2. a robin. Equiso, onis, m. 3. a horse's over with difficulty, ascend redbreast rider, or master, equerry,


Erityus, i, m. 2. a warlike groom, jockey Ereptio, ouis. f, e violent

engine Equitabilis, e adj. that may taking away

ErivatYo, önis. f. 3. a drain be ridden, easy to ride Erēpto, äre. act. 1. lo creep of water Equitatio, Ūnis. f. 3. a riding along often

Erivo (è, rivus), āre. act. 1. Equitātus, us. m. 4. the act Erēptor, oris. m. 3. a robber to drain, or carry off' wa

of riding, a company of Erēptus, a, um. pt. of eripio ter by a sluice

horsemen, horse, cavalry Eres, is. m. 3. a hedgehog, Erix, icis. f. 3. broom Equito, äre. act. f neut. 1. an urchin

Erněum, i, n. 2.0 cake io ride, run, scour, gallop EretrYa, æ. f. a kind of ce. baked in an earthen pot along, pass swiftly, be. Ttuse

Eródens, tis. pt. gnawing stride

Erga, præp. towards, a. Eodo, ĕre, si, sum, a. 3. to Equŭla, æ. f. 1. a filly gainst, over-against gnaw off, to eat into Equulèus, i. m. 2. a colt, un Ergastulāris, e. adj. of a Erogatyo, onis.f.3. a laying instrument of torture prison

out, profuse spending, made like a horse Ergastularyus, i, m. 2. a distribution Equŭlus, i. m. 2. dim. a keeper of a workhouse, Erogator, oris. m. 3. an al colt, a nag

keeper of a prison, or Equus, i. m. 2. a horse, nag,

house of correction, goaler ErogYto, are. freq. 1. to ask, battering engine of Ergastålum, i, n. 2. a work. desire heartily, get out, war,otherwise called aries; house, house of correction, ertort a star

prison, prisoner, slave Erogo, are. act. 1. to lay Eradicytus, adv. from the Ergastůlus, i, m.2. a rogue, out, expend, bestow, beg, very root

a slave

(crane entreai, get, or obtain by Eradico, are. act. 1. to Ergata, re. f. 1. a capstan, a begging

eradicate, 1001, or grub Ergo, conj. therefore, then, Erosio, onis. f. 3. a con up, destroy utterly

for, because, for the sake, suming Erado, dere, asi, āsum, act. a particle of explication Erosus, a, um. pt. of erodo 3. to scrape ott, or out, blot for inquam, 1 say

Eroticas, , um, adj.of love out, efface

Erica, æ, f. 1. heath, sweet Errabûndus, a, um. adj. war. Erinus, i. m. 2. a tax-gabroom

dering theret; a tax, contribu-Ericæum mel, wild honey, Erraticus, a, um. adj. un.

Ericētum, 1. n. a heath, a fixed, wandering, stray 9, a, um, pt. af erado broom-close

ing abroad, wild

non er

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