Abbildungen der Seite

ing, an approach, an at. terale, mis, debauck, cor-, Ædilytas, ātis. f. 3. the of Tival, the idrent rupt, counterfeit

fice of edile lan edite Adverbialiter, adv. adver: Adaltus, adolesco Ædilityus, a, um. adj. of bially

(verb Adubiätim, adv, obscurely | Aditimus, & Ædiüus, i, m. Adverbium, i. n. 2. an ad- Adumbratlo, onis. f. 3. a 2. an overseet, a church Adverběro, as. act. 1. tu sketch, or shadowing of a warden

(ingele beat much


Aēdou, onis. f. 3. a rightAdversas Ya, orum pl. n. 2. a Adūmbro, as. act. 1. to Ægěr, gra, grum. adj. siek,

me mutanduin book, notes shadow out, shade from weak, faint, Inne, dif Adversarya, æ. f.1. an enemy heat, sketch, or draw, pre ficult,pensive,grieved for, Adversarius, A, um. adj. sent, typify

doubiful, uncertain

(uniting opposite

Adunatlu, önis. f. 3. an Ægys, Ydis, vel Ydos. f. 3. a Adversarlas, i. m. 2. an Adūno, as, act. 1. to unite, shield adversuty, an enemy, a

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Ægrē, adv. rius, gerrimè, foe (male oppunent Aduncitas, ātis. f. 3. hooked. hardly, with much dijAdversā riz, icis. f.a fe ness, crookedness, a bend. ficulty, grievously.(sich Adverse, adv. adversely, ing

Ægrēscens, tis. pt. beiny crossly

Adūncus, A. um. adj. crooked Ægrēsco, ère. incept. 3. to Adversitas, atis. f. 3. ad-Adurgě0, ēre, ursi, act. 2. be sick, bad, grow worse, versity, trouble, contra. to pursue, thrust hard


(sorrow riety, diff'rence Adrocatio, onis. f. 3. the Egrimonia, m. f, 1, grief, Advērsor, ári, dep. 1. to op. uffice of an advocate, aÆgritudo, Ynis. f. 3. sick.

puse,withstand, be agains! plea, defence, consulti ness, sorrow Adversum, i. n. 2. adversity. tion, an advocate

Æyror, oris, m. 3. sickness misery, misfortune Advocatus, i. m. 2. an ad. Ægrotatio, onis. f.3. sickness Advērsum, præp. against, rotate, a counsellor Ægro to, as. n. 1. to be sick, opposite to, iowards to; Advoco, as, act. 1. to call, corrupted

(bad adv, towards one

or send for, to cull, sum ægrotus, a, um.adj. sick, ill, Advērsus, a, um. pt. of mon, plead, advise, assist, Ægrūm, i.u. 2. sortuw, ledi. adverto, and adj. opposite, con jure, allure

ousness over againsi, right tos Advolo, as. neut. 1. to Ny Ægyptias, a, um, adj. of wards, adverse, unfurtu {", Ay, spring out, make Egypt, Egyptian (val nate, evil, hostile, dis haste

Æmůla, æ. f.l. a female ripleased, unseasonable Advölvo, věre, vi, lūtum. Æmulatio, onis. f. 3. emulzAdvērsus, pr. $ adv. see act. 3. to roll to, raise, tion, imitation, hatred, Adversum

contention, rivalry Advērto, těre, ti, rsum. act. Advolatus, a, um. pt. Æmulātor, oris,m.3. 4 rival

3. to turn , direct, apply Adūrgens, tis. pt. pursuing Æmulātus, us. m. 4. sec Advesperāscit, impers. it Adūro, ĕre, ussi, ustum. Æmulatio grows lute

act. 3. to burn, scurch, Æmŭlor, äri, dep. 1. to riAdvigilo, ns. neut. 1. to pinch, hurt, chfe

vul, endeavour tu excel, waich, keep watch, tuke Adūsgoe, præp. evento, vie wita, hate

(ing Æmůlus, i, m. 2. a rival, Adulabilis, e. adj. to be flat. AdustYo, onis. f. 3. a burn. competitor tered

Adūstus, a, of aduro Æınŭlus, a, um. adj. emaAdulatyo, onis. f. 3. adula- Adytâm, i.n.2. a secret cell, lunes, riralling tion, Anttery

a recess, the most secret Æneada, um. pl. m. the Adulātor, oris. m. 3. a flat place of a temple


(peter terer

Ædēs, vel Ædes, is. f. 3. a Æneator, oris.m. 3. a trainAdulatoryus, a, um. adj. house, temple, chapel, Ælius, a, um, adj. brazen furning,

chamber, hive

Ænīgma, atis, n. 3. a riddle Adūlor, äri. dep. 1. to fawn, Ædicŭla, æ. f. 1. a small Æquabilis, e. adj. equul, Mutter

house, a cell


evenneus Adūlter, tēri. nu. 2 an adul Ædificatio, onis. f. 3. a Æquabiltas,ätis.f.equality, terer

Ædificatiuncůla, æ f. 1. Æquabiliter, adv. equally, Adulter, a, um, adj. adul. dim. asiall house, or evenly (the same age terous, debauched, lewd, building

Æquævus, a, um. adj. of mired

Ædificator, oris.

m. 3. a

Æqualis, e, adj. equal, of Adultěra, æ, f. 1. an adul. builder, a founder

the same age teress, a bud, or lewd Ædificium, i. n. 2. a build Æqualitas, ātis.f.3.equality, woman ing, a house

Æqualiter, adv. equally, Adulteratio, onis. f. 3. adul. Ædiffco, (ædes, facio), as. evenly teration

act. 1. to build, erect, Æquanimitas, ātis. f. 3.even. Adulterinus, a, um. adj. make, create

ness of temper, patience, counterfeit, Jalse

Ædilis, is. m. 3. an edile, a favour, candout Adultěro, as. act. 1. to adul.


Aquanimiter, adv. patiently

lift up

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Æquaiin, Onis, f. 3. Ærisonus, a, um. adj. sound generation (childhood
equation, a making, or ing like brans

Ætatăla, s. f. 1. youth, laying eren

Aerius, a,

um. adj. airy, Æternitas, ētis. f.3. eternity Æquator, oris. m. 3. the lofty, high

Æierno, as, act. 1. to eterequator, or equinoctial Æro, onis. m. 3. a mat to nize, perpetunte [evet line

(like, 80 lie on, a twig basket Æterno, Æternum, adv. for Æque, adv. equally, as well, Ærāsus, a, um. adj. full of Ætērnus, a, um. adj. eterÆquilíbris, e. adj. of equal brass, mixed with brass nal, continual, perpetual,

weight, of the same level Æruginosus, a, um. adj. Æquilibritas, ātis. f. 3. Tusty

Æther, eris. m. 3. car. pl. equality of weight Ærūgo, Ynis, f. 3. rust, mil. in acc, æthera & æthěrem, Æquilibrium, i, n. 2. an dew, a blight, poison, the pure air, the sky, or even poise [noctial slander, malice

firmament, heaven Æquinoctiālis, e, adj. equi- Ærūmna, æ. f. 1. sorror, Ætherěus, a, um. adj. etheÆquinoctium, i, n. 2, the offliction


rial, aërial, celestial, hea. equinoa [equalled Ærumnabilis, e. adj. wretch venly, divine ÆquiparabYlis, e. adj. to be Ærumnātus, a, um. adj. Æthyops, opis, m, 3. a black æquiparatioonis. f. 3. grieved

Æthra, æ. f. 1. the clear sky, equality Ærumuosus, a, um. adj.

the air Æquipăro, (æquus, paro), wretched, calamitous, mi- Ætiologia, æ. f. a figure in are. act. I. to equal, vie serable

rhetoric, showing of a with, compare Æs, æris. n. 3. brass, copper, cause, or reason

[stone Æquipěnso, as. act. I. to iron, bronze, money, a Aetites, æ. m. 1. the eagleesteem alike

debt, a brazen statue Ævitērnus, a, um, adj. eter-
Æquipollèo, ere. neut. 2. to Æsquilinus, i, m. a hill in nal
have the same force, or to Rome

Ævum, i. n. 2. age, old age,
be equivalent

Æstas, ātis, f. 3. summer, a lifetime, eternity, a past Æquipondyum, i. n. 2. equal

action weight

Æstâtes, pl. f. 3. heat- Af, in composition, often Aquitas, ātis, f. 3. equity, freckles

stands for ad Æstyfer, a, um, adj. sultry, Afer, fra, frum.a Æquo, as. act. 1. to equal, hot level, divide equally, com- Æstimabylis, e, adj. estima courteous

Æstimatio, onis, f. 3. a Affabiltas,ātis, f.affability, &quor, oris. n. 3. the sea, value, price, reward, com easiness

any level or plain, the putation [a judge AffabilYter, adv. courteously
earth, the air

Æstimātor, oris.m.& vnluer, Affăbre, adv. curiously, in-
Æquoreus, a, um, adj. of the Æsumo, as. act. 1. to esteem, geniously (moral

sea, bordering on the sea regard, value, settle, Alfabulatio, onis, f. 3. the Æquum, i, n. 2. equity, jus judge, think

Affämen, address lice

Æstiva, orum, pl. n. 2. Affäris vel affare, affātus, Æquus, a, um, adj. equal, summer-quarters, country affāri, from affor, inusit, like, level, even, just, house, fold

to speak to, address, enkind, friendly, favoura- Æstivālis, e. adj. of summer treat, thank (enough

ble, patient, contented Æstive, adv. as in summer Affatim, adv. abundantly, Aer, is. m. 3. in acc, aëra, Æstivo, as, neut. 1. to live, Affàtus, a, um. pt. of affor

pl. aëres, the air, or at pass, or spend the summer Affātus, us, mi talk, dis-
mosphere, breath
Æstivus, a, um, adj. per-

C. herse
Era, æ, f. 1. a period of time taining to summer

Affectāte, ady, with afectaÆramēntum, i. n. 2. brass, Æstuabūndus, a, um. adj. Affectatio, onis, f. 3. affer or copper ware


(a marsh tation, love Ærarla, æ. f. 1. 1 copper. Æstuarium, i. n. 2. & frith, Affectātor, oris, m. 3. an mnine, n forge

Æstio, as. n. 1. to boil, buil aimer at, aspirer to, afÆrarYam, i. 11. 2. a treasury over, or out, be very hot,

fected person Ærarius, a, um, adj. be sweat, foam, fret, rage


onis, f. 3. affection, longing to brass, or cop. Æstuose, adv, hotly

lore, natural disposition, per ; or to a tresury Æstuosus, a, um., adj. very

state Erätus, a, um, adj. made hot, swelling

Affēcto, as. act. 1. to affect, u brass

Æstus, us, m. 4. heat, hot desire, aim at, attempt, Ereus, a, um, adj. made of stream, raging sea, tide, aspire, purpose brass

storin, fury,love, great de- Affectuosus, a, um. adj. Ærlfer, a, um. adj. bearing site, ferientation, power affert onate brass

[mine Æsúla, æ, f. a town in Italy Affēctus, a, um. pt. of affiÆrifodina, æ, f. 1. a brass- Ætas, ātis.f.3, age, an age, Affectus, us, 4. an affection, Eripes, pēdis. e. K. swift of a hundred years, a year, disposition, sickness, lune, Joo, fleet, brazen-footed

lifetime, season, thought

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for ad

Affero, afferre, attåli, alla- | Affrémo, ère, u. 3. to mar. gravate, increase, bear tum, act, to bring bring mut, Toar {against

hard upon word, allege, reply, plend, Affryce, as, ui.act. 1. to rub Aggredyor (ad, gradior), di,

cuntribute, caure,nifer, lay Affrictus, ús. m. 4. a rub. essus. dep. 3, to go intu, Afficio, [ad, facio, căre;

bing upon

[to grate accost, atteinpt, attack, fēci, fectum. act. 3. to of. Affrto, as. act. 1. to crumble,

fall upon fect, move, influence Affúi, I was by, or present, Aggrėgo, [ad, grez), as. Afetitus, a, um. adj. forged

see Adsum

act, 2. to asscinbie, join, AffTctus, a, um. pt. of affi.go Affulgěo, ēre, Isi. Isum. n.


tack Aligo, ere, ixi, ixum. act. 2. to shine, smile upont, Aggressio, onis, f. 3. an al3. io fisten, fix, imprint, Jarour

Aggressor, oris, m. 3. an confine

Aflūndo, ère, ūdi, üsum. er gressor A/tingo, ère, nxi, ictum. act. 3. to pour upon Aggressus, a, um. pt. of ag

act. 3. to form, or fashion, Afūsus, rei Adfüsus, a, um. gredior, attucking, venfeign, invent, counterfeit, p!. of affundo


(swift resemble

Aforis, adv. from without AxYlis, e. adj. active, brisk, Affinis, e. adj. adjncent, Africauas, adj. brought out Ayilytas, ātis, f. 3. agility, near related by marriage, of Africa

swiftness partaking aecessary, Afiycus, i, m. 2. the south. Agiliter, ady.nimbly.quick. guilty, privy

202st wind

AgitabYlis, e. adj. moneable Affinix, is, c. g. 3. a cousin, Africus, a, um, adj. African Agitatyo, önis. f. 3. motion, it relation

{alliance Ag, in composition, stands erercise Affinitus, ātis. f. 3. affinity,

(a drudge Agitātor, oris. m. 3. a driver Affirmanter, adv. in tit. Agāso, onis, m. 3. a groum, Ayitātus, us, m. 4. a motion, mation (assuredly Age, pl. agite, imperat. come

n shake Affirmate, adv. solemnly, ou, go to, suppose, be it Agyte, see Age Affirmatio, onis, f. 31 30, well, well

Agitu, as. act. 1. to agitate, affirmation [confirm Agědum, adv. come on, well debate, revolve, consider, A firmo, as, a. 1. to afirm, Agēllus, i. m. 2. a little toss, shake, drive, pursue, Affixus, a, um. pt. of affigo field

chase, exercise, disquiet, Atātus, ûs. m. 4. a blast, Agēma, &tis. 1. 3. (hatta manage, spend, live, cele

gale, vapour, steam, in lion, a squadrun France brite

spiration (2. to weep Agendycum, i. n. Sens in Agmen, Ynis, 3. an army, Afhèo, ēre, ēvi, ētum, n. Ager, gri.m. 2. a field, land, troop, crowd, herd, Rock, Afflictatio, Önis. f. 3. a ground, inunor, country, Xwarin, pack, course, throwing down, affliction, territory

working, winding, attack 801 TOW, prin

Agēsis, adv. go to, come on' Ayna, a. 1.1. a ewe lamb Afictio, onis. f. 3. affliction, Aggěno, ère, n. 3. to groan, Agnāscor, i. Dātus. dep. 3. distress (ver, t658 sigh at

to grow upon, or to be Aflicto, as. act. 1. to offlict, Agger, eris. m. 3. . heap, born after a father's will Aftlictor, oris, m. 3. a tor pile, mound, bank, dar, is made, to be related by

mentor, disturber, plague shelf, mud-wall, rampart, the father's side. Afflictus, a, of nfiligo cause101

(ing up Agmāti, örum. pl. m. 2. seAffietas, ds. m. 4. trouble Aggeratyo, onis, f. 3. a heap Intions by the father's Aj figo, ĕre, ixi, ictum. act. Aggěro, as. act, 1. to herp, side 3. to afflict, grieve, dash lay on heaps, aggravate, Agnatyo, onis, f. 3. kindred down, throw doton, destroy, increase

by the father's side, & crush, weaken, humble Aggěro, čre, essi, estum. growing to Alto, as, act. 1. to blow, or act. 3. to lay on a heap, Agnatus, a, um. pt. of agbreathe upon, emit, blast, bring, carry, add

nascor, growing upon, or Jarour, inspire, infect Aggéstim, adv, in heups to, grown up, or above Affluentyn,æ. f. 1. abundance Aggestio, onis. f. 3. a heap- Agnellus, i. m. 2. dim. a Afluentius, adv.

ing up


(lamo more abundantly Aggēstus, a, um. pt. of Agrynus, a, um. adj. of a Affio, uěre, uxl, uxum. aggero, heaped up Agnityo, Onis. f. an acknown Deut. 3. to not upon, or Aggēstus, as, m. 4. a heap, ledgment (ledged in, flock together, or in, mount, pile of earth, ini-Agnitus, a, um. pt. acknowabound, stenl upon


Aguðinen, Ynis. n. & surAflodyo, děre, odi, ossum. Aggloměro, as. act. 1. to

name, a title

(name act. 3. to dig up, or uway, wind up, gather into a Agnomēntam, i. 1. 2. a nickto dig unta body, crowd

Ag nomyno, as. act. 1, 10
Affor, see Affaris [come Agglutyuo, as. act. 1. to nickname
Alfore, to be present, to glue, solder, associate Agnosco, cére, ovi, nitum.
Afformido, ab. neut. 1. to Aggravēsco, ére, inc. 3. to act. 3. to own, acknote
be afraid

{tu break
grow worse

iedg, allow, know, find Ajtrāugo, ère, ēgi, ectum.a. I Aggrăvo, as. act. 1. to age 1

out, discover


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(or bird


Agnus, i, m. 2. a lamb armpit, lurrel, hollow

Alce, es. f. l. a dug's name, Ago, gěre, exi, actum, act.

Alabandycus, a, um, adj. Strength 3. to act, do, per form, Alabandica rosa, u du- Alcēdo, Yuis.f.3. a kingfisher transact, murage, teke

mask ruse

Alcedouya, orum. pl. 11. 2. crire of, mind, deal, con. Alabāster, i, m. 2. alabas huppy or perceable times, tract for, require, tulkoj, ter, an ointment bu.

a calin season drive, shake, disturò, aim alabástrum, i. n. 2. idem Alcimědon, ontis. m. a fa. 'at, behuve, exercise, Alăcer, m. cris, f. cre, n. $

(Æncus ply, give, indite, plead, Alăcris, e. adj. merry, Alcimus, i, m. the son of Teckon, spend, live

cheerful, spirited, couru- Alea, æ. f. 1. a die, dice, Agon, önis, m, 3. a contest geous, fierce, ready, plea hazard, chance, fortune, for a prise, match, pluce

gaming for contest, prize, a sacri- Alăcre, adv. readily, cheer. Aleator, oris. m. 3. a dice. ricing priest

fully (more ready player, a gamester Agonalla, ium. pl. n. fearts Alacrior, us. adj. corro. Aleator Yus,,a,um.adj oj dice celebrated in January to Alacritas, ātis. f. 3. alacri- Alec, see Halec

the honour of Janus ty, eagerness, readiness, Alecto, lls f. one of the Agonista, x, m. 3. a wrestler, cheerfulness, pleasure three Furies a champion

Alacriter,adv.readily,cheer. Alem bycam, i. n. alemAgorandmus, i, m. 2. a clerk fully

bic, a still of the market

Alāni, pop. Scythians, Sur. Aleo, onis, m. 3. see Aleator Agrarius, a, um, adj. agra matiuns

Ales, Ytis. adj. winged rian, pertaining to fields, Alăpa, æ. f. 1. a slap on the swift, light or lunds

face, 1 cuff, or bus, free- Ales, itis. c. g. 3'u fowl, Agre, es, f. a dog's name,


Alēsco, ère. incep.3. to grow Catcher

Alaris, e. adj. belunging to Alex, ēcis. f. 3. a pickle Agrēstis, e, adj. belonging ewing

made of fish

(tidote to fields, or the county, Alaryus, a, um. adj. idem Alexipharmacon, i. n.2. anbred in the country: Alaūda, . f, 1. a lark Alga, æ. f. l. sea-weed clownish, rustic, umiin albaryum, i. n. 2. a white. Algēnsis, e. adj. of sea-weed nrriy,slovenly,wild, harsh


Algěo, ere, sl. n. 2. to be (ulcer AlbarYus, a, um. adj. of cold, shake, catch cold, Agria, æ. f. 1. a scub, an white inortar


[cold Agrietin, e. c. g. 1. & hus. Albātus, a, um. pt, (ab al- Algēsco, ère. inc. 3. to grow

bondinant (bundry bor, juusit.) made white, Algidus, a, um, adj. chill, Agricolaris, e. adj. of hus dressed, or clothed in white cold

(colá Agricâltor, oris. m. 3. a hus. Alkēdo, Ynis. f. 3. whiteness Algifícus,a, um.adj. causing bandonin

Albena, tis. pt. whiteness, Algor, oris, m. 3. cold, chili. Agricultūra, æ. f. 1. hus. whitish, hoary

ness bandry, tilluge

Albeo, es, ui. 1. 2. to be, Algosus, a, um. adj. full of Agripěta, æ. in 1. 1 claimer

sea-weed, &c. very cold, in the division of fields, or Albēsen, ère. incep. 3. to chilly, sharp lands

grow white, or bright Alx, adv. some other way Ag Yum, i. n. 2. nitre, nard Albico, as. neut. 1, id. Alias, adv. at another time, A H. abbr. for alii homines Albidus, a, um. adj. whitish in another inanner, after Ah ! interj. ! oh! alus! Albor, oris. m. 3 whiteness,

another fashion woe is me! fie! no, awny, fairness

Albi, ady. elsewhere, in ho! ho! yea

{ho! Albücum, i. 1. 2. a white another place, with an Aha, interj. away! fe! nu! duffodil

other person, se Ah, ah, interj. oh, (in sigh-Albūgo, Ynis. f. 3. a white Alibilis, e. adj. nutritive ing)

spot in the eye, the white Allca, 2. f. 1. wheat, AnemAheuěcs, a, um, adj. brasen of an e88

(white mery, husty pudding, pot. Abentpes, édis, adj. brazen Albalus,a,um. adj. somewhat

Tof breud corn frored

Album, i. n. 2. a white table, Alicăstrum, i, n. 2. a kind Abenom, i. n. 2. a brass pot, a muster-roll, a list oj Alicúbi, adv. somewhere, caldron, kettle, vat

names, a register, white, unywhere, in some place, Ahēnus, a, um, adj. brasen, whitenes

in any place

Lovat made of copper

Albümen, Ynis. n. 3. the Alicŭla, æ. f. I. a child's Ai, imperat. ab. nio,say thou white of an egg

Alicũnde, adv. from some Ain, for aisne ? say you so? Albūrnum, i. n. 3. the sap place, from soine budy, or Aio, nis, ait, siunt. verb. of trees


thing defect. see Etro Gram. Alburpes, i, m. 2. a son all Alienatio, onis . 3. an 4. AI, in composition, stands Albus, a, um. adj. white, lienation, making over 19

hoary, pale, wau, furtu another, aversion, dislike Ala, e. f. 1. a wing, fenther, nate, happy

Alienatūrus, pt. about to wing of an army, arm, | Alcarcus, *, om, adj. alcuic Glienate

or grow white


jor ad


Alienigěnn, æ. c. g. 1. a fo-Aliquoties, adv. sometimes, Isum, act, 3. to dash reigner, a stranger

divers times, several times, against Alienigēnus, a, um, adj. fo. often

(or other Alligatio, onis, f. 3. a juin. reign

Aliquovērsum, adv. une wuy ing, binding, or tying Aliēno,as. act. 1. to alienate, Alter, adv. otherwise, after Alligator, Oris. m. 3. a tier

sell, part with, estrange, one manner, after another Alligatürn, æ. f. 1. a bendiscard, withdraw, revolt manner, else (ishing dage, a knot Aliēnus, a, um, adj. another Alitūra,æ. f. 1. food, a nour- Allgo, as. act. 1. to bind, man's, of another coun- Alytus, a, um. pt. of alo bind up, tie, fasten, con. try, foreign, cuntrary. Alitbi, adv. in other places fine, entangle, stop, erdifferent, absurd, impro. Aliūnde, adv. from another

Rage, accизе per, kurtful, averse, of place, of, or from some Allino, ère, ivi f ēvi, Ytum. fensive other person

act. 3. to anoini, rub, taint Alfer čra,ěrum.adj. winged Allus, ía, ud. gen. alius, Allīsus, a, um. pl. of állido Alig er, era ērum.adj. winged dut. xlii. adj. another, Allyum, i. n. 2 garlic Alimentarius, a. um. adj. other, different, contrary, Allobroges, pop. of Savoy,

nutritive (ment, food changed, personated or Dauphiny Alimēntam, i, n. 2. nourish- Aliusmodi, adv. of another Allocutio, ouis. f. 3. a speak. Alimonya, æ. f. alimony,


ing to, address, harangue maintenrince (ment, food Allābor, čris, apsus. dep. 3. Allocutūrus, a, um, pt. of Alimunyum, i. n. 2. nunrish to slide, or sail by, reach, alloquor Alo, adv. to another place, fall down

Alloquium, i. n. 2. discoNTI, or thing

[wisé Állaboro, as. a. 1. to labour speech, talk, address, Aliðqui,Alioquin, con other. hard, to add

comfort Aliðrsum, adv. elsewhere, to Allāpsus, a, um. pt. alla- Alloquor, i. cütus sum. dep. another purpose, uthrr. bor

3. to speak to, address, sawise than (foot, nimble Allāpsus, ús.m. 4. a sliding, lute, advise with Alpes, ēdis. adj. swift of Allātro, as. act. 1. to bark Allubésco, [ad, lubet], cére, Alīptes, æ. m. l. an anointer at, roar, rail at, slander, bui, bituin. act. 3. to please Aliqua, adv. by some place, condemn

Allucèo, ere, uxi. a. 2. to or ineant

Allātus, a, um. pt. of affero AliquandYu, adv. a good Allaudo, as. a. 1. to condemn Aliūdo, ére, üsi, üsum. a. 3. while, some time, a little highly

(cing to allude, play with, or while

Allectatio, onis. f 3. an enti upon, banter, scof. smile Aliquando, adv. sometimes, Allēcto (ad , lacto), as. act. upon, favour, fawn, re

ai length, once, furinerly, 1. to allure, to entice, to semble one (to tow hereafter


[wheedler Allio, ère, ui.act.3. io wash, Aliquantillam, adv. à rery Allēctor, oris. m. 3. a Allusyo, Onis. f. 3. a jeering Aliquantisper, adv. a little Allegatio, onis. f. 3. an al. Alluvies, ēi. f. 6. a dirty, or while

(little legation, plea, excuse,ein muddy stream, a land flood Aliquanto, adv. somewhat, a bassy, order

Alluvio, duis. f. 3. an inunaliquantulum, adj. f adv. Allegātus, Us. m. 4. id. dation

sume part, nerer 10 little Allēgo, as. act. 1. to allege, Alinus, a, um. adj. kind, Aliquäntum, adv. a little, plead, depute, send, name cherishing, , nourishing. in some ineasure

Aliego, ĕre, ēgi, ectum. act. holy, pure, fair, clear Aliquantus, a, um. adj. a

3. to choose, take, admit Alučus, a, um, adj. made of liitle, some Allegorya, æ. f. 1. an allegory

[a boat aliquatenus, adv. somewhat Allegoricus,#, um. adj.alle. Alnus, 1. f. 2. an alder free, Aliquid, subst. n. some gorical

(relief Alo, ère, lui, altam $ ail thing, somewhat, a great allevamentum, i. 1. 2. ease, tom. act. 3. to feed, nour. matter, of some note Allevatyo, önis. f. 3. an ish, bring up, maintain, Aliquis, aliqua, alfquud, rel, ensing

support, cherish, increase, aliquid, pron. some, some. Anexo, as. act. 1. to lift, or improve

(drug body, some certain per Thise up, ease, mitigate, Alde, es. f. aloes, a bitter son, something of some lighten, lessen, relieve, Alpha, the first letter of the note grow haughty

Greek alphabet, the first Aliquispiam, aliquãpiam, Allen, Auv. Aja in Italy or chies of any thing. aliquodpiam, vel aliquid- Alliātus, a, um. tasting of Hence Alphabetaryus, i. piam, ei

garlic (wheedled m. 2. one who learns let. Aliquisquam, aliquaquam, Allicefactus, a, pt. ters; and Alphabētum, i.

aliquidquam, pron. any, Aliieiêudus, a, um. pt. -n. 2. the alphabet (Alps somebudy

Allieyo, (ad, lacio) ère, lexi Alpinus, a, um. adj. of the Arquo, adv. somewhither, to

f licul, lectum. act. 3. tu Alsiosus, a, um. adj. cold some place, any whither

állure, attract, provide, by nature, subject to cold, * liquot, pi. indecl. adj.

chill (or high wind kome, a few

Alldo, (ad, lædo), ère, Isi, Altanus, i. m. 2. an eastern,

shine upon



draw on

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