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open, cleave



Dispar:Yo, sre, Ivi. act. 4. Displodo (dis, plaudo), ére, to divide

(pango si, sum. a. 3. to burst with DissectYo, onis. f. 3. a ditDispāssus, a, um, pt. of dis. noise, to let off

section, cutting asundet Dispēctus, us. m. regard, Displūsus, a, um. pt. of or down, reaping [seco consideration displodo

Dissectus, a, um. pt. oj disDispēllo, lěre, půli, pūlsum. Displuviatus, a, um, adj. Disseminatio, onis. f. a suidact. 3. to dispel, or drive made shelving to carry

ing about away, banish, remove, off the rain

Disseminātor, oris. m. 3. a separate, divide

Dispoliabůlym, i. n. 2. a Dispendiosus, a, urr., adj. piace where robbery, &c. Dissemyno, āre. act. 1. to hurtful, costly

is committed (spoil, rob spread abroad, publish, DispendYum, i. n. 2. e1- Dispolyo, āre. act. 1. de 8010

pense, cost, charge, loss, Dispono, měre, posui, sy. Dissensio, onis. f. 3. dissen damage, a circuit

tum. act. 3. to dispose, sion, dissent, disagree. Dispêndo, děre, di, nsum. set in order, put, settle, ment, difference, discord, A. 3. to spend, consume, divide, distribute,


strife employ

point, administer

Dissénsus, us. m. dissen. Dispenno (dis, penna), āre. Disposite, ady. methodicul. sion, variance neut. 1. to stretch out the ly, orderly

Dissentaněus, a, um, adj. wings

Dispositio, onis. f. 3. a dis. disagreeing Dispensatio, onis. f. 3. dis. position, disposal, setting Dissentyo, ire, si, sum. 1. pensation, distribution, in order

4. to dissent, disagree, management, steward- Dispositor, oris. m. 3. a differ with, or from

dispuser (position Dissepimēntum, i. n. 2. a Dispensātor, oris. m. 3. a Dispositūra, æ. f. I. a dis pariition

dispenser, steward, mana- Dispositus, a, um. pt. of Dissepyo, īre, ēpsi, ēptum. get


(posal a. 4. to break down a Dispēnso, are. act. 1. to dis- Dispositus, us. m. 4. a dis hedge,


inciusure, pense, distribute, layout, Dispūlsus, a, um. pt. of dispark, separate manage, administer, dis dispello

Dissēptus, a, um, pt. sepa. pose, set in order Dispulvěro, āre. act. to pou


(clear up Dispercutyo, těre, ussi, a. 3. der

Disserēno, āre. act. 1. io to dash out (destroying Dispũngo, gěre, nxi, nctum. Dissěro, ére, ēvi. a. 3. to Disperdityo, önis. f. 3. & a. 3. to divide, prick, sow, transplant Dispërdo, děre, dydi, ditum, mark, note down, ba- Dissěro, rĕre, rui, ertum. act. 3. to lose, spend, lance, ea punge

act. 3. to discutirse, speak, waste, squander

Disputabilis, e. adj. dispu. or treat of, renson, deDisperěo, ire, ii. n. 4. to be table

bate, or dispute, deciare undoné, ruined or de Disputatyo, önis. f. 3. 1 dis Dissērpo, pěre, n. 3. stroyed putation (small dispute

spring, or arise Dispergo [di, spargo], gěre, Disputatiuncula, æ. f. a Dissertailo, onis, f. 3. a dis

rsi, rsum, act. 3. to dis- Disputātor, oris, m. 3. a sertation perse, scatter, spread disputant

Dissērto, are. freq. to dis Dispērsę, adv. here and Disputātrix, icis. f. 3, she

course, arguc upon, treut there, loosely that disputes

of, disruss Dispērsim, adv, severally Dispůto, áre. a. 1. to dis- Dissidentia, æ, f. 1. discord, Dispērsus, a, um. pt. of dis pute, argue, debate, rea difference pergo (persing son, make plain

Dissiděo (dis, sedeo), ēre, Dispērsus, ur. m. 4. & dis- Disquiro (dis, quæro), rére, sēdi, sessum, neut. 2. to Disperto (dis, partio), ire, sivi, situm. act. 3. to in be ut variance, quarrel,

Tvi, Itum. a. 4. to divide, quire diligently,to search disagree, differ, be un distribute [ing out, to examine

like, be separated, or di. Dispēscens, tis. pt. separai- Disquisitio, önis. f. 3. a dis torced Dispēsco (dis, pasco), cére, quisition, diligent in. Dissidyum, i, n. 2. a separa cui. a. 3. to drive froin quiry, esamination

tion, disagreement, breach pristure, divide

Disrapto, ère, pui. ptum. of friendship Dispessus, a, um. pt. of dis. act. 3. tu tear in pieces, Dissignator, öris. m. 3. a pendo plunder

muster of ceremonies, a Dispicyo (di, specio), cére, Dísrūmpo, pěre, rūpi, rup marshal pexi, pectum, act. 3. 10 tum. a. 3. to breuk ott: Dissilyo (dis, salio), ire, luuk ubout, see, discern, burst, separate

lui & livi, sültum, n. 4. espy, consider (pleasing Dissecatio, juis. f. a cut tu leap about, break, fly Displiceniya, æ. f. 1. dis ting in pieces [dissectur in pieces, burst asunder, Displicèo (dis, placeo?, Dissecător, oris. m. 3. a chap, or chink, be dis. ère, cui, cytum. heut. 2. Dissěco, are.cui, ctum. a. sulued to displease, dislike 1. to dissect, cut in pieces, Dissimilis, e. adj. ior, comp

illymus, sup. unlike, dif nant,different, discordant, sify, mark, adorn, set, in ferent jarring, confused

lny, enamel, separate, diDissimiliter, adv. aiversely, Dissors, tis, adj. disagreea. vide, utter distinctly differently (likeness ble to

Distto, āre. freq. 1. to be Dissimilitūdo, Ynis. 1. 3. un-Dissuaděo, ēre, asi, āsum, distant Dissimulānter, adv. dissem act.2. to dissuade, udvise Disto, āre, styti. neut. 1. to blingly, serretiy to the contrary

be distant, differ, beunDissimulantya, æ. f.l. a dis. Dissuasio, õnis. f. 3. a dis. like sembling


[suader Distorqueo, ēre, rsi, rtum. Dissimulatim, adv. secretly, Dissuāsor, oris. m. 3 a dis act. 2. to set awry, turiu closely

Dissuavyor, āri. dep. 1. to riside, torment Dissimulatyo, onis. f. 3. kiss sweetly, or aidently Distortyo, onis. f. 3. distor

dissimulation, insincerity, Dissülio (dis, salto), äre. trun, crookedness, a turn

disguise, contempt, irony neut. 1. to fly about, ing, a wresting Dissimulator, oris. m. 3. a burst, TOIT

Distórtus, a, um, pt. of disdissembler

Dissảo, uere, ủi, @tum. act. turqueo Dissimŭlo, äre. act. 1. to 3. tu unstitch, unrip,undo Distractio, onis. f. 3. sepa.

dissemble, pretend, hide, Dissūtus, a, um. pt. of dis tation, divorce, desertion, concenl, pass by suo

selling Dissipabilis, e, adj.that may Distabēsco, ère, inc. to con- Distrāctus, a, um. pt. of be dispersed, or scattered

sume, melt

[difference Distrăbo, hěre, āxi, actum. Dissipatio, õnis. f. 3. dissi. Distantia, æ. f. 1. aistance, act. 3. to pull, drus asunpation, wasting

Distēndo, ère, di, tum der, part, separatr, divide, Díssipātor, oris. m. 3. a sum. a. 3. to stretch out,

brecht dissolve; end, scatirter extend, swell, fill

conclude, delay, defer, die Dissypo, âre. act. 1. to dissi-Distēnsus, tus, a, um. pt. of vert, sett pute, disperse, scatter, distendo

Distribŭo, uěre, ui, ūtum. drive away, confound, or Distentio, onis. f. 3. disten. act. 3. to distribute, didisorder, dissolve, waste, sion, stretching out vide, deal, bestow, apor squander away, con Distênto, áre. freq. 1. to point sume, spread abroad, pub stretch out, make large, Distribūte, adv. ius, comp. lish

stuff, cram [ing out

distinctly Dissytus, a, um. pt. of dis- Distēntus, us.m. 4. a stretch. Distributio, onis. f. 3. a disDissociabilis, e. adj. dis- Distermino, áre. act. 1. to tribution

cordant, opposite, to be buund, divide, part, sepu. Distributivus, a, um. adj. parted

(puruted distributive

(vider Dissociatio, onis. f. 3. dis- Distermynus, a, um, adj. se. Distributor, oris. m. cdi.

union, separation, anti. Distěro, rěre. ponud Distribūtus, a, um. pt. of pathy, aversion

Distychon, i. n. 2. a distich, distribuo Dissocio, are. a. 1. to di. epigrun of two lines

Districte, adv. iùs, comp. vide, pirt,separate, break, Distillatio, onis. f. 3. distil. briefly, sharply or dissolve

larion, theum

Districtim, adv. shortly, Dissolubilis, e. adj. easy to Distillātor, oris. m. 3. a straitly be dissolved

distilier (til, drop Districtus, a, um. pt. of Dissolvo, věre, vi, lūtum, Distillo, are. a. & n. to dis. Distringo, ere, nxi, ictum.

act. 3. to dissolve, meli, Distillor, äri, ātus, pass. to a. 3. to bind fast, strain break, dashin pieces, be distilled, poured drop hard, busy, engage, strike, break down, destroy, cause by drop

prick, touch softly, graze, to die, loosen, unbind, Distincte, adv. iùs, comp. wound slightly, gall, rub, disengage, disannul, or distinctly, plainly, clear cleanse, chip, pare, break abrogate, pay, perform, ly, orderly

in small pieces, crumble, answer, resolve, jree fruin Distinctio, onis. f. 3. a dis. draw, distract, put into suspense, refute

tinction, diversity, point, contusion, beat off, pull Dissolūte, adv. dissolutely,

note, grace

Distrūnco, are. act. 1. to negligently

Distinctus, a, um. pt. of quurter, cut off a limb, or Dissolutio, onis. f. 3. a dis



[ing down solution, dissolving, abole Distinctus, us. m. 4. dis- Disturbatio, onis. 1.3. a castishing, purgation, or an. tinctiun, separation, va. Disturbo, áre. act. 1. to siering, weakness, easi. riety

overthrow, cast down, disness, dissoluteness

Distiněo (dis, teneo), ére, order, confound, hinder Dissolutus, a, um. pt. of nui, tentum. act. 2.10 hin-Ditēsco, cě 3. to grow dissolvo

der, keep, or hold em. rich, or be enriched, tu be Dissono, are, nui, nYtum. ployed, keep off, stop, di. well stored, or full

neut. 1. to be discordant, vide, part, puzzle, perplex Dito, onis.f.3. rule, power, to jur, disagree

Distinguo, ére, nxi, uctum. authority, empire, lund. Dissõuus, a, um, adj. disso a. 3. tu distinguish, diver. ship, shire, or place of



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Divērtor, ti, rsus sum. dep.


(long Ditis, e. adj. ior, comp. is. 3. to lodge, take up a Diurno, äre. n. 1. to live symus, sup. rich, fruitful lodging

Diūrnum, i. n. 2. a dayDitissYmne, adv. snost richly Dives, Ytis. adj. divitior, book, journal, day's hire, Dito, äre, n. 1. to enrich, comp.

ditissimus, sup.

allowance make rich

(riched Tich, wealthy, opulent, Dioruus, a, um. adj. i. e. Ditor, äri. Pass. to be en. abundant, abounding, diuturnus, of the day. Dyu, adv. tiùs, comp. tis


belonging to the day, syme, sup. a long time, or Divēxn, äre. act. 1. to ves, while, long, of long con. harass, spoil, waste, con Dius, a, um. adj. divine, tinnunce, in the day.

(srints hravenly, eacellent, notim

Divi, örum. pl. m. 2. gods, ble, illustrious Diva, æ. f. 1. a goddess Dividya, æ, f. 1. strife, dis- Diutine, adv. for a long Divăgor, äri, dep. 1. to go content, gries, trouble, Drutinus, a, um, adj. con. stray heart-breaking

truunt, long, lasting, D.varico, áre. act. 1. to Divido, děre, isi, isum. Act. durable

stride, straddle, set asun. 3. to diride, distribute, Diutyus, adv. a good while, der, sprend:

cut off, break down, dis a long time Divēlio, lěre, li $ vũlsi, vũl. tingrish

Diutůlè, adv, a little while sum. a 3. to tear usur. Dividue, adv. by halves Diutūruè, adv. a long time der, or in pieces, lear Dividŭus, a, um, adj. that Diuturnitas, ātis. f. 3. long hay, take away by forre, is, or may be parted and continuance, lastingness, loosen, or undo, hinder divided, cut into several length of time prenent

parts, divid-d, half Diuturnus,a: un. adj. ior, Divenditxo, onis. f. 3. a sell. D viva, æ. f. 1.1 prophetess

Divinatio, Duis. f. 3. a di. long continuance, of long Divēndo, děre, dydi, ditum. rination dirine foresight,

a. 3. tu sell in divers par. teiling of things to come, Divulgatyo, önis. f. 3. a cels, set to sale dinineurss

publishing (publisher Diverběro, áre. a. 1. to Divinátor, öris. m. 3. a di. Divulgātor, oris. m. 3. a strikr, beat, bang, cleave,

(venly Divūlyo, äre. a. 1. to di cut

Divine, adv. divinely, hea. valge, publish, spread Diverbyum, i, n. 2. the colo Divinitas, ātis. f. 3. divini abrond, make known loquial part of a comedy ly, the Goherd

Divūlsus, a, um. pt. of diDiverse, adv. idx, comp is. Divinitus, adv. from God vello

simè, sup. differently, Divino, āre. act. 1. to di. Divum, id. qudd Dium different ways

vinr, guess, judge, fore Divus, a, um, adj. divine, Diversin, adv. Idein

tell, Joresee

sacred, holy Diversitas, atis. 1. diversity, Divinus, a, um. adj. ior, Divas, i. m. 2. a God, a saint difference

[often comp. issimus, sup. di- Do, căre, dědi, datum, act. Div. ryto,åre a. 1. to resort vine, henveniy,

1. to give, bestow, grant, Diversitor, Oris. m. inn. thun human, blessed, allow, yield, surrender,

holy, consecrated, won gine up, apply, deliver, Diversor, äri, &tus sum. derful, presaging, fure. comunit, inttust, appoint, dep. 1. to ludge, sujourn, telling

assign, attribute, inake, Divinus, i, m. 2. a diviner, ordain, bring, occasion, Di ērsor, oris. m. 3. A guest, conjurer (severally throw, cast, send, tell, luag,

(tle inni Divise, Divisim, adv. show, offer, afford, lend, Divers riðlum, i. n. 2. « fit. Divisivi, onis. f. 3. a division, sell Diverso Yum, i. n. 2. an inn, partition, distributiuni, Docěo, ēre, căi, ctum. a. 2. tudy ink, harbour, coun sruering

to teach, inform, tell, try house

Divisor, oris. m. 3. 4 divi. shuw, prove Diversoryus, a, um. adj. be d-t, or distributor Docilis, e. adj. ior, comp.

longing to an in', or Divisūra, æ. f. l. a division, docile, tractable, longing. Taberna diver clejt

taught, apt to learn soria, an ina, Suet.

Divisus, a, um. pt. of di. Docilitas, ātis. f. 3. docility, Divērsus, a, um. adj. dif. vido

[division kentleness Jerent, contrary, oppo. Divisus, os.m. 4. a dividing, Docte, adv iùs, comp. issitr, unlike, distinct, se. Divitiæ, árum. pl. f. 1. simè, sup.learnedly, skil. parate, upart,


fully, suorilly divers, sundry, several

Dium, i, n. 2. the dnylighi, Doctor, oris: m. 3. a doctor, Diverticúlum, i. n. 2. a firmament, open air

Lercher, instructor, mas. turning, bypath, lane, Divortium, i, n. divorce, ter, 12'UT a shift, or hole to get out porting, separation, di- Doctrina, æ, f. 1. doctrine, at, digression; swerve, vision, turning

instruction, teaching, Liffer

Diureticus, a, um, adj. dix learning, erudition, wir


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dom, philosophy, at,
ceitfully (ceitfulnes

subdne, conquet, science

Dolositas, atis. f. 3. de. quish, keep under, boil Doctus, a, um. pt.of doceo, Dulosus, a, um, adj. deceit- Domuito, onis, f. 3. a govel adj. ior, comp. issi ful, treacherous, false,

ing home mus, sup. leurued, skil. crafty, cunning

Domuncula, æ. f. l. dim. ful, subtle, artful Doius, i, m. 2. deceit, trick, 14 little house, cottage, Docŭmen, luis. 4. 3. lesson, wile, device

office warning

Domabilis, e. adj. casy to Domus, us. vel i. 2. et 4. f. Documentum, i. n. 2. a les. be tamed

a house, lodging, dwell3011, cumple, proof, wurn. Domatio, onis, f. 3. a sub.

ing, nest, stable, temple ing, oinen, prejuge, re

(sub dues Donabilis, e. adj. tu be preputation, honour

Domátor, bris. m. a funnet, sented, wurthy, or deseru. Docus, i. i. 2. a beann; a Dumesticătim, adv. house ing of

by huuse

Dunarium, i. n. 2. a tem. Dodrans, tis. m. 3. nine Domesticus, a, um. adj. of ple where gifts were of.

ounces, nine inches, nine the same house, domestic, Jered, gift parts of twelve, three. staying at home, private, Donatio, omis. f. 3. a dofourths of an acre civil, rane, fusiliar

nution, present, reward Dodrantālis, e. adj. of nine Domesticus, i, m. 2. a do Donativum, i, n. 2. a dund. ounces, or inches

mestic servant, attendant tive, doie, benevolence, Dögma, atis. n. 3. a decree, Domicilyum, i. n. 2.

siji opinion

(inzrical ubude, receptacle, seat Donator, oris. m. 3. a giDogmaticus, a, um.adj.dug. Domicænium, i, n. a sup ver, bestower Duiabella, æ. f. l. a hatchet,

per a hume

Donax, acis. m. 3. an an. litrie axe

Dowina, æ, f. 1. a mistress, slung roa Dolābra, æ. f. 1. an axe, wife, lady, guverness Donec, adv. until, as long an udze

Domiuatlo, ouis. f. 3. rule, "8, white that Doiàmeu, Yois. n. 3. hew. power, suvereignty, ry. Donicum, adv. until (ing ranny

Doro, åre. act. 1. to give, Dolatio, onis. f. 3. a hew. Dominător, oris. n. ruler, bestow, present, distribute, Dolēnter, adv. ius, comp.

xonernur (governess reward, Jurgive, indulge, Sorrowuliy, mournfully, Dominatrix, icis. 1. 3. a grace

grievously (row, pain Dommatus, us. m. 4. rule, Dõnum, i. n. 2. a gift, preDolentia, æ. f. 1. grief, sur suvereignty, authority, sent, offring, reward, Dolčo, ére, lui, Itum. 1. 2. power

bribe, promise (woman tu grieve, fret, repine, be Domiuicus, a, um. adj. per. Dorcas, &dis. I. 3. a due,lean sorry, displeased, in puin, tuining to a lurd, or inus- Dormio, ire, ivi, Itum. ueut. ache, envy ter

4. tu sleep, be asteep, be Dulārís, e. adj. as big as a Dominyum, i. n. 2. do Unempluyed lun, tunbelinea

mintun, lordship, rule, Dorinisco, cére incep. 3. to Duliarlus, i, m. 2. a cooper empire, domuin

(sleeper, atune Doliðlum, i. n. 2. dim. å lite Dominor, ári, ätus sum. Dormitător, oris, tie barrel

dep. I. rule, domineer Durmito, áre. #. 1. to de Dullum, i. 6. 2. a cask, tub, Duminus, i. m. 2. a indi sleepy, or careless, sleep,

tun, pipe, or hogshead. tet, husband, rulet, go nap, nud, slumber, twin In

pertusum ingerere vernor, founder of kie dicta dolium, to lose one's Jeust, lurd, the LORD Dormitoryum, i. n. %. a breath, to talk in vain, Dominus, a, um, adj. Tul. dormitory Prov.

ing, chief

Dormitoryus, a, um. adj. Doio, āre. a. 1. to cut, or Domiporta, æ. f. l. carry that perluineth to, or serv

her smooth, rough-how, ing is house, or shell, a eth fur sleep chip, square, bung, beat, snail

Doroni, i. n. 2. a gift, or contrive

Domito, åre. act. 1. to tame, present; a handbreadth, Dolo & Dolon, önis. m. 3. break, weary, subdue palm

a staff with luck in it, Donitor, oris. m. 3. a ta- Dorsuale, is. n. 3. a horsea tuck, little sword, sting of met, subduer, vanquisher, cloth

(the back ally small sarl


Dorsualis, e. adj. of, or for Dolor, ärı, ätus. pass. to be Domitrix, icis. f. 3. she Dorsuosus, a, um, adj. Tiagy hewn

thut tames

Dorsum, 1. u. 2. the back, Dolor, oris. m. 3. pain, Domitūra, æ, f. 1. a tan prumuntury,shes, or heap smart, ache,

sureness, 1ng, ureaking, subduing of sand, riuge, or side of thror, pang, anguish, Domitus, ,, um. pt. of domo a hill, sheil uj a cortoise grief, surtow, discontent, Domiltus, us. m. taming, Dörsus, i, m. 2. the back Tage, vesation, resent. breaking

Doryphorus, i, m. a lux. ment

Domo, āre. mui, mitum, cer Dolose, adv. craftily, de act. 1. 10 lume, break, Dos, Otis. f. 3. a portion, or

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dowry, property, advan. dom, duchy, generalship, Dulciaryus, a, um. adj. ra. tuge, subject, argument conduct, play

iating tiwhat is sweet Dosis, is, f. 3. a dose Ducenarius, a, um, adj. of Dulcicālus, a, um. adj. Dossuarius, a, um. adj.beat two hundred

sweetish ing on the back

Ducēni, a, a, adj. pl. two Dulcifērus, a, um, adj.bearDotális, e. adj. dotal, of, or hundred

ing sweets pertaining to a dowry, or Ducentesymus, a, um. adj. Dule loquus, a, um. adj. portion the two hundredth

sweetly speaking, hurmu. Dotatio, onis, f. 3. an en. Ducēnti, æ, a. adj. pl. two nivus, musical doing (dower hundred

(times Dulcio, ire. neut. 4. to beDetător, oris. m. 3. an en. Ducenties, adv.two hundred core sweet Dóto, are, act. 1. to endow Ducissa, æ. f, 1. a duchers Dulcis, e. adj. ior, comp. Drachma, æ. f. l. a weight, Duco, cěre, ûxi, ūctum. issimus, sup. sucet, deli.

the eighth part of an act. 3. to lead, draw, con cious, delightful, lovely, ounce troy, a Greek coin, vey, tuke, go along with, beautiful, succesful 7434, in value

persuude, cajole, marry, Dulciter,adv.sweetly, gently Drăco, onis. m. 3. a dragon, fushion, delay, think, és. Dalcitūdo, Inis. f. sweet. serpent,

hardened teem, compute, begin

1988, pleasiutuess vine-brunch, fish, ensign, Ductaryus, a, um.adj. draw- Dulco, are. act. 1. to sweeten the herb tarragon

ing, guiding, running Du cor, oris. m. 3. sweetness Dracena, æ, f. 1. a female Ductilis, e. adj. ductile, easy Dulya, æ, f. 1. bund service dragor

to be drawn, conveyed Dum, adv. until, provided Draconigěna, æ. c. g. bred into

that, as long as, as yet of a dragon

Důctim, adv. leisurely Dumētum, i, m.2. a thicket, Dracontium, i. n. 2. dra. Ductlo, onis. f. a drawing, place yull of bushes, in

gun-wort, a kind of gene. conveying (leable tricacy, perplexity Tous wine

Ductitlus, a, um. adj. mal. Dummodo, adv. su that, proDracuncălus, i, m.2. a little Ductylo, áre. act. 1. to lead vided that

dragon, dragon-wort, u quickly away, lead up and Damosus, a, um, adj. bushy, down, cheat, decoy, take briery

{et, grure Drama, atis. neut. 3. the uc for a wife

Dūmus, i, m.2.abush, thick. tion of a play

Dúcto, are. act. 1. to lead, Duutāxat, adj.only, at least, Dramaucus, a, um. adj.dra wheedle, esteen, correct

to wit in ztic

Ductor, äri. ātus. pass. vide Dúo, æ, o. adj. pl. two, Drapěta, x. m. 1. a fugitive


twain, both Dromas, adis. m. 3. a drome. Dūctor, oris. m. 3. a leader, Duodecies, adv.twelve times dary, runner

conveyer, guide, cuptain Duodécim, adj. pl. indecl. Dromedaržus, i. m. 2. a dro- Ductus, a, um. pt. of duco twelve

(tweijth me dary

Ductus, us, m. 4. a leading, Duodecymus, a, um, adj. The Dropax, acis, m. 3. ointment guidance, conduct, man Duodenaríus, a, uin, adj. of to take off hair

agement, draught, make, belve Dňa, pro Dúo

shape, form, figure, con Duodēni, æ, a. adj. pl. twelve Duã is, e, adj. dual

Duodedonaginta, adj. pl. Dunkter, adv. in the dual Dūdam, adv. but late, late. eighty-eight number

(scurely ly, not long since, hereto. Duodeoctoginta, adj. pl. Dubie, adv. doubtfully, 06. fore, long ago

seventy-right Dubiētas, ātis. f. 3. doubt. Duellarius, a, um, adj. mar. | Duodequadragēni, æ, julness


(rior adj. pl. thirty-eight Dubiosus, a, um. adj. dunbt. Duellător, oris. m. 3. a wr Duodequadragesimus, a, um. Dubitabilis, e. may Dueilleus, a, um, adj. mar. adj the eight und thirtieth be doubted tial, warlike

Duodequinquagesirous, Dubitanter, adv. doubtingly Duellum, i. n. 2 a duel, bat. um. adj. ine furty-eighth Dubitatio, onis. f.3.a doubi, tle between two people, Duodequinquaginta, pl. furscruple

ty-eight Dubito, äre, n. 1. to doubt, Duellus, a, um, adj. pretty, Duodesexagesymus, a, um. be in doubt, hesitate, wa handsome

adj. the fifty-eighth ver, scruple, mistr us!, Dúim, duis, &c. pro Dem, | DuodetricesImus, a, um. fear, protract time, delay, des, &c.

(twuin adj. the eight and there consider Duini, æ, a. adj. pl. two,

tieth Dubium, i. n. 2. a doubt, Dulce, adv. issimè, sup. DuodetricYes, adv. eight danger

sweetly, pleasantly, comi. and twenty times Dubius, a, um, adj. doubt.


Duodetriginta, adj. pl. in. ful, variable, reserved, Dulcédo, Yuis. f. 3. sweet decl, eight and twenty dangerous

ness, pleasantness, melo Duodevicēni, æ, a. adj. pl. Ducalis, e, adj. ducal

dy, luxury

| sweet eighteen Ducatus, us. m. 4. a duke | Dulcēsco,cé to grow Duodevicesymus, & Duode.

duit pipe


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