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renus; (covetous), Ava-Worthily: dignè, condignè, Wreaked; ultus vindicatus rus; (-pleasures), volup- Worthiness; diguitas, 3. 1. A wreath; sertum, 2. n. tates corporeæe meritum, 2. n.

corona, 1. f. (-about a A worm ; vermis, 3. m. Worthless ; vilis, nihili pillar), voluta, ì. f. lumbricus, 2. m.

Worthlessness; vilitas, 3. f. To wreath; torqueo, 2. A little worm, vermiculus, Worthy; dignus, condignus crispo, 1.

[1. 2. m.

(sus To think worthy; dignor, 1. A wreathing; contortio, 3. Worm-eaten; vermibus ero. Very worthy; dignissimus A wreck; damnum, 2. n. A breeding of worms; ver A worthy man; virtute cla- A wren, regulus, 2. m. miuatio, 3. f.


(dignus A wrench (sprain); luxatio, Intected with worms; ver A worthy friend ; amicitia 3. f.

[queo, 2. miculatus

A worthy deed; facinus To wrench; luxo, 1. contorFull of worms; verminosus egregium

To wrench a door; fores To be worm-eaten; vermi. Praise-worthy; lande dig effringere culor, 1.


[torius To wrest; torqueo, 2. To have worms ; vermino, 1. Worthy of reward ; meri (-back), retorqueo, Wormwood;

absinthium, To wot ; scio, 4. credo, 3. -from), extorqueo, 2. 2. n.

[minosus Any woven stuff; textum, (-the sense), sensum perWormy; vermiculosus, ver

2. n.

vertěre Wurn; gestus, tritus

I would (of will); vellem; A wrester; extortor, 3. m. To worry; dilacero, 1. (-not), nollem

A wresting : torsio, 3. f. (tease); vexo, 1. sollicito, Wound (of wind); tortus ; To wrestle; luctor, 1. (-a1. excrucio, 1.

(.as a horn), infatns; gainst!, oblactor, l. Worse; pejor, deterior; (-up together), conglome -with), colluctor, l. (adv.) pejůs

ratus, convolutus; (-up, A wrestler; luctator, 3. m. To make worse ; detero, 3. or vexed), exagitatus palæstrita, 1. m, athleta,

(axgravate), aggravo, 1. A wound, vulnus, 3. n. 1. m. exaggero, 1.

plaga, 1. f.

A wrestling; lactamen, 3. Growing worse ; in pejus To wound; vulnero, saucio, n. lucta, i. f. (-place),

ruens; (-as in sickness), 1. (-reputation), famam palæstra, 1. f. ingravescens valetudo lædère

of wrestling: athleticus Worship ; cultus, 4. m. of a wound; vulnerarius A wretch; miser, perditus reverentia, 1. f.

Not wounded; invulneratus Wretched; miser, misera. Your worship; dominatio A wounder; vulnerator, 3.


(tressis vestra


[3. f. A wretched fellow homo The worship of God; ado- A wounding; vulneratio, Wretchedly; misere, mise. ratio, 3. f.

Woundy (great); magnus rabilitèr; (-clothed), male To worship; colo, 3. adoro, A wrangle ; lis, 3. f. rixa, vestitus 1. veueror, 1.

, 1. f. jurgium, 2. n. Wretchedness; miseria, 1.f. A worshipper; cultor, ado. Having wrangled ; rixatus To wriggle ; vacillo, inrator, 3. m.

A wrangler; rixator, litiga sinuo, l. Worshipfully ; honorifice tor, 3. m.

A wright; faber, 2. m. fabriA worshipping; cultus, 4. Wrangling; rixans, rizosus, cator, 3. m. m. adoratio, 3. f.


To wring; premo, 3. strin. The worst; pessimus [1. A wrangling ; altercatio, 3. go, 3. (-off), avello, 3. To worst; vinco, 3. supero, f. jurgium, 2. n. lis, 3. f. (hard), comprimo. 3. Worsted' (-yarn); filum To wrap (fold in); involvo, constringo, 3. contorqueo, laneum

[coctus 3. (entangle), irretio, 4. 2. (-as the cholic), verWort; liquor cerevisiæ in implico, 1. (-together), mino, 1. The worth (price); pretium, complico, 1.

A wringing (griping); tor2. n. vrlor, 3. m. (quality), A wrapper; involucrum, 2. mina ventris dignitas, 3. f. meritum, n. tegmen, 3. n.

A wrinkle; ruga, 1. f. 2. n.

A wrapping; involutio, im- To wrinkle; corrugo, 1. of great worth; pretiosus,

plicatio, 3. f. plicatura, 1.f. rago, 1. (-the forehead), magni pretii ; (person-), A wrapping-paper; cucul. frontem caperare; (to be vir amplissimus

lus, 2. m.

(tio, 3. f.

wrinkled), corrugor, 1. of little, or no worth ; vilis Wrath; ira, 1. f. indigna. The wrist, carpus, 2. m. Want of worth , vilitas, 3. f. To be in a wrath ; succen- A wristband; brachiale,3.m. Being worth , valens

seo, 2. irascor, 3.

A writ; libellus, 2. m. To think worth one's while ; To stir up wrath; irrito, 1. breve, 3. 1. præceptum,

operæ pretium ducere Wrathful (angry); iratus; 2. n. mandatum, 2. n. To be worth; valeo, 2. (subject to wrath), ira. Writ, or written; scriptus, To be more worth ; pluris cundus

exaratus esse

Wrathfully; iratè, iracunde / To write; scribo, 3. (- back, To be of like worth; æqui-To wreak; ulciscor, 3. vide rescribo, 3. (-beture), valeo, .. dico, 1. effundo, 3.

præscribo, 3. (-between),

Interscribo, 3. (-by can

Yellow; flavus, fulvus ; (-as die-light), lucubro, 1.

gold), aureus; (-as (-out, or copy), exscribo,


honey), melleus; (-as 3. (-to), ascribo, 3. (-oft

saffron), croceus;

(-as en), scriptito, '1. (-on,

the yolk of an egg), luor upon... inscribo, 3: A YACHT; celoz, 3. f. teus; (-haired), rutilus,

thalamegos, 2. m. navi. rufus ther), conscribo, 3. (-40 ccla, 1.

To be yellow; faveo, 2. der), subscribo, 3. A yard (measure); virga, 1. To grow yellow, flavesco, 3. A writer; scriptor, 3. m. f. ulna, l. f. (court-), To make yellow ; rutilo, 1.

auctor, 3. m. (of short area, 1. f. atrium, 2. n. Yellowish; subflavus, luhand), notarius, 2. m. (for fowls), cors, 3. f. teolus To writhe ; torqueo, dis (-for sails), antenna, 1. f. Yellowness; lavedo, 3. f. torqueo, 2.

The yard-arms; antenna-To yelp; latro, 1. gannio, 4. A writhing; torsio, contor. rum cornua

A yelper ; latrator, 3. m. sio, 3. f.

A yard of land; virgata A yelping : latratus, 4. m. A writing (the act); scrip terræ

A yeoman ; paganus ingentio, 3. 1.

[do Yarn ; licium, 2. n. (wool uus ; (of the guard), In, or by writing; scriben len-), lana neta ; (linen-), satelles, 3. m. a writing (thing written); linum netom

Yes ; imò, ità, etiam, sane, scriptum, 2. n. instru. To yawl; ejulo, vocifero, certè, certo, maximè menta, pl. n. tabulæ, pl. 1. (-as a ship), hùc illùc Yesterday; hesterno die, f. codices, 3. m. vacillare

heri A hand-writing; manus, 4. To yawn ; oscito, 1. hio, 1. The day before yesterday; f. scriptura, I. f.

Ayawning; oscitatio, 3. f. nudius-tertiùs Writing (adj.); scriptorius Yea; imò, sanè, recte, ità, of yesterday; besternus Writings; adversaria, pl. n. etiam ; (truly), scilicèt, Yesternight; heri vesperi instrumenta, pl. n.

maximè; (rather), quin Yet; tamen, certè, at, attaWrong (injury); damnum,


men, etsi, veruntamen, . p. noxa, 1. f. offensa, To yean ; fætum parere verùm ; (as yet), adhùc ; 1. f. injuria, 1. f. (adj.), A yeaning; nixus, partus, (moreover), insuper, premalus, pravus, præpos 4. m.

ter hæc, prætereà ; terus ; (adv.), male, | A year; annus, 2. m. (in (-again), rursùs, rursùm, prase, perperam

the current year), ver iterùm, denuo Wrong measures ; prava tente anno; (in the be- Scarce yet; vix dum consilia

ginning of the year), ine-i Not yet; nondum Open wrong ; vis manifesta

unte anno; (at the end A yew, or ewe; ovis femi To wrong, or do wrong; of the year), exeunte na; (-lamb), agnus, 2. m. lædo, 3. noceo, 2. violo,


agna, 1. f. 1. injuriam inferre Leap-year; annus bissex. A yew-tree; taxus, 2. f. To be in the wrong: erro, A year and a half; sesqui- of yew; taxeus 1. hullacinor, 1. fallor, 3. annus, 2. m.

To yield (give way); cedo, Wrong or right; per fas Two years' space; bien 3. concedo. 3. (submit), nelasque nium, 2. n.

submitto, 3. (bring forth, Wrongful; injurius, injus- Three years' space; trien or produce), fero, 3. pro

(juste nium, 2. n. (tus ætate duco, 3. gigno, 3. (-up), Wrongfully; injuriose, in- Stricken in years; provec trado, 3. dedo, 3. (-up the Wronging; lædens, nocens, One year old, anniculus ghost), animam exhalare ; violans

Two years old; biennis, bi (give consent), assentio, Wroth; iratus, furens


(trimus 4. (grant, or confess), To be wroth; indignor, 1. Three years old; triennis, confiteor, 2. fateor, 2. irascor, 3. This year's; hornus

concedo, 3. (-as stones in Wrought ; factus, confec. Yearly; quotannis, singalis moist weather), exsudo,

tus, fabricatus; (curious. annis ; (annual), annuus, 1. sudo, l. ly-), elaboratus

anniversarius (moveri a yielder; comis auditor, To be wrought; fio, 3. ela. To yearn ; visceribus com

(sequens boror, l.

A yearning; commiseratio, Of a yielding temper; obWry; distortus, curvus, 3. f.

(spuma A yielding ; cessio, 3. f. obliquus

Yeast; cerevisiæ filos, vel 40 make wry faces; os Yeasty; spumosus

concessio, 3. f. (-again),

restitutio, 3. f. (surrenfeedè distorquêre

To yell; ejulo, ululo, 1. dering), deditio, 3. f. Wry-legged ; loripes (squeak as a child), va A yoke : jugum, 2. n. (sla. To wry; torqueo, 2. dis

very), servitus, 3. f. torqueo, 2. (-the neck), A yelling ; ululatus, 4. m. Belonging to a yoke ; jugncolium obtorquere

ejulatio, 3. f. (-of cbil. lis Wryly ; obliquè, torte dren), vagitus, 4, m. A yoke of oxen ; par




3. m.

gio, 4.

A greke ellow'; conjux, 3. c. a young beginner ; tyro, 3 AZ, Y.m. scara.m.

To yoke ; jugum imponere; | A young fowl, &c.; pullus, To be like a youth ; juve (-oxen), hoves conjun 3. m.

nor, 1. gěre; (-unto), adjugo, 1. With young; gravida, præg. Youthfully; juveniliter (-together), conjugo, 1. nans, freta

Youthfuluess; juvenilitas, To br ng under the yoke ; To be with young: ventrem 3. f.

subjugo, 1. surb jugum ferre, utero gestare mittere

To bring forth young: pa. To undergo the yoke ; rio, 3. ēdo, 3. gignn, 3.

2 jugum subire

enitor, 3. A yoking (euslaving); sub- The young; fætas, partus, jugatio, 3. f

; sannio, 3. . g. socius, 2. m.

(nior Zeal; zelus, 2.m. æmulatio, Used to the yoke ; subjugis Younger; minor natu, ju. 3. f. The volk of an egg; ovi Youngest; minimus natu Azealot; zelotes, l. m. vitellus

A youngster; adolescento. fanaticus Yon, yonder; illic

lus, 2. m.

Zealous; studiosus, æmu. Of yore; olim, quondam Your, or yours (spoken of lans You (or thou); tu;( or ye), one only); tuus; (of more To be zealous; studio, 2.

vos; (-yourself), tu ipse, than one), vester ; (your studio fervēre tute : (-yourselves), vos self), tu ipse, tute, tute Zealously; studiosè, fervide met, vos ipsi

met; (yourselves), vos Zenith; punctum verticale Young; juvenis, tener, ipsi, vosmet ipsi, vosmet The zodiac; zodiacus,

parvas; (very-), admo. Youth; juventus, 3. f. ju orbis signifer dum adolescens; (-man), venta, 1. f, adolescentia, A zone; zona, 1. f. cinguadolescens, juvenis, 3. c. 1. f.

lum, 2. n. g. (-woman), adolescen- A youth; juvenis, adoles- A zoophyte (both animal tula, 1. f. cens, 3. m.

and plant); zoophyturu, To bé (or grow young); Youth (young people); ju 2. n. juvenesco, 3. (-again), ventus, 3. f.

A zootomist; animalium repubesco, 3.

Youthful; juvenilis, fervi. dissector, 3. m. To come up young; pulla. dus

(turio, 4. Zootomy; animalium dislasco, 3, To be youthful, adolescen.

sectio, 3. f.




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n comer


ABI Avens the one of them ab, or abs, prep: 80- | Abdyte, adv. secretly, pri- Abhorreo, ēre, rai. sup. car.


neut. 2. tn abhor, differ, by; à is used before all Abditivas, a, um, adj. con. disagree, be disagreeable, consonants; ab, before cealed, hiding

shudder at powrls, and all consonants Abditum, i. n. a secret place, Abhortātus, n am. pt. disreeppt v, , and z; abs

sunding stands alone before no let. Abdo, děre, dydi, dyrum. act. Abjēcte, adv.meanly, poor ter but q and t.

3. to hide, conceal,remove, ly, badly Abàctor, Oris. m. 3. one who withdraw, plunge, stop Abjēctio, önis. f. 3. a throw

drives away cattle, a cat- Abdomen, Ynís. n. 3. the ing away, dejection, destle stealer.

paunch, belly, fat of the pondency Abäctus, a, um, part. of lower part of the beily, a Abjēctus,a, um. pt.of ahjici. abigo

sow's udder, gluttony, sot. cast off, thrown away, exAbåctus, us. m. 4. driving tishness

posed; (adj ! dispirited, auny

Abdūco, cére, uri, uctam, dejected, abject, ' mean, Abaculus, i. m. 2. dim. ab act. 3. to lead awny, take vile Abacus

along with, carry off, or Abyens, abeuntis. pt.of abeo, Abacus, i, m.2 a desk, cup away, take by force, with and adj. sift. declining board, bench, table, ac. dran

AbYes, étis. f. 3. . fir-free, mount-table, chess-board, Abědo, ére, ēdi, ēsam, act. 3. plank, buard, ship square stone on the cha to eat up

AbietārYus, i, m. 2. a shippiter of pillars

Aběo, ire, ivi & ii, Ytum. wright, carpenter Abalienatio, onis. f. 3. an neut. 4. to depart, go, nr Abyga, æ. f. 1. ground ivy alienation

come, vanish, escape, be Abygo, [ah, ago). gěre, bēgi, Abaliēno, as. act. 1. to nlien changed, spring, rise bacrum. act. 3. to drive or

ate, dispose of. make one Abequito, as. neut. 1. to send away, hinder frum, lose farour, set one at ridery (dering banish Sorrow, &c. to variance

Aberratio, onis. f. à 1091n. fright and canse abortion Abivus, i. m. 2. a grent Abērro, as. neut. 1. to wan- abjieio, (ab jacio), cěre,

grandfather's father, Cic. der, digress, turn, mistake, jēci, jectum act. 3. to Abbàs, átig. m. 3. an abbor differ

throw, or cast away, Aling, Abdicátio, dais. 1.3 a dis-Abtöre, infinit. of absum slighi, debase, humble,

inheriting, renouncing, Abfutūrus, a, of ab undervalue, renounce disowning

Abinde, adv. from thence, Abdico, as, āre, act. 1. to Abgrego, [ab, grex !, as, āvi. Wer since

abdicate, Iny down, re act. 1. to sever from, se Abitio, onis. f. 3. a departnounce, disinherit, dis Lect, or take ons of the

ing, death claim, reject, forbid, ban. fiork

Abyto. are. a. 1. to go away ish, abrogate, abolish Abhinc, adv. from this time, Abitur, impers. it is gone, Abdico, cére, ixi, ictum. act. since, hence

they are gone 3. to refuse, tject, fur. Alhõrrens, tis. disliking : Abituras, a, um. pt. of abeo bode, give a cause against (adj.) unfit, foulish Abytus ds. m. 4. 4 supra


away, departure, ceasing, , Abolitūrus, a, um. pt. of abo craggy, abrupt, rash, end leo

hasty, impetuous Abjudyco, as. act. 1. to give Aholytus, a, um. pt. of abo- Abs. præp. from lands, &c. by judgment, leo

Absceditur, impers. it is de. sentence, or verdict; to Abõlla, æ. f. 1. a soldier's parted

deny, reject, refuse cout, military robe Abscêdo, dere, sessi, ces Abjūnctus, a, um. pt. Abomynor, ari, dep. I. to sum. neut. 3. to depart, Abjūngo, gěre, nxi, netum. abominate, detesi, hate, cease, suppurate act. 3. to unyoke, Teinove, deprecate

Abscessio, onis, f. 8. se separate

Aborigynes, um. e. g. first Abscessus Abjūro, as. act. 1. to deny inh Sitants

Abscessus, as. m. 4. a te. upon oath

Aboryor, oriri, ortus. 3 and cess, departure, impos Abla to, as. act. 1. to wean 4 conj. dep. to die, be ex. thrme, or abscess Ablaqueatio, önis. f. 3. a tinct, fail, be burn before Abscido, (abs, cædo), děre, Inying spen, or during of the time, miscurty

idi, isum, act. 3. to cut off the roots of trees

Abortio, onis, f. 3. a inisAbscindo, děre, scYdi, scis Ablåqueo, as. act. 1. to lay carriage

sum. act. 3. to cut, orrend but the root

Abortivam, i. n. 2 an abor. off, put an end to Ablativus, a, um, adj. abla tion, miscarriage, the Abscise, adv. in few words,

cause of abortion

shortly Ablatūrus,a, aufero Abortivus, a, um. adj. abor. Abscissio, onis, f. 3. a cut. about to take, or carry tive, addle

ting short any

Aborto, as. Reut. 1. to nis-Abscissyor, us. adj. shorter, Ablatus, a, um. pt. of aufero carry

senerer taken away

Abortus, ús, m. 4. a mis-Abscissus, a, um, pt. of abAblegātio, onis. f. 3. & send. Catringe

scindo, and adj. cut of, ing out of

Abpatruus, i, m. 2. a great or short, torn, parted, Aulēgo, as. act. 1. to send grandfather's brother rougk, sharp, severe away, drive awy

Ab ādu, ere, si, sum, act. 3 Abscondite, adv. secretly, Ablēpsin, æ. f. l. a want of to scrape, shave, cut, chup closely sight

off. get from

Abscondytus, a, uni. pt. ¢ Abligūrio, iri. Ivi, itum. Abrasio, ouis. f. 3. an eras adj. hidden act. 4. to spend riotously, ing, or sharing off Abscondo, děre, dl & dydi,

Abrasus, a, um pt. of abrado dYtum $ nsum. net. 3. to Abloco, as. act. 1. to let for Abrēplus, a, of abri hide, leave behind hire pio

Absens, tis. pt. of absum Ablūdo. ère, üsi, ūsum. Abripio, [ab, rapio), père, Absentyn, æ. f. 1. absence neut. 3 to be unlike

pui, reptum. act. 3. 16 Absilyo, (ab, salio), ire, lai, Ablúo, uěre, ui, utum, act. curry, or drag away. by neut. 4. to Irap from, My

3. to wash away, purify: force, hurry awry, deliver of, start back

blot out, remove, atone (of Abrödo, ère, osi, osum. act. Absimilis, e. adj. very unlike Ablütio, ouis.f.3. a washing 3. to gnaw, or cut off, to Absinthites, æ. m. wormAbudto, as. act. 1. to swim gran

woud wine Q111y

Abrogātio, onis. f. 3. repeal, Absinthyum, i. n. 2. wormAhněgo, as. act. 1. to deny, reversing

wood te/use, withhold

Abrogo, as. act. 1. to re-Absistitur, imp. they desist Abněpos, Otis. m. 3. a great peal, abolish, drive, take Absīsto, těre, abstyti. Deat. grandson array stand of depart from, Abnēptis, is. f. 3. a great Abrösus, a, um. pt.of abrodo ceuse, leave of granddaughter

Abrotoviles, æ. m. 1. south. Absolvo, věre, vi, litam. Abnodo, as. act. 1. to cut ernwood wine, Col.

act. 3. to acquit, release, off knots

Abroionum, i. n. 2. south perfect, finish, end, con Abnormis, e. adj. irregular, ernicuod

guine, dispatch, disinitt. si pulut

Abrūmpo, père, rūpi, rup- Absolute, adv. perfectly. Abnúo, něre, ui, utum. act, tum. act. 3. to break, teur, Absolutissiine, superl.

3. to'deny, refuse, hinder, or throw of, cut asunder most perfectly prevent

ady, abruptly, Absolatio, onis. f. 3. absoÁboleo, ere, lui $ lēvi, IY tashiy, without thought, Intion, acquitting, distum. act. 2. to abolish, withont order

charging, perfection abrogate, remove

Abrūptio, onis, f. 3. a break- Absolutorfus, a, um. adj. Abolēsco, cère, lēvi, litum, i ink, a dinorce

pertaining to acquitting, n. 3. to srither decay, die, , Abrûptum, i, n. 2. a preci or pardoning or be extinct


Absolutus, a, um. pt. of abAbolitio, onis, 1. 8. an abo- Abrûptus, a, um. pt. of ab solvo lition, cancelling, raising rumpo, adj. broken, or Absðrie, adv. harshly, im

cut off seer, rough, properly

con suine


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