Abbildungen der Seite

4. m.

To flout; irrideo, 2. deri. (-in speech), balbutio, 4. Foisted in ; subditus deo, 2.

A futtering ; volitatio, hæ- Foists; præstigiæ, pf. 1. f. Flouting; dicas, cavillans sitatio, 3. f.

A fold; plica, 1. f. sinus, A fouting; cavillatio, de. A flex (looseness); prolurisio, 3. 1.

viam, 2.n. ( of humours), To fold: plico, 1. complico, To flow ; flao, 3. labor, 3. humorum fluxus;

(-of 1. (-in), implico, I. (-a(-about), circumfluo, 3. blood), hæmorrhagia, i. f. bout, or up), complico, l. (abound), afluo, 3. (-A- A fly; musca, 1. f. (Span (-sheep), stabulo, 1. broad),

dimuo, 3. (-back), ish.), cantharis, 3. f. Fold (for sheep); ovile, 3 refluo, 3.(-before a place), Fly-blowr ; muscarum ova n. crates, pl. f. præfuo, 3. (-between), Fly.blown; corruptus, in- Folded (plaited); plicatus ; interfluo, 3. (-by), præ fectus

(-up), involutus ;(-as catterfluo, 3. (-continualiy), To fy (as a bird); volo, 1. tle), stabulatus fluito, 1. (-down), defluo, (-about), circumvolo, i. A folding; plicatura, 1. f. 3. (-in), influo, 3. (-out), (-against), involo, 1. (-as (-of sheep), stabulatio, effluo, 3. (-over), exundo, news), publicor, 1. (-at):

3. f. 1. (-as the sea), æstuo, 1. peto, 3. impeto, 3. Sin Foliage ; arborum folia (-together), confluo, 3. pieces), dissilio, 4. 1.&- folk (people), vulgus, 2. n. (-under), subfluo, 3. (-un way), avolo, 1. aufugio, plebs, 3. f. populus, 2. m. to), accedo, 3. affiuo, 3. 3. (-back), refugio, 3. turma, 1. f. To flower; foreo, 2. ger (-before), prævolo, 1. (-be- A folk-mote ; populi conven

mino, 1. (-as beer), scin. yond), prætervolo, 1. tus tillo, 1. spumo, 1.

(-down), devolo, 1. (-far), To follow; sequor, 3. (-afA flower; dos, 3. m. ser. profagio, 3. (-from place ter), assequor, 3. insectum, 2. n.

to place), transfugio, 3. tor, 1. (-close), insto, 1. A fower-de-lis; iris, 3. f. (-as conscience in one's (succeed), succedo, 3. (-a Flower of age; Adolescen. face), stimulo, 1. (-out, trade), exerceo, 2. (-in tia,..

or squander), prodigo, 3. course), alterno, 1. (.di. Made of flowers ; floreus (run away), fugio, 3. ligently), assector, 1. Flowered; intertextus flo- To let fly (shoot); displo- Followed; comitatus, deribus du, 3.

ductus A floweret; Aosculus, 2. m. A flying ; volatus, 4. m. A follower; comes, 3. c. g. Flowery ; floridus

(-away), effugium, 2. n. discipulus, 2. m. Flowing i Auidas, fluens; Flying (adj.); expeditus, va- A following (attending, up(-about), circumfluus ; gus, aversus

on), deductio, 3. f. (con(-over), redundans; (-and A toal; pullus equinus ;(-of sequence), consequentia,

reciprocus ; (-in an ass), asellus, 2. m. 1. f. consecutio, 3. f. speech), volubilis

To foal ; fetum edere Folly; stultitia, ineptia, 1. f. A flowing ; Auxus, 4. m. To foam ; spumo, 1.

To foment; foveo, 2 Fiowingly; volubilitèr, in- Foam; spuma, 1. f.

A fomentation ; fomentum, citate A foaming ; spumatus, 4. m.

2. n. Flown; volatu subductus Foamy; spumeus, spumatus A fomenter; concitator, 3. To Huctuate; Auctuo, 1. To fob; eludo, 3. fraudo, 1. dabito, 1.

(3. f. A fob; loculus minor A fomenting; fomentatio, 3. & fluctuation; Auctuatio, The focus ; apex, 3. m. Fond (simple, or vain); inFluent; fluidus, eloqueus, Fodder; pabulum, 2. n. fæ. eptus, futilis, vanus, (dedisertus

num, 2. 1.(-of lead), ve sirous), cupidus; (over Fluency; volubilitas linguæ hes,3. f.(-of straw),pabul. kind), indulgens Fluid ; fuidas, liquidus

um, stramineum

To be fond of; indulgeo, 2. Huidity ; fuor, 3. m. Aux. Of fodder; pabularis, pabu (admire), adıniror, 1. imos, 4. m. (ceptus latorius

pensè cupere Flung: jactas, abjectus, de A foddering : pabulatio, 3.1. To fondle; foveo, 2. in. Flush (abundance); copia, A foe ; inimicus, 2. m. ini. dulgeo, 2. 1. f. vis, 3. f. (abounding), mica, 1. f.

Fondly ;hlande, cupidè, inabundans; (of moaey), A fog, nebula, 1. f.

epte nummatus

Fogginess ; aëris crassitudo Fondness; indulgentia, inFlashed with success; ela- Foggy; nebulosus, crassus

eptia, 1. f. tus

(ceo, 2.

Foh! te! vah! apage ! A font; baptisterium, 2. n. To fluster ; turbo, 1. mis A foible; imbecillitas, 3. f. Food ; cibus, 2. m. victus, A fute ; fistula, 1. f. tibia, A foil (for fencing); ra 4. m. pabulum, 2. n. 1. f.

dis, 3. f. (-for a diamond), Fit for food; esculentus Fluted; laqueatus, striatus substratum, 2. n. (re- A fool; stultus, 2. m. (jesFiutings ; canaliculi, pl. m. pulse), repulsa, 1. f.

ter), morio, 3. m. (- in a To futter (Ay); voito, 1. To foil (beat); sterno, 3. play), sannio, 3. m. (be doubtful), dubito, i. repello, 3.

To fool; ludificor, 1. (-to and fro), cursito, 1. 1 To folst in; adultero, 1. deo, 2.




1. m.

To play the fool; ineptio, 4. do, aliquandiù , (for what | A foreboding ; præsagium, To be fooled; derideor, 2. cause); quare ; (for which

2. n. deludor, 3.

cause), quamobrem ; (for Forecast ; providentia, 1. f. Fooled; derisus, illusus that cause), ided, ed, To forecast ; provideo, 2. Foolery ; deridiculum, 2. n. proptereà ; (for ever and prospicio, 3.

(m. nuga, pl. f. ever), in æternum

A forecasting; provisus, 4. Foolhardiness ; temeritaa, Forage ; pabalum, 2. n. The forecastle; prora, 1. f. 3. f.

To forage; pabulor, frumen- Foreclosed; exclusus Foolhardy; temerarius, au tor, 1.

To foredoom; prædestino, 1. dax

(sulsus A forager ; pabulator, 3. m. The fore-door; antica, 1. f. Foolisa, ineptas, fatuus, in- A foraging ; pabulatió, 3. f. Forefathers; proavi, pl. m. To make foolish; infatuo, 1. To forbear (let alone); ab- Fore-feet; pedes anteriores; Foolish tricks; ineptiæ, pl.f. stineo, 2. (leave off), de (-finger), index, 3. Foolishly; stultè, insulse sisto, 3. (spare), parco, (-head), frons, 3. f. Foolishness; stultitia, de 3. (suffer), patior, 3. To forego (quit); abdico, 1. mentia, 1. f.

Forbearance ; indulgentia, (not meddle with), abA foot; pes, 3. m. (-of a ta 1. f.

stineo, 2. ble), fulcrum, 2. n. (-of To forbid; veto, 1. prohi- Foregoing ; præcedens, ana hill), radix, 3. f. (-of a beo, 2. (-strictly), inter tecedens

(frons pillar), basis, 3. f.

dico, 3.

Having two foreheads; biBelonging to a fuot; peda- Forbidden; interdictus, pro- Foreign; exterus, alienus lis


A foreigner; advena, 1. c. x. On foot; pedester, pedes Forborne; omissus, leniter To forejudge ; præjudico, 1. A footman (soldier); pedes, tractatus

To foreknow ; præscio, 4. 3. m. (servant), assecla, Force (endeavour); cona- Foreknowing ; præscius

tus, 4. m. (importance), A foreknowing ; prænotio, The foot (soldiers); pedita momentum, 2. n. (neces 3. f. tus, 4. m.

sity), necessitas. 3. f. Foreknowledge; præscienA footstep; Vestigium, 2. n. (violence), vis, 3. f. im. tia, 1. f. A footstool; scabellum, 2. n. petus, 4. m. (strength), Foreknowu; præcognitus Of half a foot; semipedalis robur, 3. n.

A foreland; promontorium, Of a font and a half; ses. To force; cogo, compello, 2. n. quipedalis

3. adigo, 3. impello, 3. A foreman ; præses, 3. m. of two foot; bipedalis

(-back), repello, 3. prejurator, 3. m. Two-footed; bipes

(down), detrudo, 3. de. The foremast; malus anteThree-footed ; tripes mergo, 3. (-in), defigo, 3.

(puus Four-footed ; quadrupes (-out), depello, 3. (-a w0- Foremost; primus, præciMany-footed ; multipes man), stupro, i.

First and foremost; impriBrazen.footed ; æripes

To be of force ; valeo, 2. mis Broad-footed; planipes

vigeo, 2.

The forenoon; tempus anSplay-footed; valgus. Of great force; valens, po temeridianum A sure footing : Stabilitas, tens

(guus To foreordain ; prædestino, 3. f. of small force ; levis, exi. 1.

(put, 3. n. A fop (beau); bellus homo; of more force ; valentior Forepart of the head; sinci.

(impertinent.), nugator, By main force; vi et armis To forerun ; præcurro, præ3. m.

By open force; aperto mar. verto, 3. To play the fop; nugor, 1. te

A forerunner ; præcursor, Foppery ; nugæ, pl. 1. tricæ, Forces; copiæ, pl. f. pl. f.

Forced, adactus, coactus; To foresee; provideo, 2. Foppish ; nogax, nimis ni. (ravished), stupratus, vio prospicio, 3. tidus latus

A foreseeing; prævisio, 3. f. Foppishly; ineptè, stolide Forcible (clear, or strong), Foreseen; prævisus,præsenFoppishness; ineptia, 1. f. clarus, potens, efficax; For (conj.); nam, enim, (violeat), violens

Foreshewn; præmonstratus etenim, quippe ; (præp.), Forcibly; vehementer, valde Foresight; prospicientia.1.f. ob, per, præ, pro, prop. A forcing ; compulsio, 3. f. Foresightful; providens, ter, secundum vis, 3. f.

cautus (fascino, 1. For (for the sake of); caq. A ford; vadum, 2. n. tran To forespeak; prædico, 3. så, ergo, gratia, per, pro, situs, 4. m.

A forest; saltus, 4. m. nepropter

To ford; vado transire mus, 3. n. sylva, 1. f. For that, or forasmuch as; Fore; anterior, antè, præ Forest-like; sylvestris

cùm, propterea quod, si. To forearın; præmunio, 4. To forestal ; anticipo, 1. quidem, quandoquidem, To forebode ; præsagio, 4. præmercor, 1. quoniam ; (for the most ominor, 1.

Forestalled ; interceptus part), ferè, plerumque; A foreboder; hariolus, 2. A forestaller; annoua fla. (for some time), aliquau.

gellator, (-of a market),


3. m.



3. m.

præemptor, 3. m.

f. (manner), modus, 2. m. A forestalling; interceptio,

pl. f. opes, pl. f.

(bench), scamnum, 2. n. 1: fortune ; iuforturlum, 2. 3. f.

(-of words), certa verba ; n. A forester ; silvicola, 1.c. g. (Class), classis; 3. f. A fortune-hunter; fortunaA foretaste; anticipatio, A set form ; fcrmula, 1. f. rum captator, 3. m. 3. f.

exemplar, 3. n.

A fortune-teller; fatidicus, To foretell; prædico, 3. To form; formo, 1.

reA foreteller; vates, 3. c. g.

2. m. astrologus, 2. m. formo, 1.

Forty; quadraginta;

(of fatidicus, 2. m.

Formal; formalis, affectaA foretelling ; prædictio,

forty), quadragenarius ; tus

(mula (-times), quadragiès 3. f.

Formality; solennis' for- Forward (hold); audax;(inA forethought; præmedi- Formally formaliter, ex clined), prociivis, propen. tatio, 3. f.

formula A foretoken; præsagium, A formation; formatio, 3. f.

Bus; (made a progress),

provectus, progressus; 2. n. omen, 3. n.

Formed; formatus, factus (soon ripe), præcox :(reaForetold ; prædictus Formerí prior, superior, dy), promptus, alacer A foretop ; antiæ, pl. f. priscus

Forward ; prorsum To forewarn ; præmoneo, 2. Formerly; priùs, antehàc To forward ; promoveo, 2. A forewarning; præmoni. Formidable; formidabilis

urgeo, 2. tus, 4. m. (pæna, 1. f. A forming; formatio, crca- Time forward; deinceps, A forfeit; multa, 1. f. tio, 3. .


{motus Forfeited; confiscatus, per- Formless; informis, rudis Forwarded (assisted); proditus

Fornication ; fornicatio, 3.f. Forwardness; promptitudo, A forfeiture ; confiscatio, A fornicator ; scortator, 3. f. progressus, 4. m. pro. 3. f. damnum, 2. n.

gressio, 3. f. To forge (as smiths do); To forsake; desero, 3. ab. A fosse; fusse, 1. f. (-way),

cado, 3. fabricor, 1. (de dico, 1. deficio, 3. renun via fossa vise), fingo, 3. (counter

cio, i.

(lictus Fossile; fossilis feit), ementior, 4. sub- Forsaken; desertus, dere- To foster ; nutrio, 4. alo, 3. jicio, 3. (meli), confo, A forsaking: derelictio, 3. A foster father; nutritius, 1. liquefacio, 3.

f. desertio, 3. f. (-of the 2. m. (-mother), natrix, A forge; furnus fabrilis

faith), apostasia, 1. f. 3. f. (-child), alumnus, 2. Forged; fabricatus, fictus, Forsooth ; sanè, scilicèt

adulteratus, conflatus, To forswear; pejero, l. per. Fostered; altus, educatas ementitus

juro, 1. A forger; fabricator, 3. m.

[m. Fought; pugnatus ;. fa

A forswearer; pejerator, 3. gainsi), oppugnatus, im(-of writings), falsarius, A forswearing ; perjurium, pugnatus 2. m. (-of tales), delator,

Foul; fædus, squalidus, im3.m. Forsworn ; perjurus

purus, lutulentus; (un. A forgery; figmentum, 2.n. A fort ; præsidium, 2. n. fair), dolosus, turpis; (ill. fraus, 3. f. castellam, 2. n.

favoured), deformis ; (vi. A forging (of lies); calum. Forth; foràs, extrà

cious), obscenus; (ania, 1. 1. (-tales), fictio, Forthcoming ; præstd, in mong sailors), implicitus 3. f. promptu

fune; (weather), tempesTo forget; obliviscor, 3. Forthwith; confestìm, con tas, 3. 1. (stormy , turbi

(neglect), negligo, 3. tinud, protinus, mox dus prætereo, 4.

A fortification; munimen- To foul; fædo, 1. inquino, 1. Forgetful; obliviosus tum, 2. n. (-before a wall), To be foul; sordeo, 2. Forgetfulness; oblivio, 3. f. ante murale, 3. n.

squaleo, 2. A forgetting ; prætermis. Fortified; munitus, circum- Foulness; turpitudo,, 3. f sio, 3. f. septus

squalor, 3. m. (-of a To forgive; condono, 1. To fortify; firmo, l. cir. crime), atrocitas, 3. f. (-ia

ignosco, 3. absolvo, 3. cumvallo, 1. munio, 4. appearance), deformitas, remitto, 3. præmunio, 4.

3. f. Forgiveness; condonatio, Fortitude ; fortitudo, virtus, Found; inventus, repertus; 3. f. venia, 1. f.

3. f.

(cim (-out), inventus, investi. A forgiving; remissio, 3. f. A fortnight; dies quatuorde gatus To be forgotten; obruor, | A fortress; arx, 3. f. præ- To found; fundo, l. con 3. exolesco, 3. sidiur., 2. n.

struo, 3. A fork; furca, 1. f. (-for Fortuitous; fortuitus, casa A foundation; fundamen. dung), bidens, 3. m. (-for accidens

(tus tum, 2. n.

(tus flesh), creagra, 1. f.

Fortunate; fortunatus, faus. From the foundation ; fundiForked; bisulcus

Fortunately; faustè, auspi. Founded; fundatus, condy. Forlorn; derelictus, solus, card pirditus

Fortune; fortuna, 1. f. sors, To founder (as a horsel: A furm (figure); figura, 1, 3. f. (estate), facultates, tubo, 1. (-as & ship


2. n.



solvor, 3. [tor, 3. m. litas, 3. f.

candidus ; (common), A founder; fundator, condi- To frame (fashion); formo, communis ; (-gift), muFoundered; claudus, man 1. (contrive), molior, 4. nus gratuitam cus, dissolutus

(build), fabricor, 1. con. To free ; emancipo, 1, libe A founding (of a house); do, 3.' (join together), ro,...

fundatio, 3. f. (-of metal), compingo, 3. contabulo, To be free from; Taco, 1. fusio, 3. f.

1.. (-a story), fingo, 3. Freeboru ; ingenuus, liber. Of a fountain; fontanus comminiscor, 3.

alis A fountain; fons, 3. m. la The frame (of a building); A freehold; possessio libera tex, 3. mn.

compages ædificii; (-of A freeholder; fundi liberi Four; quatuor; (-at cards, the world), compages possessor

[m. &c.), quaternio, 3. m. muudi; (of a table), ful. A freeman ;) liber, civis, 36 (-cornered), quadrangu crun, n. (-of a picture), Freed ; liberatus, laxatus lus ;(-square), quadratus; tabella, 1. t. (-for work), Freedom ; immunitas, 3. f. (.days ago), nudius quar. modulus, 2. m.

facilitas, 3. f. (-from), vatus; (-days' space), qua- Framed; formatus,

cuitas, 3. f. tridium, 2. N. (-years' structus, fictus, fabrica- A freeing; liberatio, manuspace), quadriennium, 2. tus

missio, 3. f. n. (-times), quatèr; | A framer ; fabricator, 3. m. Freehearted; liberalis, in(-times as much), quadru. faber, 2. m.

genuus plo; (-fold), quadruplex; A framing; formatio, 3. f. Freely : liberè, liberalitèr,

-ways, or parts), quadri. To franchise; manamitio, apertè, sponte, gratis fariàn; (-footed), qua 3.

Freeness ; benignitas, 3. f. drupes; (-hundred), qua: Frangible; fragilis, Auxus Freestone ; saxum vivum drugenti; (-hundred Fraak; liberalis, ingenuus, A free-thinker; irreligiosus times), quadringeuties; liber

Free-will; liberum arbitri(-hundredth), quadrin Frankincense; thus, 3. n. uno

(1. gentesimus; (-score), of frankincense; thureus To freeze ; gelo, l. congelo, Octoginta ; (-teen), qua. Frankly; ingenue, liberè Freight; naulum, 2. n. ontuordecim; (.teenth), de Frankness; liberalitas, sin us, 3. n. cimus quartus; (-teen ceritas, 3. f,

Freighted; oneratus, on us. times), quatuor decies Frautic; mente captus, in tus

inus The fourth ; quartus


(furo, 3. French ; Gallicus, GallicaFourthly ; quarto

To be frantic; insanio, 4. In French; Gallice A fowl; volucris, 3. f. avis, Fraternal ; fraternus A Frenchman; Gallus, 2. m. 3. f.

A fraternity;, fraternitas, A frenzy; dementia, insaTo fowl; aucupor, l.

societas, 3. f. A fowler; auceps, 3. c. 8. A fratricide ; fratricida, 1. Frequency : frequentia, 1. f. A fowling; aucupatio, 3. 7.

(m. Frequent; frequens, cre. (-piece), tormentum au Fraud; fraus, 3. f. dolus, 2. ber cupatorium

Fraudulency; fraudulentia, To frequent; frequento, A fox; vulpes, 3. f.

1. f.

celebro, 1. Belonging to a fux; vulpi. Fraudulent; fraudulentus, A frequenting; frequentadolosus

tio, 3. f. An old fox (knave); vetera- Fraudulently; fraudulenter, Frequently; frequenter, sætor, 3. m. vafre

pe, crebro To play the fox; vulpinor, Fraught; oneratus, plenus A fresco; aura refrigerans 1. deludo, 3.

A fray; rixa, 1. f. jurgium, Fresh (cool); frigidulus ; A fraction, infractio, 3. f. 2. 1. lis, 3. f. .

(new), recens, novus: Fractious; litigiosus, rix. To fray (as cloth); dehisco, (lusty), vigens; (unsalt

3. (fright), terrefacio, 3. ed), insulsus ;(not tired), A fracture ; fractura, 1. f. territo, l.

integer, recens ; (-and To fractare; frango, con A freak; petulantia, 1. 1. fasting), jejunas fringo, 3.

deliramentum, 2. n.

To be fresh and lively; vi. Fragility ; fragilitas, 3. f. Freakish ; petulans, cere. A fragment; fragmentum, brosus

A fresh (colour); color, flo. 2. n. frustum, 2. n. Freakishness; petulantia, ridus; (-man), tyro, 3. Fragments; reliquiæ, pl. f. dementia, 1. f.

m. novitius, 2. m. Fragrance; fragrantia, 1. f. A freckle ; lentigo, 3. f. næ Afresh, or again; de integro Fragrant; fragrans, suaveo vus, 2. in.

(tus Freshness; novitas, 3. f. colens

Freckled; lentigine macula. lor vegetus Fragrantly; suave, suaviter Free; immanis, liber; (-ci-To fret (vex); crucior, 1. Frall; fragilis, tluxus, cadu tizen), civis natus; (-in (-or eat away), corrodo,

giving), liberalis ; (- from 3. (-as wine), acesco, 3. A frail ; fiscella, fiscina, 1. f. business), otiosus; (-in (rub), frico, 1. (grieve), Frailty; fragilitas, imbeci conversation), sincerus, doleo, 3.

nia, 1. 1.

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geo, 2.



To put in a fret; irrito, 1. Frieze; pannus villosas Fruitful ; fertilis, ferax, feeA fret; ira, 1. 1. solicitudo, To frizzle; crispp, 1. undo,l. cundas, uber, beatus 3. f.

Fro (from); à, ab, abs To be fruitful; abundo, 1. Fret-work; striatura, 1. f. To and fro; ultrò citroque To make fruitful; fecunFretful; morosus, stoma. A frock; sagum, 2. n. pal. do, I. choses

la, 1. f.

Fruitfully; fertiliter, fæFretfoluess ; morositas, 3.f. A frog; rana, 1. f.

cunde Fretted ; cruciatus, attritus To frolic; hilareso, 3. ex Fruitfulness; fertilitas, 3. f. fretting; angor animi ; ulto, 1.

(ris Fruitiou ; fruitio, 3. f. pos(rubbing), attritus, 4. m. Frolicsome; jocosus, hila sessio, 3. f. A friar; monachus, 2. m. From ; à, ab, de, è, ex, per; Fruitless (barren); sterilis; A fribble (fop); bellus homo (above), desuper ; (-a (disappointed), frustraFriction; tricatio, frictio, bout), á : (-abroad), pe. tus; (unprofitable), inu. 3. f.

regre; (-out of doors), tilis, inanis Friday; dies Veneris

foris; (-all places), undi- First-fruits ; primitiæ, pl. f. Fried; frizus; (-meat), ca. que ; ( beneath), infernè; Frumpingly; maligue ro frixa

-day to day), de die in To frustrate; lustro, 1. fal. A friend ; amicus, 2. m. diem; (-house to house),

lo, 3. annica, 1. f. familiaris, 3. domesticatim; (.door to Frustrated ; frustratus, spe

m. necessarius, 2. m. door), ostiatìm; (-hence), relictus Friendless; inops, desertus hinc; (-henceforth), ab. Frustrating ; fallens Friendliness; benevolentia, hinc ; (-street to street), To fry. (act.); frigo, 3. 1. f.

vicatìm; (.thenceforth), (neut.), æstuo, 1. sudo, 1. Friendly; benevolus, hu. exiude ; (-time to time), The fry of fish; sperma pis

[nevole continuo; -whence), un cium Friendly (adv.); amicè, be de : (-within), intra ; A frying; frixura, 1. f. Friends (kindred); propin (-without),extra (4.m. A frying pan; sartago, 3. f. qui, pl.

The front; frons, 3. f. vultus, Fuel; fomes, 3. m. nutriFriendship; amicitia, 1. f. A front; audacia, 1. f. (-of meo, 3. n. amor, 3. m.

an army), prima acies A fugitive; fugitivus, 2. m. A frigate ; liburna, 1. f. ce-A frontier ; confinium, 2. n. profugus

(3. lox, 3. 6.

limes, 3. m.

To fulfil; impleo, 2. perago, A fright; terror, 3. m. for- A frontiet; frontale, 3. n. Fulfilled; expletus, imple.

midu, 3. f. (reo, 2. A frost; gelu, n. pruina, 1. f. tus To frighten; terreo, perter- Frosty; pruindsus, glacialis A fulfilling ; peractio, per. Frightened ; territus, exani- Froth; spuma, 1. f.

fectio, 3. f. matus

To froth; spumo, l. bullio, Fulgency; splendor, 3. m. Frightful; terribilis, horri. 4. spumas agere

nitor, 3. m.

(dus dus

(fice Prothy; spumeus, spamo. Fulgent; fulgidus, splendiFrightfully ; horride, horri. sus; (trifling),' ineptus, Fuliginous ; fuliginosus, fuFrightfulness; terror, hor. futilis, nugax rur, 3. m.

A frothing; spumatus, 4. m. Full; plenus, expletus, re. Frigid; frigidus, gelidus Frouzy: olidus, putidus fertus; (-speed), citatus ; Frigidity; frigiditas, 3. f. Froward; protervas, mo (very-), valde, vehemen frigus, 3. n.

tèr; (perfect), perfectus, Frigidly; frigide, gelide Frowardly: protervè, morose integer; (-of words), loA fringe; lacinia, 1. f. fim- Frowardness;protervitas,3.f. quax bria, 1. f.

A frown; ruga, 1. f. (-of To be fall; abundo, 1. saTo fringe ; fimbriam consq. fortune), casus adversus tior, 1. ère

Frowoing torvus, nubilus Half-full; semiplenus Fringed ; fimbriatus Frowningly;torvè,diro vultu of full age; adultus, puber To frisk; tripudio, 1. lag. Frozen; gelatus, conglacia- A fuller; fallo, 3. m. civio, 4. exsulto, 1.


[giler Of a fuller, fullonius Frisky, lætus, hilaris Fructiferous ; fructifer, fru. Fuller's earth; terra Cretosa To frisie; crispo, 1. tor- To fructify; fæcuudo, l. Fully; plenè, ad plenum queo, .

Frugal; frugi, abstinens, To fulminate; fulmino, 1. Frisled; calamistratus, cir. parcus

Fulmination; fulminatio,3.f. ratus

(trum, 2. n. Frugality; frugalitas, 3. f. Fulminatiug; fulmineus A frisling-iron; calamis- Frugally ; frugalitèr, parce Fulness; plenitudo, 3. f. A frith; æstuarium, 2. o. Fruit; fructus, 4. m. (pro satietas, 3. f. fretuin, 2. n.

fit), lucruni, 2, n. -of Fulsone ; nauseosus, inA fritter; artolaganus, 2. m. the womb), fætus, 4. m. gr tus, fædus Frivulous vanus, iDanis, Bearing fruit; fructifer, Fulsomeness; nausea, 1. f. levis frugifer

fastidium, 2. n. Frisus usly; nugatorie, | A fruiterer; pomarius, 2.m. A fume; vapur, 3. m. exhail quitèr Fruit-time; autumnus, 2 m.

latio, 3. f.




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