Abbildungen der Seite




go, 3.

Wept for, pioratus, deplo {-plum), prunam,cereum nusquàm non ; ratus

Whenten; triticeus, fru. nullibi nasquàm To be wept for ; flebilis mentaceus

A wherry; scapha, 1. f. The west; occidens, 3. m. of fine wheaten four; cymba, 1. f.

(n. occasus, 4. m. (-wind), siligineus (allicio, 3. A whet; incitamentum, 2. zephyrus, 3. m. favonius, To wheedle ; pellicio, 3. To whet; acuo, 3. exacuo,3.

(west-south-west A wheedler; delenitor, 3. Whether ; seu, sive, utrum, wind), africus, 2. m. libs, m.

[loquus an, anne, num, ne; (-of 3. m.

Wheedling : pellax, blandi the two), uter Western, or westerly ; oc- A wheedling; blanditia, A whetting: exacutio, 3. f. cidentalis (versùs 1. f.

A whetstone; cos, 3. f. Westward ; occidentem A wheel, rota, 1. f. (lathe), Whey; serum, 2. n. Wet; humidus, madidus, tornus, 2. m (-for tor Which; quis, uter ; (a rela

madens; (-with dew), ture), equuleus, 2. m. tive), qui; (way), qua; roscidus

(-of a pulley), trochlea, (.way soever), quomodoTo wet; humecto, 1. made 1. f.

[go, 3. cunque, qnocunquè facio, 3.

(3. To wheel about; circuma. A whi; halitus, 4. m. fl. To begin to wet ; homesco, A wheelbarrow ; vehiculam tus, 4. m. To be wet; madeo, 2.

und rota instructum

To whiffle ; vacillo, 1. To be wet through; perma- A wheelwrigbt; faber rota hæreo, 2. deo, 2. (co, 3.

А whifter (or shuffler); To be wet with dew; rores. A wheeling; rotatio, 3. f. homo futilis, inconstans, Wet, wetness; humiditas, (-round), circumactio, vel levis; to clear the 3. f. humor, 3. m. 3. f.

way), viator, 3. m. A wether-sheep; vervex, To wheeze; irraucesco, 3. Whig; serum lactis tenue 3. m.

Wheezing; asthmaticus While, or whilst; dum, A bell-wether; dux gregis A wheezing; ruacitas, ravis, cùm, quoad : (until), Wether-mutton ; caro ver 3. f.

donec dum veeen

A whelk; pustula, 1. f. A while, or little time; Of a wether ; verveceus To whelm; tego, 3. obte paulisper, parumper, ali. Wettish; humidulus, sub.

quantisper ;

-after), homidus (tus, 2. m. A whelp ; catalus, 2. m. paulo

post, aliquanto A whale ; balæna, 1. f. ce catellus, 2. m. (-lion's), post, interjecto tempore; of a whale ; cetaceus scymnus, 2. m.

(-ago, or since), nuper, A whart; fluminis portus Of a whelp; catulinus

pridem Wharfage ; portorium, 2. n. To whelp ; catulos ēdère A good while; diù, jam priA whariinger: portàs custos When ? quando ? (at what dèm

(dùm What (adj.) qui, quis, time), quandò, cùm, A good while ago; jamdu

qualis; (that which), quum, ubi, postquàm, After a while ; brevi, mox quod; (signifying partly), inter; (-as), quum, quan- For a while; ad quoddam qua:(-manner of), cujus dò, quandoquidem; (-80 tempus modi; (-manner of man), ever), quandocunque ; | The mean while; interim, qualis; (-countryman), (just.), simul ac

intereà [gueo, 2. cojas ; (-ia number, or whence, or from whence : To while ; otior, 1. lan. order), quotusquisque; unde, ex quo; (-soever), Whilst that; donec, quoàd (-soever), quicunque, undecunquè; (you will), Whilom; olim, aliquando qualiscanque, qualis qua undelibet

A whim ; repentinus animi lis

Where; ubì, ubinam; (-or impetus, nugæ, pl. f. To what place; qao; (-80 whereas), cùm quòd; A whim-wham ; nænia ani.

ever), quocunque, qua (-about), ubi, ubi loci; lis, fabula, 1. f. cunquè

(-at), quo, ad quod;(-by), To whimper; obvagio, 4. In what place; ubì; (-80 quo, per quod ; (-ever), Whimsical (Aighty); inever), ubicunque

ubicunquè, ubi ubi; constans; levis; (uncomBy what place ; quà (-means (-fore), cur, quare, quam mon),


vulgaris ; soever), quibuscunque obrèm; (-in), in quo, in (ingenious), ingeniosus modis

quibus, in qua parte; A whin; genista spinosa At what time ; quando; into), in quod, in quæ; To whine; gannio, 4. va.

(-soever), quandocun (-of), cujus, quorum, de gio, 4. que

quo; (.on), saper quod, A whining; querela, 1. f. For what cause ; quamo

in quo; (-soever), ubicun: gemitus, 4. m. brem

que, ubi ubi; (-to or Whiping; queribundus, A wheal; pustula, 1. f. -unto), cui, ad quod; queritans tuberculum, 2. n.

(-upon), ex qao, unde, To'whinny; hinnio, 4. (-afWheat; triticum, 2. n. indè exindè : (-with, or ter), adhinnio, 4. (four), pollen, 3. n. -withal), quo, quibus : A whinyard; gladius fal

, , . (.every), passim, ubique, catus



A whip; flagellum, 8. n. Every whit; omuind, pror- Whole; solidus, integer; scutica, 1. i. sùs

(all), totus, universu: Το whip;

flagello, 1. Never a whit; ne hilum (-in health), sanus, vali(-stitch), prætexu, 3 (-or White ; albus, caudidns, dus run up and dowu), cur. albeos; (-as milk), lac- Made whole; sanatas sito, l. discurro, 3. (-or teus ; (-as snow), niveus: The whole ; samma, l. f. snatch up), arripio, 3. ( as ivory), eburneus ; | Po be whole (in health); corripio, 3. (-out of (-lead), cerussa, 1. f. valeo, 2. doors), foras se prori. (-livered), invidiosus To make whole ; sano I. père ; (-a top), turbinem A white ; album, 2. n. (-of curo, 1. agěre

an ege), albumeu, 3. n. Wholesale ; in solidum To be whipped ; vapulo, 1. (of the eve), albor, 3. m. A wholesale-man ; solidari. A whipper; Aagellator, 3. -o shoot at), alba meta; us, 2. m. m. verberator, 3. m.

(-spot, or speck in the Wholesome; saluber, salg. A whipping: flagellatio, 3. eye), albugo, 3. f.

taris ; (very.), saluberri f. verberatio, 3. f. In white; candidatus, albaA whirl ; verticillum, 2. A.

Wholsomely ; salubriter (-about), vertigo, 3. f. To white, or make white; Wholsomeness; salubritas, To whirl about; torqueo, 2.

dealbo, 1. [deo, 2. 3. f. roto, 1.

(gens To be white; albeo, 2. cap- Wholly (altogether); prorWhirling about; circuma. To grow white; albesco, 3. sùs omnino

(quam The whirling of a stream ; candesco, 3. (.or pale), Whom (of whom); quem, vortex, 3. in.

pallesco, 3. (-white with of whom; de quo, de qua A whirlbat ; cæstus, 4. m. age), canesco, 3. incanes. With whom ; quicum,'qui. A whirligig; rhombus, 2. co, 3.


buscum (3. m. White with age ; canus, iu- Whomsoever ; quemcunA whirlpool; vortex, gurges, Whitely ; candide

que, quemlibet whirlwind; tiphon, turbo, To whiten; candefacio, 3. A whoop; clamor, 3 m. 3. m.

(neus dealbo, 1. (-clothes), To whoop ; clamo, l. voci Full of whirlwinds; turbi. insolo, 1. (grow white), feror, 1.

(mosus Whirring; stridulus albeo, 2. albico, 1. albes. Whooping; vociferans, cla. A whisk ; scopæ vimineæe, co, 3.

A whooping; clamatio, voscopula, 1. f.

Whiteness; albor, 3. m. ciferatio, 3. f. To whisk (dust); scopola

albedo, 3. f. (-of hair), A whooping cough ; tussis purgare ; (-about), celeri canities, 5. f. (shining-), ferina, pertussis, 3. f. tèr, circumagere

nitor, 3. m. candor, 3. m. A whore; meretrix, 3. f. The whiskers; mystax, 3. A whitening: dealbatio, 3. To whore ; scortor, l. me.

(3. f. f. (.of clothes), insolatio, retricor, 1. A whisking about; vertigo,

3. l.

Whoredom; meretriciam, Whisking (swinging); mag. Whither; quò, quonam 2. n.

mus; (a whisking lie), Any whither; usquàm, quo- Whose; cojus, a, um, cumendacium magnum piùm

jus, quorum, quarum; To whisper; submiske Some whither; aliquo (-soever), cajuscunque,

loqui; (-in ihe ear), in Any whither; alicubi quorumcunque

aurem dicere ; susurro, 1. No whither; nusquàm Whosoever ; quicunque, A whisperer; susurro, 3. Whitbersoever ; quocunque quæcunque

m. (-talebearer), gerro, A whiting (fish); alburnus, why? cur? quarè ? qurmo 3. m. susurrator, 3. m.

brèm ? (-not?), cnr non delator, 3. m.

Whitish ; exulbidus ; (-with quid ita non ? A whispering • susurrus,

frost), pruinosus; (-with quidni? (-so?), quia ita ? 2. m. susurratio, 3. f. age), canus

quamobrem? Whist! (husb!) tace au! | To grow whitish; canesco,3. A wick (of a candle); myxa,

[ceo, 2. A whitlow; ulcus digitale 1. f. (-of a torch), ellych To be whist; sileo, 2. ta- A whittle (knife); cultel. nium, 2. o. To whistle; ore fistulare ; lus, 2. m.

Wicked; impius, flagitiosus, (-as birds), cantillo, 1. To whizz; strido, 3. stri nefastus, nefarius, pra(-as wind), crepito, l. deo, 2.

[lus vus, scelestus A whistle ; fistula, 1. f. Whizzing ; stridens, stride. A wicked rogue; scelus, A whistler ; fistulator, 3. m. A whizzing: stridor, 3. m. 3. n.

scelus, 3. B. Whistling ; fistula canens Who ? (interrogative), Wickedness; nequitia, 1. f. A whistling to a horse); quis ? quæ ? quid? (rela: Wickedly; impie, sceleste, poppysma, 3. n. (wind), tive), qui, quæ, quod; nefarie

(simus ventus, stridulus

(indefinite), quis, quæ, Full of wickedness: nequis With a whistling sound ; quid ; (-ever, or -soever); A wicker: vimen, 3. n. stridule

quisquis, quilibet, qui. Made of wickers : vimineus A whit, aliquantulum

cunque, quæcunque A wicket; ostiolum, 2. B.

2. m.


na, 1. f.


Wide ; spatiosus, latus, ain Wi'ils; astatė, versutè, do. toriam adipisci; (-by as. plus; (open), patulus, José

sault), expugno, 1. (-one's propatulus; (very ) per. Wiliness ; astutia, 1. f. cal. favour), gratiain concililatus liditas, 3. f.

are ; (by conquest), vm. Widely; latè, ample, laxe The will; voluntas, 3. f. eu, 3. supero, 1. domo, l. To widen ; amplio, 1. dila (desire), votum, 2. n. (-by entrenty), exoro, l. to, l.

(pleasure), arbitrium, 2. la prize), palmam reporWideness, or width; lati. n. libido,3. f. (command), tare ; (obtain), potior, 4.

tudo, 3. f. amplitado, 3.f. jusum, 2. n. mandatum, consequor, 3. obtineo, 2. A widgeon ; fulica, 1. i. 2. n. (intention), propo. To wince; calcitro, 1. A widow: vidua, 1. f. mu. situm, 2. D. intentio, 3. f. A winch (tool); trochlea, lier relicta consilium, 2. D.

1. f. A widower ; viduus, 2. m. A will, or last will; testa- Wincing ; calcitrans, calci. Widowhood; viduitas, 3. f. mentum, 2. n.

trosus To weild (Irandle); tracto, Good will (kindness); be. A wincing : calcitratus,

1. (brandish). vibro, 1. nevolentia, 1. f. (-for «The wind; ventus, 2. m.

(govern), guberno, 1. house, shop, &c.), præ lequinoctial enst.), euA wife; uxor, 3. f. conjax, mium, 2. n.

rus, 2. m. (equinoctial 3. f. sponsa; 1. f. matro- To bear good will; bene west.), zephyras, 2. m.


(ter favopius; 2. m. (due A son's wife; nurus, 4. f. With a good will; liben. north-), septentrio), 3.m. an old wife; anus, 4. f. Of mere good will gratui. (due south.), meridies; vetuia, 1. f.

10, gratis (vor, 3. m. 5. m. (north-east.), aquiA wife's father; soccr, 2.m.III wiil; invidia,' 1. f. li. lo, 3. m. boreas, l. m. A wife's mother; socrus, Against one's will; invite, (south-west. ), caurus, 2. 4. f. ægrè

m. argestes, l. m. (southBelonging to a wise; uxo- With an ill will; invitè, ægrè east-), euronotus, 2. m.

of one's own will; spontè, vulturnus, 2. m. (southA wig (cake); libum, 2. n. ultro

west-by-west), libs, 3. in. (-for the head), capilla. To will; volo; (command), africus, 2. m. (boister. mentum, 2. n. jubeo, 2. mando, l.

ous-), turbo, 3. m. (con. A wight: homo, 3.c. g. ani- Not to will; nolo

trary.), reflatus, 4. m. mal, 3. 11.

To make a will; testor, 1. (gentle), aura, 1. f. Wild (untamed); indomi- A will maker; testator, 3. (southerly-), auster, 2. m. tus, ferus; (mad), de m. testatrix, 3. f. (writ. notus,

m. mens, insanus, furiosus ; er), testymentarius, 2. m. breath), halitus, 4. m. (Aighty), inconstans, le Without a will (adj.); intes flatus, 4. m. spiritus, vis; (uncultivated), sil. tatus ; (adv.), intestato anima, 1, f. vestris ; (absurd, imper. Of a will; testamentarius Windbound; vento adverso tinent), absurdus, insul. Willed (by will): legatus ; detentus sus, ineptus; (untaught), (desired), oplatus, exup. To take wind, or breath; indectus ; (hare-brain. tarus

respiro, 1. animam reci. ed), dissolutus

Self-willed ; obstinatus perc; (become kuowu), A wild beast; fera, 1. f. Sweet-william; arm eria, pateto, 3. evulgor, 1. Wild fowl; volucres, pa 1. f.

To wind (or turn about); lustres

Willing; libens, volens verto, 3. circumverto, 3. To make wild; effero, 1. Willingly; libenter ; (-and (-or roll about), circumTo grow wild (as trees); wittingly), sciens pru volvo, 3. (-or twist silvesco, 3.


[coactè about), torqueo, 2. (-10), A wilderness; desertum, Not willingly; invite intorqueo, 2. (-into bot. 2. n. deserta, pl. n. soli. Willingness; desiderium, toms), in glomos glonnetudo, 3. f. eremus, 2. f. 2. n.

rare ; (off), devolvo, 3. locus solus, vel desertus A willow; salix, 3. f.

(-up a clock), filum horWildly. (fiercely); feroci. A place planted with wil. arii torquêre ; (-up a dis

ter, demeuter (imper. lows; salictum, 2. n. course), orationem continently), ineptè, absurde of a willow ; saligaus. cluděre; (-a horn, coruu Wildaess; ferocitas, insul. Wily; Astutus,call dus, inflare sitas, 3. t.

dolosus, versutus, vafer, Long-winded; animå præA wile; dolus, 2. m. fraue, insidiosus

largus ; (.discourse), 3. 1. A wimble ; terebra, 1. f. oratio

nimis longa ; Wilful; pervicas, perver. terebrum, 2. n.

(-piece of work), opus sus, coutumax, superbus To bore with a wimble ; diuturni laboris, pensum, Wilfully ; pertiunciter, ob terebro, 1.

2. n.

(asthmaticus stinate

A wimple ; peplum,. n. Short-winded; aphelus, Wilfulness; pertinacia, 1. To win; lucror, 1. lucri. A winder; tortor contor I. contumacia, 1, f.

facio, 3. (-a battle), vic tor, 3. m.


Windiness; ventositas, 3. f., Winter; hyems, 3. f. bru- of witchcraft; magicus
Winding; tortilis, fexilis ma, 1. n. (må hyeme An user of witchcraft; ma-
A winding (bending); flex. In depth of winter ; sum gus, 2. m.
us, 4. m.

Winter-quarters; biberna, With ; cum
Winding in and out; fexu-

pl. n.

[gidus With a good will ; libenter osus, sinuosus

of winter; hyemalis, fri- With ill-will; invité; (-all With windings; flexuose To winter ; hyemo, 1. hy. speed); quamprimum, The winding (of a path); berno, l.

primo quoque tempore ; anfractus, 4. m. (-of a A wintering; hyematio, 3.f. -one another), inter se, river), flexus, 4. m. sinus, Wintry; hyemalis, brunia mutud; (-unuchado), 4. m. (-of a rope), spira, lis

ægrè, vix 1. f. (of vine iwigs), A wipe (jeer); sanna, l. f. One with another; promisfunetum, 2. n. dicterium, 2. n.


[cum A winding-sheet ; linteum To wipe (clean); tergeo, 2. Together with ; simùl, urà ferale {lides extergeo, 2. (-off,

or Withal (with which); qun. Winding-stairs; acalæ coch away), abstergeo, 2. de. cum, quibuscum, quo, A windlass ; trochlea, 1. f. tergeo; 2. (-the nose), quibus ; (besides), ad • (-of a crane), grus, 3. d. nares emungěre; (-out), hæc, prætereà g. sucula, 1. 1.

deleo, 2. erado, 3. ex. With child; gravida, præg The windpipe; gurgolio, 3.

pungo, 3.

nans m.

A wiping; purgatio, emunc. To withdraw (draw away, A window; fenestra, 1. f. tio, 3. f.

or from); avoco, 1. abstraHaving windows; fenes- Wire, metallum netum ho, 3. seduco, 3. (retire). tratus

To wiredraw; metallum recedo, 3. secedo, 3. Of windows; fenestralis nêre; (spin, cat, or pro (alienate), alieno, 1. averWindward ; ventum versus long), protraho, 3. (sift, to, 3. deduco, 3. (from Windy; ventosus ; (-ex or search out), exquiro, business), à negotiis se pressions), ampullæ, pl. f. 3. scrutor, 1.

removēre Wine ; vinum, 2. n. (new.), Wisdom; sapientia, pruden- A withdrawing (or draw. mustum, 2. n. (neat-), tia, 1. f.

ing away, or from), submerum, 2. n. (old-), vi. Wise; sapiens, prudens, ductio, 3. f. seductio, 3. f, num vetustum consultus

(retiring), secessio, 3. f. Tempered with wine; vino- To be wise ; sapio, 3. recessio, 3. f. recessus, lentus

(vinosus (-again), resipisco, 3. 4. m. (-room), secretum, A winebibber; vinolentus, resipio, 3.

2. n. recessus, 4. m. seA wine-glass; vitreum vina. In any wise ; quoquo modo; cessus, 4. m. rium

(vinarium (-no wise). nequaquam, 10 wither; exaresco, 3. A wine press ;

torculum nullo modo, nullatenùs; flaccesco, 3. marceo, 3. A wine-vault; onophorum, (-this wise); sic, ità, hoc Withered; flaccidus, mar. 2. n. modo, in hunc modum cidas

[ducus A seller of wines; cnopo- Wisely; sapienter, consulto Withering; marcescens, ca.

la, 1. m. vinarius, 2. m. A wish ; votum, 1. n. op- A withering away; tabes, 3. A wing ; ala, 1. f. penna, 1. tio, 3. f.

f. languor, 3. m. f. (-of an army), cornu, To wish; opto, 1. exopto, To withhold; detineo, 2. 4. `n. (-of a building), 1. (-one joy), gratulor, 1. retineo, 2. ala, 1. f. latus, 3. n.

congratulor, 1. (rather), A withholding; detentio, Belonging to wings; alaris malo, præopto, 1.

retentio, 3. f, A wink; Dictus, 4. m. obtu. A wishing; optatio, 3. f.

Within ;

intùs, intro: tus, 4. m.

A wisher; qui optat, cupi. (prep.), cis, in, intra; (a To wink ; nicto,l. conniveo, tor, 3. m.

while), propediem, brev.; 2. (-at, or upon), alicui A wisp (brush); scopula, 1. ( while after), paulò post. adnictare; (or connive f. (little cushion), pulvil haud multò post; (a few at), tolero, 1. permitto, 3. lus, 2. m.(-of straw, &c.), days), paucis diebus; (a (-with one eye), colli. manipulus, 2. m. (-in the little), ferè, propè, pæne, neo, 1.

eye), inflammatio, 3. f. ferme A winking at; conniventia. Wist (known); notus Without (not with); sine, 1. f:

Wistful; expetens, intentus absque, extra, ultrò,citra; A winning; lucrum, 2. n. Wistfully; oculis intentis (not within), foris, extra, Winning (engaging); alli- Wit; ingenium, 2. n. sol. extrinsecùs ; (unless), nl, ciens lertia, 1. f. lepor, 3. m.

nisi To winnow; evanno, 1. sales, pl. m.

To be without (or destitute ventilo, 1. (3. m. To wit; videlicet, nempè, of); egeo, 2. vaco, 1. A winnower; ventilator, scilicet

(1. 1. Not' without much ado; A winnowing ; ventilatio, 3. A witch; saga, 1. f. venefica, ægrè, vix f.

(f. Witchcraft; veneficium, 2. To withsay: contradico, 3. Windowings; glumæ, pl. u. magia, 1. f.

To withstand ; obsisto, 3.


2. n.

obnitor, 3. resisto, 3. re- A wonder; miraculum, 3., woollen-draper; langpogno, 1. obluctor, i.

n. prodigium, 2. m. por rius, 2. m. jvillosus A withstanding; repugnan tentum, 2. n. res mira Woolly; lanatus, lanaris,

tia, 1. f. [men, 3. n. To wonder at (admire); A word; vox. 3. i. dictum, A withy; salix, 3. f. vi miror, 1. admiror, 1. (be 2. n. verbuni, 2. n. voca. A witness; testis, 3. c. g. astonished at), stupeo,

bulum, 2. n. serma, 3. m. arbiter, 2. m. (testimony), 2. obstupesco, 3.

Big words ; ampullæ. pl. f. testmonium, 2. n.

To be wondered at; miran. Opprobrious words; conTo witness; testificor, 1.

vicia, pl. n. A witnessing; testatio, 3. f. A wonderer; mirator, 3. m. A word (promise); promisA witticism; argutum dic-Wonderful, wondrous, mi sum, 2. n. (command), tum

rus, mirabilis, admirabilis, jussum, mandatum, præ. Wittily; argute, acutè, scite prodigiosas

ceptum, 2. 1. Wittiness ; sagacitas, 3. f. Wonderfully; mirabiliter The word (or watchword); Wittingly; scientèr, cogi. Wonderfulness; mirabili.

tessera, 1. f. symbolum, tate tas, 3. f. [bundus

(voce Witless ; stultus, insipieus Wondering; mirans, mira- By word of mouth ; viva, Witty,

acutus, sagax; A wondering; admiratio, Word for word; ad verbum (-saying), facétiæ, pl. f. 3. f.

(turgus In a word; breviter, brevi argutiæ, pl. f.

Wonder-working; thauma. In word only; verbo tends Wives; uxores, pl. f. of A wont, or custom ; con- Well-worded; eleganter uxor

(gus, 2. m. suetudo, 3. f. mos, 3. m. dictus, vel scriptus A wizard; venencus, ma- To be wont; soleo, 2. con- Full of words (adj.); ver. Wond; glastum, 2. n. isatis, suesco, 3.

[tus bosus, loquax; (adv.) 3. f.

[ria, 1. f. As men are wont; humani verbose Woe; calamitas, 3. f. mise- To woo : procor, 1. ambio, 4. A work; opus, 3. n. opera, Woe (interj.); væ!

Wood (timber); lignum, 2. 1. f. (trouble), turba, 1. Woful; ærumnosus, miser, n. materia, 1. f.

f. tumultus, 4. m. (checkcalamitosus, triptis, luc- Made of wood; ligneus er.), opus tessellaium tuosus

(serè Full of wood ; lignosus Works (buildings), ædifi. Wofully; miserabilitèr, mi. A wood; sylva, 1. t. nemus, cia, pl. n. opera, pl. ". Wofulness; miseria, 1. f. 3. n. saltus, 4. m. (-sacred (fences), munimenta, calamitas, 3. f.

to a deity), lucus, 2. m. A wolf ; lupus, 2. w.. (she-), Woody; sylvosus, nemoro-To work ; operor, 1. laboro, lupa, 1. f. (-dog), lycisca,


1. (fashion), fabrico, 1. 1. f. (disease), phægedæ. Brush-wood; cremium, 2. fingo, 3. (-as liquors), na, 1. f.

Sear-wood; ramale, 3. n. ferinentor, 1. (dowWolf-bane; aconitum, 2. n. Great fire-wood; lignum, wards), purgo, 1. (-as an A wolf-catcher; luparius,

Artificer), laboro, 1, Wolfish; lupinus (2. mn. Great timber-wood; mate (needle-work), acu pinA woman, mulier, 3. f. ria, 1. f.

gěre; (-upon), persuafemina, 1. f. (young-). To grow to wood; sylves deo, 2. suadeo, 2. adolescentula f. (lit. co, 3.

(3. f. A workhouse; ergastulum, tle, or mean-), inuliercu- A woodcock ; gallinago, 2. n.

(brica, 1. f. Ja, 1. f. (grave-), matrona, A sea-woodcock; trochilus, A workshop; officina, fa1. f. (prating-), lingulaca,

2. m.

A working; operatio, 3. f. 1. f. working.), operaria, a wood-pigeon; palumbes, A working-day; dies ne1.1. (manly-), virago, 3. 3. c. g. (-lark), galerita gotiosus f. (new married-), spon. arborea; -louse), cimex, Working; operans, labo6a, 1. f. (childbed-), puer 3. m. (man), arborator, rans ; (boisterous), intu. pera, 1. f. (-servant), an 3. m. (-monger), ligna

cilia, 1. f. famula, 1. f. rius, 2. m. (-ward, or A workman; opifex, artiOf a woman ; muliebris forester), saltuarius, 2. fex, 3. c. g. Womanish, womanly; mu m. (-worm), cossis, 3. m. Workmanlike ; affabrè, eleliebris, femineus Wooden; ligneus, arboreus ganter

(2. n. Like a woman; effiminatus Wooed; ambitus, sollicita- Workmanship: opificium, Womanly (adv. effeminate tus

(2. m. The world; mundus, 2. m. Womanly (sober, staid, A wooer; procos, amasius, orbis, 3. m. (-affairs of

grave); matronalis The woof; trama, 1. f. the world), res, pl. f. res The womb; uterus, 2. m. Wool; lana, 1. f. vellus, 3. humanæ matrix, 3. f.

[m. A little world; microcos. Of the womb; uterinus A woo!-seller; Janarius, 2.

mus, 2. m.

[nitus Women: mulieres, pl. f. A wool-casder; lan fica, 1.f. A world of; magnus, infifeminæ, pl. f.

A wool pack, or sack; lanæ World iness ; avaritia, 1. f. Won (of win); lucrativus ; fascis

Worldly (belonging to the (-by assault), expugnatus Woolen; laneus, lanarius world); muudanus, ter.

pl. n.

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2. n.



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