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In compiling this Dictionary, special reference has been had to the actual need of the school-boy or early student; and it is believed that nothing essential to his progress will be found wanting.

The pupil will observe that participles regularly derived are omitted. For instance, amatus from its root amo, and auditus from audio; but those irregularly formed, such as latus from fero and adeptus from adipiscor, are inserted ; and he is directed to the root to learn their meaning and derivation.

W. R. V.


Complete Pocket Dictionary





ABO A, unexpressed in Latin an indefinite particle,, An abiding in; perseveran more than), ante, preter,

tia, 1. f. (temptus ultra To abandon ; derelinquo, 3. Abject; abjecta, vilis, con- Above, adv ; plùs, ampliùs, desero, 3 rejicio, 3. Abjectly; abjectè, humiliter

magis; (upwards), sursùin Abandoned (wicked); per abjectuess; abjectio, 3. f. Above,comp.; superior, ma

ditus, Magitiosus, nequi- Abilities (of mind); peri jor, præstantior tiæ, deditus (tio, 3. f.

tia, 1. f.

Above that; ad hæc, insuper An abandonment; derelic- Ability (power); facultas, 3. f. From above; desuper, suTo abase; dejicio, 3. depri. Abjuration; abdicatio, 3.f. perne

(insuper mo, 3.


Over and above; ad, extra, An abasement; dejectio,3. f. To abjure ; abjurn, 1. re. Above-board; apertè, can To abash; podefacio, 3. con. nuncio, 1. inficior, 1. dide

(dictus fundo, 3. rubor:m alicui Able; potens, valens, capas, Above-mentioned ; . supraincutere

peritus (valeo, 2. To be above ; emineo, 2. To abate; remitto, 3. de. To be able; possum, queo, 4. antecedo, 3. cresco, 3.

To be very able; prævaleo, 2. To abound; abundo, l. reAn abatement; detractio, 3. More, or very able; præpo dundo, l. exuudo, l. aff. diminutio, 3. f. subduc

scientin, I f.

fuo, 3. tio, 3. f.

Ableness (skill); peritia, 1. f. About,præp; is rendered by An abbot; abbas, 3. m. Ablution; ablutio, 3. f. ad; as, about four thou An abbess; abbatissa, 1. f Ahoard; in nave, super nave sand, ad quatuor millia. An abbey; cænobium, 2. n. Abode; habitatio, 3. f. do. By apud; as, about the To abbreviate ; contraho, 3. micilium, 2. n. sedes, 3. market, apud forum. By An abbreviation; ontractio, f. commoratio, 3. f.

circa, or circum; as, about 3. f. compendium, 2. n. To abolish; abrogo, l. res. London, circa Londinum. To abdicate; abdico, 1. re cindo, 3. (3. deleo, 2. By circiter;as about uoon, signo, 1.

(3. f. To abolish(destroy); perdo, circiter meridiem, By de; An abdication; ahdicatio, Abominable; execrabilis, o. as, about your daughter, To abe! ; adjavo, 1. instigo,l. diosus

de filia vestra. By fero; An abetting; instigatio, Abominably; turpiter, odiosè as, about the same hour, 3. m.

To abominale; abominor, 1. eadem ferè hora. BY An abettor; instigator, 3. m. abhorreo, 2. detestor, 1. ferme; as, about those To abhor; detestor, 1. abo fugo, 3.

days, iisdem fermè dieminor, i. (3. f. Abomination; detestatio, 3.


By in; as, about An abhorrencc; detestatio, f. odium, 2. 11.

this business, in hoc neTo abide (continue); mo. Abortion; abortio, 3. f. ab gotio. By instar; as, a. ror, 1. duro, ).

ortus, 4. m. (traius bout thirty, ipstar triginNot to abide; abomi, or, 1. Abortive; abortivus, frus. ta. By plus minus ; as, To abide by (defeud), de- Abortively; infeliciter, ad about ten, plus miuus defendo, 3. (3. f. irritum

cem. By quusi; as, about An abiding; commora io, Above, præp; (not below), a foot long, quasi pedalis. An abiding by; tuitio, 8. l. super, supra; (beyond, or By sub; as, about the same

time, sub idem tempus. To abstract; contraho, 3. se. significatio, 3. f. By super; as, about this

jungo, 3.

(2. n. An ai ceptor; acceptor, 3.m. affair, super hac re. By an abstract; compendium, An access ; accessio, 3. f. versus; as, about noon, Abstracted; abstractus,con accessus,4. m. aditus, 4.m. ad meridiem versùs


(se To have access; a imitior, 3. To be about; is generally Abstractedly, separatim,per Accessary; adjunctus, as

rendered by the future in Abstruse; oculius, abditus sentiens rus

(occupor, 1 Very abstruse; per-recondi- Accessible; affabilis, comis To be about, or employed ;


Accession; accessio, 3. f. To go about (attempt); ay. Abstrusely; occultè, abditè accessus, 4. m. (e. gredior, 3.

Abstruseness ; obscuritas, An accessory ; particeps, 3. To abridge; privo, l. con 3. f.

Accidental; fortuitus, adtraho, 3. Absurd ; absurdus, ineptus ventitius

fortè Anabridging; contractio,3.f. Somewhat absurd; subab. Accidentaliy; casu, fortuitò, An abridging of; privativ, surdus

An acclamation; acclamatio, 3. f.

{um, 2. u. Very absurd ; perabsurdus 3. f. An abridgment; compevdi- An absurdity; res inepta Acclivity ; acclivitas, 3. f. Abroach, (tapped); terebra. Absurdly; absurdè, ineptè To accommodate; aceomtus

Abundance; copia,abundan modo, l. apto, l. iustruo, Abroad (from home); foris ; tia, 1. f.

(plenus 3. reconcilio, 1. (out of doors), turás; (in Abundant; copiosus, uber, du accommodation; accomforeign parts), peregrè; Abundantly;copiosè, abunde inodatio, 3. f. (in sight), in propatuio; More abundantly; copiosus, To accompany (go with), here and there), latè, pasuberiùs

comitor, 1. deduco, 2. persim, undique

To abuse; abutor, 3. (de ducu, 3. (keep company To abrogate; rescindo, 3. ceive), decipio, 3. (pol. with), consocior, 1. (c.g. Abrogated ; abrogalus, re lute), polluo, 3. vitio, 1. An accomplice; particeps, 3. scissus

(3. f.

stupro, 1. (-to one's face). To accomplishe; cousummo, An abrogation; abolitio,

1. . Abrupt; abruptus, prærup tongue), convicior, 1. (-in perago, 3. tus, asper

action), malefacio, 3. Accomplished; completus Abruptly'; abruptè, raptim An abuse, (wrong use); ab- An accomplishing; peractio, Abruptness; abruptio, 3. f. usus, 4. m. (injury), inju. 3. f. An abscess; abscessus, 4. m. ria, 1. f. fraus, 3. 1. (with To accompt (account); com Abscision; abscissio, 3. f. the tongue), couvicium, puto, I. (concordia, 1. f. To abscond; abscoudo, 3. 2. 1. contumelia, 1. f. Ali accord; consensus, 4. m. lateo, 2.

Abused (-in words); convi. To act ord; assentio, 4 conAn absconding; occultatio, ciis lacessitus:(.in facts), venio, 4. concordo, 1. sen{desiderium, 2. n. violatus, læsus

(spontè Absence; absentia, 1. f. An abuser; conviciator,3.m.' of his own accord; ultrò, Absent; absens

An abusing; conviciuin, 2. According as; proùl, periudé To be absent; absum,desum n. injuria, 1. f. fraus, 3. f. ut, utcunque, pro eo ut, To absent himself; abdere Abusive; scurrilis,dicax,pe. According to; ad, de, ex, se

[ru, 1.
(um, 2. n. secuudum, pro

sic To absolve; absolvo, 3. libe- Abusive language; convici. Accordingly; ideò, pariier, To be absolved ; absolvor, 3 Abusively; scurriliter, cou- To accost; aggredur, 3 Absolved; absolutus, remis tumeliosè

adeo, 4. compello, 1. sùs

(beratio, 3. f. To abut; adjaceo, 2. Accosted; compellatus (f. An absolving ; absolutio, li- Abutting; conterminus,con- An accosting; compellatio, 3. Absolutely; absolutè, pro

[fundum, 2. n. To account; numero, 1.

[f. An abyss; abyssus, 2. f. pro computo, l. Absoluteness; dominatio, 3. An academic; academicus, an account (reckoning); Absolution; absolutio, 3. f. 2. m.

ratio, 3. f. computus, 4. Absolutory; absolutorius Academical; academicus m. (este m), reputatio, 3. To absorb ; absorbeo, 2. An academy; academia, I. f.

f. pretium, 2. n. (3. f. Absorbed, absorptus To accede; accedo, 3. as-An accounting; computatio, To abstain; abstineo, 2. sese sentio, 4.

Of little account; nullius continêre (1. f. To accelerate ; accelero, 1.

pretii, vilis An abstaining; abstinentia, festino, I. (apex, 3. m. Accountable ; obnoxius Abstemious; temperatus,so Au accent; acceutus, 4. m. A caster of accounts; cal brius (sobriè To accept; accipio, 3.

culator, 3. m. [peritus Abstemiously : temperatè, Acceptable ; carus, gratus, Anaccountant; arithmetices Abstemiousness; temperan accep us

To account (esteem); æsti. tia, 1.. (abstergens i acceptably; aptè, gratè mo, 1. habeo, 2. pendo, 3, Abstergent, or abstersive; Acceptance; acceptio, 3. f. facio, 3.

(reddere Abstinence, abstinentia, 1.1. Acceptation; seusus, 4. m. To account for; rationem

3. f.

tio, 4.



Io tarn to an account; pro. The sce-point ; canicu- , To act, or imitate; gesticusum

tus la; 1. f. (nas, 3. f. lor, i. (gestum. 2. n. Of great account; carus,gra- The ace (at cards); mo- An act, or decd factum Of no account; vilis, nihili Acephalous; sine capite, An act, or decree , decreOf some account; aliquo vel principio

tum, 2. n. (-of the compretio

Acerbity (severity); duri. mons), plebiscitum, 2. n. An account (cause); causa, tia, 1. f. rigor, 3. m. seve (-of indemnity),lex oblivi1. f. ratio, 3. f. ritas, 3. f.

ouis ; (-in a play), actus Accounted; æstimatus, ba- An ache; dolor, 3. m.

4. m. (exploit), facinus, bitus

(struo, 3. Head ache; capitis dole 3. n. (wicked.), flagitium, To accoutre; apparo, 1. iu- To ache; dole, 2. (tro, 1. 2. 11. crimen, 3. n. Accoutrements; arma, or- To achieve; perago, 3. pa- Acts registered; acta, orum,

um, pl. 2. n. apparatus, To be achieved : geror, 3. pl. n. (gesticulatio, 3. f.

4. m. ornatus, 4. m. (3 f. conficior, 3. (tus, gestus | An acting, or mimicking; An accou ring; apparatio, Achieved ; confectus, ac An action ; actum, 2. N. Accredited; æstimatus, huo an achiever; confector, (fight), pugna, l. f. (in noratus victor, 3. m.

speaking), actio, 3. 1. ges. To accrue; accresco, 3.or-An achieving; confectio,3. f. tus, 4. m. ir, 4. accedo, 3. adve- Achievements; res gestæ, Actionable ;

judicio obnio, 4. tacinora, pl. 3. n.


(strenuus To accumulate; accumulo, l. Acid ; acidus, vinosus Active ; agilis, promptus, Accumulated; Acidity; acrimonia, 1. f. ac. Actively in gramınar); acacervatus (atio, 3. f. or, 3. m.


guavitas, 3, f. An accumulating; coacerv. To acknowledge ; agnosco, Activity ; agilitas,mobilitas, Accuracy; acturatio, 3. f. 3. recognosco, 3 confite. An actor (iu a play); hisAccurate ; accuratus, ex or. 2. fateor, 2. profiteor, 2. trio. 3. m. mimus, 2. m. actus

(acte | Acknowledged; aguitus, re ludio, 3. m. (doer); acAccurately; accuratè, ex cognitus, (cognitio, 3. f. tor, auctor, 3. m. To acrurse; devoveo, 2. ex An acknowledgement; rc- An actress ; mima, 1. f. secror, 1.

(cratus Aconite ; aconitum, 2. n. Actual ; ipso facto Accursed; devotus, exse An acorn; glans, 3. f. Actually ; reverà, re ipsa Accusable : accusandus Full of acorus; glandulosus To actuate ; incito, 1. aniAccusatory ; accusatorius Bearing acorns gland fer To accuse; accuso, 1, cri- To acquaint ; indico, 1. ad. Acute (or sharp); acutus : ninor, 1. arguo, 3.

moneo, 2. certiorem ali. (-in judgment), sagax, To accuse, or blame, re

quem facere

subtilis; (-in reply), salprehendo, 3. (nor, 1. acquaintance (the thing); sus, acutus

centus To accuse falsely ; calum notitia, 1. f. consuetudo, An acute accent; acutus, ncTo accuse secretly; defe. 3. f. (the person); familia- Acutely; acute, subtiliter, TO, 3. (tulatus ris, 3. m. notus, 2. m.

salse (gaetas, 3. f. Accused, accusatus, pos. A quainted; familiaris, cog. Acuteness subtilitas, saAccused falsely; faiso de nitus

(cognitus An adage ; a layium, 2. A. latis (lator, 3. m. Acquainted before ; præ- Adamant (loadstone); magAn accuser; accusator, de- An acquainting ; indicium, nes, 3. m. (a diamond), A false accuser; calumnia 2. u.

[asseutior. 4. adamas, 3 n. tor, 3. m.

(3. f. lo arquiesce; acquiesco, 3, Adamantine ; adamantinus An accusation : accusatio: An acquiescence; assensus, To adapt; accomodo; ? A secret accusation; dela 4. m.

(datio, 3. f. tio, 3. f.

(na, 1. Acquiesced in; comprobatus An' adapting; aceoinmo. A false accusation; calum. To acquire (get); ac quiro. To add (put to); addo, 3. Accusing falsely; calumni. 3. consequor, 3. lucror, 1. appono, 3. ndjicio, 3. (join Osus

(wiosè (learn); disco, 3. (scitus to), adjungo, 3. subjicio, By false accusing; calum-Acquired; acquisitus, ad 3. (reckon), adscribo, 3. To accustom; assuefacio, 3. An acquiring ; adeptio, 3 f. (-over and abve), suTo accustom one's self; as- Acquisition ; accessio, 3. f. peraddo 3. (-fuel to fire), suesco, 3. (litus sum, 2. lucrum, 2'n [ro, 1.

incendo, 3. (-together), To be arcastonied; soleo,so. To acquit; solvo, 3. libe coaddo, 3. (in speaking), Accustomed to do a thing ; A qui tal; absolutio, 3. i. superdico, 3. assuetes

(litus Acquitted ; liberatus, abso. Added to others ; conscripAccustomed to be done; NO lutus

(jectio, 3. f. Not accustomed; insolitus, Au acquitting; liberatio, 3. f. An adding: accessio, ad

insuetus (quentèr An acre ; jugerum, 2. n. An addition; appendix. 3. f. Accustomarily, usitalè, fre- Acre by acre ; jugeratim Addition, or ornament; or Accustomary; usitatus, as-acrimony; acrimonia, 1. namentum fuetus [tio, 3. f. f. acor, 3.a.

Addition (in arithmetic); Au accustoming; assuefac- 'To act (do); ago, 3. facio, 3. additio, 3. f.

mo, 1.


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