The picture of London, for 1802

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Seite 26 - of ale, beer, and twopenny. He did so, and succeeded, calling it entire or entire butt beer, meaning that it was drawn entirely from one cask or butt, and being a hearty nourishing liquor, it was very suitable for porters and other working people. Hence it obtained its
Seite 239 - of government, to check the impositions of the priests of the priory of Clerkenwell, who extorted money from the people by making them believe that the virtues of the water proceeded from the efficacy of their prayers. The concourse of visitors had induced the proprietors to have music at the house, and concerts were constantly performed there.
Seite 174 - in this collection was to exhibit the gradations of nature, from the most simple state in which life is found to exist, up to the most perfect and complex of the animal creation, to man himself. By his art and care he was able so to expose and preserve in a dried state, or in spirits, the corresponding parts of
Seite 206 - the crime of self-murder to that guilt which is the cause of their distress, or of being forced by the strong call of hunger into prostitution, they find a safe and quiet retreat, in this abode of peace and reflection. The method of proceeding for the admission of women into
Seite 102 - was surrounded by a brick wall by Edward IV. within which that monarch built the lion's tower. By the command of Charles II. in 1663, the ditch was completely cleansed, the wharfing re-built with brick and stone, and sluices erected for admitting and retaining the water of the river, as occasion might require.
Seite 65 - is a very great curiosity. It is 140 yards in circumference. A stone seat runs round the gallery along the foot of the wall. On the side directly opposite the door by which the visitor enters, several yards of the seat are covered with matting, on which the visitor being
Seite 206 - class is entrusted to its particular assistant, and the whole is under the inspection of a matron. This separation, useful on many accounts, is peculiarly so to a numerous class of women, who are much to be pitied, and to whom this charity has been very beneficial : viz.
Seite 172 - regulations. Permissions are in general granted for three months, and none for a longer term than six months: and readers are allowed to take one or more extracts from any printed book or manuscript; but. no whole, or greater part of a manuscript is to be transcribed without a particular leave from the trustees. The
Seite 68 - which is a college, consisting of a dean, twelve secular canons, and thirty petty canons, to which is attached a school of forty boys, denominated the Queen's, or King's, Scholars, with a master and usher; and also twelve alms-men, an organist, and choristers. The present church was built by Henry III. and his successor,
Seite 82 - used only as a passage to the principal rooms. There is a range of five of these, opening into each other successively, and fronting the park. The Presence Chamber opens into the centre room, called the Privy Chamber, where is a canopy, under which the king receives the quakers. On the right are two

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