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To God, the Father, Son........J. Wesley 722 What various hindrances we..W. Cowper 496
To God, the Father, Son.....E. F. Hatfield 727 | Whate'er my God ordains....S. Rodigast 487
To God your every want.......C. Wesley 512 When all thy mercies, O my God.J. Addison 105
To thee, Eternal Soul........R. W. Gilder 14 When gathering clouds......Sir R. Grant 134
To thee, dear, dear Sav..J.S. B. Monsell 324 When I can read my title clear...I. Watts 440
To-morrow, Lord, is thine...P. Doddridge 253 When I survey the wondrous cross.I. Watts 141
True-hearted, whole-hearted. F. R. Havergal 420 When Israel, of the Lord be...Sir W. Scott 95
Try us, O God, and search the..C. Wesley 555 When Jesus dwelt in mortal...T. Gibbons 695

When, marshaled on the night. H. K. White 124
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb..I. Watts 586 When morning gilds the......E. Caswall 32
Upon the gospel's sacred...Sir J. Bowring 199

| When musing sorrow weeps ....G. T. Noel 455

When on my day of life....J. G. Whittier 589
Walk in the light I so shalt thou..B. Barton

When the weary, seeking rest....H. Bonar 509

When time seems short and..G. W. Bethune 296
Watchman, tell us of the..Sir J. Bowring 636

Where cross the crowded ways.F. M. North 423
We bid thee welcome. .....J. Montgomery 226

Wherewith, O Lord, shall I draw.C. Wesley 244
We give thee but thine own...W. W. How 688
We hope in thee, O God......M. F. Hearn 328

While life prolongs its precious. .T. Dwight 254

While shepherds watched.. Tate and Brady 115
We journey through a vale of..B. Barton 447

While thee I seek, protect..H. M. Williams 517
We lift our hearts to thee.......J. Wesley 45

While, with ceaseless course, the.J. Newton 574
We march, we march to victo..G. Moultrie 418

Who are these arrayed in white..C. Wesley 619
We may not climb the heav.J. G. Whittier 128
We plow the fields and scatter. M. Claudius 716

Who is thy neighbor? He..W.B.O. Peabody 690

Why do we mourn departing frien.l. Watts 595
We praise thee, Lord, for ho..J. P. Hopps
We rear not a temple, like Ju..H. Ware, Ir. 666

Why should our tears in..W. H. Bathurst 591

| Why should the children of a King.I. Watts 299
We would see Jesus.........A. B. Warner 323

Why should we start and fear to...I. Watts 581
Weary of earth, and laden...S. J. Stone 284

Wilt thou hear the voice. .Mrs. C. L. Rice 675
Weary souls, that wander wide..C. Wesley 262

With glorious clouds encompas. .C. Wesley 327
Weep not for a brother deceased.C. Wesley 594

With joy we hail the sacred day..H. Auber 65
Welcome, delightful morn....T. Harroard 67

Work, for the night is coming. A. L. Walker 422
Welcome, happy morning...V. Fortunatus 166

Workman of God! O lose not..F. W. Faber 392
Welcome, sweet day of rest......I. Watts 64
What a Friend we have in Jesus.J. Scriven 551
What grace, O Lord, and be..Sir E. Denny 126

Ye servants of God, your Master.C. Wesley 11
What is our calling's glorious...C. Wesley 358 Ye servants of the Lord. ...P. Doddridge 429
What is the thing of great..J. Montgomery 243
What though the arm of con.P. Doddridge 592 | Zion stands with bills surrounded.T. Kelly 212





All things come of thee, O Lord..

.... . . ...............
Blessed be the man that provideth for


Day of Wrath, O day of mourning.....

Glory be to God on high .............
Glory be to the Father ................
God be merciful unto us and bless us (Psalm 67)....
God spake these words, and said [The Ten Commandme
Holy.' Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts.....
In age and feebleness extreme....................

. . Charles Wesley
Into the woods my Master went......

....Sidney Lanier 745
Late, late, so latel and dark the night, and chill..

Alfred Tennyson 743
Lord, have mercy upon us........
Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace (Luke 2. 29-32).

My God, my Father, while I stray...

. Charlotte Euioti 736
My soul doth magnify the Lord (Luke 1. 46-55)...
O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands (Psalm 100). .
O come, let us sing unto the Lord (Psalm 95). ...

Our Father who art in heaven.......
Sunset and evening-star..........

.Alfred Tennyson
The Lord bless you and keep you..
The Lord is in his holy temple.....
Therefore with angels and archangels..
W e praise thee. O God................ ........................................................


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The Psalter

for Responsive Readings
in the Sunday Services


The verses printed in Roman are to be read by the Minister

The verses printed in Italic are to be read by the People

This Psalter, in accordance with the order of the General Confer. ence, is printed in parallelism after the Hebrew original; and the Hebrew meter, so far as known, is carefully considered in combining portions of separate Psalms into a single reading. The text used is the Authorized Version, except where slight changes were necessary to preserve the parallelism or meter, or render more perfectly the original meaning, and in these cases the emendations are conformed to the character and quality of the version endeared by centuries of use. The Imprecatory Psalms, as well as imprecations contained in other parts of the book, are omitted, as in the Select Psalms prepared by John Wesley.

The selections were made and edited by Professor Robert W. Rogers, D.D., of Drew Theological Seminary.

Copyright, 1905. by EATON & Mains and JENNINGS & GRAHAM

The Psalter

First Sunday

His glory is above the earth and Morning

the heavens. Praise the Lord from the heavens:

He also exalteth the horn of his Praise him in the heights.


He is the praise of all his saints; Praise ye him, all his angels:

Of the children of Israel, a people Praise ye him, all his hosts.

near unto him. Praise ye him, sun and moon:

Sing unto the Lord a new song, Praise him, all ye stars of light. And his praise in the assembly of

Praise hiin, ye heavens of heavens, the saints.

And ye waters above the heavens. Let Israel rejoice in him that made Let thein praise the name of the

him: Lord:

Let the children of Zion be joyful For he commanded, and they were in their King. created.

Evening He established them forever and

How amiable are thy tabernacles, ever: He made a decree which shall not

O Lord of hosts! pass.

My soul longeth, yea, fainteth

For the courts of the Lord;
Praise the Lord from the earth,
Ye dragons, and all deeps:

My heart and my flesh cry out

Unto the living God.
Fire and hail, snow and vapor;
Stormy wind, fulfilling his word:

Yea, the sparrowhath foundahouse,

And the swallow a nest for herself, Mountains and all hills;

Where she may lay her young, Fruitful trees and all cedars:

Even thine altars, O Lord of hosts, Beasts and all cattle;

My King, and my God. Creeping things and flying fowl:

Blessed are they that dwell in thy Kings of the earth and all people; house: Princes and all judges of the earth: They will be still praising thee. Young men and maidens;

They go from strength to strength, Old men and children:

They appear before God in Zion. Let them praise the name of the O Lord God of hosts, hear my Lord;

prayer: For his name alone is excellent: Give ear, O God of Jacob.

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