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Now thank we all our God......... 30 ish, living four months of each year in LonWhate'er my God ordains is right... 487 don, as was made necessary by his canon

ry. He was appointed Bishop of Lincoln Wolcott, Samuel, a Congregational clergy

in 1869, which office he held for fifteen man, was born at South Windsor, Conn.,

years, resigning only a few months before July 2, 1813; graduated at Yale in 1833,

his death, March 20, 1885. He was a and at Andover Theological Seminary in

nephew of the poet William Wordsworth, 1837; was missionary in Syria in 1840-42,

with whom his relations were most intiafter which time he served as pastor in va

mate. He was a voluminous author, among rious towns and cities, including Providence,

his works being a Commentary on the R. I., Chicago, Ill., and Cleveland, Ohio,

Whole Bible (1856-70), a Church History and later served for some time as Secre

(1881-83), and a volume of hymns titled tary of the Ohio Home Missionary Socie

The IIoly Ycar, 1862. “This last-named ty. He then retired from active work, and

volume,” says Prebendary Overton, in Juldied February 24, 1886. Although he did

ian's Dictionary, "contains hymns not only not begin writing hymns until late in life,

for every season of the Church's year, but he wrote altogether some two hundred

for every phase of that season, as indihymns, about a dozen of which are found

cated in the Book of Common Prayer. in modern Church hymnals.

Like the Wesleys, he looked upon hymns as Christ for the world we sing....... 635

a valuable means of stamping permanently Woodhull, Alfred Alexander, a physician, upon the memory the great doctrines of the the son of Rev. George S. Woodhull, a

Christian Church. He held it to be the first Presbyterian minister, was born at Cran duty of a hymn writer to teach Sound docbury, N. J., March 25, 1810; graduated at trine, and thus to save souls." Of Bishop Princeton in 1828, and soon after began the Wordsworth's one hundred and twenty-sevstudy of medicine. He received the degree en hymns, about fifty are in common use. of M.D. from the University of Pennsyl Father of all, from land and sea.... 566 vania. After a year as a resident physi Hark! the sound of holy voices..... 613 cian in a hospital in Philadelphia, he began

Holy, holy, holy, Lord........... the practice of his profession at Marietta, O day of rest and gladness......... 68 Pa., removing in 1835 to Princeton, where O Lord of heaven and earth and sea. 692 within a year he contracted a fever which The day is gently sinking to a close. 61 occasioned his death October 5, 1836. He

Wreford, John Reynell, an English Unitawas a member of the Presbyterian Church. Although but twenty-six years of age, he

rian minister, was born December 12, 1800, had so secured the confidence of his fel

at Barnstaple; educated at Manchester Col

lege, and in 1826 became pastor of a Church lows, both as a Christian man and a skilled physician, that his death was greatly la

in Birmingham. In 1831, on account of the

failure of his voice, he withdrew from the mented.

active work of the ministry and, in conGreat God of nations, now to thee... 706

junction with Rev. Hugh Hutton, estabWordsworth, Christopher, a bishop of the lished a school at Edgbaston. He wrote a

Church of England, was born October 30, Ilistory of Presbyterian Nonconformity in 1807, at Lambeth, England, his father, Birmingham, 1832, and Lays of Loyalty, Christopher Wordsworth, being rector of

1837. He contributed fifty-five hymns to the parish. He distinguished himself in Rev. J. R. Beard's Collection, 1837. His athletics as well as in scholarship at Win most popular and valuable hymn is the one chester. Entering Trinity College, Cam given in this book. The last years of his bridge, in 1826, he won numerous universi life were spent in retirement at Bristol, ty honors, graduating in 1830, after which where he died in 1881. he served as fellow, lecturer, and public

Lord, while for all mankind we pray, 701 orator in the college. In 1836 he became Headmaster of Harrow School, working in Xavier, Francis, a noted Jesuitic missionary the school during his incumbency a moral of the Roman Catholic Church, was born of reform which filled many students in the a noble family at the Castle of Xavier, near school with enthusiastic admiration. He Pampeluna, in Spain, April 7, 1506. While was appointed a canon of Westminster in at the University of Paris he came under 1844, which office he continued to fill during the influence of Ignatius Loyola, the foundthe nineteen years of his residence in Berk er of the order of Jesuits. He was of an shire as the rector of a quiet country par- ardent and earnest religious temperament,

full of zeal and courage. He was one of the greatest missionary spirits that ever lived, visiting India, Travancore, Ceylon, Malacca, Japan, and dying on his way to China December 22, 1552. He was in due time canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. While it is not certain that Xavier | wrote the hymn here accredited to him, it must be said that the tradition that he wrote it is of long standing. Not only does Edward Caswall, the translator, accredit it to him, but both the editor and the assistant editor of Julian's Dictionary also decide in favor of his probable authorship. “The Latin form," says Mearns, “is probably by Xavier or by some German Jesuit.” “This hymn." says Julian, "breathes Xavier's abnegation of self in every word, his spirit in every line."

My God, I love thee not because.... 483 Zinzendorf, Count Nicolaus Ludwig, the

founder of the religious community of Herrnhut and the apostle of the United Brethren, was born at Dresden May 26,

1700. It is not often that noble blood and worldly wealth are allied with true piety and missionary zeal. Such, however, was the case with Count Zinzendorf. Spener, the father of Pietism, was his godfather; and Franke, the founder of the famous Orphan House, in Halle, was for several years his tutor. In 1731 Zinzendorf resigned all public duties and devoted himself to missionary work. He traveled extensively on the Continent, in Great Britain, and in America, preaching “Christ, and him crucified," and organizing societies of Moravian brethren. John Wesley is said to have been under obligation to Zinzendorf for some ideas on singing, organization of classes, and Church government. Zinzendorf was the author of some two thousand hymns. Many of them are of little worth, but a few are very valuable, full of gospel sweetness and holy fervor. He died at Herrnhut May 6, 1760.

I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God. 335
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness.. 148
O Thou, to whose all-searching sight. 359

POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN AND CHARLES WESLEY. The following is a complete list, in chronological order, of the poetical publications of John and Charles Wesley. They have been collected, and are now published in thirteen volumes, by the Wes leyan Conference Publishing House, of London. We give here the title, the name of the author and the year of publication if these are given on title-page, and the number of hymns contained in each volume. Those marked by an asterisk (*) contain some hymns not written by the Wesleys. We make no noto of the numerous republications. Many hymns by Charles Wesley are still in manuscript.


Date of First

Number of



Date of First

Number of

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e year 1758.


Collection of Psalms and Hymns (Charles

Hymns for New Year's Day, 1750 (repubton, S. C.)*. ...

lished for New Year, 1751)..... ... 1750 Collection of Psalms and Hymns ..............

Hymns Occasioned by the Earth Hymns and Sacred Poems, by John and

March 8 (in two parts.............. Charles Wesley-three editions same

Hymns and Spiritual Songs Intended for year ...........

1739 139| the Use of Real Christians of All DenomHymns and Sacred Poems, by John and

inations*..... Charles Wesley....

...... 1740 96 An Epistle to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, Collection of Psalms and Hymns, by John

| by Charles Wesley......... Wesley*(Charles Wesley's name is added

An Epistle to the Rev. Mr. George Whitein the second edition, 1743)....

1) field, by Charles Wesley (written in 1755, Hymns on God's Everlasting Love (two...

but not published till 1771, after Whiteparts)................

fi'ld's death )...... Hymns and Sacred Poems, by John and

Hymns for the year 1756; Particularly for Charles Wesley...


... 1742 155 Fast Day, February 6.. Collection of Hymns, by John and Charles

Hymns of Intercession for All Mankind. ... 1 W esley ..........

Funeral Hymns........

................ A Collection of Thirty-six Tunes, set to

Hymns on the Expected Invasion........ ...... music, as they are sung at the Foundry.. 17

Hymns to be Used on the Thanksgiving Elegy on R. Jones, Esq., by Charles Wesley. 1742 11 Day, November 29, and After It. ........... Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecu

Hymns for Those to Whom Christ Is All tion.. 11744 331 in All...............

1761 A Collection of Moral and Sacred Poems

'Select Hymns, with Tunes Annext.. 1761 (three volumes), by John Wesley*........... 17

1744' 213 Select Hymns for the Use of Christians of A Hymn at the Sacrament..........

... lll All Denominations .............. Hymns for Times of Trouble, for the year

Short Hymns on Select Passages of Holy 1745, by John and Charles Wesley............ 1745 15| Scripture (two vols.), by Charles WesA Short View of the Differences between

ley .....

2030 the Moravian Brethren and John and

Hymns for Children ..................

........................ 17631 100 Charles Wesley (six hymns appended )... 1

Hymns for the Use of Families, and on VaHymns on the Lord's Supper, by John and

rious Occasions, by Charles Wesley......... Charles Wesley ...

6 Hymns on the Trinity (Including Prayers Hymns for the Nativity of our Lord......

181 to the Trinity). ............ A Word in Season.......

2 Preparation for Death, in Several Hymns. Hymns for Times of Trouble.....

6 A Hymn Praying for His Brother's Long Hymns for Children......

Life, by Charles Wesley........
Gloria Patri, Etc.-Hymns to the Trinity.. 24 Collection of Hymns for the Use of the
Hymns on the Great Festivals and Other

People Called Methodists......

24 Hymns Written in the Time of the TuHymns of Petition and Thanksgiving for

mults, June, 1780........ the Promise of the Father (Whitsunda

Protestant Association, written in the by John and Charles Wesley....

Midst of the Tumults, June, 1780...... Hymns for Our Lord's Resurrection..

Sacred Harmony: or, A Choice Collection Hymns for Ascension Day...................

of Psalms and Hymns. Set to music in Graces before Meat........

two and three parts for the Voice, HarpHymns for the Public Thanksgiving, Octo

sichord, and Organ.........

***"""" ber 9, 1746......

Hymns for the Nation, in 1782......... Hymns for the Watch-night..

Hymns for the National Fast, February 8, Funeral Hymns.....

1782 ... Hymns for those that Seek and Those that

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for the Have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus

Lord's Day, by John and Charles WesChrist, by Charles Wesley ................

.. 1747 52 ley

ley ............ Hymny and Sacred Poems, by John and

Prayers for Condemned Malefactors Charleg Wesley (selected largely from

(Charles Wesley's last publication)....... the 1739 volume bearing same title).........

A Pocket Hymn Book for the Use of ChrisHymns and Sacred Poems (two volumes,

tians of All Denominations .. by Charles Wesley .................

1749 455 Pocket Hymn Book for the Use of ChrisHymns Composed for the Use of the Breth

1 tians of All Denominations"... ren, by C. Z. (reprinted for criticism ...... 11749! 201 Hymns for Children .........




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ABBEY, ALONZO JUDSON (1825-1887). An eral of her musical compositions have atAmerican composer.

tained widespread popularity. The two Tune.-Cooling, 186.

hymn tunes found here were composed es

pecially for this Hymnal, AHLE, JOHANN RUDOLPH (1625-1673), a Ger

Tunes.--Sutherland, 377; Evelyn, 515. man organist and composer, who greatly improved the Church music of his day, was | ATTWOOD, THOMAS (1767-1838). An English elected to the Senate in 1655 and Burgo composer; became organist at St. Paul's master in 1661. He originated the "Sa Cathedral, London, in 1795, and organist cred Aria." His son, Johann Georg Ahle, and composer at the Royal Chapel in 1796. was a composer of hymns and poet lau Tune.—Deus Misereatur, 732. reate to Emperor Leopold I.

AVISON, CHARLES (1710-1770). An English Tune.-Nuremberg, 103, 657.

composer of sonatas and concertos; was a ALDRICH, HENRY, D.D. (1647-1710). An Eng-| native of Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was or

lish divine and composer of music, who ganist for many years of a Church in his graduated at Oxford (M.A. 1669), and in native town. His tune called “Avison" was 1689 was installed as Dean of Christ a chorus in a longer composition whiclı beChurch at Oxford. “As dean of a college came popular in England and America as and a cathedral, he regarded it as a duty, the music to Thomas Moore's poem, "Sound as it undoubtedly was in his case a pleas the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark sea." ure, to advance the study and progress of Tune.--Avison, 119. Church music.”

BACH, CARL PHILIPP EMANUEL (1714-1788). Tunes.-Jubilate Deo, 730; Deus Miserea

A German musician, the son of the great tur, 732.

Sebastian Bach; was a composer of piano ALLEN, GEORGE NELSON (1812-1877). A na music.

tive of Mansfield, Mass.; lived at Oberlin, Tune.—Miller, 17, 663.
Ohio, where he composed “Maitland" in
1819. He was the compiler of the Social

BAKER, REV. SIR HENRY WILLIAMS (1821and Sabbath Hymn Book.

1877), is the author of three hymns and

two tunes found in this Hymnal. See "Bio. Tune.---Maitland, 428, 557.

graphical Index of Authors of Hymns" for ARNE, THOMAS AUGUSTUS (1710-1778). A facts concerning his life.

resident of London, composer of sacred and Tunes.-Stephanos, 293; Hesperus, 372, secular music, received the degree of Doc 691. tor of Music from Oxford in 1759. His

BARNBY, JOSEPH (1838-1896). One of the “Arlington" is one of the most popular

greatest of modern English Church musitunes in our Hymnal.

cians and composers. He served as organ. Tunes.-Arlington, 354, 393, 440; Falkirk,

ist and chorister in several Churches. In 598.

1875 he was made Director of Music in ASHFORD, EMMA LOUISE (1850- ). The wife Eaton College. In 1892 he became the of Mr. John Ashford, one of the officers of Principal of the Guildhall School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.; is and retained this place until his death. He a gifted musician, composer of Church mu composed about two hundred and fifty sic, and editor of musical publications. She hymn tunes, and was musical editor of five has composed about forty pieces for the pici hymnals. He published a collection of ano and about fifty tunes for songs and hymn tunes in 1869, and another in 1883. hymns and about a dozen cantatas. Sev-! His style is unique, moderate, subdued, but very sweet. His name is connected with Tunes.--Sardis, 40, 319; Dulcetta, 88; thirty-two hymn tunes and three chants in Hayes, 131; Hymn of Joy, 160 ; Salome this book. Some of these tunes are very 204; Germany, 339, 423, 433; Alsace, 518, popular.

658, 695; Deus Misereatur, 732. Tunes.-St. Chrysostom, 10, 302, 345; |

BLACKITH, H. DE LA HAYE. We have no Laudes Domini, 32 ; Westcott, 37, 149, 536;

facts concerning this composer, but hope to Eaton, 39, 259 ; Nightfall, 58; Merrial, 59;

secure information that may be used in St. Anselm, 72, 716 ; Carlton, 85, 176, 613;

later •editions of this volume. Barnby, .87; Good Shepherd, 104; Bethle

Tune.-Palgrave, 195. hem, 121; Jordan, 158; Stanley, 170; Eaton College, 212, 602; Dunstan, 272; Bliss, MRS. J. WORTHINGTON. An English Monsell, 276, 288, 449; Soho, 285, 499 ; St. musician and composer; was Miss Lindsey Boniface, 290, 644; Holy Trinity, 299, 327, / when she wrote the tune contained in this 480; The Good Fight, 418; Sarum, 430; volume. St. Fabian, 463; Burleigh, 475; Diadema, Tune.-Too Late, 743. 486, 589; Sinai, 600; Irae, 603 ; Paradise,

BLUMENTHAL, JACOB (1829. ). A German 622 ; 0 Perfect Love, 668; Alverstroke, 671 ;

pianist and composer, born at Hamburg; Children's Praise, 675; Chiselhurst, 688;

studied under Herz at Paris; was pianist - Venite Exultemus Domino, 728; Nunc Di

to Queen Victoria in 1848. mittis, 733 ; Offertory Sentence, 739 ; Cross

Tune.-Blumenthal, 500. ing the Bar, 744.


ganist and composer concerning whose life 1808). A talented French-English violin

we have no information at present, but ist and composer of operas; was born in

hope to secure facts for use in later ediBordeaux, came to England in 1765, and

tions. died in London.

Tune.-Bracondale, 209. Tunes.—Morning Hymn, 44; Autumn, 171, 235.


1825). A Russian composer of operas; BARTLETT, MARO LUMMIS, Doctor of Music

was chapelmaster to Empress Catherine, (1847- ). An American composer, born

for whom he composed about three dozen in Brownhelm, Ohio; a conductor of cho

sacred concertos. ruses and composer of many popular tunes,

Tune.--St. Petersburg, 134. and author of several books on music. He is at present the Director of the Des Moines Bost, REV. PAUL AMI ISAAC DAVID (1790(Iowa) College of Music.

1874). A native of Geneva, Switzerland; Tune.—Temple, 665.

composer of psalmody and Church music. BAUME, JOHN WESLEY (1862- ). A vio

Tune.-Gratitude, 410. linist, composer of tunes, and publisher of BOYCE, WILLIAM, Doctor of Music (1710music in Chicago. He was born in Halifax, 1779). An English organist and composer; England; comes of Wesleyan stock; is a played the organ in English churches; comnephew of the late Rev. James Baume, posed symphonies, vocal and instrumental D.D., of the Rock River Conference of the music, and “cathedral music," London, Methodist Episcopal Church. He is the au 1760-78. thor of the popular song "If I but Knew," Tune.-Venite, Exultemus Domino, 728. which is said to have reached a sale of two

BOYD, REV. WILLIAM (1840- ). A native hundred thousand copies. Tune.—Emilie, 197.

of Jamaica. We have no additional facts

concerning this composer. BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN (1770-1827). Em

Tune.-Pentecost, 409, 581. inent German composer belonging to a famous family of musicians. He was a na

BRADBURY, WILLIAM BATCHELDER (1816-1868). tive of Bonn, but in 1792 removed to Vi

An American composer of popular Church enna, where he resided the rest of his life.

and Sunday school music; also widely His work consisted of symphonies, sonatas,

known as a manufacturer of pianos and and concertos for the piano. He wrote no

other musical instruments. hymn tunes, but selections from his compo Tunes.-Aletta, 144, 337; Olive's Brow, sitions have been adapted to hymns by oth 147; Woodworth, 255, 272; The Solid Rock, ers.

330; Even Me, 346; Zephyr, 457, 582 ; He

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