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Adrian Lubbersen, Letter of,
American Natural History,
Author of the “ Miseries of Human Life,'
Cloud Bridge, a remembered Vision,
Communication from M. Carey,
Dante, Critique on certain Passages in,
Death, Hymn to,
Death on the Pale Horse,
Death of the Flowers,
Division of the Earth,
Dying Raven,
Essay on the Character of Euripides as a Tragic Poet,
Extract of a Letter from an American Artist in London,
Fragment, To
Fragment of a Poetical Epistle,
Hymn of the Hierophant,
Hymn to Death,
Indian God and Bayader,
Johnson, Samuel, Letter of,
Journal of a Jaunt up the Grand Canal, -
Julio and Ada,
Law School at Northampton,
Letter from Miss Lucy Aikin,
Letter from Samuel Johnson to W.S. Johnson,
Letters from a Young American,
Letter from an Artist in Italy,
Letters from Charles Watts to Wm. Sampson,
Letter from Adrian Lubbersen,
Lines Written on revisiting the Country,
Literary Trifler,
Literary Intelligence,
Marco Bozzaris,
Memoirs of Col. David Mason,
My Father, a Sketch,
Musquito, to a
New Publications,
Note on the most probable value in admeasurements, &c.
Objections to a Remark in Campbell's Lectures on Poetry,
Poet, the
Return of Autumn,
Sketch, a
Skies, the
Song of Pitcairn's Island,
Spirit of Spring,
Verplanck's Address,
Watts's Letters to Sampson,
Wild Birds,

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