Every Day, Every Hour

Random House, 07.06.2012 - 272 Seiten

Dora and Luka are inseparable: ever since he fainted at the sight of her - walking into the classroom with her new schoolbag - and she woke him with a chaste kiss, it has been love at first sight. 'There's something in the air when the two of them are together. You can't call it calm, you can't call it storm.' Theirs is a friendship made of chocolate and mandarin oranges; of shape-shifting clouds and coloured canvases; and, as Dora's family leave Croatia for Paris, of farewells and memories.

It is not until years later, when a promising artist faints at the familiar sight of a young actress entering a Parisian gallery on his opening night, that Luka and Dora are reunited. But just as chance brings them together, fateful choices and forces bigger than themselves conspire to keep the couple apart. Will they ever truly be able to find or forget one another?

Bursting with drama and ardour, at turns heartbreaking and exhilarating, and told with the same overwhelming intensity as the bond it describes, this is a dazzling tour de force of a very special love affair.

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Autoren-Profil (2012)

Nataša Dragnic was born in Split, Croatia in 1965. After studying German, English and French, she attended the Croatian School of Diplomacy. She currently lives in Erlangen, Germany. Every Day, Every Hour is her first novel, an international bestseller which has been sold in over 25 countries.

Liesl Schillinger is a critic for the New York Times Book Review and has written for many publications in America and Europe, including Newsweek, The Washington Post, the New Republic, Independent on Sunday, Financial Times, Moscow Magazine and the New Yorker, where she was on the editorial staff for nearly two decades. She translates fiction from German, Italian and French, and publishes the illustrated neologisms blog, Wordbirds.

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