Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, Band 100

Georg Westermann, 1898

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Seite 291 - From that hour until this at which I write, no word of that part of my childhood which I have now gladly brought to a close, has passed my lips to any human being. I have no idea how long it lasted; whether for a year, or much more, or less.
Seite 291 - I could not bear to think of myself — beyond the reach of all such honourable emulation and success. The tears ran down my face. I felt as if my heart were rent. I prayed, when I went to bed that night, to be lifted out of the humiliation and neglect in which I was. I never had suffered so much before. There was no envy in this.
Seite 288 - As I left Dullborough in the days when there were no railroads in the land, I left it in a stage-coach. Through all the years that have since passed have I ever lost the smell of the damp straw in which I was packed — like game — and forwarded, carriage paid, to the Cross Keys, Wood Street, Cheapside, London...
Seite 183 - Beiträge zur Geographie der deutschen Mundarten in Form einer Kritik von Wenkers Sprachatlas des Deutschen Reichs.
Seite 288 - Cheapside, London ? There was no other inside passenger, and I consumed my sandwiches in solitude and dreariness, and it rained hard all the way, and I thought life sloppier than I had expected to find it.
Seite 195 - Abbildungen im Text, 25 Tafeln in Farbendruck, Kupferstich und Holzschnitt und 11 Facsimile-Beilagen.
Seite 28 - Howleglasse, the stories of Palladyne, and Palmendos, the blacke Knight, the Maiden Knight, the history of Celestina, the Castle of Fame, Gallian of France, Ornatus and Artesia, &c.
Seite 288 - He was to be taken away to London inside the stage-coach Commodore; and Kentish woods and fields, Cobham park and hall, Rochester cathedral and castle, and all the wonderful romance together, including a red-cheeked baby he had been wildly in love with, were to vanish like a dream. "On the night before we came away...
Seite 163 - ... sa beauté destruite. Or recevez mes pleurs, et n'allez reboutant La chaste affection de mon cœur repentant. Recevez mes soupirs, et souffrez que je touche De ce dernier baiser à vostre tendre bouche. Belle âme, si encor vous habitez ce corps, Et que tout sentiment n'ayez tiré dehors, S'il y demeure encor de vous quelque partie, Si vous n'estes encor de luy toute partie, Je vous prie, ombre sainte, avec genous pliez, Les bras croisez sur vous, mes fautes oubliez. Je n'ay point de regret de...
Seite 28 - Gaul, which, he saith, are no lesse hurtfull to youth than the workes of Machiavell to age: so these bookes are accordingly to be censured of...

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