Proceedings of the IWEMB 2018: Second International Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Electronic and Mobile Business

Stephan Böhm, Sid Suntrayuth
PubliQation, 16.09.2019 - 356 Seiten
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Internet and mobile technologies are drivers for innovation and growth. Entrepreneurs all over the world are using these technologies to develop new user-centered products and launch new business models. In this context, the International Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Electronic and Mobile Business (IWEMB) is a joint initiative of the Center of Advanced E-Business Studies (CAEBUS) at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany, and the International College of the National Institute of Development and Administration (ICO NIDA) in Bangkok, Thailand. Relevant topics of the IWEMB workshop within the electronic and mobile business are studies on business model innovations, customer and user behavior, new concepts for entrepreneurship and leadership, user-centered design and lean startup methods, as well as the impact on existing market structures. Within this scope, the aim of IWEMB is to offer a platform for researchers in this emerging research field in order to generate relevant new insights and international exchange of ideas. The second workshop was held in Wiesbaden, Germany, as a two-days event in September 2018. The proceedings of this workshop cover a wide range of innovative scientific work in the fields of electronic and mobile business from young and experienced researchers from all over the world.

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