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HAD a Message to send her,

To her whom my soul loved best; But I had my task to finish, And she was gone home to rest.

To rest in the far bright heaven:

Oh, so far away from here,
It was vain to speak to my darling,

For I knew she could not hear!

I had a message to send her,
So tender, and true, and sweet,

I longed for an Angel to bear it,
And lay it down at her feet.

I placed it, one summer evening,
On a Cloudlet's fleecy breast;

But it faded in golden splendour,
And died in the crimson west.

I gave it the Lark next morning,
And I watched it soar and soar;

But its pinions grew faint and weary,
And it fluttered to earth once more.

To the heart of a Rose I told it;

And the perfume, sweet and rare, Growing faint on the blue bright ether,

Was lost in the balmy air.

I laid it upon a Censer,

And I saw the incense rise;

But its clouds of rolling silver
Could not reach the far blue skies.

I cried, in my passionate longing :—
"Has the earth no Angel-friend

Who will carry my love the message
That my heart desires to send?"

Then I heard a strain of music,
So mighty, so pure, so clear,

That my very sorrow was silent,
And my heart stood still to hear.

And I felt, in my soul's deep yearning, At last the sure answer stir :—"The music will go up to Heaven, And carry my thought to her."

It rose in harmonious rushing

Of mingled voices and strings, And I tenderly laid my message

On the Music's outspread wings.

I heard it float farther and farther,
In sound more perfect than speech;

Farther than sight can follow,
Farther than soul can reach.

And I know that at last my message
Has passed through the golden gate:

So my heart is no longer restless,
And I am content to wait.



EVER again!" vow hearts when reunited, "Never again shall Love be cast aside; For ever now the shadow has departed; Nor bitter sorrow, veiled in scornful pride, Shall feign indifference, or affect disdain,— Never, oh Love, again, never again!"

"Never again!" so sobs, in broken accents, A soul laid prostrate at a holy shrine,—

"Once more, once more forgive, oh Lord, and pardon, My wayward life shall bend to love divine;

And never more shall sin its whiteness stain,—

Never, oh God, again, never again!"

"Never again!" so speaketh one forsaken, In the blank desolate passion of despair,— "Never again shall the bright dream I cherished

Delude my heart, for bitter truth is there,— The angel, Hope, shall still thy cruel pain Never again, my heart, never again!"

"Never again!" so speaks the sudden silence, When round the hearth gathers each well-known face,—

But one is missing, and no future presence,
However dear, can fill that vacant place;

For ever shall the burning thought remain,—

"Never, beloved, again! never again!"

"Never again!" so—but beyond our hearing— Ring out far voices fading up the sky;

Never again shall earthly care and sorrow

Weigh down the wings that bear those souls on high;

Listen, oh earth, and hear that glorious strain,—

"Never, never again! never again!"

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