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F in my soul, dear,

An omen should dwell, LUSA Bidding me pause, ere

I love thee too well;
If the whole circle,

Of noble and wise,
With stern forebodings,

Between us should rise.

I will tell them, dear,

That Love reignsa King,
Where storms cannot reach him,

And words cannot sting;
He counts it dishonour

His faith to recall;
He trusts ;--and for ever

He gives—and gives all !

I will tell thee, dear,

That Love is—a Slave, Who dreads thought of freedom,

As life dreads the grave; And if doubt or peril

Of change there may be, Such fear would but drive him

Still nearer to thee!


Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini." ;



HO is the Angel that cometh ?

Let us not question what he brings,

Peace or Strife,
Under the shade of his mighty wings,

One by one,
Are his secrets told;

One by one,
Lit by the rays of each morning sun,

Shall a new flower its petals unfold,

With the mystery hid in its heart of gold. We will arise and go forth to greet him,

Singly, gladly, with one accord ;“ Blessed is he that cometh

In the name of the Lord !”


Who is the Angel that cometh ?

Look at his glittering rainbow wings-

No alloy
Lies in the radiant gifts he brings ;

Tender and sweet,
He is come to-day,

Tender and sweet :
While chains of love on his silver feet
Will hold him in lingering fond delay.
But greet him quickly, he will not stay,
Soon he will leave us; but though for others

All his brightest treasures are stored ;“ Blessed is he that cometh

In the name of the Lord !”.


Who is the Angel that cometh ?

Let us arise and go forth to greet him;

Not in vain
Is the summons come for us to meet him ;

He will stay,
And darken our sun;

He will stay
A desolate night, a weary day.

Since in that shadow our work is done,

And in that shadow our crowns are won, Let us say still, while his bitter chalice

Slowly into our hearts is poured,“ Blessed is he that cometh

In the name of the Lord !”

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Who is the Angel that cometh ?

But do not shudder and do not fear;

Hold your breath,
For a kingly presence is drawing near.

Cold and bright
Is his flashing steel,

Cold and bright
The smile that comes like a starry light

To calm the terror and grief we feel;
He comes to help and to save and heal:

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