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Hush! was that some one passing, Who paused beside the door?

For years I hung on chances,
Longing for just one word;

At last I feel it:—silence
Will never more be stirred....

Tell me once more that rumour,
You fancied you had heard.

Life has more things to dwell on
Than just one useless pain,

Useless and past for ever;
But noble things remain,

And wait us all: . .. you too, dear,
Do you think hope quite vain?

All others have forgotten,
'Tis right I should forget,

Nor live on a keen longing

Which shadows forth regret: . ..

Are not the letters coming?
The sun is almost set.

Now that my restless legion Of hopes and fears is fled, >

Reading is joy and comfort....

.... This very day I read,

Oh, such a strange returning Of one whom all thought dead!

Not that I dream or fancy,
You know all that is past;

Earth has no hope to give me,
And yet:—Time flies so fast

That all but the impossible
Might be brought back at last.



N the wood where shadows are deepest From the branches overhead, Where the wild wood-strawberries cluster, And the softest moss is spread, I met to-day with a fairy,

And I followed her where she led.

Some magical words she uttered,

I alone could understand,
For the sky grew bluer and brighter;

While there rose on either hand
The cloudy walls of a palace,

That was built in Fairy-land.

And I stood in a strange enchantment;

I had known it all before:
In my heart of hearts was the magic

Of days that will come no more,

The magic of joy departed,
That Time can never restore.

That never, ah, never, never,

Never again can be:— Shall I tell you what powerful fairy

Built up this palace for me? It was only a little white Violet

I found at the root of a tree.



OD'S world is bathed in beauty,
God's world is steeped in light;
It is the self-same glory
That makes the day so bright,
Which thrills the earth with music,
Or hangs the stars in night.

Hid in earth's mines of silver,
Floating on clouds above,—

Ringing in Autumn's tempest,
Murmured by every dove;

One thought fills God's creation—
His own great name of Love!

In God's world Strength is lovely,

And so is Beauty strong, And Light—God's glorious shadow—

To both great gifts belong;

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