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L ACE your hands in mine, dear,

With their rose-leaf touch :

If you heed my warning,
It will spare you much.


Ah! with just such smiling

Unbelieving eyes,
Years ago I heard it:-

You shall be more wise.

You have one great treasure,

Joy for all your life;
Do not let it perish

In one reckless strife.

Do not venture all, child,

In one frail, weak heart;
So, through any shipwreck,

You may save a part.

Where your soul is tempted

Most to trust your fate, There, with double caution,

Linger, fear, and wait.

Measure all you give-still

Counting what you take; Love for love: so placing

Each an equal stake.

Treasure love; though ready

Still to live without.
In your fondest trust, keep

Just one thread of doubt.

Build on no to-morrow;

Love has but to-day: If the links seem slackening,

Cut the bond away.

Trust no prayer nor promise ;

Words are grains of sand : To keep your heart unbroken,

Hold it in your hand.

That your love may finish

Calm as it begun, Learn this lesson better,

Dear, than I have done.

Years hence, perhaps, this warning

You shall give again, In just the self-same words, dear,

And—just as much—in vain.

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V ANY, if God should make them kings, JAVA Might not disgrace the throne He gave;

22. How few who could as well fulfil

The holier office of a slave.

I hold him great who, for Love's sake,

Can give, with generous, earnest will,-
Yet he who takes for Love's sweet sake,

I think I hold more generous still.

I prize the instinct that can turn

From vain pretence with proud disdain ;
Yet more I prize a simple heart

Paying credulity with pain.

I bow before the noble mind

That freely some great wrong forgives ;
Yet nobler is the one forgiven,

Who bears that burden well, and lives.

It may be hard to gain, and still

To keep a lowly steadfast heart; Yet he who loses has to fill

A harder and a truer part.

Glorious it is to wear the crown

Of a deserved and pure success ;-He who knows how to fail has won

A Crown whose lustre is not less.

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Great may he be who can command

And rule with just and tender sway; . Yet is diviner wisdom taught

Better by him who can obey.

Blessèd are those who die for God,

And earn the Martyr's crown of lightYet he who lives for God may be

A greater Conqueror in His sight.

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