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Should it fail,—forgive my doubting
In this world of pain,—

Yet my other Love would ever
Steadfastly remain;

And I know that I could never
Turn to that in vain.

Though its radiance may be fainter,

Yet its task is wide;
For it lives to comfort sorrows,

Strengthen, calm, and guide, And from Trust and Honour borrows

All its peace and pride.

Will you blame my dreaming, even
If the first were flown?

Ah, I would not live without it,
It is all your own:

And the other—can you doubt it ?—
Yours, and yours alone.



ELL—the links are broken, All is past;
This farewell, when spoken,
Is the last.
I have tried and striven

All in vain;
Such bonds must be riven,

Spite of pain,
And never, never, never
Knit again.

So I tell you plainly,

It must be:
I shall try, not vainly,

To be free;
Truer, happier chances

Wait me yet,
While you, through fresh fancies,

Can forget;—

And life has nobler uses
Than Regret.

All past words retracing,

One by one,
Does not help effacing

What is done.
Let it be. Oh, stronger

Links can break!
Had we dreamed still longer

We could wake,—
Yet let us part in kindness

For Love's sake.

Bitterness and sorrow

Will at last,
In some bright to-morrow,

Heal their past;
But future hearts will never

Be as true
As mine was—is ever,

Dear, for you

.. Then must we part, when loving

As we do?



INGER," I cried, "oh radiant Time! thy power Hasnothingmore to give; life is complete: Let but the perfect Present, hour by hour, Itself remember and itself repeat.

"And Love,—the future can but mar its splendour,
Change can but dim the glory of its youth;
Time has no star more faithful or more tender,
To crown its constancy or light its truth."

But Time passed on in spite of prayer or pleading,
Through storm and peril; but that life might gain
A Peace through strife all other peace exceeding,
Fresh joy from sorrow, and new hope from pain.

And since Love lived when all save Love was dying, And, passed through fire, grew stronger than

before:— Dear, you know why, in double faith relying, I prize the Past much, but the Present more. FOR THE FUTURE.


WONDER did you ever count The value of one human fate; Or sum the infinite amount Of one heart's treasures, and the weight Of Life's one venture,and the whole concentrate purpose of a soul.

And if you ever paused to think That all this in your hands I laid Without a fear :—did you not shrink From such a burthen? half afraid, Half wishing that you could divide the risk, or cast it all aside.

While Love has daily perils, such As none foresee and none control; And hearts are strung so that one touch, Careless or rough, may jar the whole, You well might feel afraid to reign with absolute power of joy and pain.

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