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Grazing at Life's bright visions,

So false, and fair, and new, I forgot the other heart, dear,

Forgot it and lost it too!

I might seek that heart for ever,
I might seek and seek in vain ;—

And for one short, careless hour,
I pay with a life of pain.



n.HE Heart?—Yes, I wore it As sign and as token Of a love that once gave it, A vow that was spoken; But a love, and a vow, and a heart Can be broken.

The Love ?—Life and Death

Are crushed into a day, So what wonder that Love

Should as soon pass away— What wonder I saw it

Fade, fail, and decay.

The Vow ?—why what was it, It snapped like a thread;
Who cares for the corpse When the spirit is fled?
Then I said, "Let the Dead rise And bury its dead,

"While the true, living future Grows pure, wise, and strong."

So I cast the gold heart,
I had worn for so long,

In the Lake, and bound on it
A Stone—and a Wrong!



[OOK, this little golden Heart Was a true-love shrine For a tress of hair; I held them, Heart and tress, as mine, Like the Love which gave the token— See to-day the Heart is broken!

Broken is the golden heart,

Lost the tress of hair;
Ah, the shrine is empty, vacant,

Desolate, and bare!
So the token should depart,
When Love dies within the heart.

Fast and deep the river floweth,

Floweth to the west;
I will cast the golden trinket

In its cold dark breast,—
Flow, oh river, deep and fast,
Over all the buried past!



EEP within my heart of hearts, dear, Bound with all its strings, Two Loves are together reigning, Both are crowned like Kings; While my life, still uncomplaining, Rests beneath their wings.

So they both will rule my heart, dear,

Till it cease to beat;
No sway can be deeper, stronger,

Truer, more complete;
Growing, as it lasts the longer,

Sweeter, and more sweet.

One all life and time transfigures;Piercing through and through
Meaner things with magic splendour, Old, yet ever new:
This,—so strong and yet so tender,— Is . . . my Love for you.

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