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N the outer Court I was singing,

Was singing the whole day long;
X From the inner chamber were ringing
Echoes repeating my song.


And I sang till it grew immortal ;

For that very song of mine, When re-echoed behind the Portal,

Was filled with a life divine.

Was the Chamber a silver round

Of arches, whose magical art Drew in coils of musical sound,

And cast them back on my heart ?

Was there hidden within a lyre

Which, as air breathed over its strings, Filled my song with a soul of fire,

And sent back my words with wings?

Was some seraph imprisoned there,

Whose Voice made my song complete, And whose lingering, soft despair,

Made the echo so faint and sweet?

Long I trembled and paused—then parted

The curtains with heavy fringe ; And, half fearing, yet eager-hearted,

Turned the door on its golden hinge.

Now I sing in the court once more,

I sing and I weep all day,
As I kneel by the close-shut door,

For I know what the echoes say.

Yet I sing not the song of old,

Ere I knew whence the echo came, Ere I opened the door of gold;

But the music sounds just the same.

Then take warning, and turn away ;

Do not ask of that hidden thing, Do not guess what the echoes say,

Or the meaning of what I sing.



TRINKET made like a Heart, dear,

Of red gold, bright and fine,
Was given to me for a keepsake,
Given to me for mine.

And another heart, warm and tender,

As true as a heart could be ;
And every throb that stirred it

Was always and all for me.

Sailing over the waters,

Watching the far blue land,
I dropped my golden heart, dear,
Dropped it out of my hand!

It lies in the cold blue waters,

Fathoms and fathoms deep,
The golden heart which I promised,

Promised to prize and keep.

Gazing at Life's bright visions,

So false, and fair, and new, I forgot the other heart, dear,

Forgot it and lost it too!

I might seek that heart for ever,

I might seek and seek in vain ;And for one short, careless hour,

I pay with a life of pain.


HE Heart ?—Yes, I wore it a As sign and as token

Of a love that once gave it, A vow that was spoken; But a love, and a vow, and a heart

Can be broken.

The Love ?—Life and Death

Are crushed into a day, So what wonder that Love

Should as soon pass awayWhat wonder I saw it

Fade, fail, and decay.

The Vow ?-why what was it,

It snapped like a thread;
Who cares for the corpse

When the spirit is fed ?
Then I said, “ Let the Dead rise

And bury its dead,

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