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KARK! the Hours are softly calling,

Bidding Spring arise,
To listen to the raindrops falling

From the cloudy skies,
To listen to Earth's weary voices,

Louder every day, i
Bidding her no longer linger

On her charmèd way;
But hasten to her task of beauty

Scarcely yet begun;
By the first bright day of Summer

It should all be done.
She has yet to loose the fountain

From its iron chain;
And to make the barren mountain

Green and bright again ;
She must clear the snow that lingers

Round the stalks away,

And let the snowdrops' trembling whiteness

See the light of day.
She must watch, and warm, and cherish

Every blade of green;
Till the tender grass appearing

From the earth is seen;
She must bring the golden crocus

From her hidden store ;
She must spread broad showers of daisies

Each day more and more.
In each hedgerow she must hasten

Cowslips sweet to set;
Primroses in rich profusion,

With bright dewdrops wet,
And under every leaf, in shadow

Hide a Violet!
Every tree within the forest

Must be decked anew;
And the tender buds of promise

Should be peeping through,
Folded deep, and almost hidden,

Leaf by leaf beside,
What will make the Summer's glory,

And the Autumn's pride.

She must weave the loveliest carpets,

Chequered sun and shade,
Every wood must have such pathways,

Laid in every glade ;
She must hang laburnum branches

On each arched bough;-
And the white and purple lilac

Should be waving now;
She must breathe, and cold winds vanish

At her breath away;
And then load the air around her

With the scent of May !
Listen then, O Spring ! nor linger

On thy charmèd way;
Have pity on thy prisoned flowers

Wearying for the day.
Listen to the raindrops falling

From the cloudy skies ; Listen to the hours calling,

Bidding thee arise.


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* HE shadows of the evening hours

Fall from the darkening sky;
Upon the fragrance of the flowers
The dews of evening lie: '
Before Thy throne, O Lord of Heaven,

We kneel at close of day;
Look on thy children from on high,

And hear us while we pray.


The sorrows of Thy Servants, Lord,

Oh, do not thou despise ;
But let the incense of our prayers

Before Thy mercy rise ;
The brightness of the coming night

Upon the darkness rolls:
With hopes of future glory chase

The shadows on our souls.

Slowly the rays of daylight fade ;

So fade within our heart,
The hopes in earthly love and joy,

That one by one depart:
Slowly the bright stars, one by one,

Within the Heavens shine ;-
Give us, O Lord, fresh hopes in Heaven,

And trust in things divine.

Let peace, O Lord, Thy peace, O God,

Upon our souls descend;
From midnight fears and perils, Thou

Our trembling hearts defend;
Give us a respite from our toil,

Calm and subdue our woes; Through the long day we suffer, Lord,

Oh, give us now repose !

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