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Far away, among the daisies,

Far away, for fear
Lest I still should hear,
The loud murmur of its song,
As the River flowed along.

Now I hear it not :- I loiter

Gaily as before; Yet I sometimes think,—and thinking Makes my heart so sore,

Just a few steps more, And there might have shone for me, Blue and infinite, the Sea.


THINK if thou couldst know,

Oh soul that will complain,
What lies concealed below
Our burden and our pain ;
How just our anguish brings
Nearer those longed-for things

We seek for now in vain,-
I think thou wouldst rejoice, and not complain.

I think if thou couldst see,

With thy dim mortal sight,
How meanings, dark to thee,

Are shadows hiding light;
Truth's efforts crossed and vexed,
Life's purpose all perplexed,

If thou couldst see them right,
I think that they would seem all clear, and wise,

and bright.

And yet thou canst not know,

And yet thou canst not see;
Wisdom and sight are slow

In poor humanity.
If thou couldst trust, poor soul,
In Him who rules the whole,

Thou wouldst find peace and rest : Wisdom and sight are well, but Trust is best. THE WARRIOR TO HIS DEAD BRIDE.

If cono

TiF in the fight my arm was strong

And forced my foes to yield,

If conquering and unhurt I came
Back from the battle-field-
It is because thy prayers have been
My safeguard and my shield.

My comrades smile to see my arm

Spare or protect a foe,
They think thy gentle pleading voice

Was silenced long ago ;
But pity and compassion, love,

Were taught me first by woe.

Thy heart, my own, still beats in Heaven

With the same love divine
That made thee stoop to such a soul,

So hard, so stern, as minem

My eyes have learnt to weep, beloved,

Since last they looked on thine.

I hear thee murmur words of peace

Through the dim midnight air, And a calm falls from the angel stars

And soothes my great despairThe Heavens themselves look brighter, love,

Since thy sweet soul is there.

And if my heart is once more calm,

My step is once more free,
It is because each hour I feel

Thou prayest still for me ;
Because no fate or change can come

Between my soul and thee.

It is because my heart is stilled,

Not broken by despair,
Because I see the grave is bright,

And death itself is fair
I dread no more the wrath of Heaven-

I have an angel there !

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