Allgemeine Theorie der schönen Künste in einzeln: nach alphabetischer Ordnung der Kunstwörter auf einander folgenden, Artikeln abgehandelt, Bind 1

In der Weidmannschen Buchhandlung, 1792

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Side 435 - Honneurs & des Monumens de gloire accordés aux grands Hommes, tant chez les Anciens que chez les Modernes; et suivis...
Side 68 - A chronological series of engravers, from the invention of the art to the beginning of the present century.
Side 398 - Of the Relation which Eloquence bears to Logic and Grammar; of the different fources of Evidence, and the different fubjefts, to which they are refpeftively adapted ; and of the Nature and Ufe of the fcholaftic Art of fyllogizing.) — SSewunberung. Son Sewunberung (xinbcff , nod)ft bem/ t>on Jjrn. euljer, angefubr« ten ^lome, nod) 3- Siebel in feinet S,f)eorie, 2lbfd>n.
Side 607 - Arabesques antiques des bains de Livie et de la ville Adrienne , avec les plafonds de la ville Madame, peints d'après les dessins de Raphaël, et gravés par les soins de M.
Side 314 - VITRUVIUS BRITANNICUS, or the British Architect : containing Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the regular Buildings, both Public and Private, in Great Britain.
Side 314 - Palaces, as also of the principal Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Great Britain, curiously engraven on 80 copper-plates,' dated!707,and a second title-page inFrench, commencing ' Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne,
Side 433 - Çoppenpûgen ) a confacré à la gloire de Frederic V. avec les explications des motifs qui ont déterminé le choix des différentes parties qu'on a fuivi dans la compofition de ce monument , Coppenh.
Side 17 - ESSAY on the different Nature of ACCENT and QUANTITY, with their Ufe and Application in the...
Side 630 - Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, by Mr. Cibber and other hands, 1753, ii.
Side 121 - The Hiftory of the Legal Polity of the Roman State; and of the Rife, Progrefs, and Extent of the Roman Laws.

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