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me; and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent

41. He that (1) receivethh a prophet in the name of a prophet, Thall receive a i prophets reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man, in the name of a righ teous man, fall receive a * righteous mans reward. . And whosoever fhall give to drink unto one of thof : little ones, a cup of cold water only, in the nanie of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in 110 wise lose his reward.




eth me, despiseth him that sent me.

Gen. 20. 7.

-He is a Pro * Joh.13.20. Verily, verily, I say unto phet, and he shall pray for thee. you, he that receiveth whomsoever I * Jam. 5.16. The effe&tual fer send,receiveth me: and he that receive vent Prayer of a righteous man eth me, receiveth him that sent me. 2 s vaileth much. Cor. 5. 20. We are Ambassadors for 1: Mat. 18. 5, 6. Whoso ihal Christ, as though God did beseech receive one such little Child in my you by us: we pray you in Christ's Name, receiveth me. But whof Itead, be ye reconciled to God. shall offend one of these little one :: Gal. 4. 14. And my temptation so which believe in me, it were bep which was in my Flesh, ye despised ter for him that a Millstone were not, nor rejected; but received me hanged about his Neck, and tha as an Angel of God, even as Christ he were drowned in the depth of Jesus,

the Sea. + Mat 25. 40. And the t 1 King. 17. 10. So he arose 15 King shall answer and say unto and went to Zarephath, and when them, verily I say unto you, In as he came to the Gate of the City, much as ye have done it unto one behold, the Widow Woman was of the least of these my Brethren there gathering of sticks: and he ye have done it unto me. called to her and said, Ferch me, I 2041.

Whosoever fhall give you a pray thee, a little water in a Vef Cup of Water to drink, in my Tel, that I may drink. + 1 King. 18. Name, because ye belong to Chrif 4. It was so, when Jezebel cut off verily I say unto you, he shall not the Prophets of the Lord, that Ohan lose his reward. 2 Cor. 9. 10. Now diah took an hundred Prophets, and


he that ministreth Seed to the hid them by fifty in a Cave, and fed Sower, both minifter Bread for them with Bread and Water. t 2 your Food, and multiply your Seed King. 4. 8. And it fell on a Day, town, and increase the Fruits of that Elisha passed to Shunem, where your righteousness. Heb. 6. 10 was a great Woman; and the 30 God is not unrighceous to forget constrained him to eat Bread. And your work and labour of Love, which so it was, that as oft as he passed


have shewed toward his Name, by, he turned in thither to eat in that ye have ministred to the Bread.

Saints, and do minister.

* Mar.9

(1) To receive a Prophet or Teacher, implies, the hearkening to, and obeying the wise and wholfome Instructions given by him, and the giv, ing Entertainment, and fhewing Kindness to his person for the fake of

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ND it came to pass when Jefus had made an end

of commanding his twelve disciples, he departed thence to teach and to preach in their cities. 2. Now when • John had heard in the prison the works of Chrift, he sent two of his disciples, 3. And said unto him, Art thou he that ó should come, or do we look for another? 4. Jefus answered and said unto them, Go and Thew John again those things which ye do hear and · see: 5. The Blind receive their fight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised

up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. 6.



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**Luk 7. 18. And the Difci. else believe me for the very Works
ples of John Ihewed him of all these fake.

d¢ Isa. 29. 18. In that day, Ifa. 35. 4. Behold, your God shall the Deaf hear the Words of Shall come with Vengeance, even s the Book, and the Eyes of the Blind God with a Recompence, he will Thall see out of Obscurity, and come and save you. Joh. 6. 14.

out of Darkness. * Isa. 35. 5, 6. This is of a Truth, that Prophec Then the Eyes of the Blind shall be

come into the World. opened, and the Ears of the Deaf Joh. 5. 36. I have a greater 10 fhall be unstopped. Then shall Witness than that of John: for the Lame_ Man leap as an Hart,

the Works which the Father hath and the Tongue of the Dumb fing. į given me to finish, the fame Works ei Pfal. 22. 26. The Meek shall

that I do, bear witness of me, that cat and be satisfied: they shall EL the Father hath sent me. Joh. 10.15 praise the Lord that seek' him ;

37, 38. If I do not the Works of your Heart shall live for ever. *lfa. my Father, believe me not. But if 61. 1. The Spirit of the Lord is I do, though ye believe not me, upon me, because the Lord hath believe the Works: that ye may

anointed me to preach good Tiknow and believe that the Father 20 dings unto the Meek, he hath sent is in me, and I in him. Joh. 14. me to bind up the broken-hearted, 11. Believe me that I am in the Ifa. 66. 2. To this Man will I Father, and the Father in me, or


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bir Office. He that receiveth & Prophet, not because he is his Kinsman, or his

nor because he is of the same Side or Party, but meerly because he is a Prophet, that is, on the Account of his office, and the Relation he bears to God, he shall receive a Prophet's Reward; "that is, the Reward a Prophet

give, an interest in his Prayers; or, which I rather think, he

partake of that peculiar Reward, which God will hereafter bestow on a Prophet; for that there are different Degrees of Glory in the World to come, is plainly the Do&rine of the New Testament,

has to

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And blessed is he whosoever shall not be offe me. 7. And as they departed, Jesus began to to the 5"multitudes concerning john, What went into the Wilderness to see? A c reed shaken w wind. 8. But what went ye out for to see? thed in soft raiment ? behold, they that wear

fc thing are in kings houses. 9. But what went ye to lee? A d prophet? yea, I say unto you, and than a prophet.

10. For this is he of whom i written, Behold, f I lend my messenger before thy which thall prepare thy way before thee.

II. Ve say unto you, Among them that are born of wo there hath not riten a greater than John the Ba


look, even to him that is poor, and willing for a season to rejoic of a contrite Spirit, and trembleth

that Light. at my Word. Luk. 4. 18. The c.: Eph. 4. 14. That we he Spirit of the Lord is upon me, be forth be no more Children, 'cause he hath anointed me to preach to and fro, and carried about wit

5 the Golpel to the Poor. : Jam. 2. very wind of Doctrine, by s. Hearken, my beloved Brethren, fleight of Men, and cunning co hath not God chosen the Poor of tiness, whereby they lie in wait this World, rich in Faith, and deceive. Heirs of the Kingdom, which he 10 Mat. 14. 5. They count hath promised to them that love him as a Prophet. Mat. 21. 26. A him?

hold John as a Prophet. Luk. a t i Cor. 1. 23. We preach 76. Thou Child fhalt be called tl Christ crucified, unto the Jews a Prophet of the highest. Luk. 2 stumbling-block, and unto the Greeks 15 6. If we say of Men, all the peo foolishness. + Gal. 5. 11, And I, ple will Stone us; for they be Brethren, if I yet preach Circum- perfuaded, that John was a pro cision, why do I yet fuffer Persecu- phet. tion ? then is the offence of the ?: Luk. 7.16. Much than Cross ceased. i Per. 2. 7,8. Un- 20 a Prophet. to you therefore who believe, he is f *Mal. 3. 1. Behold, I will send precious; but unto them which my Messenger, and he shall prepare be Disobedient, the Stone which the way before me. t Mar. 1. 2. the Builders disallowed, the same is As it is written in the Prophets

, made the Head of the Corner, and behold, 1 Send my Messenger before

.25 a Stone of Stumbling, and a Kock of thy face, which shall prepare thy Offence.

way before thee. † Luk. 9. 27. b + Luk. 7. 24. And when the This is he of whom it is written, Messengers of John were departed, behold, I send my Messenger before he began to speak unto the People thy face, which shall prepare thy

30 concerning John, What went ye way before thee. our into the Wilderness for to see? Luk. 1. 15. He fhall be great A Reed shaken with the Wind ? the fight of the Lord, and thall Joh. 5. 35:

He was a burning drink neither Wine nor frong and a thining Light: and ye were 35





notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaEven, is greater than he. And from the 1 days of

John the Baptist, until now, the kingdom of heaven * fuffereth violence, and the violento take it by force. [Or, is gotten by force, and they that thrust men]. 13. For all the prophets, and the law prophesied until John. 14. And if ye will receive it, (1) this is " Elias which

15. He that hath (2) ears to hear, let him hear, 16. But whereunto fhall í · liken this ge

neration ?

was for to come.

drink; and he shall be filled with See the Nore on Luk. 16.16. the Holy Ghofteyen from his Mc c* Mal. 4. §, 6. Behold, I will Womb.

send y ou Elijah the Prophet, before ** Luk. 16. 16. The Law and the coming of the great and dread. the Prophets were until John: fince s ful Day of the Lord. And he thall that time the kingdom of God is turn the Heart of the Fathers to preached, and every Man presseth the Children, and the Heart of the into it.

Children to their fathers, lest I • Luk. 1. 16, 17. Many of the come and smite the Earth with a Children of Israel Ihall he turn to 10 Curse. the Lord their God. And he shall & Mal. 4. 5. The Words under go before him in the Spirit and Ver. 13. Mar. 9.11. Why say the Power of Elias, to turn the Hearts Scribes that Elias must first come. of the Fathers to the Children, and

: Mat. 17. 13. Then the Difciples the Disobedient to the Wisdom of the is understood that he spake unto them Juft, to make ready a People pre

of John the Baptist. Luk.1. 17. pared for the Lord. Luk. 7. 29. The Words under Ver. iz. All the People that heard him, and e* Luk. 7. 31. And the Lord the Publicans justified God, being said, whereunto then Ihall I liken baptized with the Baptism of John. 20 the Men of this generation?

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(1) At firf Sight here appears to be a great Difficulty. For our Lord affirms that John the Baptist was Elias which was for to come; but when the Jews asked John, Chap. 1. 21. Art thou Elias ? He saith, I am not. For the removing of 'this Difficulty, it is to be observed that the Jews expected that Elias should rise from the Dead, and appear in his own Perion . Now St. John might well

say in this Senfe, that he was not Elias ; but in another Sense he was Elias, that is, he was that person who was Prophesied of in Malachy: for he came in the spirit and Power of Elias, Luk. 1.17. and did prepare the way for the coming of the Melliah, baptizing great Numbers of the Jews into the Baptism of Repentance, and the Belief of the Messiah. See the Note on Luk. 1.17. Those who would see more on this Subje&, may .consult the Learned De:Whitby's Annotations on this Verte. (2) Mat. 13. 9. The same Words repeated, but oftenest in the fingu. lar

, Mar. 7. 16. Luk, 8.8. Rev. 2.7, 11, 17, 29. And Rev. 3.6,13, onTo have Ears to hear, is to have a Mind free from corrupt and finful Prejudices, disposed to hear and embrace the Truth, and desirous to understand and practise it. It is a proverbial Saying,

neration? It is like unto children fitting in the markets and calling unto their fellows, 17. And saying, We hav piped unto you, and ye have not danced : we have mourn ed unto you, and ye have not lamented. 18. For Joh came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hat a devil. 19. The Son of man came eating and drinkin and they say, Behold, a man gluttonous, and a Win bibler, a friend of publicans and finners: buť : wisdot is justified of her children. 20. Then 6 began he upbraid the cities wherein moft" of his mighty wor were done, because they repented not. 21. Wo unto the Chorazin, wo unto thee, Bethsaida : for if the migh works which were done in you, had been done in Ty and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sac cloth and ashes. 22. But I say unto you, it shall d more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judment, than for you. 23. And thou, Capernaum, whi

exalted unto heaven, halt be brought down to he. for if the mighty Works which have been done in the had been done in Sodom, it would have remained up this day. 24. But I say unto you, that it shall be me tolerable for the land of Sodom, in the day of judgme than for thee. 25. 1(1) At that time Jesus f answer



2. Luk. 7.35. But Wisdom is Heaven, I will exalt my Thre justified of all her Children.

above the Stars of God: I will 6 * Luk. 10. 13. Wo unto thee, also


the Mount of the C Chorazin, doc. as in Ver. 21.

gregation, in the fides of c: Jon. 3.8. Let Man and Beast


Lam. 2.

1. How be covered with Sackcloth, and cry the Lord covered the Daughter mightily unto God: yea, let them Zion with a Cloud in his Ang turn every one from his evil way, and cast down from Heaven ug and from the Violence that is in the Earth the Beauty of Israel?their Hands.

f* Luk. 10. 21. In that Ha

Jesus rejoiced in Spirit, and fal Ifa. 14. 13. Thou hast said I thank thee, &c. as here. in thy Heart, I will afcend into


d + Mat. 10. 15.


(1) The Persons from whom the great Truths of the Gospel were hi were the wife and Prudent, that is, the proud Pharisees, and Teache among the Jews, who accounted themselves Wise, and thought they not want Instruction, and consequently defpifed Christ and his Doctrin as not agreeable to their corrupt Inclinations, and mistaken Opinions.

Our Lord does not thank his Father because he had hid these Truth from them ; but he gives thanks to him, that, notwithstanding his ju


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