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the Magistrates, and Powers, take ye

meditate before, what ye shall answer. the Court of Judicature, di.

• deliver you up to the councils, and they will p scourge you in their (0) Synagogues. 18. And ye ihall be brought before a governours and kings for my fake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. 19. But when they deliver you up, ' take no thought how or what ye shall speak, for it fall be given you in that fame hour what ve fall speak. 20. For it is s not ye that speak, but the spirit of your Father which speakcth in you. 21. And the 'u brother fall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children thall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. E

22. And of Mar. 13. 9. † Luk. 21. 12. it Ex. 4. 12. Now therefore See on Mat. 24. 9.

go, and I will be with shy Mouth, ? 4 Asts s. 40. -When they and teach thee what thou lhalt lay. had called the Apostles, and beaten

2 Tim. 4. 17.

Norwichthem, ihey commanded that they s standing, the Lord Stoond with fhould not speak in the Name of me and strengthned me, that by me Jesus, and let them go.

the preaching might be fully 9t A&. 12.

1. -Herod the known, and that all the Gentiles King fretched forth his Hands to might hear; and I was delivered Uex certain of the Church. # A&.10 out of the Mouth of the Lion. Act. 25:23. -When Agrippa was come,

4. 8. Peter filled with the holy Ghost, and Bernice, with great Pomp, and faid unto them, Ye Rulers of the was entred into the Place of Hear People.- Acts 6. 10. They were ing, with the chief Captains, and

not able to rejist the Wisdom and principal Men of the City, at Feftus's 15 the spirit by which he spake. Commandment, Paul was brought

" Jer. 9.4.



every one of his Neighbour, and trust

ye ** Mar. 13.11. But when they not in any brother : for 'every hall lead you and deliver you up,

brother will atterly supplant, and take no thought before hand what 20 every neighbour will walk with Nanje fhall speak, neither do ye pre

ders. t. Mich.7. 6. The Son difhomeditate : but whatsoever fhall be

noureth the Father, the Daughter gion you in that Hour, that speak riseth up against her Mother, the i for it is not ye that speak, Daughter in Law against her Mobur the Holy Ghott

. "Luk. 12:25 ther in Law; a Man's Enemies are 11. And when they bring you

the Men of his own House. * Luk. en unto the Synagogues, and unto

21.16. And ye shall be betrayed

both by Parents, and Bretloren, and no thought haw or what thing ye

Kinsfolks, and Friends, and some hal) answer. † Luk. 21. 14. Setele 30 of you they shall cause to be put to it therefore in your Hearts, not to

Death. 19. The Word Synagogue, fignifies not only a Place of publick Worship

other publick Place where people meet together ; as a


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do but likewise


22. And ye shall be · hated of all men for my names fake: but he that b endureth to the end, shall be saved. 23. But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another; for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not * have gone over [Or, end, or, finish] the cities of Israel d till the son of man be come. 24. The e disciple i not above his master, nor the servant above his lord 25. It is enough for the disciple that he be as his ma ster, and the fervant as his lord : if they have f called the master of the house * Beelzebub, [Gr. Beelzebuil,] hov much more ball they call them of his houshold? 26. 3 Fea



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+ Luk. 21.17.

till they see the Son of Man comin b + Mat. 24: 13.

13. 13.

in his Kingdom. Rev. 2.7. To him that overcomet', em Joh. 13. 16. Joh. 15. 3 will I give to eat of the Tree of See on Luk. 6. 43. Life which is in the midst of the


+ Mat. 12. 24. The Phariset Paradife of God.

-said, This fellow doth not ca CT Mat. 2.

13. -The Angel out Devils, but by Beelzebub th of the Lord appeareth to Jofeph in

Prince of the Devils. + Mar. 3. 2:15 a Dream, saying, Arise, and take the -Scribes-said, He hath Beelze young Child, and his Mother, and 10 bub, and by the Prince of the De free into Egypt, and be thou there vils castech he out Devils. + Lul until I bring thee Word: for He 11. 15. Some of them faid, 1 rod will seek the young child to casteth out Devils through Beelz destroy him. + Mat 4. 12. Now bub, the chief of the Devils. + Jol when Jesus heard that John was 15 8. 48. Then answered the Jew cast into Prison, he departed into and said unto him, say we ne Galilee. + Mat. 12. 15. When well that thou art a Samaritan, an: Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself haft a Devil? from thence. Mar. 3. 7. Jesus & Prov. 29. 25. The fear of ma withdrim himself with his Disci- 20 bringeth a Snare, but whoso pu ples. † A&is. 8. I,

-There was a

teth his trust in the Lord Ihall b great perfecution against the Church safe. Jer. 1. 8. Be not afraid which was at Jerusalem; and they their Faces; for I am with the were all scattered abroad through to deliver thee, faith the Lord out the Regions of Judea, except 25 Dan. 3.16. Shadrach, Meshach, an the Apostles. $ Acts 9. 25. Then Abednego, answered and said, the Disciples took him by Night, Nebuchadnezzar, we are not care and let him down by the Wall in a ful to answer thee in this Matter Basket + Acts 14.6. They were Afts 4. 19. Peter and John an ware of it, and fed unto Lyitra and 30 swered and said unto them, Whe Lerbe, Cities of Lycaonia, and un ther it be right in the fight of God to the Region chac lieth round a to bearken unto you more than un buur. Adis 17. 14. Immediately to God, judge ye. the Brethren fiat away Paul, to'go If ye fuffer for Righteousnel as it were to the Sea.

35 fake, happy are ye: And be no d: Mat. 16. 28. Verily I say afraid of their terror, neither be unto you, there be some flanding troubled, here, which thall not taft of Death,

i Per. 3. 14

31. Fear


leadiff to the gates of Hell, and bringest up again. A Man indeed killeth through his malice, and the ?

m! them not therefore : for there is nothing covered, that

shall not be revealed; and hid, that thall not be known. 27. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light : and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the house-tops. 28. And i fear 110t them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the foul: but k rather fear him which is able to destroy both loul and body in hell

. 29. Are not two sparrows sold for a (1) farthing? and one of them ihall not fall on the ground without your Father. 30. But the very 'hairs of your head are all numbered.

ye not therefore, ye are of m more value than many sparrows. 32. Whosoever therefore shall

confess b. See on Luk: 12. 2.

turneth not, bc. Luk. 12.

3.4. I say unto you, 't Sam. 14. 45. -As the Lord my Friends, be not afraid of them liveth, there ihall not one Hair of that kill the Body, and after that his Fonar ban's) Head fall to the have no more that they can do.

5 ground. 2 Sam. 14. 11. As the * Psal. 2. 11. Serve the Lord Lord liveth, there shall not one with fear, and rejoice with trem Hair of thy son fall to the earth, Prov. 23. 17. Let not

1 King. 1:52. And Solomon said, thine Heart envy Sinners: but if he will shew himself a worthy be thou in the fear of the Lord all 10 Man, there shall not an Hair of

the Day long. Ifa. 8. 12, 13. Neie him [ Adonijah] fall to the earth :

their fear, nor be afraid. but if Wickedness be found in him San&tifie the Lord of Hofts him. 7

he shall die. + Luk. 21. 18. There felf, and let him be your fear, and

shall not an Hair of your Head let him be your dread. Ifa. 51.15 perish. Luk. 12. 7. Even the very 7, 8. Hearken unto me, ye that

Hairs of your Head are all numberknow righteousness, the People in' ed.

* Acts 27. 34.

There shall whose Heart is my Law, fear ye not

not an Hair fall from the Head of the Reproach of Men, neither be

any of you. ye afraid of their Revilings. For 20

in Mat. 6. 26. Behold the Fowls the moth shall eat them up like a

of the Air, for they fow not, neiGarment, and the worm Thall eat

ther do they reap, nor gather into them liké Wool but my righteousness shall be for ever, and my

barns; yet your heavenly Father

feedeth them. Are not ye much Salvation from generation to gene- 25 better than they? Cor.

9. 9. Thou Doth God take care for Oxen ? haft Power of life and death, thou Psal. 8. 5. Thou hast made him

a little lower than the Angels, and haft crowned him with Glory and

Honour. Spirit when it is gone forth je.


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ration. Wild. 16. 13, 14.

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11) I It is in valie, Half-peny farthing in the Original, as being the tenth Part of t'ie Roman Peny. See on Mat.18. 28.

n confels me

• before men, him will PI confefs al my Father which is in heaven. 33. But whoroes 9 deny me before men, him will I also deny bef Father which is in heaven. 34. Think (2)

(2) not

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Luk. 12. 3. Whosoever shall in this adulterous and linfu confess me before men, him shall ration, of him also fhall the the Son of Man also confess before man be ashamed when he com the Angels of God. + Rom. 10. the glory of his Father, wi 9, 10. If thou shalt confess with thy s holy Angels. * Luk. 9. 26. mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt foever shall be ashamed of me believe in thine Heart, that God of my Words, of him sha hath raised him from the dead, Son of man be ashamed, whe thou shalt be saved. For with the shall come in his own Glory, Heart man believeth unto Righte-10 in his Father's, and of the ousness, and with the Mouth con Angels. t 2 Tim.

I. 8. Be fession is made unto Salvation. thou ashamed of the Teftimon

• Pfal. 119. 46. I will speak of the Lord, nor of me his Prison thy Testimonies also before Kings, but be thou partaker of the A and will not be ashamed. Acts 4.15 Etions of the Gospel, according 19. The Words under Ver. 23. the Power of God. + See Rom. P + Rev. 3. 5. He that over

16. I am not ashamed of the Gosp cometh, the same shall be clothed of Christ : for it is the Power in whire Raiment, and I will not God unto Salvation to every of blot out his Name out of the book 20 that believeth. 2 Tim. 2, of Life ; but I will confess his If we fuffer, we shall also reig Name before my Father, and before with him ; if we deniy him, he al his Angels.

so will deny us. I Joh. 2. 239.* Mar.8.38. Whosoever shall be Whosoever "denieth the Son, the ajbamed of me, and of my Words, same hath not the Father.

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(2) Thefe Words found harsh in the Ears of some Christians, and therefore it inay be proper to explain them. Dr. Lightfoot fupposes them to refer to the Land of Judia ; ifto, our Lord may be properly said to come not to give that Peace to the Inhabitants thereof, which they expected at the Appearance of the Meliah, but a Sword, to destroy them for their rejecting him, against the clearest Evidence, and refusing to hearken to the divine Instructions he gave them. And what terrible Desolations come upon the 3ưws after they had put our Lord to Death, both from their Enemies, and from their Discords among themselves, may be seen in Josephus's History of the Wars of the Jews. Or,

We may understand the Words in a more general Sense, and then the Meaning of them will be, that notwithstanding one great Design of our Lord's Coming, and of his Gospel, was, and is, to promote universal Love and Peace among Men, yet through the inveterate Malice of the Devil

, and the mighty Corruption of Men, it would occasion much Discord and Strife in the World, and that even between very near Relations, some endeavouring to reclaim Men from their Sins, and to bring them to be fin. cere Subjects and Members of Christ's Kingdom; others, on the contra.



me, is not worthy of me.

thall find it.


1 * Luk. 12. 49, 51


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to send Fire on earth, and what will I, if it be already kindled ? Peace on Earth? I tell you, nay; 5 up his Heel against me. Acts 13.45. When the Jews faw with envy, and spake against chofe things which were fpoken by Paul, 15"

As contradicting and blafpheming, Acts seek to save his Life, shall lose it: 13 24. Some believed the things and whosoever shall lofe his Life, which were spoken, and fome be* Mich. 7.6. The Words un 20 and he thar hateth his Life in this

Pfal. 41. 9. Yes, mine. own femiliar Friend in whom I trusted, life up his Heel against me. Pfal. 25 Name, receiveth me. $5:13. But it was thou, a Man, mine equal, my guide, and mine ry, as ftrenuously endeavouring to promote the Kingdom of Satan,whence Wars, Perfecutions, and many Calamities would arife, and cause the

Apostles, fee the references on these Veries, and on

:: am come to send à

peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35: For I am come to set a man at vafiance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law againit her mother in law. 36. And a c man's foes full be they of his own houshoid. 37. He that i loveth father or mother more than me,

is not worthy of me: and he that loveth fon ch or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.

38. And he that taketh not e his cross, and followeth after

39. He that f findeth his life fhall lose it: and he that loreth his life for my fake,

40. He that 8 receiveth you, receiveth I am come

18. I speak not of you all ; I know whom I have chosen :. but that the Scripture may be fulfilled, He that caterh Bread with me, hath life

Luk. 14. 26. If any man come to me, and hate not his. Fa

ther, and Mother, and Wife, and Others said, Children, and Brethren, and Sift. But fome faid, 10 ers, yea, and his own Life also, he

cannot be my Disciple. were filled Luk. 14. 27. See on Mac. 16.

I shall preserve it.. * Joh. 12. 25. He that loveth his Life, shall lose it, World, thall keep it unto Life eternal.

§ † Mar. 18. 5. Whoro shall re. Brcad, hath ceive one such little Child in my

16. He chat heareth you, heareth

and he that despite th you, The defpisech' me: and he that defpif Joh. 13.

eth What Divisions were in the Time of our

Suppose ye that I am come to give but rather Division. Joh. 7 40, H. Many of the People when they heard this saying, faia, of a Truth this is that Prophet. This is the Christ. Shall Christ come out of Galilee ?

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the Multitudes, they


* Mar. 8. 34.

* Luk. 9. 23:

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lieved not. der the 2 i ft verse.

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