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vils. 35. And Jesus went about all the Cities and Vi lages, f teaching in their fynago-ues, and preaching gospel of the kingdoin, and healing every fickness, a every disease among the people.

the people. 35. T But when saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion them, because they * fainted, [Or, were tired and lay don and were scattered abroad, as Sheep having no She herd. 37. Then faith he unto his disciples, The i ha vest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few. * Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he w send forth labourers into his harvest.


CH A P. X.

A ciples, he gave them

ND when he had called unto him his twelve

* them

gave power against [Or, over] clean fpirits, tomcast them out, and to heal all manner


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Eccles. 4. 4.



dcth make the mad.

truly is great,but & here. tj Iconlidered all travel, and every 4. 35. Say not ye there are f right work, that for this a man is Months, and then cometh Harve envied of his neighbour.

Behold, I say unto you, lift Luk. 13. 22. See on Mar. s your eyes and look on the Fiel 6. 67

for they are white already to H f+ Mat. 4. 23. And Jesus went vest. about all Galilee, teaching, doc. as k; 2 Thes. 3. 1. Finally, B in this Verle.

thren, pray for us, that the word Mar. 6. 34. And Jesus when yo the Lord may have free coui he came out, saw much People, and and be glorified even as it is w was moved with compassion toward you them, becaule they were as Sheep Mar. 3. 14. And he ordait not having a Shepherd : and he twelve, that they should be w began to teach them many things. 15 him, and that he might send the

h * Numb. 27. 17. “That the forth to preach. f Mar. 6. congregation of the Lord be not as And he calleth unto him the twel Sheep which have no Shepherd. E and began to send them forth zek. 34. 6. My Sheep wandred two and two, and gave them pa through all the Mountains, and up- 20 er over unclean Spirits. + Luk. on every high hill:

13. And when it was day, bec was scartered upon all the face of led unto him his disciples, and the earth, and none did search or them he chose twelve, whom al feek after them. + Zech. 10. 2. he named Apostles. The Diviners have seen a lie, and Then he called his twelve discipl

25 told false dreams"; they comfort in together, and gave them power a vain : therefore they went away authority over all Devils, and as a Flock, they were troubled, be. I cure diseases. Caufe there was no Shepherd.

A&s 16. 18. Paul bein i * Luk. 10. The Harvest 30


yea, my Flock

Luk. 9.


tie Traytor, he adds, not Iscariot.

deus, 4.

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E 2

- Mat.15.24. I am not sent but

God having raised up his Son Je. 20 of the Apostles hands; the holy fus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from spoken to you: but seeing ye put The other by St. Luke, Chap. 6. 16. where he is styled Judas, the brother of James, as he is likewise Aits 1. 13. and in the first Verse of his Epi. fle. St. John, Chap. 14. 22. calls him Judas, but to diftinguish him from

fickness, and all manner of disease. 2. Now the names of the twelve Apostles are these; The first, Simon, who is » called Peter, and Andrew his brother, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother. 3. Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas, and Matthew the publican, James the son Of Alpheus, and (6) Lebbeus, whose firname was Thad

Simon the Canaanite, and Judas ” Iscariot, who also betrayed him. 5. These twelve Jefus fent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles

, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not. 6. But go rather to the loft sheep of the house of Ifrael. 7. And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 8. Heal the fick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out Devils : freely ye have

received, grieved, turned and said to the Spi- it from you, and judge your felves Tit, I command thee in the name of unworthy of everlasting Life, lo, Jesus Christ, to come out of her.

we turn to the Gentiles. Rom. 15. And he came out the same hour. 8. Jesus Christ was a minister of the

... Joh. 1:42. —When Jesus 5 Circumcifion for the truth of beheld him, he said, Thou art și

God, to confirm the Promises mon che son of Jona: thou shalt be

made unto the Fathers. celled Cephas, which is by interpre

is. t Luk.9. 2. And he sent them tation, a Stone. Märg. or, Peter.

to preach the kingdom of God. + • Luk. 6. 15. Simon, called 10 Mat. 3. 2. Repent ye: for the Zelotes . Ads i. i3. --Simon Ze kingdom of Heaven is at hand. +

Mat. 4 17. From that time Jesus OfKerioth a city, Josh.15.25. began to preach, and to say, Re-Galilee of pent, for the kingdom of heaven 15 is at hand.

* Luk. 10.9. Say un12 King.17.24.See on Joh.4.9.

to them, The kingdom of God is

come nigh unto you. unto the loft sheep of the House of u † Afts 8. 18, 20. And when Israel . A&t. 3. 26. Unto you firfi, Simon law that thro’ the laying on

Ghost was , he offered

money, But Peter said unto him, Paul and Barnabas waxed hold, Acts 13.46. Then Thy money perish with thee, because

thou hast thought that the gift of and faid, it was neceffary that the 25 God may be purchased with money

. word of God should first have been

Acts 20. 33, 34. I have coveted This is St. Jude, who wrote the Epistle that bears his Name. He was known by three several Names. Two of which are mentioned here:


? :: Mat. 4. 15. the Gentiles.

.s+ .

- bis iniquities.


received, (7) freely give. 9.

• * Provide, [Or, get] nei


no man's Silver, or Gold, or Apparel. than you all, yet not I, but d Yea, your selves know, that these Grace of God which was with m hands have ministred to my Ne 1 Pet. 5. 2. Feed the Flock of G cessities. 1 Cor. 9. 11, 12, 13, 14,

which is among you, taking If we have sown unto you spiritual s oversight thereof, not by constrai things, is it a great thing, if we but willingly; not for filthy luck shall

reap your carnal things? Ifo but of a ready mind. thers be partakers of this Power o 2.: : Sam. 9. 7. Then { ver you, are not we rather ? Never. Saul to his Servant, But behold, theless I have not used this Power. 10 we go, what fall we bring the ma -Do ye not know that they which for the Bread is spent in our Velfe minister about holy things, live of and there is not a Present to bri the things of the Temple ? and to the man of God.

* Mar. 6. they which wait at the Altar, are (Jesus) commanded them that d partakers with the Altar? Even fo Thould take nothing for their Jo

IS hath the the Lord also ordained, ney, save a Staff only: no Sar that they which preach the Gospel, no Bread, no Money in their P should live of the Gospel. 1 Cor. ses. * Luk. 9. 3. Take noth 15.10. I laboured more abundantly

(7) That these Words respect the difpensing the miraculous Gifts of Holy Ghost, as curing the Sick, giving Sight to the Blind, &c. is manil from their being joined with them. This power the Apostles were i to make any Advantage of. Those therefore mistake them, who ar from hence against the Clergy's receiving a proper Maintenance. Sense of the Words is confirmed by what the Apostle tells us, The harh ordalned, 1 Cor.9.14, namely,That they who preach the Gospel, Mouldlia the Gospel. Should any, when they enter into holy Orders, propose to the felves no higher View, than that they may thereby be intituled comfortable Maintenance, it may reasonably be doubted, whether unworthy and criminal Contracts made by many Patrons, have not con buted thereunto. But this is not all : For can their Crime be fm who, being entrufted with the Patronage of Churches, make a profit the of, by their vile Traffick ?. Did our pious Ancestors build and ende Churches, that Posterity might sell them to those who are to take care the Souls belonging to them? How many are there who bafely ben Elvis bonourable Trust, and for mean Confiderations, present unwort: Clerks to some of the best Livings, and the greatest Cures ? Not that is excufable to do it to the least. If the Buyer is perjured, (See the force Canon) the Seller cannot be innocent. How can fuch Patrons free the felves from the Guilt contracted by the Negligence and il Behaviour of the they present? Did they use such Diligence to find out fit Perfons, as the use' in what they believe to be of Moment to themselves, they mi hope to be free from the Guil of those they present, fhould they pro unworthy! But what they can hope, who have barely betrayed one

the greatest Trusts, I fee not. Does God threaten that he will required * Blood of his people at the Watchman's Hand, because he did not wa

them? And can they think to escape, who carelessly, or negligently, or of

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for their Defence. They were to provide neither Money, nor Viduals,


deration of the vast Mischief that Religion, Learning, and the immortal Souls of Men, daily receive by such unworthy and covetous Practices, which te fufficient to provoke God to blast the Estates and Fortunes of the Guilty, (8) In the Account St. Mark gives of this Million, Chap. 6. 8, 9. the Apostles are allowed to take a Staff, and to be Shod with Sandals, which be, they might take the Shoes already on their Feet, here they are torlecms inconsistent with the Relation here. But the Meaning there may had in their Hand to walk with, here they are forbidden to take their bidden to take any more. There they are allowed to take the Staves they nor change of Apparel, to carry with them, but to cast themselves on

ther gold, nor silver, nor • brass in your Purses: Nor serip


your journey, neither two coats, neither Shoes, nor yet * ftaves: (8) [Gr, a Staff] (for the . Workman is worthy of his meat.)

11. And into whatsoever F G city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worE 3

thy, for your Journey, neither Staves, dy.- t 1 Cor. 9. 7. Who goeth a nor Scrip, neither Bread, neither Warfare any time at his own Money; neither have two coats a

Charges? Who planteth a Vinepiece. Luk. 10.4. Carry neither

yard, and eateth not of the Fruic Purse

, nor Scrip, nor Shoes. *Luk. s thereof? Or who feedeth a Flock, 22. 35. And he said unto them,

and eateth not of the Milk of the When I sent you without Purse,

Flock? Gal. 6. 6. Let him that is and Scrip, and Shoes, lacked ye a

taught in the Word, communicate to jny thing? And they said no

him that teachech in all good thing

things. 1 Tim. 5. 17, 18. Let the Mar. 6. 8. The Words under

Elders that Rule well, be counted

worthy of double honour, especial. **Luk. 10. 7. In the same house ly they who labour in Word and remain esting and drinking such

Doctrine. For the Scripture faith, things as they give; for the La

thou shalt nor muzzle the Ox chat bouzer is worthy of his hire. Lev.

treadeth out the Corn: And, the 19.13. The Wages of him that is

Labourer is worthy of his reward. hired, lhall not abide with thee all

d* Luk. 10. 8. And into what. Night until the Morning.

Deut. foever City ye enter, and they re4.14. Thou shall not opprefs an 20 ceive you, eat such things as are s hired Servant thac is poor and nees

fer before you. te of defesim, or through Crvetousness, puc in such Watchmen, as either

Was our Lord moved with Com* paflion, when he law the Multitude, because they were as Sheep not hav

13 a Shepherd ? Mar. 6. 34. And will he not execute Vengeance on thole who have it in their power to place fufficient Shepherds over them, but

fuffer themselves to be prevailed with, either by the Love of Money, en stehet corrupt Confiderations, to present those who

are immoral, or infuftiScient? The Love of Men may be evaded, but God cannot be deceived, saad he will not be mocked on Iconfefs this is a Digreffion; but the Consi.


Ver. 9.


will excuse it.

i wis Providence.

I 2.


14. A

thy, and there abide till ye go thence. ye come into an house, falute it. 13. And if th be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if i worthy, let your peace return to you. foever shall 'n not receive you, nor hear your when you depart out of that house or city, 1 the dust of your feet. 15. Verily I say unto you be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and rha, in the day of Judgment, than for that city. Behold I send you forth ' as sheep in the midst of y be ye therefore m wife as ferpents, and n * harmle fimple] as doves. 17. But beware of men, for the

* Ats

e: Luk. 10. 5. Into whatsoever gainst thee, saying, I have s House ye enter, first say, Peace be Lord's anointed. to this House.

But they shook off the Dufto f Acts 13.46. It was necessary Feet against them. + Acts that the word of God should first s And when they [few's] o, have been spoken to you ; but fee. themselves, and blafpheme ing you put it from you, and judge (Paul) Hook his raiment, and your felves unworthy of everlasting unto them, Your Blood be Life; lo, we turn to the Gentiles.

your own Heads ;

I am c 8: Pl. 35. 13. --My Prayer 10 from henceforth we turn to returned into mine own bosom. Gentiles. Ačts 20. 26. I take

h * Mar. 6. 11. Whosoever shall to record this day, that I am Fløt receive you, nor hear you, when from the Blood of all men. ye depart thence, shake off the dust k + Mat. 11. 22, 24. It sha under your Feet, for a testimony 15 more tolerable for Tyre and Si against them. Verily I say unto at the day of judgment, than you, it shall be more tolerable for you. It shall be more tolerable Sodom and Gomorrha in the Day the land of Sodom in the day of Judgment, than for that City: Judgment, than for thee. Lam +Luk. 9. 5. Whosoever will not re. 266. The punishment of the Iniqu ceive you, when ye go out of that of the Daughter of my People, City, shake of the very duft from greater than the punishment of t your feet for a testimony against ļin of Sodom, that was overthrowthem. + Luk. 10. II. Even the in a Moment. very duft of your City which cleav-25 *? * Luk. 10. 3. --Behold, I sen eth on us, we do wipe off against you forth as Lambs among Wolve you: notwithstanding, be ye furę t Rom. 16. 19. - would have of this, that the kingdom of God you wise unto that which is good, is come nigh unto you.

and simple concerning evil. Col. 4. Neh. 5. 13. Also I shook my 30 5. Walk in Wisdom toward them lap, and said, fo God Make our c that are without. very man from his House, that then that ye walk circumspeetly

, not performeth not this Promise: even as fools, but as wise. thus be hejaken out and emptied. - 1 Cor. 14. 20. Brethren, be : 2 Sam. 1 16. David said unto 35 not Children in Understanding: him, thy Blood be upon thy Hindhowteit, in Malice be ye Children, for thy Mouth hath teitified a buc in Understanding be Men.

Eph. 5. 15


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