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30. And the

* Dan. 7.

order it, and to establish it with · Behold, the Days come, faith the Lord, that I will raise unto David

of the Law, that Cbrit abideth


2 1. what manner of falutation this should be. Angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary : for thou hast · found favour with God. 31. And behold, thou shalt bconceive in thy womb, and bring forth a fon, and < fhalt call his name Jesus. 32. d He fh111 be great, and that be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God shall give u!to him the * Throne of his fatlier Davit. 33. And he shall reign over

the à Gen. 6. 8. Noah found Grace shall not be destroyed. in the Eyes of the Lord. Gen. 18. 14, 27. There was given him Do. 3. [Abraham) faid, My Lord, if minion, and Glory, and a Kingdom, now I have found Favour in thy that all People, Nations, and LanSight6* Ifa. 7. 14. Behold, a Virgin

Sguages, fhould fra him: his Do

minion is an everlasting Dominion, frall conceive and bear a Son, and which shall not pais away, and his Thall call his Name Immanuel. Kingdom that which shall not be de

Mat 1. 21. She shall bring forth a trosed. And the Kingdom, and son, and thou sha't call his Name 10 Dominion, and the greatness of Jefus. Gal. 4. 4. When the Ful

the Kingdom, under the whole ness of Time was come, God sent Heaven, Ihall be given to the Peofurth his Son made of a Woman. ple of she Saints of the moft high, c+Luk. 2. 21.

whose Kingdom is an everlalting Kings d Mat. 28. 18. All Power is's dom, and all Dominions sha'l serve given to me in Heaven and in and obey him.

+ Obad. Ver. 21. Earth.

The Kingdomn shall be the Lords. e Mar. 5.7. What have I to do Mich

4 7.

- The Lord thall with thee Jesus, thou Son of the Reign over them in mount Zion, molt bigh God?

from henceforth even for ever. ft ila 9. 6. Unto us a Chid is Pfal. 45. 6, 7. Thy Throne, O God, born, unro us a Son is given, and is forever and ever, the Sceptre of the Government shall be upon his thy Kingdom is a right Sceptre

, Shoulder: and his Naine shall be Thou lovest Righteousness

, and cailed Wonderful, Couníeller, The 25 hatest Wickedness: therefore God, migloty God, The everlasting. Father, thy God, hath anointed thee with The Prince of Peace.

+ Ifa 16. 5.

the Oil of Gladnels above thy In Mercy thall the Throne be ella Feliows. Ifa. 9 7. Of the Increase blished, and he shall fit upon it in of his Government and Peace, there Truth, in the Tabernacle of David, zo thall be no End, upon the Throne of jedging and seeking Judgment, and David, and upon his Kingdom, to hafting Righteouiness.

* † Pfal. 132. 11. The Lord hath Judgment and with Justice from fworn in Truth unto David, he benceforth even for ever. Jer. 23:,: will nor turn from it, of the Fruit

35 of thy body will I fer upon thy Throne. : Rev. 3. 7. Thele things a righteous Branch, and a King faith he that is holy, he that is ihall reign and prosper, and shall extrue, he that hach the Key of Dr.

ecure Judgment and justice in the vid.-

40 Earth. ht. Dan. 2:44. In the Days of ple answered, We have heard out there Kings shall the God of Heaven set up another Kingdom which

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7 Joh. 12. 34. The Peo


fbould it be mar vellous in mine

the house of Jacob for ever, and of his kingdom there shall be no end. 34. Then said Mary unto the Angel, How fhall

this te, seeing I know not a man? 35. And the Angel an*fwered and said unto her, i The Holy Ghost thall come upParis on thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee:

therefore also that holy thing which thall be born of thee, Shall be called the Son of God. 36. And behold, thy coufin Elisabeth, the hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the fixth month with her, who was called barren. 37. For k with God nothing shall be unposible. 38. And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy word. And the Angel departed from her.

39. And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill-country with hafte, into a city of Juda. 40. And entred into the house of Zacharias, and faluted Elisabeth. 41. And it came to pass, that when Elisabeth heard the falutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb: and Elisabeth was filled with the holy Ghost. 42. And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, m Bleffed art thou among Women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 43. And whence is this

that the mother of " my Lord should come to me? 44. For lo, as soon as the voice of thy falutation founded in mine ears, the bahe leaped in my womb for joy. 45. And bleised is the * that believed: for there [Or, which believed that there] shall be a performance of thole things which were told her from the Lord. 46. And Mary said, "My soul

doth for ever. - † Heb. 1.8. Unto the Men this is imposible, but with God Son he faith, Thy Throne, O God, all things are poflible. † Luk. 18.

27. The things which are imposible - That which is with Men, are possible with God. conceived in her is of the Holy 5 · Josh. 21.

The Goof.

Children of Levi, had— And they Gen. 18. 14. Is any thing gave them the City of Arbas, the too hard for the Lord ? Job 42. 2.

Father of Anak, (which City is HeI know that thou canst do every

bron) in the Hill Country of JcEbing - † Jer. 32. 17. -There 10 dah. is nothing too hard for thee. + Zech. in Ver. 23, 8.6. Thus faith the Lord of Hofts, Joh. 20. 23. Thomas answer. If it be marvellous (Marg. hard, ed and said unto him, My Lord, and or, difficult) in the Eyes of the remnant of this People in these Days, 15 1 Sam. 2. 1. Hannah prayed

and said, My Heart rejeiceth in the Eyes? faith the Lord of Hofts. Lord. -Pfal. 34. 2, 3. My Soul

Mat. 19. 26. But Jerus beheld shall make her best in the Lord : them, and said unto them, Wilde




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is for ever and ever.

Mat. 1. 20.

1o, II.


my God.

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126. 2.


God cf my

eth Contempt upon Princes, and

doti magnifie the Lord, 47. And my spirit hath · rejoiced on God my fav'our. 48. For he hath regarded the low estace of his handmaiden : for behold, from

for behold, from hencerorth all generationis fhall call me blessed.

49. For he that is mighty hath done to me 'great things, and holy is his name. 5o. And his f mercy is on them that fear him, from generation to generation. 51. He hath Thewed & strength with his arın, he hath h scattered the proud, in the imayi.sation : of their hearts. 52. He hath put down the mighty from their ?

feats, the Humble shall hear thereof, and manded his Covenant for ever: hobe glad. O magnifie the Lord with ly and reverend is his Name. Pl. 20 me, and let us exalt his Name for

The Lord hach done Pfal. 35. 9. My Soul thall be great things for them. joyful in the Lord: it shall reo s † † Exod. 20.6. Shewing Mercy joice in his Salvation. Pfal. 103. unto Thousands of them that love 1. Bless the Lord, O my Soul, and me, and keep my Commandments. bow all that is within me bless his hc of Plal. 103. 17. The Mercy of the for Jy Name. Hab. 3. 18. I will re Lord is from everlasting to everjoice in the Lord, I will joy in the lo lafting upon them tha: fear him. Salvation.

* Pfal. 77. 15. Thou hast with 2 Pfal. 5. 11. Let all those that thine Arm redeemed thy P ople the put their Trust in thee rejoice : let Sons of Jacob and Jof-ph' Pfal. ze them ever hout for Joy: because 98.1. -His own righ: Hand, and be thou defendeft them let them 15 his holy Arin hath goten him the also that love thy Name be joyfu! in Vi&ory. Pfal 1.8 15. The right the.Pfal 32.11 Begludinthe Lord, and Hand of the Lord doh valiantly. ::: s'egoice yek ghreous Pfal 37.4 Delight * Ita. 51.9. Awake, awake, put on thy self also in the Lord - 11.1.64. Strength, () Arm of the Lord so. The Righteous Thall be glad in 20:ť Tla. 42. 10. The Lord hath made the Lord, and Thall trust in him. bare his holy Arm in the Eyes of all Ifai 61. 10. I will greatly rejoice the Nations, and a'l the Ends of in the Lord, my Soul shall be joyful the Earth Thall see the Salvation of in my God, for he hath clothed me

our God. with the Garments of Salvation.--25 h * Psal. 33. 10. The Lord bring.

1 Tim. 1. 1. Paul, an Apostle eth the Counsel of the Heathen to cf Jesus Christ, by the command monight: he maketh the Devices of ment of God our Saviour, and Lord the People of none offit. Pet. in Jesus Chrift.

5.5. Be clothed with Humility : ct PAAI. 138. 6. Though the 30 for God refifteth the Proud, and give Lord be bigh, yet hath he respect eth Giac? to the Humable. unto the lomly : but the Proud he

i Sam. 2. 6, dve. The Lord knoweth afar off.

killerh and makerh alive: he bringe d: Mal 3. 12. All Nations Mall eth down to the Grave, and bring. call you

bleited Luk. 11.27.35 eth up, &c. Job 12. 19, 21. He Blessed is the Wimb that bare thee, leadeth Princes away fpoiled, and

the Paps which thou hast overthroweth the Migkry. He pour; fucked

e Pial. 1!1.9 He sent Redemp weakneth the Strength of the sion to his people, he hath com. 40




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feats, and kexalted them of low degree. 53. He hath filled the 'hungry with good things, and the rich he hath fent emp"y away. 54. He hath holpen his m servant Ifrael,

in remembrance of his mercy. 55. As he p ipak eto our fathers, to Abraham and to his feed for ever. 56. And Mary abode with her about three months, and returned to her ovn house. 57. Now Elisabeths full time came, that the should be delivered ; and she brought forth a Son. 58. And her neigbours and her cousins heard how the Lord had Shewed

great mercy upon her; and they 9 rejoiced with her. 59. And it came to pass, that on the reighth day they came to circumcise the child; and they called h'm Zacharias, after the name of his father. 60. And his mother answered and said, 'Not so ; but he hajl be called John. 61. And they said unto her, There is none of thy kindred that is called by this name.

62 And they made fijns to his father, how he would have

have him called. he asked for a Writing-Table, and wrote, a saying,


63. And

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Mighty. Job 5. 11. To set up on Lord wait that he may be gracious bigh those that be love + Pfal. 113. unto you, and therefore will he 6. Who humbleth himself to be be exalted, that he


have hold the things that are in Heaven Mercy upon you. Ver. 72. and Earth


Gen. 17. 19. I will establish k See on Mat. 5. 3.

my Covenant with him for an ever. 1* Psal. 34. 10. The young Li lasting Covenan', and with his Seed ons do lack and suffer Hunger : but afrer him. Gen. 22. 18. In thy they that seek the Lord Ihall not Seed shall all the Nations of the Want any good thing

Earth be blessed : because thou 41.8. Thou Israel art my haft obeyed my Voice. * Pfal. 132. Servant, Jacob whom I have cho 11. The Lord hath Sworn in Truth fen, the Seed of Abraham my unto David, he will not turn from

it, of the Fruit of thy Body will I sec * Jer. 31. 3, 20 I have loved 15 upon thy Throne. thee with an everlasting Love;

4 + Ver. 14.

Rom. 12. 15. Retherefore with loving kindness have joice with them that do rejoice. I drawn thee.

Is Ephraim my t Gen. 17. 12. He that is eight dear Son? Is he a plealant Child ? Days old shall be circumcised among for fince I spake against him, 1 do 20 you, every Man-child in your Genecarnekly remember him ftill: there.

rations. + Lev. 12

3. In the my Bowels are troubled for eighth Day the Flesh of his Foreskin him : I will surely bave mercy up

shall be circumcised. on him, saith the Lord. Pfal. 98. 3. He hath remembred his mercy, and u Gen. 21. 3. Abraham called tke

25 his truth toward the Howse of if the Name of his son that was born

unto him, whom Sarah bare unto Ifa 30. 18. Therefore will the him, Ifaac.



s Ver. 13


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* His name is John. And they marvelled all. 64. And his mouth was opened immediately, and his tongue loosed, and he fpake, and praised God. 65. And fear came on all that dwelt round about them: and all these * sayings [Org things] were noised abroad throughout all the Hill-country of judea. 66. And all they that had heard them, 5 laid them up in their hearts, saying, What manner of Child shall this be? And the c hand of the Lord was with him. ther Zacharias was filled with the holy Ghost, and prophefied, laying, 68. Bleised be the Lord God of Israel, for he hath e visited and fredeemed his People. 69. And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us, in the house of his servant David: 70. As he h (pake by the mouth of his holy Prophets, which have been fince the world began; 71. That we should be saved from our Enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us. 72. To perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to i remember his holy covenaiit:

67. And his fa


a Ver. 13.
b Luk. 2. 19.

tion from your Fathers; but with

the precious Blood of Christ. © King. 18. 46. And the Hand 8* Pfal. 132. 17. There will I of the Lord was on Elijak.

make the Horn of David co bud. d Pfal. 72. 18. Blessed be the Lord 5

h* Jer. 23. 6. Behold, the Days God of Israel, who only doth won

come, faith the Lord, that I will drous Things. Pfal. 106. 48. Blef- raise up to David a righteous Branch, fed be the Lord God of Israel from and a king shall Reign and Prosper, everlasting to everlasting.

and snall execute judgment and e of Luk. 7. 16. They glorified 10 Justice in the Earth. * Jer. 30. 1 God, saying, That a great Prophet 10. Fear thou not, O my fervane :} is risen up among us; and that Jacob, faith the Lord, neither be God hath visited his People. Ex. dismayed, O Israel ; for lo I will 3. 16. Say unto them, The Lord save thee from afar, and thy Seid God of your Fathers, the God of 15 from the Land of their Captivity, Abrahain, of Ifaac, and of Jacob, and Jacob shall return, and shall be appeared unto me, saying, I have in rest and quiet, and none thall surely visited you, and seen that make him afraid. : A&. 3. 21. which is done to you in Egypt. -Which God hath Spoken by the

Pfal. 111.9. The Words under 20 Mouth of all the holy Prophets since Ver. 49. Mat. 1.21. He shall save the World began.

.:: Rom. 1. 2. his people from their Sins. Eph. 1. Which he had promised afore by 7. In whom we have Redemption his Prophets in the holy Scripo through his Blood, the Forgiveness of Sins, according to the Riches of 25 i Lev. 26. 42. Then will I ?! his Grace. i Per. 1. 18, 19. For as member my Covenant with Jacob, much as ye know that ye were and also my Covenant with Ifaac, not redcemwith corruptible chings, and also my Covenant with Abras as Silver and Gold, from your vain. ham will I reraember.-

Plal. 105. Conversation receiied by Tradi. 30



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