An Account of the Island of Jersey: With an Appendix of Records, &c

R. Giffard, 1837 - 476 Seiten
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Seite 224 - CHARLES the Second by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Seite 287 - From men their cities, and from gods their fanes: The levell'd towns with weeds lie cover'd o'er; The hollow winds thro...
Seite 286 - Who claim'd the skies, dispeopled air and floods, The lonely lords of empty wilds and woods: Cities laid waste, they storm'd the dens and caves (For wiser brutes were backward to be slaves).
Seite 226 - Year of our Reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the nine and thirtieth.
Seite 64 - Mary's time surprised by the French, and could never have been recovered again by strong hand, having cattle and corn enough upon the place to feed so many men as will serve to defend it, and being every way so inaccessible, that it might be held against the great Turk. Yet by the industry of a gentleman of the Netherlands, it was in this sort regained. He anchored in the road with one ship...
Seite 149 - Law ; 2. because those Islands, though they are parcel of the Dominion of the Crown of England yet they are not parcel of the Realm of England...
Seite 11 - This brave speech spoken in presence of the deceased King's own son, Prince Henry, afterwards our King Henry I. wrought its effect. The Ha-Ro was respected, the man had compensation made him for his wrongs, and all opposition ceasing, the body of the dead King was suffered to be laid in the grave. In the...
Seite 416 - Ordinances so passed by them, that none shall be put or remain " in force for any time longer than three years, but that the same, upon its being " represented by the States to His Majesty that such Laws and Ordinances are found " by experience to be useful and expedient to be continued, shall, having first obtained " His Majesty's Royal assent, and not till then, be inserted and become part of the " Code of the Political Laws of the said Island.
Seite 210 - Kennet *) she was ashamed to keep, and therefore made haste to exchange them for Manours and Lands of Vacant Bishopricks (f); as perhaps thinking it a less evil to take the latter into her hands, than to increase her Revenue with the Portion of the Priest serving at the (*) The Case of...
Seite 471 - The baron now conceived himself to be master of the island. He therefore produced a commission from the king of France, appointing him a general in his army, and governor of Jersey. Under these new titles he invited several gentlemen to dine with him at Major Corbet's. He then ordered all the shops to be opened, and every thing to proceed as usual, forbidding, however, the assembling together of any number of inhabitants. He had taken care to oblige Major Corbet to send a written order to the different...

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