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32mo, Paper. 1. The Turks in Europe. By Edw. A. Freeman.$0 15 2, 3. Tales from Shakespeare. By Chas. and Mary Lamb. Comedies, 25 cts. Tragedies, 25 cts. 4. Thompson Hall. By Anthony Trollope. Ill's. 20 5. When the Ship Comes Home. By Walter Besant and James Rice..

25 6. The Lise, Times, and Character of Oliver Cromwell. By the Right Hon. E. H. Kuatchbull-Hugessen, M.P.

20 7. Early England, up to the Norman Conquest. By F. York-Powell. With Four Maps..

25 8. England a Continental Power, from the Conquest to Magna Charta, 1066-1216. By Louise Creighton. With a Map.

25 9. Rise of the People, and Growth of Parliament, from the Great Charter to the Accession of Henry VII., 1215-1485. By James Rowley, M.A. With Four Maps...

25 10. The Tudors and the Reformation, 1455-1603.

By M. Creighton, M.A. With Three Maps.. 25 11. The Struggle Against Absolute Monarchy, 1603

1688. By Bertha M. Cordery. With Two Maps. 25 12. The Settlement of the Constitution, from 1689

to 1784. By Jas. Rowley, M.A. With Four Maps. 25 13. England during the American and European

Wars, from 1765 to 1820. By O. W. Tancock,
M.A. With Five Maps.

25 14. Modern England, from 1820 to 1874. By Oscar Browning, M.A....

25 15. University Life in Ancient Athens. By W. W Capes..

25 16. A Primer of Greek Literature. By Eugene Lawrence.

25 17. A Primer of Latiu Literature. By Eugene Lawrence..

25 18. Dieudonnée. By Geraldine Butt. 19. The Time of Roses. By Geraldine Butt...... 20 20. The Jilt. By Charles Reade. Illustrated.... 20


21. The Mill of St. Herbot. By Katharine S. Macquoid...

$0 20 22.* The House on the Beach. By George Meredith 20 23. Kate Cronin's Dowry. By Mrs. Cashel Hoey. 15 24. Peter the Great. By John Lothrop Motley... 25 25. Percy and the Prophet. By Wilkie Collins... 20 26. Cooking Receipts. From Harper's Bazar... 25 27. Virginia. A Roman Sketch.

25 28. The Jews and their Persecutors. By Eugene Lawrence...

20 29. The Sad Fortunes of the Rev. Amos Barton, By George Eliot..

20 30. Mr. Gilil's Love Story. By George Eliot..... 20 31. Janet's Repentance. By George Eliot.... 20 32. The ABC of Finance. By Simon Newcomb.. 25 33. A Primer of Mediæval Literature. By Eugene Lawrence...

25 34. Warren Hastings. By Lord Macaulay.

25 35. The Life and Writings of Addison. By Lord Macaulay...

25 36. Lord Clive. By Lord Macaulay..

25 37. Frederic the Great. By_Lord Macaulay

25 38. The Earl of Chatham. By Lord Macaulay.. 25 39. William Pitt. By Lord Macaulay...

25 40. Samuel Johnson, LL.D. By Lord Macaulay.. 25 41. John Hampden. - Lord Burleigh. By Lord Macaulay..

25 42. Sir William Temple. By Lord Macaulay... 25 43. Machiavelli.-Horace Walpole. By Lord Macaulay.

25 44. John Milton. - Lord Byron. By Lord Macaulay...

25 45. My Lady's Money. Related by Wilkie Collins 25 46. Poor Zeph! By F. W. Robinson..

20 47. Shepherds All and Maidens Fair. By Walter Besant and James Rice....

25 48. Back to Back. A Story of To-Day. By Edward Everett Hale.

25 49. The Spanish Armada for the Invasion of Eng

land. 1587-1588. By Alfred H. Guernsey.. 20 50. Da Capo. By Anne Isabella Thackeray.. 20


Harper's Half-Hour Series. 3 51. The Bride of Landeck. By G. P. R. James..$0 20 52. Brother Jacob.--The Lifted Veil. By Geo. Eliot 20 53. A Shadow on the Threshold. By Mary Cecil

Hay...... 54, David's Little Lad. By L. T. Meade.

25 55. Count Moltke's Letters from Russia. Translated by Grace Bigelow....

25 56. Constantinople. By James Bryce..

15 57. English Literature:, Romance Period. Ву Eugene Lawrence...

25 53. English Literature: Classical Period. By Eugene Lawrence..

25 59. English Literature: Modern Period. By Eugene Lawrence.

23 60. Tender Recollections of Irene Macgillicuddy. 15 61. Georgie's Wooer. By Mrs. Leith-Adams.. 20 62. Seven Years and Mair. By Anna T. Sadlier.. 20 63. A Sussex Idyl. By Clementina Black.

25 64. Goldsmith.- Bunyan. -Madame D'Arblay. By Lord Macaulay...

25 65. The Youth's Health-Book..

25 66. Reaping the Whirlwind. By Mary Cecil Hay. 20 67. A Year of American Travel. By Jessie Benton Frémont...

25 68. A Primer of German Literature. By Helen S. Conant...

25 69. The Coming Man. By Charles Reade.. 70. Hints to Wome on the Care of Property. By Alfred Walker..

20 71. The Curate of Orsières. By Otto Roquette.

Adapted from the German by Mary A. Robinson 20 72. The Canoe and the Flying Proa. By W. L.

Alden.... 73. Back to the Old Home. By Mary Cecil Hay.. 20 74. The Lady of Launay. By Anthony Trollope. 20 75. Sir Roger de Coverley. From The Spectator. With Notes by W. Henry Wills...

25 76. A Hand - Book to the Practice of Pottery Painting. By John C. L. Sparkes..

20 77. Squire Pani. By Hans Warring. Translated by Mary A. Robinson.




78. Professor Pressensee, Materialist and Inventor. By John Esten Cooke..

$0 25 79. The Romance of a Back Street. By F. W. Robinson.

15 $0. Behind Blue Glasses. By F. W. Hackländer. Translated by Mary A. Robinson.

20 81. Some Recollections of Rufus Choate. By Edwin P. Whipple.

15 82. Daisy Miller. By Henry James, Jr.

20 83. A Primer of Spanish Literature. By Helen S. Conant.

25 84. A Dark Inheritance. By Mary Cecil Hay.... 15 85. The Vicar of Wakefield. By Oliver Goldsmith. 25 86. Stories from Virgil. By A. J. Church..... 25 87. Our Professor. By Mrs. E. Lynn Linton.. 15 58. The Sorrow of a Secret. By Mary Cecil Hay.. 15 89. Lady Carmichael's Will

and other Christmas Stories. By Mary Cecil Hay, F. W. Robinson,

and Justin M‘Carthy... 90. 'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay. By Walter Besant and James Rice...

20 91. An International Episode. By Henry James, Jr..

20 92. The Adventures of Ulysses. By Chas. Lamb. 25 93. Oliver Goldsmith's Plays...

25 94. Oliver Goldsmith's Poems... 95. Modern France. By George M. Towle.. 25 96. Village. By Miss Mitford..

25 97. Afghanistan. By A. G. Constable.

15 98. John; or, Our Chinese Relations. By Thomas W. Knox..

20 99. The Awakening. By Katharine S. Macquoid. 15 100. Ballads of Battle and Bravery. Selected by W. Gordon McCabe..




17" "Harper's Half-Hour Series" may be obtained in flexible cloth binding, at 15 cents per volume in addition to the prices of the respective volumes in paper covers.

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Sketches of Manners, Morals,

Court and Town Life




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