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Seite 101 - Description of New Species of Acephala and Gasteropoda, from the Tertiary formations of Nebraska Territory, with some general remarks oa the Geology of the country about the sources of the Missouri River.
Seite 201 - The ox-gullet is now nearly filled with a concentrated solution of common salt, to which a few drops of hydrochloric acid have been added and the...
Seite 127 - The quantity of this metal must, however, not exceed 50 per cent, of the alloy, or the alloy becomes so brittle that it breaks as th-i steel point penetrates.
Seite 125 - The bearer having paid to me the sum of one pound ten shillings on account of the territorial revenue, I hereby license him to dig, search for, and remove gold on and from any such Crown land...
Seite 160 - LAW I. — The metals are invariably thrown down as a black powder, when the current of electricity is so strong in relation to the strength of the solution, that hydrogen is evolved from the negative plate of the decomposition cell.
Seite 102 - Notes Explanatory of a Map and Section Illustrating the Geological Structure of the Country Bordering on the Missouri River, from the Mouth of the Platte River to Fort Benton.
Seite 127 - The process at present adopted for determining the comparative degree of hardness of bodies, consists in rubbing one body against another, and that which indents or scratches the other is admitted to be the harder of the two bodies experimented upon. Thus, for example : Diamond, Quartz, Iron, Tin, Topaz, Steel, Copper, Lead.
Seite 314 - Good Success Mine' (Bueno Successo) was discovered by an Indian, who swam across the river after a great flood. On arriving at the other side, he found the crest of an immense lode laid bare by the force of the water. The greater part of this was pure massive silver, sparkling in the rays of the sun. The whole town of Batopilos went to gaze at the extraordinary sight as soon as the river was fordable. This Indian extracted great wealth from his mine, but, on coming to the depth of three Spanish...
Seite 125 - Proclamation By his Excellency James Douglas, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the colony of Vancouver's Island and its dependencies, and Vice Admiral of the same, &c. &c.
Seite 313 - The countess having quarrelled with the vice-queen, sent her, in token of reconciliation, a white satin slipper, entirely covered with large diamonds. The count invited the King of Spain to visit his Mexican territories, assuring him that the hoofs of his majesty's horse should touch nothing but solid silver from Vera Cruz to the capital.

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