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Ghost almighty, and yet they are not three almighties, but one almighty. So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Ghost is God, and yet they are not three Gods, but one God. So likewise the Father is Lord, the Son is Lord, and the Holy Ghost is Lord, and yet not three, Lords, but one Lord. For, as we are compelled by the christian verity to acknowledge every perion by himself to be God and Lord, so are we forbidden by the Catholic Religion io say, there be three Gods, or three Lords. The Father is made of none; neither created, nor begotten.. The Son is of the Father alone, not made, nor created, but begotten. The Holy Ghost is of the Father, and of the Son, neither made, nor created, nor begotten, but proceeding. So there is one Father, not three Fathers, one Son, nor three Sons, one Holy Ghost, not three Holy Ghosts. And in this Trinity none is afore, or after other; none is greater or less than another; but the whole three persons are co-eternal together and co-equal. So that in all things, as aforesaid, the Unity in Trinity, and the Trinity in Unicy is to be worshipped. He therefore that will be faved, must thus think of the Trinity. Furthere more, it is necessary to everlasting falvation, that he also believe the incarna:ion of our Lord Jesus Chrift. For the right Faith is, that we believe and confels, that our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God and man; God of the fubitance of the Father, begotten before the worlds; and man of the subitance of his Mo. ther, born in the world ; Perfect God, and per


fect man, of reasonable soul, and human Aeth subfisting; equal to the Father, as touching his Godhead, and inferior to the Father; as touching his manhood. Who, although he be God and man, 'er he is not two, but one Christ; one, not by the conversion of the Godhead into Atih, but by taking che manhood into God: one altogether, not by consusion of substance, but by unity of person. For as the reasonable foul and field is one man ; fo God and man is one Christ, who suffered for our falvation, defcended into hell, role again the third day from the dead. He ascended into heaven, he fiitech on the right-hand of the Father, God Almighty, from whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead. At whose coming all men fhail rise again with their bodies, and shall give account for their works. They that have done good, shall go inio' life everlasting; and they that have done evil, into everlasting fire. This · is the Catholic Faith ; which, except a wan believe faithfully, he cannot be saved.

Moses. I confess myself your debtor, and that to you only, by the grace of God, I owe inyconversion. Happy conference with your father and Calvin, when I called you in, to explain the christian tenets. I heartily acquiesce and submit to the exposicion of the christian faith, and all things the church of Christ commands. I am ready to attend you to the altar of Christ, there prostrate and implore assistance from the priest.

Proverbs Wisdom ha:h builded her house; The hath hewn out her seven pillars. Of who


does the wise Solomon speak but of Christ, the wisdom of the Father, as the chapter before expresses. The Lord poffeffed me in the beginning of his way before his works of old. I was set up from eternity. When there was no depths, I was brought forth. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills were, I brought forth. When he prepared the heavens I was there : when he fet a compass upon the face of the depth : then I was by him as one brought up with him : and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him ; and my delights were with the sons of men..

Wisdom hath builded her house, the Christian Church. She hath hewn out her seven pillars, the seven Sacraments. She hath killed her beasts, the sacrifices and worship of the Jewish or first covenant. She hath mingled her wine ; she hath also furnished her table. Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled, the worship or facrifice of the new or Christian Covenant. We will close this Conference, 'and repair to the altar of Christ.

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From Number 101 to 164, read 1 to 64. Page. line. for read 102 27 Six Conferences, Seven Conferences 105 24 this Chrift, . his Christ 113 24 then said, then said I 117 17 as he well knowing, as he has placed 126 31 turning himself, styling himself 130 I divided him, divided and 136 12 Spirituat,

139 8 outslept himself, outstript
24 argument, agreement

commission, confession
25 cherished, cherished
22 for the for the, for
2 othe,

to the
I Jums,

26 for transcending, far transcending

9 (Turtle), Turtler 96 19 turn,

term 26 pain,

dele pain 27 as we,

that we fn her,

in her 10 3 the,

dele the 104 I beat at, 105 7 tantaraden, tantaradice 108 4 meridian, meridional 109 24 or any part, or any matter 21 against is, against you is

obscenity II and this your, is this your 128 2 your brood, you brood 133 5 we with, . we will 134 22 incur,

defame 138 5 as at,

as a
II in our protestant, of our protestant
29 as they drew near, as me drew near
29 which nature, when nature

31 in he stary, in the stary 155 4 communities; immunities 9 screech,

screak 159 28 vain thin, vain thing 164 !0 Galation, Galileans




121 10-II


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