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a specimen, buried a Friar in a pit, (io im faa tion of the sons of Jacob, their brother Jo. feph) save only his head, that his death might be lingering, ramming hiin in, 10 prevent his escape; these very Bostonites we find the ringleaders in the union of the United States with the Papists, and even courted an army of those idolators to remain with them, in order to difperse the procellant brotherhood. We see the Congress also praying the Pope for the favour of a popish Bishop and Priests. The whole country vie, with the spirit of enthusialm, for his most Christian Majesty's Religion to be in. culcared throughout their dominions. We see also Ireland, you will say, a Catholic Independent Province or State. Holland, the place of our nativity, the second Bulwark of the Protestant Empire, has destroyed the league with England. The other great Bulwark of Protestantism, and has called in the French King to aid and allist her against her Sister Bulwark of the Protestant Religion; also, againit old Frederick and his relation, our Prince of Orange, whose power and authority is reduced to a shadow or phantom, being only nominal. Your chimera will advance farther and say, that the Papists have extended their charity to the cry of this once Bulwark of the Protestant Religion and accepted the keys of the Seven United Provinces, as we now fee General Maillebois Commander in Chief of the military forces of the United States, a subject of, and appointed by, the most Christian King, a Papist, who has made great innovations, lince


the conclusion of the peace, by establishing the regular troops in all towns and citadels, and depriving the Burgesses of all trusts hither- to commited to their care. You will fertilize your chimera; that the king of Sweden, another heretofore strong fortress of the Protestant Empire; made his court to the Roman Pontiff, in person, and, on his return; built fifty popish churches, at his own expence, in different parts of his dominions. No State recains la:vs against Papists but England. Where should we end, you will say, to enumerate the encomiums, caresses, good faith, and protestations substantially exemplified from the proteftant Hierarchy to that of the Roman Catholics, even the Hemloc of Geneva not excepted, the Empire of Russia opening her arms to the re-union, China issuing her Imperial decree, declaring freedom to the Roman Catholic Religion throughout her valt dominions. The adjacent countries to that extensive nation will, no doubt, embrace what the most wary empire in the world have universally established. The Dutch Settlements will be at liberty, &c. so that upon the whole you will say, truly this can be no other than the work of the Almighty. The arm of the Lord is stretched over the four quarters of the world, we see surprising things effected, and all the world seem not only anxious but giving daily proofs of the most unfeigned conviction, a universal testimony, that the infamy, hatred, perfidy, and every base nander and injury, which their forefathers committed or set forth against Christ and His Church, pro

ceeded ceeded (as the scripture takes notice) from a Jying and wicked spirit. Your vague chimera. - will say these and a thousand other things which, to be taken notice of, would require volumes. Our answer to all you have been labouring to inftil and fright us with, we make in reply, which we will abide by, even to the loss of bed and board, which you will say'is no small facrifice from the new philosophers of our days. But fo ic is. · The old Reformation became superannuated, 250 years is a great age in these latter days, when we, as good physicians, knowing her malady, appointed a noftrum, but not till now made public, which is the uniting in one knot or league the two reformations, one compact body, centred, joined, and made fast by a grand Link our Holy Father feated before you enthroned. He it is that we look up to for reinstating our once immense and thundering empire, by uniting his flocks and putting himself into the chair of Anti-Christ. Amen. Luther. By Holispont and all the gods of Greece.

I love Jeranto better than my niece; That is, as the saying is, or the like of that, do ye mungey. The empire of the two reformations, of which I am the grand Link, Head, and Pope, is dearer. and: nearer my heart and soul, if I have any, than my nearest kin, yea, even the old Doctor. You are witnesses that I vanquished the Pope, and you now see mefeated in the chair of Anti-Christ. You are witnesses of the condemnation of Ganganelli co be for evermore buried in the Red-Sea. I now also condemn all and every of the like denomination

... to to the fame fate, adding the Taylor, unless he, with all humility pass his receipt in full, giving due honour of my acceptance of these pontific cals and other charges in his account. But, what thundering at the door? who's there?

Hoft & Bailiffs., Go with us, we must secure you.

Luther. My dear Mr. Moses help, I beseech, or I am a dead man; my trust is in you, Dear Mr. Taylor and my Host, save me.

Mosės. Bailiffs, have patience, the suits are the Taylor's and Host's present. Touching che Taylor's account, who ordered the clothes? Messrs. Gentlemen of the Club, you will acknowledge owning to Mr. Ignatius and myself, that you ordered these several articles to dress your Lord, whom you had raised to the popedom, and made an offer to Ignatius of one fuit, with an invitation to me to be a spectator.

Taylor. The order came from the Club,desiring the account should be charged to their Lord. ; Luiber. I never knew any thing of the matter until the clothes were produced. Save me, Mr. Moses and Mr. Taylor, and I promise on the spot; to become a member of the Holy Catholic Church, or even undergo Circumcifion, rather than go to gaol or pay the account, either would be death

Taylor. Bailiffs, you will undress the Reverend Father, leaving him only his minister's habit, and restore them to the Club, and take them into confinement until iny debt be paid..

Luther. "The pacquet is ready. Adieu to a land of imprisonment. End of the Thirteenth Conference. X 2



Moses, Boy and Notaries. Moses. THIS day's debate will be the con

I cordance of the life and death of Jesús, whom you term Chrift, with the scrip. cures, touching the Messiahlhip.

Boy. Every other impediment or objection to the Chriftian or new covenant are removed by our late discussions.

Mofes. You have removed many old prejudices, which had taken deep root, and fettered my understanding. Prove by the rule I have set forth that Jesus is the Melfiah and I am a Christian. Boy. You agreed that the life and death (as

is set forth in the gospels) of Jesus Christ accord with chat handed down by the Jews.

Mofes. This matter was open to the world, I mean the last three years (or thereabouts) of his life, with the circumstances of his death. Iin a late conference enlarged on this matter to which I refer. .

Boy. 53d chapter of Isaiah corresponds and is a prophecy, with the cause and manner of the Messiah's death. "Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed ? for he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root, out of a dry ground; he hath no form or comeliness, and when we shall see him, there shall be no beauty that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected

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