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thing whatsoever and wheresoever, local or ge; neral, from the commencemeut of my travels, breaking ground from England, until my safe arrival, living or dead, to my native and well. beloved country; and according to these presents we, Hoft and Luther do interchangeably and with mutual and good fellowship of our and each of our free, cordial, and voluntary will, in this present year 1785. So be it, or the like of that. Now do your will, when the Host has agreed. .

Midwife. I know not your family connection; but, to all appearance, the pror man finds it hard to scuffle through life, with two naked hands, a wife, and six children. I will only put this simple question. Is it conscientious, that a poor man that can scarce keep soul and body together, should bear the heavy charges of a travelling Lord, and a Bishop forsooth? Aye, marry, fo. we will, and a thankey, ha, ha, ha. · Host. My account against is here stated, with my receipt in full, provided you receive the clyfter, and when delivered, quit my house; either accept or reject.

Luther. And pay my passage and expences to England. : Midwife. I shall fplit my old fides, laughing at the miserly poverty of the old Bifhop, who should fix his thoughts on his grave, and not in other mens pockets. For shame; fie upon it, ha, ha, ha.

Luther. But then, and suppofe, and the like of that, as the saying is, do you mungey, and

as I was going to say, Nincompoop, ninnyhammer, fiddle-dee, dee.

Hoft. Let it be so; I will bear you harmless to England, provided you fail in the next packet.

Midwife. My patience is worn out at so much misery under a Bishop's garb. I pity the wretch that is under your roof, or subject to your mean, low, niggardly,.covetous, and fordid will; however, I will act the chriftian part, turn up topsey-turvy, bottom up; you are big enough to run away with the gates of the city, as Sampfon. Old Hoge is not so unwieldy but he can, upon an emergency, rest upon all-fours, Bring hither, Mr. Hoft, the bag-pipe and bowl, and, if you please, to lend a hand; bring the receiver near. I suppose a large, eruption, according to appearances, will burst forth; give me that fafeguard, for fear a mis-hap, as I put on my best bib and cucker, and Sunday gown to appear in the presence of his lordship. "Remove fhirt, that mafter may display the most tremendous face; the delivery is forward, quick, put the cloth close under its chin.

Hoft. Bod-dy-kins, one foot of the raven, or Muscovy drake, is out; a happy omen, harbinger of a plentiful and rich harvest.

Midwife. Your surinise is erroneous; the matter, whatever it may be, is a fixture, representing five shanks or fingers, (I suppose the mother longed for some favourite or sweetheare's hand) that is most likely.

Luther. They are plesant to the feel. I often spend an idle hour in play with them, it causes a titilation which is pleasing. P4

Midwife. party and bulent laund, necore you

Midwife. Now ftand to your tackle, old Harry, have-at-you; I will drive it home, chock and block, and belay; I wasrant you a quart of excellent sauce; your business is ang fwered, I will be bound, neck or nothing; Old Nick hates cripples, therefore you see what an old woman can do.

Hoft. Here it comes, thick and threefold, nothing but brains. I understood the brains belonged to the head; but I find the reverse of the new philosophers of our enlightened age and northern hemisphere are in their fundament. This accounts for the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. Indeed,

Mad dogs they are, puppies of the age,'
Blaspheme their God, gnash and pine wițb rage,
Vagabonds, pefts, men of no repute,
In vice forward, but in virtue mute.

Midwife. Here are brains enough to enlighten an army of philosophers, if they fed as hearty as that old rascal Voltaire. See here, Hoft, what a phenomenon, and the most wonderful fight, a crab for all the world ; there is her legs complete, with the mouth champing in the centre, frothing and vomitting out its brains.

Hoft. Or new philosophical God, of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere; the face is dreadful, and if one may pass his vers dict, this beast has suffered the rigour and un.


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abashed lust, the innate principle on which the new philolophy is built and grounded.

Midwife. If I had positive proof, my lord as you are pleased to call him, should this instant be taken cacked as he is, to the seat of justice; is this bearabļe, that our trade should be put to shame by a set of Sodomites; iniplacable ene, mies to their God, and to their own nature: they tell me, in every capital town they have their clubs and places where chey revel in obscurity and hateful pleasure; and this your new philofophy, of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere ; nafty unnatural beast, I have a thousand minds to one, to leave you stinking as you are, with your God, as you call your filthy brains, to be an example to your brechren. :

Lutber. Philosophy is the science where no other but truth receives the palm ; tru h is subftantially and corporally proved by the five senses, which brings it under the sanction and cloak of the new philosophy of this our enlighiened age and ncrthern hemisphere. Let us per example set the cale, or the like of that, suppose the macier chus as I was saying, do ye mungey, as I proved, or the like of that, thac materialism is tsuch, and reversed truth is maserialism.

Hoft. What whispering at this midnight watch, the door belec wiih robbers, who are you at this late hour?

Luther. I am frightened to death, ( mywhere shall I hide myself; they, whoever they be, understanding the great bishop is here, thinks they will have a large booty, but explain to them host that I am no bishop, neither have 1 any money; and that you are, out of charity, obliged to defray my charges ; this being the naked truth perhaps may satisfy them, when we shall be delivered from our exceeding great tertor and fright.

Enter Club.

Club. Our lord bishop of Canterbury, me: tropolitan, cardinal, priest and primate of Great Britain, and all and every part, parcel, thing or things, whatsoever, or wheresoever, locally and generally, with appendages thereunto belonging or appertaining, we your eminence's most loyal members and subjects, do with heart-felt joy and due deference, vouchsafe ourselves the liberty of approaching your throne; praising your heroic and great feats of chivalry, raising yourself to the pinnacle or summit of the new philosophy, of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere ; praying your eminence will look with a propitious eye on your faithful herd, and place your eminence like one common father at our head, to give rule, and be our great link to unite and make one herd of your two flocks, our heretofore, and now present focieties, that we may become one herd, and one ftye of fatted pigs, and you our com mon father, the old Sire in the midst of us. We farther pray your eminence, to do away and set free the remaining, fragments which hang round about the hearts of your more an

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