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regions of ignorance, horror, and despair, which dawn commenced in the sixteenth century, but so great a work (as the sun) requires its proper time to arrive at its zenith, or meridian plenitude, which unfathomable, inebriating and ineffable blessing now is perfected in this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, as you know, and will give ample testimony, which will be a convincing example to all future generations.

Item, The old christian world being thought in the beginning to be a fabric impeccable, our first progenitors, or great patriarchs, wink at the spirit. This they knew proper, as the enormous fabric of the christian world was built upon the fpirit, which was deep-rooted in our hearts; but to our great and immortal fplendour, darkness has taken her fight, the day-ftar is feated in the midst of our hearts, the little remains of spiritual anguish, shame and remorse left standing in the times of our protestant fore, fathers and unweeded, are now, by our decree, done away, or rather sanctioned, ratified, and confirmed, by this broad seal of our authority, being and proceeding from the centre of unity, or grand link of refinement, which uncloisters the heretofore protestant church of the pretended fpiritual clouts or rags, that she, through shame, pride, or remorse, suffered to remain ; but now, in our enlightened age, is cleansed, and, like polished steel, springs and with heartfelt joy cling to the adamant, with embraces of enchanting, social love, clasp, hug, welcome, and, with energetic zeal, engendtr refinement


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of the most exquisite and soft delights, repofed
in the lap of amorous inclination.
Item, It is, therefore, decreed, from the date
of these presents, and it is decreed and enacted
accordingly, that from henceforward, that as ic
was thought protestantism and materialism were
two opinions, we have set forth, explained and
proved this supposition to be erroneous, and that
it issued from, and through ignorance of our
liege pigs, or malice of our adversaries, we
now repeat and establish firm and substantially,
absolutely and bona fide, that Materialisin is
Protestantism refined, polished and made per-
fect; and from this date it is so decreed. Given
under our broad seal, 1785.

Mofes. I observe, in some parts of your decree, you consider the heart as the most noble part of man.

Club. Most truly the heart principally governs; it is the seat of the will; it accepts or repels, without subjection, the will; commands, directs, desires, purposes, makes its resolves, places its affections, and in distress, forrow, pleasure, or any part whatsoever is the part alfected, in this seat or repository (the heart) the old fpiritual errors governed and inflicted man; and it is an old observation, that the stings of conscience wounds the heart, or wounds the soul, putting them upon an equality without distinction. It was, we allow, in the days of error, the proper part to fear the soul, the quality or property of which, conscience being there placed, fixed, and crowned King, enthroned, wielding the royal sceptre, issuing his


édicts, attended with menaces, which ftung and griped the poor deluded captive with remorse when not complied with. Your scriptures abound with threatenings against the obftinate, Ainty and stony heart; also due praise is given to the loving and dutiful. I have found David a man after my own heart, seeking the Lord; and another scripture, Son, give me your heart; so that we find in all matters, commendable and discommendable, the heart is agent, to whom all things were intrusted and enjoined, and from whom due obedience was expected. All the aforesaid we are apprized of, and was found necessary while they were under the rule and subject to a superior or spiritual jurisdiction. But now the spirit is exploded and taken away, it is found necessary to remove the seat of empire, in imitation of Conftantine the Great, who considered it proper not to erect christianity on the spot of heathenism. So we, in like fort, have removed the seat of empire ' from the heart, and confirmed it on the brain.

Mofes. The foul animates and gives life tơ man; will, memory, and understanding are the qualities or faculties of the soul; it acts on the brain, its seat, where it difplays its understanding and memory; its will is lodged in the heart, which is more immediately the seat of freeagency, where all matters and concerns are referred to, and are there ratified and resolved upon or rejected. The will, according to scripture, and our own feelings, is che superior and chief agent, from whom a scrutiny will be exacted; the brain is busy investigating and paint

ing a thousand images ; but the foul is account: able for nothing more to her God than what the heart or will consents to or rejects.

Club. You then suppose the soul animates, rules and governs the body; but displays her faculties more familiarly in the brain and heart, but the heart more powerfully,

Mofes. This is my belief.

Club. We cannot believe what comes not under our cognizance; for seeing is believing, but feeling is the naked truth. A spiritual subfance we neither fee or feel, therefore has no weight in our new philosophy of chis our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, its firm being substantially proved by the fenfes.

Mofes. Your philosophy, being absurd and ridiculous to a degree of phrenzy, gains no credit with me, neither can I take it into my conception, that reasonable creatures by choice can degrade themselves below the vileft brute. It is not in the power of man, pretend what he will, either through lust, presumption, or des spair, to unsoul himself.

Club. We are men of honour and philofophers. Can you be so base born as to luppose that perfons of our rank can depreciate and rob ourselves, if we conceived a spiritual substance. You have more sagacity not to understand that you are a pig, and, if a fic opportunity offered, wallow yourself among the herd. We know one another, although we do not wish to be known.

Mofes. Sir, you put yourfelf foremost in your - presumption, I seldom wager, but on this oc


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casion I will venture one hundred ducats you do not stand the rest of your philosophy.

Ignatius. laccept your challenge and stake the sum.

Moles. There it is; the wager is sealed.

Ignatius. Propose your test. Mofes. One of your new philosophers of this your enlightened age and northern hemisphere, is to be buried or laid in a vauls under St: Sepulchre near-by, this night. What I wager is; that you will not fuffer yourself to be fastened to the corpse, close linked, and pass this night alone without light, but remain cotally fecluded from every living creature, in pitch darkness, the whole night, and there remain quiet until our return with the key, (which I shall keep) to take you out in the morning; on this condirion the wager is your's.

Ignatius. I expected a difficult task from a man of your years and knowledge, and a Jew Rabbi. The task you purpose is what the religious are trained to from the time of their eniering the novitiate, in order to remove fears and terrors that might prevent that due attention they owe Their fick neighbour, when priested, in watching and administring the sacraments, and other comforts. I therefore, in honour, speak candidly, and offer to relinquish and return your money, or put some test more difficult and honourable.

Mofes. I never retract, but yield to your difcrerion, either to bind or reject the proffered wager.


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