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Take off, Nincompoop, the cover, lay all ro view that I may survey the whole, 'this side, that fide, inside, outside, foreside, back side, in and our, round about, so that I may satiate the sense of fight, the sense of finell, the sense of caste, the sense of feeling, and you explaining the rarities this delicious banquet is composed of, my sense of hearing may be feasted, and by these five conductors convey the whole into the heart, which being intoxicated and overcharged with sovereign and substantial delights, the whole man may be drowned in an ocean of pleasure and voluptuous sweetness. Oh! I die in soft repose.

Hoft. These are rarities just arrived in one of our ships from the West-Indies, which I procured, being full flavoured, made into a ragout; it has been simmering tuelve hours, so that you will perceive it fip down without notice as quick-silver. 'n

Luther. Rarities of rarities, exquisitely, coin. plecely, and curiously rare : this is beyond any delight I ever feasted on. Truely you prize the Indies, both East and Weit, the paramount of pleasure and every endearment, all producrions large and strong, no liicle puny, pigmy, weak, insipid, or imperíect growths, as is produced in our untoothlome zone; but the whole and every part or parcel thereof, fills the mind and heart wiih the whole apparatus of the human animal with a glut of delighes.

Host. I he island in the middle is a superannuated Muscovy drake,, the only piece of poulery the ship brought home; being originally

strong, Arong, the sailors spared its life ; four lizards, preserved; three rais, a good bit of a preserved yellow snake, whose smell is both powerful and Tasting; twelve large cockroaches, two Guinea pigs, soused, with a pint and half of sharks oil, extracted from the liver, far exceeding whaleoil, both for richness and strong flavour.

Luther. A death stroke in the summit of extacy; have I banquetted upon mandrakes, and the balsam of life, absent; can I enjoy, and Rachel, lovely nymph, not present ; this shall never be; take it hence, whilst I lose my breath and die : souls, we learned wits have none. O mandrakes and cockatrices, both scripture rarities : how sweet art thou with the whole, a composition worthy praise.

Hoft. Your reverence stands not in need of a mess-mate, you made clean platters before che love fit came on you; you act wisely.

Luther. What can't be cured, may be en. dured.

Give mne my jorum,
With bottle and glass
We will drown the lass.

Tol de rol.
Cherished with nipple,
Gayly we tipple.

Fal de dal.
A pretty grace after meat. So be it.

My dear will you be faithful; a Swiss bears the character of fidelity; I am to make you my my confidant, co alli ft in profecuting chere ei. sencial projects ; if through your alliduiry we obtain our grear wish, you will labour merica.


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So be it.

riously, and no doubt will applaud yourself. The first is, you know Calvin has treated your department of Protestantism, being trained a Calvinist, what you are I presume; and under your roof, to the great dishonour of your house has turned papist. You say he has put himself in a convent of friars at Brussels; he can never more return to Scotland, the Scotch would hang him up to the first gibbet that presented itself: he has a finall estate in Scotland of about three hundred per annum, and money in the funds that brings him about two hundred more ; so that the whole in his gift is rated at five hundred, hard money, per year: he was never married ; it is true he has five lifters who he keeps in indolence through his supineness, and in a little time may be the means of afflicting them with che gout, itone, and even death, if I do noi take this charity upon myself to correct this growing evil: my friendship though abused, can suffer no abatement; therefore, to ailiit me in this donation to himself and fifters, vou will with every expedition leave no ftone unturned, until you bring him to a proper sense of his duty to God and his neighbour; and make him have drawn and executed a title to me of his property, both real and personal, my heirs and alligas for ever : be cautious, receive no graruity, as you will be satisfied with the merit conferred on you. My second injunction is, that you will make use of every fubtilty to get the assignment compleat from Moses to me, of his monies in the English funds; what he has lodged here, or any other

ftraggling itraggling sums, for any matter, 'cause, orthings' whatsoever, or whenfoever. A third is, you will make diligent search for a son of mine who has turned Roman Catholic, broke his uncle's heart ; but before his death my raskallion abseonded : bis uncle adopted him his fole heir, by which he is entitled to the family eftate of twelve hundred per year, and ten thousand in Itock, which aleogether is a pretty thing, no debts.

Hoft. What would you have me transact with your fon when I have found him, if he is to be found.

Luther. Frighten him with threats of confication and reprobation; he has, and stands guilty of the most heinous crime againft the laws and conftitution of Great Britain; therefore, infift on his immediately afligning the whole, as far as his non-age will permit, to me, my heirs and assigns for ever; and aii oath when he attains the age of twert y-one years, that he will confirm and establish my itle.

Host. You say Calvir and your fon by becoming Roman Cachelics have forfeited their rights and privileges as fubjects, and are outlaws, and non-protected miscreants; if this be the misfortune of those two, what threat have you to frighten Mofes into your designs.

Luther. Jews and Papists are almost in the fame predicament, being the only two chat adhere to the old antedeluvian fcrip ures, by which jargon they bind the tenses and keep them caprives į fo that our enlightened age is ftill shaded from the brains of the generality of

che the middling class of the human race, and Jower and ignorant likewise.

Hoft. This charaéter to stigmatize the Britilh conftitution and laws, are diametrically opposite to the name ic maintains in the large world ; which is a system of lenity, freedom, and protection to mankind in general and particular: I cannot, you must excuse me, suppose your country wears the counterfeit face of peace and liberty, and within her bosom conceal a dagger of the most black hue, to shackle, fetter, chain, and entangle the consciences of their fellow creatures ; a direct carte-blanche to our holy religion : never mention it, for I have had the honour to attend in my life a number of English gentlemen, who, were you, though as you have given yourself out for the bishop of Canterbury, would hustle you, if you were not of so enormous a bulk, in a blanket. There is not a nation who bears that exalted character, and more jealous of their liberty of conscience, than the English. Eng. Jand never can suffer so gross an insult, to form men into hypocrites.

Luther. I hope nincom-poop, scaramouch, saucy-box, buffoon, scare-crow, pigmy, barbarian, savage, cruel and uncultivated villain, to lay the charge of combing mens consciences, and entangling their brains with fetters; uncivilized morality and inhumanity. I declare I have it is better in than out; however, I will cease my severity, or you may put an end to your existence, and I go supperless to bed, which would not be the inost jocular compa

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