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faucy Antelope, but your whole race, in proportion to each one's dexterity.

Hoft. That's well entered in the journals. I have, this being now the great fast of your common-prayer book, provided that lenten dish that has drawn so much grace from you ; it is an Olio of all the different entrails of many kinds of fish I could pick up, the extreme ex. halation is chiefly from the staleness, some being of a fortnight, I won't promise, if not a month; so that you will perceive little difficulty in chusing, and, according to your repeated directions, to disguise the offensive fumes, put much garlic, shallots, onions, pepper thime, and o:her herbs, a sausage, and four pickled herrings; it is well cemented with ten brown biscuits powdered; they have been simmering together fourteen hours.

Luther. What it is composed of I know not, but the nosegay is mandrakes. O lovely nymph, what muft or can your rapturous soul be inflamed with, but the balmy delights of the celestial odour. O that honey-drop lip, diftilling the balmy dew of elysium, warbling the delights of the gods in soft enchanting verse. (lyre, chrice blessed, for the sweet embraces, the lilies. O divine touch that inspires, enchants, and lulls the divinities with languishings of love and soft delight, I dread diffolution, or instantly, great Cato like, would fy by this instrument (in a rage takes up the knife) instantly and claim my dove; but other loves preponderate and keep me from the darling and fetter of my soul.


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Hoft. Reverend sir, why so angry? I hope you are well ; your mind seems greatly agitated; pray, compose yourself, your dinner waits.

Lutber. Love is stronger than death and sweeter than the honey-comb. My first sermon, on my return, shall be to expatiate largely on the power and force of love. In the mean time, I will give grace. O Lord, your goodness is beyond controul, suffer thus much, now the joy of my soul, deliciously delightful, reversed, delightfully delicious : this is living, Oye gods, I do not envy you, you lamb of the flock, you drowned your Lord and inebriate your shepherd. O God of my heart and delight of my soul, how brimful, to the throat of my stomach, O fuffocation, choaking, and stilling of my full man, what has heaven to rival the overflowings of these infinite and incomparable blessings, and never to be too much enjoyed sweetnesses, overflowing and sovereign inebriations, which ocean of never-ending pleasures my longing gust cannot be satiated, nor my will cry, it is enough. Give me a mug of brown nappy, I find it vastly reviving, and adds fresh vigour co proceed, as I should die to leave the least atom either in dish or place; Nip and fee if the pan be empty that there be no waste, and the same time kill two birds with one stone, order in the dish of chops in which shall seal the firft part.

Host. The pan is cleared, but has Nipped your memory : Chops, reverend fir, are forbid,

Luther. I give no scandal, I hope, to the Hollanders or Genevans, I give none to my


own fock; for every man's conscience cries oui, enjoying is the delight of the heart, and all works of supererrogation in religion are erroneous, damnable, and superstitious, according to my creed and your's, if you are a protestant; fo, by the faith 1 hold, I must eat the chop to remove scandal.'

Hoft. Endeavour as you will, your church appears to all others as bastard papists. . - Lulher. This chop is as tender, so that I seek it as a lamb does its dam: now some drink, and then the maccaronie. This last is, without compare, your master-piece. The tart is excellent ; but the jorum crowns the banquet. We will return thanks. We give thee thanks, Lord of all good gifts, for these and all bleslings we have fo plentifully feasted on. So be it.

Host. I cannot make out what your new philofophy conGfts in ; one minute you acknowledge a God, another you deny him. What I have learnt is, they are a remnant of the Jewish Synagogue turned Sadducees, which were chief- • ly concerned in the death of Christ : they allow but one nature, which is matter.

Luther. This particularly has been found proper in our enlightened age, and more forceable among us of high condition, in order to appease and allay the petulent humours that seems to encrease and follow with wisdom to the brain ; where she, in conjunction with her mate, ferile the system of future operations; and then, like a centinal, guardsche avenues and conductors of the reins and senses ; are ready for açcion with keen edge and no remorse; for the


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after clap or sting, equals, or rather over ballances the pleasing sensations even in this life ; the pleasure momentary, remorse long and tedious ; so that according to the golden rule, which is never to regret or disturb one's self for what is pait, or what is not arrived ; but grasp, gripe, and scramble for what is fubftantial, which is what can be felt, that is the present ; this is fubftantial philosophy, and which cannot be enjoyed with impunity, without first fecluding the fpiritual part that beats at the door of the heart, by which fpiritual philosophy you are at all times, if the body is in good plight, ready, alert, brisk, lively, nimble, and upon the watch as a cat to fpring on your prey, of what kind is not material, the senses are your guide where ever the inclination points, obedience is at command ; our cloth it was thought adviseable should take the fair sex under our immediate tuition; they have made a surprizing progress; our bright day has displayed its rays on their quick conceptions with great refulgence, so that they rival their fond mates, and give grace with gratification to our enamoured wishes we enjoy, whilft they make large strides in the new philosophy, whose theme is pleasure and gracification, our true devotion: this string tickles the cockles of my heart; fouls we have none, like phantoms they disappear before the brightness of our wisdom. O! thrice happy enlightened age. · Hoft. I am told they copy Sodom and Gomorrah in feafting on unnatural luft ; that you have brothels or stews for fodomy or male gal

Jantry; lantry; these sparks of the higher rank term this Dice of their new philosophy, refinement on the passion, and quintessence of the touch. It is not a new philosophy, I will though an illiterate Swiss, hold up to the world your diabolical philosophy to scorn, and that it has ever been exploded even from the time of our father Abraham. In the the 19th chapter of Genesis you will find perhaps your original. " There came two angels to Sodom at even, and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom, and seeing them rose up to meet them, and he bowed himself with his face towards the ground, and said, my lords turn in 1 prey you, into your servants house, and lodge to-night ; and he pressed on them greatly, and they went in with him. But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, encompassed the house, both old and young, all the people from every quarter ; and they called unto Lot, and said, where are the men which came to thee this night, bring them out to us that we may know them ; (a common phrase in scripture to lie with another) and Lot said, I pray you brethren, do not fo wickedly; I have two daughters which have not known man ; let me I pray you bring them out unto you, and do you to them as is good in your eyes; only to these men do nothing; for therefore came they under the shaddow of my roof. But they said, stand back, and they said again, this one fellow came in to sojourn, and he will needs be a judge; now will we deal worse with thee than with them ; and they preffed fore upon Lot, and came near

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