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Luih. I hope you will see the danger of fchism and repent your folly, and not coutinue under the censure of excommunication.

Mof. I observe you make no distinction be. tween the divine law and the law of the realm, which is human.

Calv. If diffenting from the religion of the ftate be criminal, you involve Luther and Cal. vin in the wicked apostacy and the whole reformatiòn, in which Kore, Dathan, and Abi. ram, with all that appertained to them, were guilty, which plumped them into the jaws of hell."

Lutb. No person of reason can suspect that I mean to criminate the champion of Christendom, from whom I received my christianity, I only mean to confirm the excommunication of that great man against popery, and all difsenters from his law.

Calv. Your human, and carnal law, is the gospel of you Lutherans, oppofite to the gofpel of Christ.

Luth. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Calv. Let me put this question, which, I believe, will confound your method of reasoning, and free us from the odium you seem to stigmatize us with. Was it obedience in Lu. ther to diffent, oppose, and place himself as a bulwark against all laws, both divine, and laws of his country, and never ceased raising seditions ? and I may be allowed, rebellious, to beat, maim and kill all who dare gainsay his violent infected will. The spirit parted our meek and faint-like forefathers from To turbu


pel qutb. Obedienc put this queethod of reason

lent, violent and carnal a man, stifled with. pride, &c, as our fathers have set forth. .

Mof. We draw to the close of our third Conference, and you have not proved one charge against your Catholic Mother, to answer ny purpose, I will therefore bring it to a conclufion.

Moj. The day is far spent, your table well fpread, exhaling a fumigation that, by appearance, has overcome your manly deportment. The features and colours of your faces are in a moment transfigurated; and your eager, quick, keen, hot, four, earneft, angry, impatient, and devouring resolves, mark out the school in which you have both been trained. This is, perhaps, not one of the smalleft crimes you stand accountable, both for yourselves and flocks. You are no strangers to the restrictions laid down and enjoined, both by the Jewish covenant and chriftian. The church of England, if I mistaké not, Mr. Luther, commands the following fasts : seventeen vigils, one vigil before a holyday; the forty days of Lent ; the Ember-days, at the four seasons, being the Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, after the first Sunday in Lent. 2d, The Feast of Pentecost. 3d, September 14. 4th, December 13. The three Rogation days, being the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before Holy Thursday, and all Fridays, except Christmasday should fall on a Friday. This you teach or ought to train up yourselves and flocks in. Without this duty to your church you cannot pretend or fancy yourselves in the way of fal. vation.


Luth. What goeth into the mouth defileth not, but that which proceedeth from the heart; so that we make no distinctions in meats, or days, according to the scriptures.

Mor. This is Calvinistical logic, which should never escape the lips of a parson, or any member of the church of England. Observe this, a person in your ticklish state of religion should be guarded on every fide, having no friend to fuccour; relieve, or sustain you.

Luth. The scriptures are our succour and help.

Mos. If you will not obey the church, you are a heathen and a publican.

Luth. Our church does not faft.

Mof. She then proves herself a heathen and publican. Christ will judge her, in his own words, out of your own mouih I judge you, you wicked servant. Again the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken away, then mall his disciples fast. This fertence will condemn you, as the eating of the forbidden fruit is the condemnation of Adam and his posterity,

Calv. Mr. Moses, you have proved this matter by a pofitive demonstration. The church of the living God, dictated by his fpirit, commands no obedience from her children but what is damnation and reprobation to refuse. This is a truth which none but reprobares can gainsay.

Luth. You then condemn the church of England in a state of reprobation.

Mos. Calvin does not condemn you, your church condemns you; yourself condemns

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Adam and Eve for eating the apple, which had it not been proved was a fair and excellent fruit; but the disobedience changed its excellent deliciousness into the everlasting stings and torments of the damn'd. Oh, the eternal lot, and never-ending pains of a disobedient loft Youl; for a bit of meat, I will give up my God. "

Lutb. Can a man of reason give into this Jewish and papistical doctrine, for common sense and reason makes this clear, that days make no alteration in neats; therefore what is wholesome and permitted on Thursday is equally fa. on Friday.

Mof. Do you own yourself a Calvinift ?
Luib. I detest Calvinisin as I do a snake. .

Mof. What are your objections to Calvinifm?

Luth. Their diabolical principles, and in all their opinions vague and heterodox. .

Calv. We keep staunch and faithful to what we pretend; but you, throughout your whole conduct, profess the church of England, and act on principles of Calvinism, with your mouth. That is your church; you cry out fast: and with the same mouth, you vipers brood, you feed upon the very morsel you con. demn, The tongue that holds forth the cone demnatjon, perfidious member, is the very inftrument that gives its affiftance to twist and ..convey the poisoned bit into your stomachs, Double-hearted crew. You cry God's mercy, and laugh, with a sneer in his face; so that the proper title that marks you is damnation.


larity, su Four fynab grace gi bedienee tel Sertain

Mof. It is unfavourable to refuse the discipline of your mother; you appear incorrigible and licentious, and your church without regui larity, rule or order.,

Luth. Your fynagogue is under severe re. straint; but the law of grace gives liberty of will.

Mof. You do not call disobedienee religion?

Luth. We concluded needful to lay certain duties on vulgar and illiterate minds, in order to keep up a certain shew of religion amongst them, but by no means to yoke ourselves. You do not enter into the spirit of our reformation, without which the appearance makes an une pleasing aspect.

Mof. You accuse your church of anarchy, connivance, irreligion, contradictory and dia metrically opposite to good morals and found doctrine, by what has escaped you, and your lives in general prove you do not consider it from God ; but contrived, as you say, to keep the vulgar in awe. This, I fear, is too generally believed; for we observe the learned and great are the more licentious. I will finish, bidding you to be as careful of your souls as you are of pampering your bodies. Adieu. : Luib. & Calu. We are now at liberty ; & happy riddance. Adieu. .

Luth. Bless and increase us and these thy creatures, O Lord, that we may enlarge daily in this life and enjoy all-things with you in the next. Calv. So be it.

Luth. & Calv. The whole is well cookedo most delicious. Amen.


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