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and pleasing to the Creator, who is infinite perfection; to that evil commences through the abuse of free-will. Instances we find, first in the angels, after by man; and the cause, pride, conceit, luft, and disobedience to the rules prescribed. We do not observe, that man improved in truth or virtue in the first state of the creation, but the reverse ; Noah's fiood is a convincing proof. This is an effential article in our religion; for throughout our fcriptures our punishments were brought on us as soon as we forfeited our duty and strict obfervance of the most pure law of our fathers. This we agree, both Jew and christian, to be the first covenant. We both also agree, that the second will far transcend the first, having the Meffiah for its head, guide, and everlasting director and darling spouse. Our scriptures are equally full of the Messiah and his new covenant, inseparate and everlasting, unmixt. The first covenant was upon the express condi. tion of adhering closely to our law ; but to the new covenant there are no such conditions, but a multiplicity of eternal promises and ca. reffes convince me that Jesus is the Messiah. I should then convince you, that I have no objection to christianity.

Luth. The Lutherans would be much edified, we should esteem you a great acquisition,

Calv. A man truly wise never can obtain the spirit but in the company of prophets.

Mof. If I was convinced that Jesus was the Meffiah, his covenant, or church, that he esta. blished and united to himself, by a union of


Oaths, and the most folemn promises, of eternal endearments, would be known by the uniapimous voice of all nations and religions, of what denomination foever; let us only make the enquiry ourselves. I that am a Jew, were you or any other person to ask, where do the old christians meet to say prayers, or which is the catholic church ? neither you nor I would point out, unless it inight be to laugh at them, either Luther or Calvin's church, or our synagogue, &c. but would thew them the Roman catholic church or chapel. This is an inconteitable truth that your novelty is not the catholic or christian church. This is a truth worthy your notice. This duty pondered, you expose yourselves when you invite others to join in your unhappy and deplorable case.

Luth. & Calv. The protestant religion is truth and sanctity. · Mof. I was at some pains to convince you, by different examples in our fcripture, the im. placable hatred Almighty God has to disobea dience, particularly in the case of Kore, Nadab, and Abiram, who went plump into hell. Luther and Calvin were far greater culprits than they; for Kore and his party were schilmatics of the old covenant, but Luther and Calvin are schismatics and heretics of the, or rather against the new covenant of the Meffiah. · Luth. & Calv. By what you assert, if you were converted to Jesus Christ, we should be not a whit the niore palatable to you, for you would join the worshippers of images ; we can. not join in idolatry.

Mof. Mol. Explain this, I beseech you; I have often made enquiry, but never could meet with due explanations on this head. Prove this, and I never will think more of being a christian. We Jews are commanded, in our law, when we prayed in the times of the tabernacle and temple, to turn our faces and adore the most holy place or apartment, that contained the images of two angels, where the glory of our Lord delighted, and the ark that contained the ten commandments, were placed at the feet of the images. Solomon's temple was as fully ornamented with images as Luther's WestninIter-Abbey, &c, so that you will satisfy yourselves that the scripture commands us to re. fpect holy images, and deteft idols, respect our fcriptures and detest books of magic or other detestable volumes.

Luth. All what your law commanded was holy and true; so our images in WestminsterAbbey, on St. Paul's, horse armoury, queen Elizabeth, St. Dunstan, queen Anne, or any other in the jurisdiction of England, Wales, or Berwick on Tweed, or any thing within the limits of Lutherisi, either image, figure, paint. ing, pictures, prints, books, or any matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, by law established or winked at, is holy, just, and to be revered and respected, by all loyal, dutiful and obedient subjects. In this we are united, accord. ing to your scriptures.

Calv. If images and figures of every defcription are just and lawful to Jews and Lu-,

.: :. therans,

therans, why are they criminal in the Roman Catholics ? Answer me this. - Mof. I never studied the Christian faith in this point, but would be glad to say a few words upon this article, that, I believe, is some part of the accusation laid against Catholics.

Luth. It was by divine commandment that Moses made the two images of angels, and placed them in the Holy of Holies, whose wings reached and covered the whole room, for to cover, and, as it were, protect the ark and ten commandments, which was placed at their feet, and the glory of the Lord rested upon their wings. Also in Solomon's Temple there was in the same manner two gigantic images of angels, richly ornamented and placed in the Holy of Holies, with their wings covering the whole room, meeting each other, the ark and ten commandments placed at their feet, and the glory of the Lord rested betwixt their wings. To be brief, the Temple was covered, decorated, and made resplendent with images of angels, oxen, pomegranates, open flowers, and as if it was 0.1e whole mass of images, glittering most profusely with every brilliancy and superb lustre, which catched and dazzled the eyes of the beholders. There was also a very large molten sea, reaching 15 feet from brim to briin, ornamented with images of oxen round about; this great sea rested upon twelve large images of oxen, either of them, I suppose, twelve times as big as Aaron's calf. Three looking North, three West, three South, and three East, which are the four quarters of


Wildernes and he hunt speaks aft!) and

the world, and many other figures. But wha€ is particularly worthy our notice, was the huge molten image of a snake, (what a beast !) and this made by Moses, that speaks expressly against images, and he hung it up on a pole in the wilderness, and commanded the Israelites that were bit by poisoned serpents to seek their cure by looking stedfastly with confidence on this molten image. These and a number of ceremonies, you will, no doubt, call idolatry and superstition.

Calv. You say there, and many other matters in scriptures, will seem against the second commandmeat; so that what it orders it condemns. My reply is, answer first my question, which is, if images and figures of every defcription, are just and lawful to Jews and Lu. therans, why criminal in Roman Catholics? Answer me this.

Luth. The law of God is just and right, and not to be gain-sayed by man; this confirms all scripture images, &c. holy and lawful.

The Protestant images, &c. are just and lawful, as per example: the law, and all under its sanction, being sanctified by the Kings and Parliaments. Thus we agreed that fin proceeds from disobedience.

Roman Catholic images, &c.'are sinful, not being authorized, but condemned by the legislative body, which are called penal laws and test oaths.

Calv. If you spoke truth, we are culprits under the same act of disobedience, and all other diflenters, though we abhor images.


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