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head to Jesus Christ, and then charging him with treachery and falsehod, which falls also and destroys our scriptures and religion. By this false principle you have drove many into despair, some of whom have put an end to themselves, others have quitted all religion, relying on your fantastical and incoherent clanjours and blafphemies against the scriptures, have taken it for a truth that all is priestcraft and deception, and that there is no revealed religion, and in one word, that there is no God, as great fools as yourselves. Be for once honest, withdraw yourselves from Jesus Christ and his church; as you have separated from the body, separate from the head also, and Icave the scriptures to those concerned in them; by this rectitude we shall each society maintain his own right, and give no offence to each other; adhere to this advice in future that the world may enjoy a religious peace and tranquility.

Luth. & Calv. Your advice is not good, by following which we should be in a state of reprobation,

Mof. The matter is not material.

Luih. & Calv. Our conscience, or inward man, will never permit our Lord to be accused of deception and falsehood.

Mof. You acknowledge him then to be the promised Meffiah, and that our fcriptures with the christians are true ?

Luth. & Calv. This is the truth, and whoever, of what men, or body of men, feet, condition, society, or religion, that dare contra

dict or gainsay this truth, let him be excommunicated and accursed, and be for ever held in derision and scorn, and be looked on by all good men as heathens and publicans.

Mof. Your censuring the church of Rome has entailed this infamy.

Luth. & Calv. This cannot be so; the protestant is established on the ruins of the Roman church, who became accursed for her adulte. ries.

Mof. Could you prove this convicton the Jews would esteem you as they did Mordecai, for gibbetting Hamon, and make most ample presents for being the instruments to detect · Jesus Christ, and restore them to their former

glory and honour, of being the chosen people of God. In this detection you would prove yourselves in the face of the world lovers of truth and enemies to oppreslion, which would heap confusion, infamy, and shame, on the church of Rome, your most implacable enemy, and deliver and free yourselves from the excommunication you now lie under, and turn their venom on their own heads. This would be an act of justice.

Luth. & Calv. To restore Judaism would be to join in the crucifixion of our Saviour, Lord, and Judge, in whoni we place our hopes, and, . through him, life everlasting.

Mof. Schismatical and heretical factions, both in the Jewish and christian covenants, have been raised on this express condition, to destroy the body or trunk, from whence they sprung, or that gave thein birth or being. I will, if D 2


· Luth. As were the sheep of Amelek in the cars of the prophet Samuel. . 'Muf. These are the lambs you wish, a peftiferous and mischievous flock; endowed with the quality of goats, you liave removed the veil. I will no longer dispute your claim.

Calv. Our hereditable right claimed and obtained, by our virginal purity, unknown to the world, until the brightness of Sion, big witli great designs, broke through; and as the sun beams on Jonas's head, when sent to announce vengeance on the Ninevites, vehemently beat upon the head of Calvin, the apostles tasted a glimmer or twilight of this great sun, being the infant state of Sion ; but when, according to the fullness of time, fifteen hundred years, from the apostles, a full time, was accomplished, Calvin, of all the children of man, was found worthy to be the first-born of the fpirit, to remove the mist of material webs and every corporal image, or idea, from the souls or minds of his' elect children; so that he per: fected and did away the old man by the spirit, as the Gourd covering Jonah was by the worm thar smote it. '

Luth. You suppose yourselves to be so polished and refined by the spirit' that no addition or amnendment can be added:

Mof. As the covenant of the Mefliah was imperfect, no doubt bur Calvin has also some. thing to be amended, reformned, 'transformed, trinimed and transcended; for if you - place yourselves to dispute, doubt, contradict, gainsay and vilify Jesus Christ, whom you confess

of my

he misture first

to be your Lord and judge, how is it to be supposed that an apostate priest and a profligate ráical can gain your confidence and influence ? your distempered and stiff necks and stony hearts never will submit to so low a humiliation, a sordid faction!

Calu. The veil stifles and dissipates your spirit so that you see darkly, otherwise you would know the light of the fpirit; but this is a language you know not, being an Ifraelite.

Luth. If Moses has the mishap to be an Ils raelite, I am your elder brother, of the first trumpet of reconciliation, and am at all times ready to judge and decide your scruples in any manner, cause, or thing whatsoever; you have therefore liberty to answer for thyself.

Mof. You are permitted by your judge?

Calv. Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, saith the scripture. My trust, as a Calvinist, is in the spirit who enlightens and gives us utterance. We form no image or idea what. soever, therefore stand unconcerned with material objects or things. Man is an inanimate being, formed out of matter, senseless in his inferior man. The superior, or spiritual man, is an independent and intelligent intellectual being, not at all subject to controul, but to rule. It is this spiritual superiority Calvinism contends for. These are the children of light, sweet lambs of Sion, inhabitants of New Jerusalem, and heirs of the new covenant, who Carry the mark on their foreheads of spiritual virginity, and sing a new canticle which no other can fing or understand. This being un.


derstood of our fpiritual man. I will now expose your earthly and outward man, what se. parated us.

Brother Martin

Took filter Cate,
He thought no fin
To have a mate.

Luth. Calvin succeeds

His first-born ron
. To mend the breed,

; Baa-ba-bama. · Mof. Mottled kids,

Dark shades of night,
Thou art forbid

To claim a right
In Sion's fight.

Baa-bambambama. My hapless lambs

Rejort to me,
I am your dam,

TO fet you free
From tyranny.


· Luth. I hope, Mr. Moses, we have fully explained our tenets in our spiritual warfare, too convincing to admit of a doubt, the ne. cellity of taking the reins of government, excommunicating the pope, and placing our father Luther in the chair of Peter; and that after every lenient and persuasive means proved


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