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Calv. Every thing may be twirled into a whirlwind, when it affects or disturbs our inward man.

Mos. You cannot extricate yourselves but by giving up the new scripture and come into my borom.

Luth. & Calv. We do not know what you would be at; to quit Ifaac for Ithmael, your invitation is ungrateful.

Mof. At all events it is better be something than nothing, your present condition.

Calv. The spirit moves me, and will set forth my promised similitude. We will suppose the creation of things visible and invisible to be this nut; we will suppose this creation on the surface as die out-shell of the nut covered with inhabitants, and but one small number through the fiord of the spirit had pierced into the inward recefies, or kernel, which, according to the spirit, is the one then neceffary, or fruit of the spirit. Would not you think it as defireable a banquet as' that of Masters. Confider things properly ; and should I be so happy as to compel you to this spiritual banquet of Mount Sion, you and all israel have been fo long thirsting after, I shall think myself in: titled to the name of your father and deliverer, in transforming you from a fleshly Israelite to a spiritual Calvinist, the fruit of the spirit.

Mol. I fliould be edified if you will enter fully into the gifts of the spirit.

Colv. A spiritual Calvinist, or inward man, is no other than an angel of light; he brings all things under subjection, and feeds, nourishes


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and invigorates the libero and power of the spirit, by gratifying, palling, filling and fickening the fieth, which teaches, tires, overcomes, and vanquishes the works of the flesh in all its dissembling postures or vicious habits and unruly desires. Mark this, an enemy is never more fully vanquished than when it is surfeited, as Luther, yourself and I were yesterday with the boar's entrails.

Mof. I understood that an empty stomach was more fit for prayer.

Calv. Your experience will convince you that whatever your Aesh covets, more powerfully wars against your spirit in time of prayer, and will not be gainsaid until your benevolent heart compassionates and relieves it in order to obtain tranquility of fpirit.

Mof. Suppose your Aeíh or outward man should oppose the commandments ?

Calv. The spiritual man acts purely; his motive is celestial and in no wise comes under the censure of the commandments; the law was given to keep the sensual man in subjection, but not to restrain the spiritual christian.

Mof. For example ; suppose your desires to quit the body?

Calv. I should esteem and grant its meritorious and angelical wishes; this we consider greatness of soul. .

Mof. The act of adultery, fornication, steal. ing, murder, the breaking of the Sabbath, and other fins ?

Calv. The whole is comprized in this one word; there is no evil in nature, therefore no fin.

Mos. Mof. Why was the law ?

Calv. To keep the carnal Jew in awe; but this no way interferes with the liberty of the inward nian, who has full power over his body, against whom there is no laws. Man is composed of two parts, the outward and inward man, which, according to reason, should coincide in friendship with each other. Both forining the complete man, he can in spirit claim nothing more, besides food and raiment, and what will keep up harmony within himself. By the law, I cannot offend my neighbour, if I do not injure or hurt himself.

Mof. If I have a wife, riches, or other posa semions, you hold it no injury to possess yourself of what is mine? .

Calv. You can claim nothing your's but yourself. We have an equal right in common to what we brought not in, or will take out of this life.

Mof. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house. Thou malt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor bis man servant, nor bis maid servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

Calv. This, and the other commandments are binding to those, as you are, under the law; but to new-born christians we are a law to ourselves, and live by the spirit.

Nof. By the new christian law you are free without controul. This is a fleshly liberty not granted either to Jew or christian, before your new christianity.

Calv. The first christian church knew not the liberty of the spirit, therefore put them.

selves felves under them. This we prove by the different epistles and maxims, and other writings of the New Testament and primitive christians, they being as yet in their infant state; for, according to the course of things, time is necesfary to bring matters to a perfect state ; first an infant, then a youth, after which the perfect man.

Mof. Has christianity then arrived to her perfect state?

Calv. Without doubt, in us new christians.

Luth. Most certainly the Reformation is the candlestic of the spirit, which gives light to the world.

Mof. You grant no other branch of christen. dom this advantage but your's.

Luth. & Calv. When they were in honour they did not know it, which lost them their birthright, and became as yourselves.

Mof. But do you grant this blessing to the whole reformation, or to a part ?

Luth. To the whole; we are all included.

Calv. Nothing carnal can have part in the new resurrection, which excludes you Luthe. rans and all other sects of protestants, . Presbyterians, being the spiritual, pure, and unble. mished inward man, without spot or wrinkle, (separated from the dross) who only shall inha. bit the land of Promise, New Sion, sweet Jerusalem, these are the one hundred and fortyfour thousand virgins who follow the Lamb and fing a new canticle, which no other can fing; these are purchased from the earth, and are not bound by the laws of the earth. This

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is the portion of us Presbyterians or Calvinians. Your greatest Doctors confirin this to us. A late one, Dr. Newton, bishop of Bristol, does. us great honour, in his explanation of the prophecies, whi h cost him twenty years hard labour, to establish our claim to the above prophecy; and though your bishop rejecting, reprobating and branding you Lutherans, church of England and all co-operators with images, paintings, pictures, prints, figures, and all likenesles whatsoever, with the odious name of idolators, yet, the unhappy man was not found worthy to be separated from those he held in the greatest detestation ; but ended his life detestablecontradi&ting and nourished, gainsaying and feeding, reprobating and wallowing in the mire of his own filth and destruction; he carried his zeal as far as a Calvinist, declaring, he held all resemblances in an equal degree of detestation. The image of Christ, Aaron's calf, Moses's two angels, which covered the ark, also in Solomon's temple, or any other matter or thing whatsoever.

Luth. The fpirit of perfidy, at all times, "has, and will exist, the sole spirit of Cal.. vinism.

Calv. The spirit of Calvinism is the true prompter, and life of the reformation.' Nine

to one that call themselves of the feed of Lu. "ther are in principle Calvinifts; but not one in

à thousand that goes under the denomination of Calvinist, are Lutherans, church of England, or any part of the feed of Lutheranism. Make the experiment in England, or any other Lu.


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