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of Luth. My deaicken, thouane; o my!

are necessary; but our misled country, who la a blind Sampson) io wreak revenge on their subjects, the poor Catholics, pue arms in the bands of their foes, to turn destruction upon themselves. O! the infatuation of blind zealots, who will las crifice the innocent, preferable to the abaiement of their zeal.

Luth. My dear, we have you, hip and thigh;' The sting will quicken, though from fly. Frail man, you now turn pale; O my! : You are Carnage, and we the Crow. Your Hydra beads our fickles mow, And fright you wüb Gallantic show.

I present you wiih different preservatives. Nin. compoop, read your own definition by the cele. brated Lawyer, Mr. Jacob. : Papijts, Are those who profess the Popish Religion in this Kingdom: "And since the Reformation there have been many Statutes concerning them. By the 35 Eliz. c. 2. Papills are to repair to their usual Place of Residence, and not remove above five Miles, without Licence, &c. The 3 Jac. 1. c. 5. enaĉts, That no Papills, or Popilh Recusant convici, Thall come io Couri, practise the Common Law, Civil Law, Phyfick, &c, or bear any' Publick Office or Charge, but · shall be utterly disabled to exercise the same; and liable to a Penalty of iool. But Offices of Inherliance may be executed by Deputies taking the Oaibs, by i W. & M. Papifts, and Trultees for Papists, are incapable to present to any Benefice, School, Hospital, &c, or to grant any Avoidance of a Benefice, and the Two Univer

: fiiies

Goties shall present'; the Chancellor, &c. of Oxford to present to Benefices lying in such and Tuch Counties, and the University of Cambridge to Benefices in others, particularly mentioned in the Statute; and a Bill may be brought in a Court of Equity to discover secret* Trusts, &c. 3.1. 1. c.5. li has been adjudged on this Sta. tute, that the Person is oply disabled to present ; and that he continues Pation to all other iPwpoles; Cawley 230. That such a Person by being disabled to grant an Avoidance is not hindered from granting the Advowlen itself, in Fee, cos for Lile, bona fide, 'for good Confideration, 1 Jon. 19, 20: And that if an Advowson or Avoid ance belonging to a Papist come into the King's Hands, by Reason of any Outlawry, or Conviction of Recusancy; &c. the King, and not the US niversities, shall prefent. '1 Jun. 20, Hob. 126. But where a Presentment is vested in the Univerfity, at the Time when the Church became void, it shall not be divested again, by the Patron's Conforming, &c. 10 Rep: 57. Papists, and Popilh Reculants, married not according to the Or. ders of the Church of England, are disabled, the Hufband to be Tenant by the Cúrtesy, and the Wife to have Dower, &c. and incur a borfeiture of 100l. ' Also not Baptising their Children by a Jawful Miniller, is liable to the like Penalıy: And not being buried according to the Ecclesiaflical Laws, the Executor's shall forfeit 201, &c. And Papilts are incapable to be Executors, Adminiftratérs; or Guardians; dilabled to fue AcR2

tions, tions, and as Persons, excommunicated till they conform, &c. 3 Jac. 1. And it is said that being convicted of Popish Recusancy, they may be taken up by the Writ de Excom. capiend. And fhall not be admitted as competent Witnesses in a Cause: But this seems to be carried beyond the Intent of the Statute. 2 Bulstr. 155, 156. 1 Hawk. P. C. 23. Persons going beyond Sea to be trained up by Papists, shall forfeit their Goods and Chattels, if they do not conform within Six Months after their Return; And sending Children abroad to be thus trained up, is liable to a Penalty of 100l. Stat. 3 Car. 1. C. 2, The Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Justices of Peace, &c. are to cause to be brought before them Papists within the said City, and ten Miles thereof, and tender them the Declaration 30 Car. 9. cap. 1. against Transubstantiation; and refusing to subscribe it, they shall suffer as Popish Recusants convict: But such as use any Trade or manual Art; and foreign Merchants, Servants to Ambassadors, &c. are excepted, 1 W. &.M. Seff. 1. c. 9. Papists refufing to appear and subscribe the said Declaration, are not to keep in their Houses any Arms, Weapons, Gun. powder, &c. And Justices of Peace may order any such, to be seized: And they may not keep any Horse above the Value of 51. which may be allo seized. And Persons concealing Arms or Horses, or hindering a Search after them, shall be committed, and forfeit treble Value, 1 W, & M.c, 15. If any Person refuse to repeat and


subscribe the afore-mentioned Declaration, the Thall be disabled to make any Presen acion, &c. And presenting contrary to ibis A&, shall forfeit 500l. i W. & M.c. 20. Papists, who keep Schools are to suffer perpetual Imprisonment: And Persons educated in ihe Prpith Religion, hot taking the Oaths and subscribing the Declaration in the 30th Car. 2. within fix Months after they attain the Age of eighteen Years, shall be disabled to take or inherit Lands, but not their Heirs or Poleriiy; and during their Lives or Refusal, the next Protestant Relation shall en. joy, &c. And where the Parents of Protestant Children are Papists, the Lord Chancellor may take Care of the Education of such Protestant Children, and make Order for their Maintenance fuicable to the Ability of the Parent. 11 & 12 W. 3. C. 4. Every Trustee, &c. for Popish Chil: dren is disabled io present to any, Benefice, &c, and Presentations by them shall be void; and the Chancellor and Scholars of the Universities shall present, as by the Act 3 Jac. 1. And Bin shops are required to examine Persons presented on Oath, belore Institution, whether the Person presenung be the real Patron, and made the Presentation in his own Right, or whether he be Dot a Trustee for a Papilt, &c. And if the Person presented resule to be examined, his Prelentation shall be void. 12 inne, Seff. 2. C. 14. Papists are to register their Eltates, as by this Statuie is direcied, on pain of Forfeiture; and Lands registred must be expressed in what Paa


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rishes they lie, who are the Poffeffors thereof, the Eftate therein, and the vearly Rent, &c. Persons fuing in Chancery for Forfeitures for Default of Registry, may demand all Discoveries as if Pur. chafers; and they may bring Ejećiment on their own Demise, and give the A&t and special Matter in Evidence. i Geo, 10.55, Sales of Lands by Papifts (incurring the Disabilities 11 & 12 W: 3.) to Protestant Purchasers, are confirmed notwithstanding the Disability of Perlon's joining in the Sale unless before fuch Sales any Person who is to take Advantage of the Disability, has recovered, or entered his Claim,' and given Notice, &c. No Lands' shall pass from Papists, by Deed'or Will, without Inrollment: And Papifts are rendered incapable to purchase Lands. 3 Geo. 1.6, 18, 'All Persons within England, of the Age of eighteen Years, 'not having taken the Dachs, and who refuse to take the same, shall regifter their Estates'as Papists; or negleding such Řegistrý,'' are to forfeitihe Inheritance of their Lands, iwo Thirds to the King, and the other Third to the Prosecutor. 9 Geo. 1. c. 24. But by a lubsequent Act, this thall not extend to oblige any Woman to take the Oaihs, or io register her Eltate; nor any Person that haih only an Intereft in Lands in Reversion"; or 10 Eltaies under ioli a Year, &c." And only one Year's Rent and Profit of Lands is forfeited for Default of Regillring by this Statute, recoverable by Allion in the Couris at Weltminster, within fix Months älter the Offence: Persons in Prifon, 'beyond




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