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{he English Tongue, differing nothing in any Order or Form from the said English Book; for which Book, so Translated and Imprinted, the Church. wardens of' every of the said Parishes fhall pay out of the Parish-money in their hands for the use of the respective Churches, and be allowed the fame on their Account; and, That the said Bishops and their Successors, or any Three of them, at the least, fall fet and appoint the price, for which the said Book shall be fold; And one other Book of Common prayer in the English Tongue shall be bought and had in every Church throughout Wales, in which the Book of Common-prayer in Welsh is to be had, by force of this Act, before the First day of May, One thousand fix hundred fixty and four, and the Book to remain in such convenient places, within the said Churches, that such as understand them may resort at all convenient times to read and perule the same, and also such as do not under: itand the said Language, may, by conferring both Tongues together, the fooner atiain to the knowledge of ihe Englifh Tongue; Any thing in this Act to the contrary notwithstanding; And until Printed Copies of the said Book, fo to be translated, may be had and provided," the Form of Common prayer, ellablished by Parliament befyrë the making of this Act, shall be used as for

nerly in such parts of Wales, where the English longue is not commonly understood. '.

And'to the end that the true and perfe&t Copies of this Act, and the said Book hereunto annexed, may be safely kept," and perpetually preserved, and for the avoiding of all dilputes for the time to come; Be it, therefore enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the respective Deans and Chapters of every Cathedral, or Collegiate Church, within England and Wales, shall, at their proper costs and charges, before the twenty-fifth day of December, One thousand fix hundred sixty and two, obtain under the Great Seal of England a true and perfect printed Copy of this Act, and of the said Book anpexed bereunto, to be by the said Deans and Chapters, and their Succeffors, kept and preserved in safety for ever, and to be also produced, and thewed forth in any Court of Record, as often as they shall be thereunto lawfully required; And also there hall be delivered true and perfe& Copies of this Act, and of the fame Book into the respective Courts at Westminster, and into the Tower of London, to be kept and preserved for ever among the Records of the said Courts, and the Records of the Tower, to be also produced and shewed forth in any Court as need shall require; which said Books, lo to be exemplified under the Great Seal of England, shall be examined by such per: fons as the King's Majesty shall.appoint under the Great Seal of England for that purpose, and shall be compared with the Original Book hereunto annexed, and thall have power to correct, and amend in writing any Error committed by the Printer in the printing of the fame Book, or of any thing therein contained, and shall certify in

writing writing, under their, Hands and Scals, or the Hands and Seals of any three of them, at the end of the fame Book, i that they have examined and compared the fame Book, and find it to be a true and perfect Copy; which said Books, and every one of them, fos exemplified under the Great Seal of England, as aforesaid, shall be deemed, saken, adjudged, and expounded to be good, and available in the Law, to all intents and purposes wbatfoever, and shall be accounted as good Records, as this Book itfelf hereunta annexed; Any Law or Cuftom to the contrary in any wife note withstandinga

bonnes Provided also, That this A&t; or any thing iherein containedy Ihall not be prejudicial or hurtful unto the King's Profeffor of the Law within the University of Oxford, for, or concerning the Prebend of Shipton, within the Cathedral Church of Sarum, united and annexed unto the place of the same King's: Profeffor for the time being, by the late Kiog James of bleffed memory.

Visiossidi dirittiin na 1 6. Provided always, That whereas the Six and thirtieth Article of the Nine and thirty Articles agreed upon by the Archbishops, and Bishops of both Provinces, and the whole Clergy, in the Convocation holden at London, in the year of our Lord, One thoufand five hundred fixty two, for the avoiding of diversities of bpinions, and for establishing of consent, touching true Religion, is in these words following, viz.

" That

« That the Book of Confecration of Arche

bishops, and 'Bishops, and Ordaining of Priests “ and Deacons, låtely set forth in the time of “King Edward the Sixth, and confirmed at the * same time by Authority of Parliament, doch 56. contain all things neceffary, to such Consecra. “tion and Ordaining, neither hath it any thing " that of idelf is fuperftitious, and ungodly; 5. And therefore whosoever are Confecrated or

Ordered acéording to the Kites of that Book, " Gneé therfecond year of the aforenamed King

Edward unto this time, or Chereafter fhall be “ Consecrated or Ordered according to the 6.ilame Rites; We decree all such to be rightly,

orderly, and lawfully Confecrated and Ori 6. dered;"0 mitte

Dioni 1.1. TOO 75,101...)

It be enacted, and be it therefore enacted by the Authority aforesaid,- That all fubfcriptions bereafter to be had or made unto the faid Arti:

cles, by any. Deacon, Priest, or Ecclefiaftical person, or other person whatsoever, who by this Aa, or any other Law now in force, is required to fubscribe unto the said Articles, thall be con. Atrued and taken to extend, and shall be applied {for and touching the said Six and thirtieth Article) unto the Book containing the Form and Manner of Making, Ordaining, and Confecrating of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, in the Act mentioned, in fach fort and mariner as the fame did heretofore extend unto the Book set forth in the time of King Edward the Sixth, mentioned

in the said Six and thirtieth Article; Any thing in the laid Article, or in any Statute, Act, or Canon, heretofore had or made, to the contrary thereot in any wise notwithstanding,

Provided also, That the Book of Commonprayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of this Church of England, together with the Form and Manner of Ordaining and Consecrating Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, heretofore in ule, and respectively established by A&t of Parliament in the First and Eighth years of Queen Elizabeth, shall be still used and observed in the Church of England, until the Feast of Saint Bartholomew, which shall be in the year of our Lord God, One thousand fix hundred sixty and two.

Priest. Your A&ts against your ancestors, the Catholics, are produced by the spirit that enraged the Jews to crucify their" Melliah; despair and misrepresentation is capable, and history informs us, productive of innumerable tragical scenes, as is known. These Acts have been similar to the Imperial Edies in the first three Centuries of Christianity. The many executions, which are authentically attested, with the thousands that are at this inftant obliged to seek bread, though of the first families, many of them in foreign service, through these bloody edies, is a stigma that will ever entail infamy, and, if the greatest politicians mistake not, the destruction of our Nation. Every Protestant State, for some time past, have found, according to true policy, that Catholic alliances



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