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establishnient, and must remain until the end of
the world, truly and substantially; and this
Church is to be known by her sour marks, One,
Holy, Catholick and Apoftolick. At the same
time she was the most abandoned, idolatrous,
damnable, preposterous, perverted, abfurd and
fallible. The following is the sum:
i. The Infallible Goodness

Iš Infallible Badness
The Infallible Church

Is the Fallible Church;
: The Catholick Church of Christ

Is the Church of Anti-Christ. You observe, take it at what point of view you please, the aspect is one. You cannot injure the Churcli," To attempt it, you display her sovereignty..

Lúth. You must grant she is an idolatrous Church.

Boy. If you can prove the idolatry.

Luth. She worships images, that is, the places the images of Christ and his Saints in her Churches, and respects them, as we do the images of Moses and Aaron, which are commonly placed, one on each side the Ten Commandments, at the head of our Communion-Table; or as Moses, Aaron, and the Children of Israel did the two images of Angels, at whose feet Moses placed the Ark and Ten Commandments, and where Mofes, and Aaron, and all the Children of Israel turned their faces when they prayed. Why, this is strange, that Moses, a little before, broke the stone tables, on which


Almighty God had wrote the Ten Commandments, because when he came down from the mountain, he law Aaron's cálf, and the Children of Israel worshipping it, thould 'now make two great images of Angels, and place the other Ta. bles, the Almighty God had again writ his como mandmenis upon, at their feet; and this in the most, holy place, where the glory of God was more immediately present, visible to the great terror of Moses and all the congreyation; and 'what makes the matter more singular, and puts us to shame, is,' that Almighty God ordered Mo. ses. 10 make these two great Images or Angels, and place them for his MAJESTY to rest betwixt, and display his glory; this shews plainly, that these great resplendent Images, so richly orna. mented and beautified, were more pleasing to his Divine Majesty, than the Ten Commandments, which were laid at their feet; and even the few cond, which we glory in i being of the Iconoclast heresy) was humbled even against itself, great. ly to the shame and confusion of all us Icono. clafts, or Image '- þreakers. Another great 'strengthener, to corroborate the religious relpeet to holy images, and that they by no means come: within the intention of the Commandment, bem fides the images commanded by Almighty God 10 Moses, the Angels and Serpent, he commanded David all these, and shewed him a paijern or plan of the Temple and other matters relating, which Solomon compleated. Here were, as was ordered David, two great figures or images of Angels, to be placed in like lort, in the most

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Pacred and lioły place; and these very commandments, with even the Ark and its contents, ordered ägain in the same low and humiliating poflure, at the Image's feet; and confirm, what we call Image-worship, the Glory of God, re. Splendently and glorioufly, most visibly rested, as in' the Tabernacle rested, 'betwixt this monstrous Targe, rich, great, grand, resplendent and lovely Images, all bedaubed, neatly covered, and decorated with gold and most precious' ornaments. We agreed, a few days past, that Church-images are to be venerated, and held in the fame degree of efteem, as the Scriptures and other holy things that have relation to our divine religion. Where is the Christian, when the name Jesus is pronounced, that will not bow? It is not the found that the refpe&' is paid to, but to Jefus our Lord, and God. Upon this ground I pronounce him a Reprobate and Pagan, who dare call Chtile dan Images, or any other matter to excite devotiomto the honour of Chrift, Idolatry. Som 3 Boy. You Lutherans and Church of England, charging holy images and pi&tures, used, and have been, lince the commencement of Chullia. nily, to excite devotion, by the odious name of idolatry, have given the Calviniffs great power over yourselves, as you retain the, lame idolatry as you term it, yourselves; Moses and Aaron your supporters on each side the Com. mandments, an the head of your Conmuillon. table. Look into Westmindler-Abbey, and Bible, Common-Prayer Book, or where can vou place your eyes, but you will fall upon tuline


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image or pi&ture? However, you are satisfied, images do not contribute to make the Pope Antichrift, or the Church the Whore of Bai bylon.'. . . . .}} ****! ! ! i Luth. As you observe, we condemn ourselves, in charging holy images as "infamous. There is à most heavy accufation against the Church of Rome, what Proteltants stigmatize with the execrable application of spiritual idolatry, which is the word Transubstantiation, which is changing a breaden wafer, and a "little wine and water, in to our Lord Jesus Christ, when a Popish Pricft is pleased to use our Divine Lord's words when he confecrated the bread and wine, at his lalt lupper, into his most precious body and blood, and fed his Apostles, commanding them, and consequently their fucceffors, the Priesthood, to do the same. This most adorable facrament is set down in the different Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, not in figure and faith only, but as our Father Luther well obferves, really, truly and fubftantially.'. Our Saviour's words, as the fame Father has it, is express, and admits no doubt; therefore, the man that doubts is damned. He cursed several, particularly the Calvinists, that doubted. Our Lord, in the 6th chapter of St. John, declares, that he is really in the Blessed Sacraments and St Paul, in the aft of Corinthians, declares, be received of our' Lord, that the night he was be. trayed, ordained this facrainent in the words men tioned in the Gospels.' He then says, Whofu. ever hall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of

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the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord; for he that eateth and drinkeih unworthily, eateth and drinkel judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord.' These are thunder-bolts in favour of the Pope, which we dare not gain-lay or con: tradi&t.

Boy. If I mistake not, your Clergy are com. pelled to take an oath, before your admittance, to this purpose: That you will conform to the Liturgy of the Church of England, as it is now by law established; that is, the full contents of the Common - Prayer Book, according to the time being..

Luth. No doubt, without this precaution, some invaders , Papists or Calvinists, might, as occasions served, rob the rightful heirs of their pa. trimony. : Boy. You hold it criminal to be foresworn.

Luth. Rascals without principle or religion.

Boy. What says your Common Prayer Book ? What explanation on the Sacrament of the Sup;


Luth. Here it is. The Body and Blood-of Christ, which are VERILY and INDEED taken and received by the Faithful in the Lord's Sup. per. . Here is Transubstantiation confirmed by: our Catechism. I therefore, with my Church, and all true Christians, excommunicate and curse Calvinism, , Paganism, Heathenism, Infidelity, Absurdity, Contrariety, Inconsistency, Irregula. rity, Peftiferous, Malignancy, Rebellious, Athe: fiftical, and all the Gain-layers, of what tribe of


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