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Luth. Three great virtues, which, in my opi. nion, far outface what Papists are. so tenacious, and pride themselves upon, Faith, Hope and Charity.

Hoft. I find your Reverence, God be praised, is a Genevan, my own country-man.

Luth. You lie; How dare you grovel me in lo pityleis degree, an English divine reduced to a Genevan Minister.

Hoft. I beg your pardon; but you do not know the despicable and uncouth degreee you hold in all true Protestant communities. You are Bastard. Papifts.

Luth. I am, Sirrah, as a true-born Englishman, of no account with a hungry belly; give me one hour to give a proper account of this Mince-stew, when I shall be able, I hope, to furnish you and family with spiritual food. Give me some drink, you bumkin, quick. Your favoury meat is delicious but exceeding faucy, choice, dainty, tender, smooth, pure, rare, nice, sweet, pleasant, charming, composed, and replete with the full.fraught, fulgent, and dazzling brightness of Paradise. O sweet heavenly Sion, my heart's desire, what more can an immortal soul require, the fulness of all fulness. O Adam, how did you fall, and Luther rise, enchased, caressed, fondled, inebriated, and made drunk, O you Gods and Goddesses: your nectar never will inebriate and make sat, as I appear this instant, with ihe delight of my soul, this savoury and most exquisite (mells as the odoriferous, fragrant, and nevet-10-bc-forgotten Scripture odor and fweet

pers perfume that issued and displayed delicious fweets in Rachael's noftrils, tempting her lovely eyes, and captivating her tender heart, she is loft in the bed of rich perfumes, as you see me, cries out in extacy to Leah, Give me mandrakes, and take my deareft prize, Jacob, my darling. O them dear languishing eyes of beauteous Rachel ; the thought fills my deluded soul with soft delights; What means the wish? Did you put any thing more in the delight of my soul than what I ordered; I find myself inspired with extacies of a refined and spiritual excellence, exciting a passion, which, though vain, prompts me to fufpe&t the addition of Ambrosia. I am lost in the bed of amorous delights. ' ' otte

Hoft. There has been no addition more than what was absolutely necessary to qualify, if poffible, and in some fort stifle the unparalled, nauseous, disgusting, fickly, unpalatable, 'filthy, unmannerlv, and peftilential effluvia, which ren's dered my house a pest-hospital; family and'strangers have been yawning and reaching their hearts out since the death-smell entered the kitchen, I have been obliged to throw a bottle of vinegar about the house to destroy the putrid linell, and I added to the Mince-ftew, a pint of Canary, and glass of old Holland Geneva, three heads of garlick, one onion, and a quarter of ground mustard. But your Reverence will take notice, nó such venemous, poisonous, noxious, destructive, mischievous, peftiferous, destructive, and malignant pipkin will ever be prepared in my house in future. So be ic.


deltros deftrueri

vill ever

· Luthi. Rascallion, Fellow, Scoundrel, Villain, worthless, vile, low, dirty, nafly, spiteful, implacable, malicious and uncouth monfter, where, or in what line were you trained to find fault and gain-say the nosegay of princely nobilicv. Oyon Genevan pig, Scaramouch, motely buffoon, and unfashionable Calvinistical prude; Ambrofia the life-giving, with cordial nectar, the fole, inebriating, ineffable and celestial solace, cheer, alleviation and delight of the Gods and Goddesses to be contemned and held in derision by you Screechowl, puss, uncivilized backbiter, and uncircumcie sed plebeian, dare you touch.on the laws of refinement..

Hoft. None such dog's or crow's carrion shall enter my house in future, and, if your Reverence pleases, I shall be glad io have your bill discharged to-morrow, ??

Luth. Scullion, What may your demands be ? .. .. .

Hoft. A very, trifle; as your feeding have been .chielly (the brawn and a few trifles excepted) what;should be thrown to the crows : I never will in future consent or permit such indecency in my kitchen; I must therefore infilt: on your removal, or live like a Gentleman. " . .

Luth. You' certainly entertain none of our English nobility, who cannot digeft, or think it consonant with true nobility, to grace a bit, until it has hung about one month down the privy, if possible, or some place apart, 'where the flies and other communicative insects might dress it, by drawing out and digesting the vulgar juices, and


depofiting their eggs and trail. in return, into the small tubes, pipes or liphons, prepared by thele angelic and most exquisite confectioners and

Hoft. None such crows shall fealt on carrion in my house; but fuppose it so, you have no pretensions to nobility.

Luth. Sirrah, I am of high extra&ion, of the most sublime spirirual nobility. Tum :,,

Hoft. Explain yourself, if you please, i med

Luth. My primitive, forft Grandlire, from whole days I have sucked my nobility, whose mark in baptism ( Luther, I am honoured withi, is considered by the children of God, as the pris. mogenial and great champion of Christendom, the great Sun that in these latter days have illuminated our earth.

Hoft. If you hold your nobility from worma eaten ancestry, you become a pismire.

Luth. If Luther had lived in an heathen age, he would have been honoured as a divinity.

Hoft. His actions, that has reached us, bespeak bim heathen and not christian. .. ?

Luth. You can make no dispute againīt my relation's nobility, Doctor Tillotson, late great Primate of all England, whose Chair of State I purpose filling, when vacant, by heirship...

Hoft. A Calvinist considers the race of Luther as bastard -papists, unworthy notice.

Luth. You are 'truly of the breed of Calvin, the most stiff.necked, and flint-hearted crew that the Lutherans ever had to do with. I have now fniled my mince-stew. What is your next dainty? What is that? · E


Hoft. The pottage. you ordered. The ingre dienes are a green goard 'diced, 'rosemary, wild lettute, one quarter pound anchovies, rice, with other herbs of various kinds, a German laulage ; all stirred until it becomes one paste, as you see, with half a smoked' goose in the ceniré, fauled with a pint of brandy.,

Luth. You are a faithful cook'; I wish I was a Calvinian, how you would feed me! It beats every thing; it is really fine. I would have you. keep yourfelf in readiness, free from all engage.. ments, and I give you the solemn promise of my, Difhoprić, that you shall 'enter master.cook, com.. mencing from the first day of my nupcials, I will, allo raise you and your family, by placing them in different departments of thë care of what is to supply the cookery; one a pig. driver; another theep.keeper'; your wife hen-hully, and so oni and if any spare-fragments, you shall have them for your bire.

Hoft. Sir, I shall give in my account to-mar. row, and will be paid.".

Luth. I purpose staying some weeks langer, in which time I shall be punctual, one hour every morning, to inftroet you and family, explaining our fublime doctrine as by law established, which will make you proficients by the tinie I shall be Metropolitan, and feated in my Throne; besides this grace, I will give you the most lucky, good" and fortunate tegacy, ihat will not only put yoų, , above want, but will raise fortunes to each of you, which is this Cominión Prayer. bouk. The value'is goo pounds hard Inglith flerling annu,

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