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As thick as bees o'er vernal blofsoms fly, 25 As thick as eggs at Ward in Pillory.r .

Wond'ring he gaz’d: When lo! a Sage appears, By his broad shoulders known, and length of ears, Known by the band and suit which Settle wore, (His only fuit) for twice three years before: 30 All as the vest, appear'd the wearer's frame, Old in new state, another yet the same. Bland and familiar as in life, begun

Thus the great Father to the greater Son. .: Oh born to see what none can see awake! Behold the wonders of th' oblivious Lake. Thou, yet unborn, hast touch'd this sacred shore ; The hand of Bavius drench'd thee o'er and o'er. But blind to former, as to future Fate, What mortal knows his pre-existent state?. 40 Who knows how long, thy transmigrating foul Might from Bæotian to Bæotian roll! How many Dutchmen she vouchsafd to thrid ? How many stages thro' old Monks she rid? And all who since, in mild benighted days, Mix'd the Owl's ivy with the Poet's bays ? As man's mæanders to the vital spring Roll all their tydes, then back their circles bring; Or whirligigs, twirl'd round by skilful swain, Suck the thread in, then yield it out again : 50 All nonsense thus, of old or modern date, Shall in thee center, from thee circulate.. For this, our Queen unfolds to vision true Thy mental eye, for thou hast much to view :


Old scenes of glory, times long cast behind 55
Shall first recall’d, rush forward to thy mind;
Then stretch thy sight o'er all her rising reign,
And let the past and future fire thy brain.

Ascend this hill, whose cloudy point commands
Her boundless empire over seas and lands. 1 60
See round the Poles where keener spangles shine,
Where spices smoke beneath the burning Line,

f th's wide extreams) her fable flag display'd ;
1. And all the nations cover'd in her shade!

faf eastward cast thine eye, from whence the Sun
And orient Science at a birth begun.

One god-like Monarch all that pride confounds,
He whose long wall the wand'ring Tartar bounds.
Hear'ns! what a pile ? whole ages perish there : ..
And one bright blaze turns Learning into air. 70

Thence to the south extend thy gladden'd eyes ;
There rival flames with equal glory rise,
From thelves to shelves see greedy Vulcan roll,
Aniskick up all their Physick of the soul.

How little, mark! that portion of the ball, 75
W e, faint at best, the beams of Science fall;
Socul as they dawn, from Hyperborean skies,
Empedy'd dark, what clouds of Vandals rise!
Lo Where Mæotis sleeps, and hardly flows
The freezing Tanais thro' a waste of snows;. 80
The North by myriads pours her mighty fons,
Great nurse of Goths, of Alans, and of Hüns.
See Alaric's stern port! the martial frame .

eferic! and Attila's dread name!



See, the bold Ostrogoths on Latium fall; 85
See, the fierce Visigoths on Spain and Gaul.
See, where the morning gilds the palmy shore
(The soil that arts and infant letters bore)
His conqu’ring tribes th’ Arabian prophet draws,
And saving Ignorance enthrones by Laws. 90
See Christians, Jews, one heavy fabbath keep; ..
And all the Western world believe and sleep.

Lo Rome herself, proud mistress now no more
Of arts, but thund'ring against heathen lore;
Her gray-hair'd Synods damning books unread, 95,
And Bacon trembling for his brazen head;
Padua with fighs beholds her Livy burn,
And ev’n th' Antipodes Virgilius mourn.
See, the Cirque falls, th' unpillar'd Temple nods,
Streets pav'd with Heroes, Tyber choak'd with Gods:
Till Peter's keys some christen’d Jove adorn, 101
And Pan to Moses lends his pagan horn;
See graceless Venus to a Virgin turn'd,
Or Phidias broken, and Apelles burn'd.

Behold yon' Inle, by Palmers, Pilgrims trod, 105. Men bearded, bald, cowl’d, uncowld, shod, unsaad, Peeld, patch'd, and pyebald, linsey-woolsey brothers, Grave mummers! sleeveless fome, and shirtless others. That once was Britain—Happy! had she seen No fiercer fons, had Easter never been! In peace, great Goddess, ever be ador'd; How keen the war, if Dulness draw the sword ? Thus visit not thy own! on this blest age , Oh spread thy Influence, but restrain thy Rage.




And see! my son, the hour is on its way, 115 That lifts our Goddess to imperial fway; This fav’rite Ife, long sever'd from her reign, Dove like, she gathers to her wings again. “ Now look thro’ Fate ! behold the fcene The draws! What aids, what armies, to affert her cause? 120 See all her progeny, illustrious fight! Behold, and count them, as they rise to light: As Berecynthia, while her off-spring vye In homage, to the Mother of the sky, Surveys around her in the blest abode A hundred sons, and every fon a God: Not with less glory mighty Dulness crown'd Shall take thro’ Grubstreet her triumphant round, And her Parnassus glancing o'er at once, Behold a hundred sons, and each a dunce. 130

Mark first that youth who takes the foremost place,
And thrusts his person full into your face.
With all thy father's virtues blest, be born!
And a new Cibber shall the stage adorn. --
- A second see, by meeker manners known, 135
And modest as the maid that fips alone;
From the strong fate of drams if thou get free,
Another Durfey, Ward! shall fing in thee.
Thee shall each Ale-house, thee each Gill-house mourn,
And answ'ring Gin-shops fowrer fighs return. - 140

Lo next two slip-shod Muses traipfe along,
In lofty madness, meditating song,
With treffes staring from poetic dreams,
And never walh’d, but in Caftalias streams: -

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Haywood, Centlivre, glories of their race! 145
Lo Horneck’s fierce, and Room's funereal face ;
Lo sneering Goode, half malice and half whim,
A fiend in glee, ridiculously grim.
Jacob, the scourge of Grammar, mark with awe,
Nor less revere him, blunderbuss of Law. 150
Lo Bond and Foxton, ev'ry nameless name,
All crowd, who foremost shall be damn'd to fame.
Some strain in rhyme; the Muses, on their racks,
Scream like the winding of ten thousand jacks:
Some free from rhyme or reason, rule or check, 155
Break Priscian's head, and Pegasus's neck;
Down, down they larum, with impetuous whirl,
The Pindars, and the Miltons of a Curl.

Silence, ye Wolves! while Ralph to Cynthia howls, And makes Night hideous—Answer him ye Owls!

Sense, speech, and measure, living tongues and dead, Let all give way—and Morris may be read.

Flow Welsted, flow! like thine inspirer Beer,
Tho' stale, not ripe; tho' thin, yet never clear ;
So sweetly mawkish, and so smoothly dull; 165
Heady, not strong; and foaming, tho' not full.

Ah Dennis! Gildon ah! what ill-starr'd rage
Divides a friendship long confirm'd by age ?
Blockheads with reason wicked wits abhor,
But fool with fool is barb'rous civil war.
Embrace, embrace my sons! be foes no more!
Nor glad vile Poets with true Critics gore. į

Behold yon Pair, in strict embraces join'd; i
How like in manners, and how like in mind!



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