Neural Degeneration and Repair: Gene Expression Profiling, Proteomics and Systems Biology

Hans Werner Müller
John Wiley & Sons, 31.03.2008 - 249 Seiten
With contributions from leading scientists around the world, this is the first book focussing on the analysis of nerve cell damage and repair using genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and systems biology in order to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches for neural diseases.
Following an introduction into the microarray technology in translational neuroscience, the book goes on to look at the use of '-omics' technologies to analyse molecular changes in traumatic injury, neuron degeneration and regeneration, oxidative stress response, neuropathic pain manifestation etc. The work covers central nervous system as well as peripheral nervous system pathologies. This novel approach makes the book an indispensable companion for neurobiologists, neurologists, cell and molecular biologists, geneticists, and analytical chemists.

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Gene Expression Profiling Proteomics and Systems Biology
Analyzing Complex Gene Expression Profiles in Sensorimotor
Unraveling Plasticity of Dorsal Root Ganglion and Spinal Cord
The Role of Gene Expression Dependent Molecular Pathways
Axonal mRNA in Regeneration
Proteomic Approaches to Axon Injury Postgenomic Approaches
Application in Neuroproteomics
Genomics Approaches to the Study of Neurodegeneration
Redox Proteomics and Metabolic Proteins in Brain of Subjects
Gene Expression Profiling of Gliomas

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Über den Autor (2008)

Hans Werner Müller has been Professor of Molecular Neurobiology at Düsseldorf University since 1993. From 2001 onwards he has acted as the founder of the Neuraxo Biotec GmbH company, where he is also Chairman of the board of directors. He has published more than 150 scientific articles in the field of neurobiology and neuroscience and is an active member of many scientific societies including the American Society for Neurosciences, and the German Society for Neuroscience, where he is chairman of the molecular neurobiology section.

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